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Unnecessary Animal Vaccines Risks Adverse Reactions

Homeopathic veterinarians and other holistic practitioners have maintained for some time that vaccinations do more harm than they provide benefits. Dr. Chambreau says that vaccinations represent a major assault on the body's immune system and 70 percent of the chronic problems she treats are caused by vaccines and they include just about everything, including cancer. The American Animal Hospital Association says: "Many veterinarians are under the misconception that current recommendations were, and are scientifically based when, in fact, they may have less basis than the arguments for change."

Unregulated Malpractice of Over Vaccination

Over vaccinated pets Christina Chambreau, DVM - "Many people are very concerned about vaccinating their animals and the adverse reactions are often referred to as vaccinosis and miasms which is said to be difficult or impossible to cure. Most wonder why "annual boosters" are given to our animals when vaccinations for humans last for our lifetime. Also asked is why isn't the dose adjusted for the size of the animal?

The many serious adverse reactions may be grossly under-reported to the vet (insist on telling the vet), to the manufacturer, and to the USDA Biologics Hotline (report the reaction, manufacturer, and lot number ) at 800/ 752-6255. The experts are now addressing these concerns and the First International Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostic Conference was held in July 1997 regarding this important health issue. An excellent article is by Don Hamilton, DVM who specializes in Homeopathy."Helen L. McKinnon author of "It's For The Animals! Natural Care and Resources"

This is even worse than just ethical violations. Have you seen the list of common substances found in vaccines? common substances found in vaccines? Hundreds of thousands of humans are losing their companion animals from the callous disregard of advocating for the unscientific, and unsafe, and unnecessary vaccine administration.

Documented Vaccinosis Case

The first dog was vaccinated every single year even when experiencing blood in the urine and a 21 pound weight loss, received vaccines at the same time on chemotherapy to attempt to down regulate and over reactive humoral immune system from all the damn vaccines. The dog was put on so many steroids, antibiotics, and chemotherapy agents a agents and still vaccinated. As the dog sickened the woman owner had to get another job in order to keep up with the drugs and veterinary visits used to try and "treat" the vaccine induced disease, the deregulation of the immune system so that the dog was finally euthanized.....this is what happens every single day in vet clinics across the US as a result of over vaccination and suppression with drugs like antibiotics and chemotherapy agents. You can read some of the outrageous malpractice the vet in Massachusetts subjected that poor dog to.

Togo was plenty vaccinated as a puppy receiving what we commonly refer to the 'mumbo jumbo' every month for three administrations. I will attach the article from Dr. Ron Schultz that states why the animals should not be subjected to mumbo jumbo, what Dr. Jean Dodds refers to as whombo combo (having multiple live and killed virus with bacterins, and mercury and adjuvants, along with preservatives, antibiotics, fungi stats all in the whombo combo. It is a very cheap and dirty form of bargain basement technology for making vaccines.

Many times Togo received the 'whombo combos' with rabies which is the most reactive vaccine and also with Lyme vaccines. She was often administered steroids at the same time which is contra indicated, the vaccines are immunosuppressive and so are the steroids, so what was the thought process behind was attempted to be accomplished?

Home base business opportunity Dr. Ron Schultz has stated many times along with Dr. Richard Ford and others, they don't like, they don't recommend the Leptospirosis vaccines. Dr. Ron Schultz states that the reactivity associated with the Leptospirosis vaccine can make a patient very itchy for four years despite the fact that the vaccine is incapable of guarding the vaccinate against infection by Leptospira, Furthermore, if the dog was to develop a Leptospira infection to one of the serovars transmissible to man, the owner would be at greater risk of suffering a Leptospira infection because the dog was vaccinated!

It is obvious that the owner of the dog was never given Informed Consent to sign and Never given Full Disclosure of what these vaccines would do, neither that the vaccines are able to generate at the least 7 to 10 years of the immunity duration against the only real threats of distemper and parvovirus.

Dr. Ron Schultz has proven this information and only recommends vaccination a one time at 15 weeks of age for dogs and to only distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus.

