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Holistic Animal Health

Using Herbs, Homeopathy, and Nutritional Remedies to Treat Sick or Injured Animals at Home

When my animals are sick or injured, I abstain taking them to a vet to avoid having them shot full of steroids and/or antibiotics which would weaken their immune system in the long run. I successfully treat my animals at home with natural remedies such as homeopathy, herbs, Transfer Factor and other immune support products. I believe that my sick or injured animal's place is in the comfort of its home with its family where true healing can take place.

Over the last few years, alternative health care has become increasingly popular for humans and the domestic animals in theircare. Ever since a Harvard University study published in 1990 in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that Americans made more visits to alternative health care healers than their primary physicians, this trend seems to be accelerating. People cite a variety of reasons for considering holistic health care modalities: a desire to reduce the side effects of some allopathic medications, a search for alternatives to invasive medical treatments, and the desire to reduce high costs of medical and surgical care to name a few. Many of these holistic modalities that have been around for centuries have proven to be quite effective, and are the primary health care systems in other countries. It should not be a surprise that a number of wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians are now using alternative health care modalities in first aid situations as well as for chronic conditions. Homeopathy is one of the modalities gaining increased attention in
the rehabilitation community. Considering Homeopathic First Aid for Wildlife.

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Dr. Steven Slagle, DVM Transfer factors have turned out to be the most effective and versatile large animal family products I have ever used in my 32-year veterinary practice. A cat with leukemia, an oral tumor, and posterior paralysis due to a spinal tumor, was very ill and emaciated. One month after transfer factors there was some regression of the oral tumor, restored appetite with some weight gain, and increased sociability. Five months later, she continues to improve, regaining normal weight, 80% regression of her oral tumor, and regaining use of hind legs and tail."

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Puppy face with paws up "You take healthy animals and often very quickly after you vaccinate, you can see simple things like itching of the skin or excessive licking of the paws, sometimes even with no eruptions and licking of the air. We see a lot of epilepsy, often after a rabies vaccination. Or dogs or cats can become aggressive for several days. Frequently you'll see urinary tract infections in cats, often within three months after their [annual] vaccination. If you step back, open your mind and heart, you'll start to see patterns of illness
post-vaccination." - Dr. Blanco D.V.M

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Domestic pets huddled together Overview of Natural, Holistic
Veterinary Medicine

Horses Face Natural Methods For Equine Health Horses, just like any other animal benefit from natural veterinary care and prevention.

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Deadly, Contagious Dog Flu Virus

Dr. Cynda Crawford, an immunologist at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine who is studying the virus, said that it spread most easily where dogs were housed together but that it could also be passed on the street, in dog runs or even by a human transferring it from one dog to another. Kennel workers have carried the virus home with them. Learn what Dr. Falconer D.V.M. recommends to protect your pet from the Canine Flu disease

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sick dog Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. says that marine phytoplankton contains almost everything one needs to sustain life and to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. Learn how phytoplankton saved a dog's Life

Barbara, Meadowsweet and dog Sadie question mark Do you have a question about holistic animal health or need assistance? Barbara is an animal lover and wellness coach who donates her time to help visitors of Shirley's Wellness Cafe website. She'll be happy to answer your question and offers guidance. 970-731-0883 (CO). You may also contact Shirley or call 323-522-4521 or 323-989-3372

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Natural Remedies for Stressed Pets
Stressed Cat with hair on end and arched back Animals respond as well to non-toxic anti-stress natural remedies.
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Animals too, have an active mental and emotional life. and can manifest behavioral and physical problems that have their roots in emotional trauma.

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Heart warming testimonials People share their success of healing their animals without drugs, surgery or radiation.

Nutitional Supplements Advanced Daily Supplement with Phytonutrient Power for Dogs and Puppies or Cats and Kittens. Why should you give your animal a nutritional supplement? A deficiency in one vitamin or mineral may leave your dog vulnerable to disease. This daily nutritional supplement provides your dog with the essential nutrients ? the defense system support it needs to live a long ? healthy life. Most of us take supplements and eat right to get all the nutrients necessary to avoid disease and ensure good health. The same is true for the four-legged member of your family … your precious pup or kitten.

child vaccinated sick dog

Doctors and parents expose how vaccines are crippling our children;
Dr. David Ayoub, M.D. lectures on Vaccines, Mercury, Autism and other disease

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Saving Sick or Injured Animals' Lives : the holistic approach

part 2 - part 1

Testimonial of amazing home cures with homeopathy, herbal extracts and nutritional supplements
By Shirley (author of this website.)

Severe bite wound healed in two weeks by Shirlrey, author of this website

My 4 year old German Shepherd, Kuuma, (90 pounds) was attacked by a 35 pound Pitbull mix on August 8, 2005. Kuuma is very aggressive and I instinctively held him back from fighting that dog. This was a big mistake which cost Kuuma to lose a portion of his leg. The wound was 3" long and 2" wide. The leg bone was exposed. I could clearly see a piece of the bone detached by the dog's bite.

