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My Miracle Angel Rescued Dog

Macey, the Angel Rescued Dog

By Gina Harper, UK

I had a dog for nearly 12 years, she was a English Shepherd her name was Macey-Grey. She was a rescue, and she had suffered extreme abuse from the previous owner, where she was kept in a cupboard and left for weeks without food and water, also she was severely beaten. She lived in a village and the villager’s had seen what was happening, that this man went abroad for weeks and left the dogs in appalling conditions. So the villager’s decided to have a meeting in the local public house and arranged to rescue Macey-Grey, she did have a sister who died, through the cruelty of this man. Macey-Grey was rescued and she came to stay with me.

The Holistic Journey Begins

I tried to register her with a vet, but every vet said they wanted to put her to sleep. Deep down inside of me I knew she could be helped, and I was not going to stop looking for that help for her. Then I came across a Holistic Vet, I made an appointment, explained that every vet wants to put her to sleep and all the things she was suffering with. We made an agreement that whatever he said once he examined her, I would be in agreement with. She had her first appointment and he said yes he could help her, he helped me to understand what she needed and how to treat her with holistic remedies. Little did I know that what I learned treating my dog, would also benefit me with the conditions I was and am experiencing.

She was very sick with an illness that seemed to be very similar to what I was experiencing

She was very sick with an illness that seemed to be very similar to what I was experiencing. She had a local vet, to deal with emergencies, and a Holistic vet in Bath who dealt with helping her with everything else that was going on with her mentally and physically. I was taught how to deal with her condition, like myself every day was different, from the stress to the physical conditions that appeared. As long as I could keep the stress levels down the physical conditions was not so prominent. This was done by trying to keep her out of situations that could make her flare up, having massage, and administration the relevant Holistic remedies. The one area which we looked at was the mental side of her condition, and realized how important this was to keep that on even keel, to recognize areas which caused her to stress. It was going to be a hard road for her, as she had no confidence and her stress levels were sky high.

Looking at my own problems, and looking back, on all that I had learned, looking after my dog. I know how important the mental side was and is, and noticed that when I have stress, I go downhill fast and physical conditions get worse. We were both hypersensitive, to drugs and many other things in life. This is where the Holistic approach was beneficial to both of us.

Macey was an Angel put on this earth

Macey-Grey came into my life and changed my life, she brought so much love to me, my family, and many other people. Her health issues seem to run along the same road as mine, so we understood each other’s needs. In my village over the years she helped so many people and was classed as the village mascot, we walked along the same road about 4 times a day, 7 days a week, people would wave beep their horns, would even stop to say hello to her.

She helped me in my everyday life, she knew when I was going to have a bad turn and would get me to safety. When I was feeling very low, she would push me to carry on fighting.

My neighbour suffered with depression he would stay in bed for days, she would know, and would make herself know at his home, so he would get up…..his words, Macey helped him cope with his depression.

Another person in the village, she sat on their drive and waited for them to come and see her, no one knew that their shepherd had died, but she knew, and that they needed comfort. They would come to her and take her into their home every time she walked by, the lady in the house is in poor health, and would ask to see my dog. Their words…..She has helped us cope with the loss of our shepherd.

Another person in the village….their cat had died once again she knew, sat on their drive, and once again they drew great comfort from Macey.

There is a lady who has dementia Macey would walk with her daily and she would always make sure this lady would walk on the inside of the path away from the road, the excitement that came from Macey when she saw this lady was unbelievable……..This ladies condition has become worse. She do not remember anyone but remembers Macey.

There is a doctor who also lives by us, she said she does not know anything about animals, but she was always drawn to watching Macey and I in the field behind our homes, she could see the bond and love between us, and she wished that she could have had what we had.

At times it was heart breaking seeing my best friend so ill, fighting to bring her back to having a happy life, trying to obtain information knowledge anything that would help her live a comfortable life, it was hard but all the information I gained I did not realise would help me in my own life.

Getting up every day to a most beautiful dog with a beautiful energy, was worth every minute of fighting for her life, she pushed me to carry on, she was an Angel put on this earth. She lived till nearly 12yrs old. When she died there was so many tears shed, not just from me and my family, but from people who live around me in the village. So many people said they missed her doing her normal walk every day, her local vet used to drive through the village he said he missed her so much and still looked for her, and he was the one who put her to sleep.

I still cry for the loss of her and miss her so much, it is just as if there is a piece of my heart missing, it is amazing how you can have a strong bond with your best friend, if it had not of been for her in my life, I don’t think I would have been here today.

Macey was put to sleep 19th March 2012. So next week will be a year without her. Without Holistic medicine and all alternatives, she would not have lived to the age she did.

Now I have a puppy she does not take Macey’s place but, I am sure she will have her own qualities, she will be brought up on a raw diet, and treated with holistics for any condition that may arise mentally or physically.

Gina Harper, Gloucester, UK email Gina

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