It is proven that IgE hypersensitivity results and the animals has ability to suffer much greater allergies as a result of being vaccinated, I can send the studies that determine not only this but that the thyroid is suppressed as a result of vaccinations for at least 45 days following vaccination, along with immunosupression as a result of the vaccinations and the exhaustion of the multiple administered mumbo jumbo......well, real disease.

I see the vaccines administered 98,99,02,03,04,05,06,07 and 08 way too much and always it appears in direct violation of the FDA requirements that the animal to be vaccinated is healthy and not suffering disease

In 05 was vaccinated with disease and even given antibiotics at the same time. Rabies vaccines cause auto-immune disease, antibiotics cause auto-immune disease, and then we also have immunosupression at the same time!

In 07 again, vaccinated with disease, this time hematuria (blood in the urine) and GET THIS THE PATIENT WAS SUFFERING AN UNEXPLAINED 21 POUND WEIGHT LOSS!!

Dog lying injured 04/30/07 suffered weight loss and blood loss yet
05/01/07 platelets are low and are clumping which 'could be immune mediated or inflammatory'
05/14/07 put on ASPIRIN
08/02/07 Increased the dose of aspirin and was on Cosequin concurrently, AND GET THIS given LONG ACTING IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE STEROIDS (contraindicated with aspirin, a non steroidal anti-inflammatory) and had antihistamines prescribed! No work up of the skin condition that has progressively worsened with every immune assault by this over administration of vaccines and every trip to the vet office. No thyroid testing despite the signs of thyroid disease. 04/18/07 labs do not show any T4 or any other thyroid parameter testing.

10/11/07 GAVE EVEN MORE STEROIDS, long acting even stronger antibiotics, now CIPRO (remember antibiotics are suppressive and palliative in nature) also this is increasing the development of auto-immune disease.

11/11/07 MORE YES EVEN MORE....LONG ACTING IMMUNOSUPRESSIVE STEROIDS and both my injection and now by oral administration (Temeril=-P) an shot gun medicine combination product, more palliation and more suppression.

'pyogranulamatuous inflamation' INFECTION
12/15/07 ATOPICA
12/24/07 ATOPICA
3/31/08 patient gets 'shot up with the whole slew of possible vaccines, including the mumbo jumbo and even at this time is noted to be 'sick with fever, chronic dermatitis, crusts, scabs, pustules and guess what, GETS ANOTHER LONG LASTING IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE STEROID INJECTION. This was done despite the thyroid level was low and yet, not ADDRESSED! All FDA violations of administering vaccines to a very sick animal.

The second dog again was so immune dysregulated from year after year after year vaccines unnecessary and unsafe. The dog ended up with immune exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and as the immune system failed he could not keep the coccidia and yeast which are usually handled with the cell mediated immune system, this dog had a paralyzed cell mediated immune system, an atrophied mucosal immune system and a very much loved companion became unable to live. The owner an elderly man overwhelmed over the deep drop into disease of immune system dysregulation left his dog frail and stinking and unable to fight off the mildest infection. The owner was crying when he had to leave the dog to be euthanized.... Finally, a copy of the stupid ad in the Healthy Pet magazine and I am sure many others seducing the public into thinking they need these yearly vaccines......

What can we do to show these cases to those whom think they have the right to not protect the consumer from this needless and harmful over vaccination? The fact that they are not coming forward the AVMA, the AAHA and the WSAVA, the AVH.......what can we do?

How to Protect Your Pet from Vaccinosis

Vaccinations are much less effective at providing immunity before three months of age. If you feel you must vaccinate, do so with one vaccination of Distemper at three months, followed by a vaccination for Parvovirus at four months of age, and stop with that. If you can't find a single Distemper vaccine use the Distemper-measles combination. Use killed vaccines only. Many families are now also using homeopathic nosodes as an alternative to vaccines for their children and their pets.

Dr. Chambreau DVM Vaccination Guidelines

Rabies vaccination should follow local ordinances. I suggest the first be given at 5 months, or at least 3 weeks before neutering or other surgeries. Be sure the animal is as healthy as possible, and if under homeopathic treatment, the vaccination can be timed to minimally interfere with treatment. Repeat at 1 year, and then every three (unless your state requires it more often). Giving the remedy Lyssin 30C within 2 hours of the vaccine may help prevent the negative impact of the vaccine in the vital force, but now many homeopathic veterinarians are just waiting to see the individual effect on this animal and then treating with the similimum. If animals are very ill, especially with apparently vaccinosis problems, write a note excusing them from the rabies vaccine. For the other diseases, there are several options, listed in decreasing acceptability.