Kuuma, my gorgeous long hair German Shepherd rescuedI didn't take Kuuma to the vet because I didn't want my dog to be injected with steroids, antibiotics or operated on. When a dog of mine is sick or injured, it needs to be at home, with his love ones, not in a cage, (veterinary "hospital" ) separated from his family, feeling abandonned, just when he needs his family the most. With natural remedies I had at home, fasting and lots of TLC (tender loving care) Kuuma healed that horrible wound in 2 weeks without ever experiencing an infection or fever.

I immediately gave Kuuma natural remedies every few hours around the clock for the next 10 days. I also fasted him on water for 5 days. A sick or injured animal will not eat. Fasting comes natural to them and promotes healing.

  • I fasted Kuuma on water for 5 days. He didn't care about food and didn't ask to eat. I resumed feeding him when he was ready and asked for food.
  • Homeopathy: arnica 50M, hypericum 1M, ledum 30C, symphitum 200C, - a couple of pellets each, every 2 hours the first day, then 4 times a day.
  • Recovazon herbal extract to promote healing of traumatized tissues.
  • One ounce of Marine Phytoplankton with 2 capsules of Transfer Factor Plus and a 1/4 teaspoon of powder tienchi ginseng. Transfer Factor Plus boosts the immune system in order to help the immune system fight infection. Transfer Factor educational information - International availability - Saccharides/glyconutrients in marine phytoplankton promote cell to cell communication to promote healing of tissues) where to buy marine phytoplankton
The wound was so bad that the first day Kuuma didn't lick his wound at all. I made a poultice of Red Desert Clay which I bandaged loosely. I changed the poultice twice that day, and removed at night. The next day, he started to lick the wound and did not tolerate the clay poultice. He continued to lick his wound constantly for the next 3 or 4 days. I will never use an 'Elizabethan collar' on my animals to prevent them from licking skin eruptions, hot spots, or infected area. Animal's skin have an amazing ability to heal very quickly. Minor (and in Kuuma's case, major) cuts, tears or abrasion heal with great ease thanks in part to a healing aid found in the dog's saliva. This built in germicide found in the saliva of a dog amazingly heals wounds in record time.

10 days after the bite, the wound is nearly completely healed. Kuuma kept it super clean at all time with his saliva!

Marine Phytoplankton is a rich source of glyconutrients and contains all the essential components of life. The percentage of rejuvenating elements in plankton remarkably exceeds those present in brewer's yeast and wheat germ. Plankton corrects the deficient or unbalanced nutrition, common in the customs of our present-day civilization of consuming incomplete foods, often with added chemical ingredients, which expose us to physiological problems as various as they are numerous. Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. says that marine phytoplankton contains almost everything one needs to sustain life and to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. Learn how phytoplankton saved a dog's Life - read the cancer cure testimonials

Homeopathy and Wildlife Trauma
Healing power of Transfer Factor
Healing power of clay
Healing power of glyconutrients
Healing power of homeopathy
Healing power of herbs

Dr. Charles Loops D.V.M - "After 10 years of traditional veterinary practice I became tired of having no treatment for chronic disease, incurable conditions, and a plethora of allergic maladies which seem to plague all veterinary practices. I was frustrated with giving animals cortisone because I had no other solutions, or using antibiotics for infections which I knew were of viral origin. At this time I had some chronic health problems, which had been unresolvable allopathically, but they responded to natural treatment" Click here to read more Natural Animal Healing Testimonials

Why I won't use the Elizabethan collar on my animals - The Elizabethan collar is a type of plastic collar that is effective in preventing pets from licking or biting themselves. The only time I will use such collar is to prevent my dog from tearing up surgical sutures, until healing is complete. I will never use such collar to prevent my dog from licking skin eruptions, hot spots, or infected area anywhere on her body. The dog's skin has an amazing ability to heal very quickly. Minor cuts, tears or abrasion heal with great ease thanks in part to a healing aid found in the dog's saliva. This built in germicide found in the saliva of a dog amazingly heals wounds in record time.

An important part of hygiene and cleanliness is the tiger's rasping tongue. In a typical grooming action the tiger will lick its paws and use them to wipe over the face, ears and forehead. This is identical to the actions used by the domestic cat. Any injuries are carefully licked and coated with antiseptic saliva from the tongue. This aids in preventing infection entering into a wound. More on cleanlisness and tongue of the cat. I find that preventing a dog from licking its skin or wounds is sad and cruel. Shirley

"Recently we purchased an Elizabethan Collar for my rottweiler who had an eye infection. Apollo was unlike any other dog. He did not have a mean bone in his body. We purchased the collar from Pet Smart. No one gave us any instructions or warnings on what can happen to your dog with this collar on. After the second day, Apollo became agressive and acted as if he couldn't see or comprehend his surroundings. My husband and I tried to help him and take the collar off but he attacked my husband and we ended up having to shoot him right there on the spot. We were given an orange collar. Have you heard on any other incidents involving this collar? I want to find out as much as I can. Apollo was 5 years old and showed no signs of agression prior to the collar. I feel like I have lost my son. We even called a vet in regards to the collars and they gave no warnings. I have been hearing of more and more incidents of dogs biting someone because of this collar. These dogs also did not show any agression prior. I know Rotts have a bad name but Apollo was the best and most intelligent dog I have ever had." Sabrina, Fredericksburg, VA, benecula@yahoo.com

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Kuuma's Collapsed Trachea (strange coughing and struggling to breathe)

The first couple of weeks after I rescued Kuuma, whenever I took him with me for a car ride, I would attach him by his collar on a short leach to the back seat to prevent any possible escape. This was a big, big, mistake that almost cost him his life! One day, I had to abruptly push on the breaks to avoid a traffic accident. Kuuma was brutally propelled forward which caused trauma to his trachea. He immediately began gagging for air, caughing incessantly. I thought he was going to die. I gave him the homeopathic remedies Arnica and Aconite which I carried in my emergency kit. But these remedies didn't help much. Back at home, I searched for the appropriate homeopathic remedy in Robin Murphy's homeopathic repertory. They are probably 3 or 4 dozens remedies listed. The remedy DROSERA seemed to fit the picture. I gave him just a few pellets of the 30C potency and all his symptoms went away. Once again, homeopathy saved the day!

Learn more about homeopathy


Kuuma, gets hit by "bloat", or stomach spams once a month or so. It usually hits him soon after he eats kibbles (never when he eats raw food). He becomes extremely restless, and tries to nibble on just about anything. It is obvious that he's in great pain. The ONLY thing that I have found that helpshim, is to let him eat plenty of grass. He'll be grazing for 20 min or longer non-stop. If no grass is available, I let him eat wheatgrass which I grow in trays by the windowsill (I drink wheatgrass juice everyday). I have step by step instructions how to grow wheatgrass in apartments or homes. I believe that Kuuma would actually die if no grass was available for him to eat.

I grow my own wheatgrass all year long at home by the window for my own juicing. (step by step instructions). My dog always has access to wheatgrass whenever he needs it. If you cannot grow your own, you can purchase a tray at most health food stores.

Flatulence Preventer Natural Remedy Helps To:

* Naturally relieve unpleasant symptoms of flatulence and gas in pets
* Reduce bloating, abdominal cramps and colic
* Maintain digestive health and help with the symptoms of digestive disorders, including diarrhea and constipation

Saving Nadja from Accidental Poisoning
by Shirlrey, author of this website

In 1983, my GSD, Nadja, ate some rat poison. She began vomitting large amount of green fluid and became quickly very weak. She was dying. I gave her the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album 10M, one pellet every 5 minutes, repeatedly for 20 minutes. Then I gave her one pellet every 4 hours for the rest of the day. She fully recovered.

Had I known about the fulvic minerals, the glyconutrients and the Transfer Factor at the time, and given these to her, it would have helped right along homeopathy for a faster and better recovery.

More about the healing power of homeopathy

Dr. Dee Blanco, D.V.M - "You take healthy animals and often very quickly after you vaccinate, you can see simple things like itching of the skin or excessive licking of the paws, sometimes even with no eruptions and licking of the air. We see a lot of epilepsy/seizure, often after a rabies vaccination. Or dogs or cats can become aggressive for several days. Frequently, you'll see urinary tract infections in cats, often within three months after their [annual] vaccination. If you step back, open your mind and heart, you'll start to see patterns of illness post-vaccination."

My German Shepherd dog Shasta, had a similar looking tail. It was a direct result of adverse reaction to vaccines. The inflammed area of the tail would swell up with fluid and became extremely sensitive, painful and very itchy. Poor Shasta would constantly bite and lick the area to try to obtain some relief. Homeopathy is noted for its success to antidote or remove the toxic effects of vaccines and to re-establish balance in the organism and restore health. Certain homeopathic remedies taken before and after vaccination can minimize vaccine damage. A professional homeopathic vet should be consulted. Dr. Falconer DVM also uses Transfer Factor before and after vaccination to modulate/boost animal's immune system and to protect the animal from vaccination adverse reaction. Some people have found that marine phytoplankton is also effective in improving their animals' overall health. - Dog's tail - (photographs courtesy of Sherri Regalbuto)

My other German Shepherd dog Kuuma had a different reaction to vaccines. Soon after I rescued Kuuma, I noticed an inflammed spot 2 or 3 inches in diameter on his left thigh which he constantly licked. That was precisely the spot where he had been vaccinated. I treated him with homeoapthic remedies and rubbed neem oil on the wound. Whithin a few weeks the area was healed.