  • Do not vaccinate. Rely on the animal's health. Treat if they get the disease.
  • homeopathic nosodes for distemper and parvo (dogs) or panleukopenia (cats) until 1 year of age. Then no more nosodes or vaccinations.
  • Give dogs one or two distemper and parvo vaccinations at 16 weeks (and poss. 8 weeks); or cats one or two panleukopenia vaccinations at 16 weeks (and poss. 8 weeks), then no further vaccinations. Of course, keep them healthy by following the other guidelines to have a healthy animal: Feed a great diet.; Treat very early symptoms (red gum line, body odor, cats who drink or vomit hairballs, behavior problems - see the early warning signs handout); Provide the best environment; be working with a holistic veterinarian. If an animal is exposed to an epidemic of a disease, and you feel they are at risk, give a 200c strength of the appropriate homeopathic nosode once or twice. If they still get sick, then treat homeopathically.

The researchers in conventional veterinary medicine agree that we vaccinate too often, in combinations, and that this level of vaccination, while possibly preventing epidemics, is harmful to the health of susceptible animals. The AVMA has just recommended (1/98) that cats and dogs only be vaccinated every 3 years.

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs They acknowledge that they do really know how long vaccines last. Holistically, we find vaccinations one of the most harmful thing we do to animals. I recommend no vaccines at all (except the legally required Rabies, which is a viral vaccine and so probably protects for a lifetime). I do not recommend using homeopathic nosodes for protection. Experience has demonstrated that building up the overall health of your animal and treating any illnesses holistically is the best protection and the best way for a long, healthy life.

The insert on vaccine packages say "Give only to healthy animals", so if your animal is ill in any way, they should not be vaccinated at that time per the manufacturers. Poor nutrition or vaccination, of course, does not bother some animals.

WHAT IS THE HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE? A healthy animal or person is unlikely to get sick (or very sick) even if exposed to infectious agents. Ideally we would never vaccinate, feed wonderful fresh food and treat the early symptoms that indicate the body is out of balance. If they do develop an infectious disease, it can usually be treated successfully with veterinary homeopathy. Even vaccinated animals get those diseases for which they are vaccinated, and may or may not be cured. The unvaccinated seem to respond better to holistic treatment.

Drs. Schultz and Phillips (Scripps Institute) write in Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy, Vol. 11, page 205, saying "A practice that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific validity or verification is annual revaccinations. Almost without exception there is no immunological requirement for annual revaccination...The practice of annual vaccination in our opinion should be considered of questionable efficacy..." Dr. Schultz vaccinates his dogs as puppies for only distemper and parvo, then only Rabies the rest of their lives. Even Rabies vaccine is probably good for more than 3 years, since it is a viral vaccine.

The tests done by the vaccine manufacturers on the required 7 dogs (only 7), were carried out only at one or three years post vaccine. If they had tested dogs longer post vaccine, rabies vaccine may be good for life. A veterinary immunologist in the rabies field admitted in private to me that most animals are protected for life after the first two rabies vaccinations, and almost all are protected after the third injection!!! Veterinarians checking their titers rather than re-vaccinating themselves for rabies are discovering that titers persist forever, in most individuals. New (1998) recommendations from the Advisory panel on feline vaccines of the Association of Feline Practitioners and the Academy of Feline Medicine are to give only FVRCP and Rabies every 3 years and non core vaccinations (chlamydiosis, FELV, FIP and ringworm) to coats with high exposure.

Further support for decreasing vaccine use comes from the 1st International Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostics Conference, July 27-31, 1997. Reports from a Swedish study (Olson et al, J VetIntMed 1997:11:148), show at least four year immunity against distemper. Cats showed high titers against panleukopenia for at least 6 years (Scott and Geissinger. Feline Practice 1997:25(4):12-19). There is definitely a shift in conventional thinking about vaccinations, even though as homeopaths we recommend many fewer vaccines.