A few years later, Kuuma experienced a bizarre symptom of sudden and unexplained strange behavior. One afternoon, he became restless and started crying in pain anytime I would just walk by him, as though the movement of the air was hurting him ?!?!? That same morning, we had an hour long walk in the hills and he was perfectly fine. At home, he laid by my side all day, sleeping peacefully. The symptoms occured suddenly by mid-afternoon when he woke up. When I tried to pet him, he would yelp as if he had been hit. He was in constant pain, yet he had no injury and no fever. I suspected vaccine reaction and tried numerous homeopathic remedies such as Silica, Thuja, as well as Rhus Tox and Arsenicum for his restless behavior, but none helped. That night, poor Kuuma could barely sleep and cried almost all the time. The next day, I gave him a single dose of the homeopathic (nosode) remedy Lyssin (hydrophobinum) 200 C and within hours, I saw major improvement. For the first time in 18 hours he was able to sleep again and wouldn't yelp in pain everytime I walked by him. If I had left this dog with a dog sitter or in aboarding place, I would have been convinced that someone had mistreated him severely. Kuuma is a very healthy, fearless high spirited dog. I had never seen him looking so pittyful and miserable before. Lyssin is available from Dr. Charles Loops DVM -- (A few hours after giving him Lyssin, I also gave him a single dose of Lachesis 30 C when I observed that sleep agravated his symptoms)

Click here to read more Natural Animal Healing Testimonials

Snake Bite
My husband Ken and I were recently asked to care for our neighbor’s 6 horses, 2 dogs and one senior citizen cat. The morning our friends left, Carolyn Fox called to say that "Paco" (their beautiful purebred black lab) was acting strange and wasn't very active for a young dog. Carolyn asked if we would look at him and trusted how we'd care for him because she knows of our alternative health background. When we went over to see him he was lethargic, not moving his body and his tail barely move…all signs of problems. His entire right side was red and swollen from his hind leg to chest. We saw a few marks on him...Ken took him to a country vet and all indications suggested he'd been bitten by a snake. The vet gave him antibiotics and some beta dine to cleanse. Twelve hours later fluid was building all along his chest cavity and it was still enflamed. We gave "Paco" Arcozon and Recovazon liquizons in goat cheese and massaged him all over with Recovazon Gel after adding more liquid Recovazon to it. After 2 days the edema was gone, the redness was gone and he was walking around wagging his tail. Around the puncture wounds he was still swollen (a mass about the size of a large softball). We switched from Arcozon to Gravizon …and watched it reduce in size. Since "Paco" was not our animal we decided to see the country vet again. He suggested that if the swelling was not down in 3 days he would remove it. We continued to massage the area with more Amazon Goodies and by day 3 it was the size of a small ball, by day 5 the size of a pea. The Vet came out to see one of our horses a few days later and could not believe his eyes (no surgery for Paco). Carolyn came home to a jumping, running “Paco” and said she “would never have known he had been sick”.

Healing Shasta of a mean abscess

Following is a recount of acute illness and traumas that my dog Shasta experienced over the years. Even though Shasta is on a healthy diet of raw food, she still gets sick occasionally and requires treatments. However, I believe that her raw food diet is enabling her to recover quickly from these illnesses. Whenever she is seriously sick, I always fast her on water for a few days to help promote healing.

Note: unfortunately, I can’t give her freshly killed, wholesome wild game which would be free from synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticide residue which contaminates our supermarket meat.More about Shasta's diet

When Shasta was about 10 years old, she developed a hard swelling the size of a pea under her right eye. I didn’t know if it was a tumor, an insect bite, or an abscess and decided to give her homeopathic remedies for insect bite. The next morning, the swelling had grown to the size of a pigeon's egg. I suspected that it may be an abscess because of the speed of the growth and gave her one dose of a homeopathic remedy, Silica, in high potency. She did not seem to be in pain and was acting her normal self.

I called a couple of veterinarians to inquire about their course of treatment for an abscess. Both vets recommended surgery to remove the possible cause of the abscess: a bad tooth. But they also warned me that general anesthesia is very hard on an older dog, weakening its internal organs.

The next day, Friday, the swelling was still hard to the touch and had grown so large that Shasta could no longer keep her right eye open.. I continued to treat her with homeopathy and herbal extract. She appeared to be in no pain.

Saturday morning, the swelling had become soft to the touch and began to ooze a clear fluid. Now Shasta appeared to be in discomfort. I called Dr. Loops, a holistic vet in N. Carolina, to get some feedback about the swelling and I described to him the course of homeopathic treatment, which I had given Shasta.

He advised me which additional homeopathic remedy to give to her (hepar sulph 6c) and suggested that I take her to a vet for surgery if there was no change by Monday. I also gave Shasta the homeopathic remedy Myristica 3c and the herbal extract of Echinacea and Golden seal every few hours. In the evening Shasta developed a fever and appeared to be in more discomfort. I gave her the homeopathic remedy Belladona in high potency (200 and 1M) and the fever quickly subsided.

The next morning, (Sunday) when we woke up, I was amazed to see no swelling whatsoever on Shasta’s face and she appeared to be fine, back to her usual self. During the night the abscess had burst opened, draining out the fluid completely. During the next few days the little opening continued to slightly ooze a pinkish fluid until a scar formed over the opening.

During the next 10 months, Shasta would occasionally scratch the little scar open again allowing more fluid to drain and discharge. After her body had done the cleansing (discharge), the little wound would seal up naturally until Shasta decided it was time to scratch it open once again to allow for more drainage. I never applied any kind of cream or disinfectant on the wound and never gave her any antibiotics or other types of allopathic medicine.

I also cured Shasta of her "incurable" myositis of the jaw bone disease with homeopathy and I improved her overall health with raw food. Myositis is an autoimmune condition and Transfer Factor is a natural product that modulates the immune system in auto-immune disease. A consultation with a homeopathic veterinarian is recommended to treat myositis and other serious conditions. Most offer phone consultation. Click here for the listing.

Myositis is an autoimmune disease that causes a great deal of pain. The animal is not able to open its mouth or eat. The conventional vet had told me that myositis was "incurable" and advised me to put her down. Nine years later, Shasta was still alive and well. I highly advise to consult with a professional homeopath for treatment of any condition as each case is different. List of veterinrians who use homeopathy and offer phone consultation. Some of the homeopathic remedies I used to treat Shasta of her myositis were: aconite, arnica, bryonia, rhus tox, ruta. Read Shasta's story

Healing Shasta of a mean abscess - VKH syndrome

VKH Syndrome and Loss of Vision by Shirlrey, author of this website Canine Uveodermatologic Syndrome
Thursday, June 7, 2001

Shasta had lost her vision in her right eye since June of 2001 when she suddenly experienced what may have been VKS syndrome. Since then, her left eye began to experience slow progressive cataract. Cataracts can not only be prevented, but can even be reversed through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes. Learn about natural treatments for cataracts

One early afternoon when were at home Shasta suddenly became very restless. I noticed that the lower lid of her right eye was sagging, revealing a very red and inflamed area, and her pupil was covered by what appeared to be an opaque film. I didn't know if an insect had bitten her in the eye or if she had accidentally hit her eye on something. She seemed to be in a lot of pain. I treated her with various homeopathic remedies and herbal extracts for insect bites, and trauma and pain.

That evening Shasta developed a high fever. I continued to treat her with homeopathy and with herbal extracts and at 2 AM the fever went down, the pain diminished, and she was able to fall asleep. The next day her eye was agglutinated with a sticky dried fluid. I applied a clay poultice (bentonite and pascalite clay) mixed with the herbal extracts of calendula, raw tienchi ginseng powder or tienchi ginseng extract, and old urine. I also put her on a 72 hour water fast.

Additional information on the healing power of clay - natural antibiotics herbal extract - water fasting to promote healing and urine therapy

On Saturday, a green matter began discharging from the eye. The white area of her eye was bright red. I took her to see vet for a diagnosis. He was surprised at her calmness and lack of fever despite the seriousness of the condition. He said that she has suffered a dislocation of her lens (lens luxation or subluxation) and recommended surgery. I did not follow his advice and I took Shasta home. I continued to treat her with my home remedies, homeopathy, herbal extracts, and clay. In time her right eye slowly healed but remained slightly larger than the left eye and I believe that her vision had greatly diminished.

Later, I learned that her symptoms may not have been due to a lens luxation. She may have experienced the VKH Syndrome where uveitis is also present. UVEITIS is the inflammation of the iris in the eye and sometimes the ciliary part of the eye; in short, the pigmented part of the eye. One authority on the subject of eyes divides the iris problem into two classes: acute recent sudden onset is call iritis or iridocyclitis. The chronic or longtime problem is called uveitis. Iritis can be the result of systemic disorders such as an infected prostate, inflamed sinus, pyometra, distemper, hepatitis, infected tonsils, or skin disorders like phemphigus. Although it is believed that systemic problems can trigger a uveitis situation, the feeling is that something else more serious has to be involved to create such a massive reaction. This is where the idea of autoimmunity comes in.

Example: The dog may have an autoimmune problem that has never become apparent because the body and immune system have remained in some sort of balance. When a systemic invasion triggers a reaction, the balance may be lost forever. In the newborn and elderly, the immune system is weakest. There are animals that have very little immune systems all their lives and are consequently wide open to any virus or bacteria that happens along. This is immune deficient. The opposite, when the body has such an over-reactive immune system that the system attacks the body's own cells, is called autoimmune. Lupus, phemphigus and VKH syndrome are all immune related diseases. A growing number of veterinarians now use Transfer Factor in immune related disease with excellent results. I have also expienced excellent results with Immunocal in raising the glutathione level and therefore boosting the immune system.