Holistic veterinarians are finding that vaccines are causing great harm to our animals (and ourselves). To cure an animal of any problem we have found through experience that we must use homeopathic remedies that are known to reverse vaccine related problems as well as fit this individual. Often, if vaccinated during treatment, the progress we are making is stopped. Because of the type of history taking used by homeopathy, we often see problems that have occurred ever since vaccination or recur every year after vaccination. Conventional veterinarians are also reporting health problems due to vaccinations.

 "Immune-mediated hematological disease and transient bone marrow failure are increasingly recognized sequelae of...vaccination. ... Postvacinal polyneuropathy is a recognized entity associated with...vaccines. ...Adverse reactions to vaccination have also recently been reported with increasing frequency in cats." (Dr. Dodds, 1990)

Other reports include: immunologic disorders (Frick, Green, McDonald, Phillips and Schultz, Tizard); adverse vaccine reactions (Green, McDonald, Phillips and Schultz, Tizard, Wilford); increased sensitivity to pollen antigens after vaccination (Frick, Dodds). See vaccination bibliography for more information. The inserts that come with all vaccines say to use them only in healthy animals. Many animals are vaccinated when they are overtly ill, others when they are showing the more subtle signs of energy imbalance.

Most of my clients and course participants have told horror stories of the illnesses they feel occurred after their animals were vaccinated. Some problems were immediate, but most were slower onset. Isis was vaccinated at 5 years of age for her annual boosters including FELV and was admitted to the hospital 6 hours later with a severe asthma attack. She had had chronic coughing since 6 weeks of age (after first vaccines) that was mild and sporadic and non responsive to any treatment, yet in the face of this mild ill health her vaccines were continued. With conventional treatment, she continued having asthmatic respiration with occasional hospitalizations for the next 2 years.

Thuja (a homeopathic remedy know to undo damage caused by vaccines) given carefully while she was withdrawn from drugs resolved the asthma problem and she has had no conventional drugs, no asthmatic breathing and less coughing for the next two years. (to date). A veterinarian who breeds and shows Collies tells of breeders who start vaccinating at 2 weeks of age with modified live multiple vaccines. She has noticed for years that these are puppies who have the most lameness, the most bloat, the most skin parasites and the most breeding problems. She has avoided them for years.


YES! Wendy and Jack Volhard studied kennels in Germany, many with lines of German Shepherds that we have here in the States. These 200+ dogs are given a distemper vaccine and a Parvovirus vaccine only, at age 10 weeks and 1 year. No other vaccines are given except occasionally rabies, when needed. Their diet varies from home-prepared to commercial. These dogs are having litters and showing at 10 years of age, and live to 16 or so. In the States, many Shepherds are dying by the age of 10. Other breeders have found that stopping vaccination has made their line much healthier, and usually immune (through good health) to the infectious agents that usually cause disease. Not always, of course. Some dogs or cats are very susceptible to disease and will become infected and may die. Most survive epidemics with mild disease, if treated holistically.


Many people have stopped vaccinating, but have started using homeopathic protection on an on-going basis. These remedies are called nosodes, and are homeopathic preparations of the different animal diseases made from the tissues of a diseased animal. Therefore they have not only the organism, but an animal's response to the organism.

Some are using nosodes for each disease, and others are using combinations of all the diseases. This is still operating from a fear of getting something, rather than a proactive stance of "let's become very healthy so that even if we are exposed to a communicable disease, we will not get that ill." There is a lot of evidence for the success of using homeopathic remedies in people over the last 200 years to protect them when an epidemic is going on, but few doctors recommended on-going prevention, and certainly not repeated throughout the life of the person or animal.

"One of the major problems with vaccination is that the viruses (most vaccines given to cats are combinations of multiple viruses) are injected directly into the bloodstream, completely bypassing the body's normal defense mechanisms. A two-pound kitten gets exactly the same dose as a 12-pound adult. There is no accounting for the differences in weight, age, sex, breed, health status or susceptibility. The most common feline vaccine combination, called a "three-in-one" contains feline viral rhinotracheitis ("rhino") also known as feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus ("calici") and feline panleukopenia ("panleukopenia") is commonly referred to as FVRCP. Rhino and calici are both upper respiratory infections ("URIs"). Panleukopenia, also called feline distemper, is a disease similar to canine parvovirus, which causes severe vomiting and diarrhea."

Lack of scientific evidence to support the current practice of annual vaccination and increasing documentation showing that over vaccinating has been associated with harmful side effects. Of particular note in this regard has been the association of autoimmune hemolytic anemia with vaccination in dogs and vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats -- both of which are often fatal.* With boosters (except for rabies vaccine), the annual vaccination recommendation on the vaccine label is just that -- a recommendation without the backing of long term duration of immunity studies, and is not a legal requirement.

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Homeopathic Prevention Schedule

Veterinary homeopath recommends to use nosodes instead of routine vaccination. (Pronounced no'-sodes), are remedies or medicines made from the disease itself and are diluted or potentized so only the energy exists. They are administered orally. So far, experience has shown no problem with side effects if the animal has been healthy.

  • [Begin or give nosodes on same day of each week]
  • A dose of nosode is 4-6 drops of the nosode on the tongue.
  • WEEK ONE - Give 30C Parvo Nosode once [twice] daily for 2 days
  • WEEK TWO - Give 30C Parvo Nosode once daily for 5 days
  • WEEK THREE - Give 200C Parvo Nosode once
  • WEEK FOUR - Give 30C Distemper Nosode [twice] daily for 2 days
  • WEEK FIVE - Give 30C Distemper Nosode once
  • WEEK SIX - Give 200C Distemper Nosode once
  • WEEK SEVEN - Wait
  • WEEK EIGHT - Give 200C Parvo Nosode once
  • WEEK NINE - Wait
  • WEEK TEN - Give 200C Distemper Nosode once
  • WEEK FOURTEEN - Give 1M Parvo Nosode
  • WEEK EIGHTEEN - Give 1M Distemper Nosode

For nosode kennel cough protection, give the 200C nosode once daily for two days, follow with one dose two weeks later. Wait until 6 months of age to begin. Repeat every 3-6 months depending on potential for exposure.

For nosode Heartworm protection, give the 200C nosode once daily for two days, follow with one dose two weeks later. Repeat once dose every 6 weeks.

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My cat Dexter died April 22, 2004
Darryl Staples

Dexter was taken to his vet in response to a 'final notice' that booster shots were overdue. Dexter became violently ill within an hour of the vaccinations... he more or less recovered by the end of the week. On the 8th of March he stopped eating... and lost 30% of his body weight over the next two weeks... one kidney became dysfunctional and the other dropped two crystals blocking his uretra. Two unsuccessful operations later Dexter died as my wife and I comforted him.

Dexter was a perfectly healthy Burmese as of February 3rd... before his booster shots... yet a very ill Burmese age 8 years, 1 month and one day when he left us. We miss Dexter greatly. He was a healthy in-door cat who walked with me outside on leash. His foot-prints are all over our homes in Vancouver and Whistler.

Feb. 3rd Dexter was given an F.Rhinotracheitis shot as well as 4 other shots (Panleukopenia, Calicivirus, Chamydia and rabies-3 yr) In reading your site the 'rhino' FVRCP shot appears to be "a cause of chronic renal failure in cats." This troubling information apparently comes from a Colorado State University Study indicating the vaccine is grown in CFRK Feline kidney cells. Dexter's blood taken February 3rd indicated a slight kidney issue and a change of diet was prescribed.

After Dexter's death... all the Vets were sadly saying Dexter was an unlucky cat. Dexter was unlucky... as he was a healthy cat until he received the booster shots... he is now an unlucky... dead cat.... and he is missed. If nothing else... other pet owners should recognize that veterinarians in general have not done any thinking about the side-effects of booster shots. We trusted the professional advise of Dexter's vet... got a second opinion after Dex was given a death sentence by his first vet... and then was moved on referral to a critical care surgeon. At no time did anyone but my wife and I wonder what caused one of Dexter's kidneys to fail and crystals to develop in his functioning kidney. I suspect that Dex's problem started slowly in March 21, 1996 with his first rhino shot... then further developed since his June 5, 2000 booster but that he was delivered what amounted to a lethal injection with his February 3, 2004 rhino booster. Dexter's Feb. 3, 2004 booster shots are suspect.

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