The eye is affected because, like any other part of the body, it depends on a supply of blood, particularly the retina, to keep it fed and healthy. If the body is fighting a battle with a viral or bacterial infection, it will be reflected in the eye. If the blood supply is contaminated, the eye will be affected just like any other part of the body with this one big difference -- the eye is like a window, and changes within the eye can be observed when the dog is examined. This is often important, too, in making a diagnosis of an illness. In my research I also thought that Shasta may have had “toxoplasmosis: which can have the symptoms of a fever, blurred vision, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches and an enlarged spleen.

Glutathione GSH is important for the normal functioning of the eye. Some of the earliest studies with GSH focused on its role in preventing cataracts, and GSH is relatively well known among ophthal-mologists. Specialists in ear, nose and throat (ENT) and in dentistry have only recently become aware ofthe role of glutathione in the diseases they treat. Given the critical roles of GSH as the body's most important naturally occurring antioxidant, its ability to detoxify substances encountered in the environment and its immune-sustaining abilities, glutathione research is now finally picking up in these fields as well. Learn about natural treatments for cataracts

Australian Shepherd with Uveodermatological Syndrome recovered with the use of Transfer Factor
A condition known as the Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada or uveomeningoencephalitic syndrome is seen in human beings. A syndrome similar to this condition is recognized in dogs and is called canine uveodermatologic syndrome. It is a rare condition that is thought to represent an autoimmune attack against melanocytes. Heavily pigmented tissues such as the uveal tract, skin, and mucous membranes are primarily involved. Hearing impairment has not been seen in dogs.

Dr. Joe Ramaekers, DVM - "Transfer Factor is truly the missing link in the nutritional approach to preventive medicine for all pets. It is a powerful immune system activator that has the ability to boost the immune system in an entirely different way."

Dr. Richard Bennett, Ph.D. - "Bacterial infections, viral infections and immune system fatigue cause a host of disease problems in pets, especially in very young and older animals. Transfer Factor Plus™ naturally provides full immune system power. Transfer Factor Plus™ for pets is a natural and science based product for the health of all our animal friends." Dr. Bennett is an Infectious Disease Microbiologist and Immunologist.

Miraculous recovery from a stroke and paralysisby Shirley, author of this website
February 10, 2002

On a warm Sunday afternoon, while I was doing yoga on the roof, Shasta appeared to have suffered a stroke while asleep in the shade a few feet away from me. She woke up and held her head tilted to the side, her eyes bulging. She could not move. She was paralyzed. I immediately grabbed my little homeopathic emergency kit and popped into her mouth arnica and aconite (high potency: cm) every few minutes. These are powerful remedies for traumatic conditions, which help to stop the bleeding and to promote healing.

My husband and I carried her back to our apartment. For the next couple of hours I continued to give her various homeopathic remedies (arnica and aconite, lachesis, strophantus, phosphorous) and herbal extracts (hawthorn and tienchi ginseng) to help promote healing and to stop the bleeding. I talked to her and caressed her a lot to keep her calm and did the Reiki Energy Healing on her. Within an hour, she was able to hold her head straight.

Eventually she fell asleep for about an hour. When she woke up she tried to get up but her rear end was still paralyzed. My husband was already preparing himself to say goodbye to her as he thought that this may be the last day that she may be among us.

I continued to give her the homeopathic and herbal remedies. A couple of hours later, to my total disbelief, Shasta suddenly got up and walked to my husband in the living room. His jaw dropped open in total amazement. I fasted Shasta for 72 hours and continued to give her arnica cm and a combination of hawthorn - tienchi - comfrey herbal extract, three times a day, to help heal the injured tissue. She has completely recovered from her stroke and continues to take long walks in the hills with me.

TESTIMONIALS -- Recovery from paralysis

Testimonial from Smita Nirula - Her dog recovered from paralysis with homeopathic remedies.
"My 12 year old mongrel bitch, Misty suddenly developed paralysis in her hind legs. After a fortnight of B-Complex and other injections (I don't really know what) I started her on Rhus Tox 6x and Causticum 6x twice a day. It is now 2 1/2 months since the paralysis and Misty is walking down the steps and going out for a walk. The allopathic medicine was given for a total of 1 month. I increased the Rhus Tox and Causticum to 30 strength 2ice a day about 3 weeks ago. I thought I would share this with you since no one ever though that Misty would walk again." Smita Nirula
Paralyzed dog recoverd use of hind legs "I must say before I received the Transfer Factor I was really anxious and I would afraid that my Ridgeback dog, Linkin, would give up. As soon as the package arrived from England I started giving Linkin 2 tablets a day for the first 3 weeks. He has improved in leaps and bounds and it is hard to believe that some 4 weeks ago he could not walk by himself and could hardly move around at all. I had to carry his hind legs with a towel around his waist otherwise he just could not get around. After two weeks on Transfer Factor Plus (human formula) , he started trying to get up onto his hind legs. It was difficult and heart breaking to see him struggle but he was trying. After four weeks on TF+, he managed to walk around even though he lost his balance and he hind legs would give way. He is now walking and running around, although still a little wobbly, and he also tries to jump but does not always succeed. It is absolutely fantastic to see the improvement from week to week." Antoinette Kean, South Africa

Lower Vitality

April 8, 2002
These illnesses (mentioned above) have left Shasta with a lower vitality. She suddenly appeared to ge aging very rapidly. She looked fragile and tired all the time. I wasn't sure if I could continue to take her for long walks with me in the Hollywood Hills. A couple of weeks after I started giving her Transfer Factor Plus, her energy and vitality improved remarkably. She is more frisky and playful and she acts more the way she used to be a couple of years ago. Best of all, she continues to enjoy long walks with me everyday without efforts.

Natural Animal Health links Veterinary Success Using Transfer Factors
Transfer Factor Pet Formulations for cats, dogs, horses and other animals.

Dr. Baruch Rosen, M.D. wrote a testimonial of the experience he had with his own dog who came down with distemper: "...Blood studies confirmed distemper and showed a white cell count (lymphocytes) of only 264 slightly more than ten percent of normal. Our vet plus a second out-of-state consulting vet, an expert in distemper were very sympathetic and advised me to prepare myself to euthanize Romeo. Knowing little to nothing about canine distemper, I turned to the internet and luckily stumbled on to transfer factors, a preparation which enhances and stimulates the body's own immune system to fight against all pathogens, viral or otherwise. My thirty years in medicine told me this was the only solution. I started Chico and Romeo on one cap daily encased in one teaspoonful of raw hamburger. Over the next two weeks all cough and mucus drainage ceased. Romeo's follow-up blood count had risen to normal range at 2217 and he surprised to whole family by jumping afive foot wall. He romps and plays all day long with Chico, now responds normally to his name and appears to be his old joyful self again"

Dr. Sam Jones, DVM writes: "Two cats, both about 8 years old, had severe diabetes. It was impossible to get the insulin requirements adjusted. They had lost weight to a point that they were skin and bones. Both cats had no quality of life left. After one week of being on transfer factors we were able to get their insulin requirements adjusted. It is now 6 months and they have regained their weight and have a great quality of life and health."

Dr. Steven Slagle, DVM writes: "Transfer factor have turned out to be the most effective and versatile products I have ever used in my 32-year veterinary practice. Here are a few examples:

  • A cat with leukemia, an oral tumor, and posterior paralysis due to a spinal tumor, was very ill and emaciated. One month after enhanced transfer factors (1 cap daily), there was some regression of the oral tumor, restored appetite with some weight gain, and increased sociability. Five months later, she continues to improve, regaining normal weight, 80% regression of her oral tumor, and regaining use of hind legs and tail.
  • Victor, a 10-year-old gelding, with EPM was treated with conventional drug therapy for 5 weeks and yet continued to deteriorate. At week 6, I started him on enhanced transfer factors (6 caps/day). Within one week, he showed noticeable improvement, and within 30 days, he was able to show. Since his full recovery 4 months ago, Victor has continued to show at his original performance level.
  • A four month old kitten had a severe skin condition that was diagnosed as ringworm. After four months of conventional therapy, the resistant ringworm infection was not resolved. We put the kitten on transfer factors and within 5 days there were no apparent ringworm lesions remaining. Within a few weeks all the hair had grown back - and the now 9 month old cat has a beautiful, glossy coat. The ringworm lesions have not returned."
Dr. Slagle says that he has used transfer factors as stand-alone and in conjunction with allopathic therapies in the following cases with excellent results: CANCER: Canine lipomas, Canine/feline hepatic tumors, Equine squamous cell carcinoma, Equine melanomas; Feline leukemia, oral tumors. VIRAL/BACTERIAL: Upper and lower respiratory infections, Canine/feline dermatoses, Equine/bovine scours, Equine septic arthritis, Feline abscesses. PARASITIC/FUNGAL/AUTOIMMUNE: E.P.M., Feline and equine fungal dermatitis, and Feline autoimmune gingivitis.

where to purchase Transfer Factor

You can learn more about Transfer Factor: Transfer Factor for Animals - Transfer Factor for children - QandA about Transfer Factor - Education and Instinct - An Explanation of T-Factors Plus By William J. Hennen, Ph.D.

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A case of severe indigestion
by Shirley, author of this website
September 14, 2002

While I was busy preparing her batch of homemade raw meals, Shasta sneaked to the 12 pound bag of grounded turkey meat which was laying on the floor in the corner of the kitchen. Before I realized what she was up to, 4 pounds of the turkey meat had disapeared in her stomach! I was concerned because 4 pounds is twice the amount she usually eats in one sitting and she never eats pure meat. I always mix a lot of greens and other veggies, flaxoil and olive oil, chia seeds or oil, fulvic acid, and kelp in her food. Dr. Miller's Detox Tea also helps improve digestion and can assist the body in eliminating waste, toxins and compacted fecal matter from the colon in a simple, yet effective, easy-to-use but low cost method. (more information on healing tea) (see recipe)

My concerns proved to be correct. The next morning Shasta appeared uncomfortable and was restless. Her breath had a powerful putrid odor. She had a fever and she was drinking large amount of water. The putrid odor from her stomach worried me. I immediately gave her fulvic acids (fulvic neutralizes toxins and can eliminate food poisoning within minutes according to Szalay. I also gave her the homeopathic remedies arsenicum and kali phos in 6 potency. It didn't help.

I watched her carefully. She was clearly uncomfortable. Every time she tried to lay down to rest she appeared to suffocate and would jump on her feet gasping for air. The gasping for air and the indigestion symptoms were a clear indication for the homeopathic remedy carbo vegetalis. I gave one pellet of the 200 potency, one doze only. Within minutes she fell asleep comfortably, her breathing became normal, her fever went away and a few hours later the putrid odor had vanished.

Urinary Track Infection (cystitis) by Shirley, author of this website

On April 19, when my 12 year old Shasta urinated on the carpet twice, I knew that she had come down with a urinary track infection. She would never do this unless there was a serious problem. I also noticed that she was urinating blood. I immediately gave her the homeopathic remedy Cantharis 3x, one pellet on the tongue as well as one dropper full of tienchi ginseng extract and 10 drops each of echinecea and goldenseal extract 3 times a day. I also fasted her on water until she was better (a couple of days) and I added colloidal silver to her drinking water (I make my own at home with a small colloidal silver generator).; I never took her to see a vet and she never got the usual antibiotic treatment which make our pets so sick. Two days later Shasta was well again.

Echinacea and Golden Seal are also available in combination
More information about colloidal silver and where to purchase a small CS generator

(If I can help it I always do my best to treat my injured or sick animals at home and avoid leaving them at the vet clinic.I think that animals left at vet clinics may feel "abandoned" or "rejected" just at the time when they need to feel secure at home among their love ones. The stress of feeling "abandoned" or "rejected" may even be an impediment to healing in some cases.)

Water fast for optimum health

When Shasta reached 7 or 8 years of age, I began to routinely fast her on water for 48 hours once or twice a week. A few years ago I started by fasting her only once every two weeks but found out that as she gets older, she does best fasting every other day. She seems to appreciate fasting and never ask or look for food during fasting days. If I had a sick animal, the first thing I do is stop feeding it for a few days. That is the first step toward helping the healing process. William Pollak D.V.M. says that occasional fasting by cats and dogs is a normal, natural phenomenon, especially when natural raw, fresh foods are fed. Learn more: Fasting for health in veterinary medicine and Fasting your Cat for Health Fasting is especially good for older animals. It helps detoxify, maintain optimum weight and excellent energy and vitality

I adopted Shasta when she was 2 years old, in 1992. She was in extremely poor health: severely emaciated and weak with chronic diarrhea, massive wax discharge from her ears which were continually irritated and inflamed and she also had an a ongoing eye and nasal discharge. The veterinarian thought she had been a neglected or abused dog but his was not so --- the breeder was doing her best to take "good care" of her champion dogs; she fed them the 'best commercial dog food' for working dogs, dewormed them with drugs on a regular basis and routinely vaccinated them since puppyhood against a number of common dog diseases.

A few weeks after I got Shasta she developed myositis of the jaw bones (inflammation of the muscle of the jaw bone) an auto immune disease. Shasta could not eat because the slightest movement of her mouth caused severe pain. The vet told me that the her failing immune system was the cause of her myositis and that her painful symptoms were going to worsen in time. He said there was nothing he could do to help her and suggested that euthanize her (put her to sleep.)

I immediately began researching holistic treatment for Shasta's condition. I gave her homeopathic remedies and gradually changed her diet to raw foods. The homeopathic remedies worked very fast. Within a couple of days her pain had decreased considerably. Gradually she continued to improve and within a week she was able to eat comfortably again, all the pain in her jaw completely gone! With her new RAW food diet her diarrhea stopped and she began to gain weight progressively. Her ear, eye, and nasal discharges continued for some months (such discharges are toxins built-ups that the body is attempting to house-clean. These discharges are an important healing process and must not be suppressed by drugs.) As her immune system and health improved over the months, the discharges gradually decreased and eventually stopped altogether. (shasta's sample diet)

Also, I immediately STOPPED all deworming and vaccination program which are well known to cause toxin to build up and suppress the immune system in the long run Shasta had no need to be dewormed as she had no worms to begin with. She was emaciated, not because of worms, but because she was unable to digest the commercial pet food. learn why commercial pet food adversly affect your animal's health)

Flea bites
The first year that I had Shasta, she was plagued with flea bites and hot spots. But after a couple of years, as her health improved with her raw food diet, her immune system gradually began to protect better her against flea bites. She seems to be much less affected by fleas. I don't know if fleas are now repelled from her or if she simply has a less severe allergic reaction to flea bites which causes most dogs to itch, scratch and bite themselves. She has friends in the neighborhood who are miserably plagued with flea bites. These dogs are on commercial pet food. If fleas begin to bother her occasionally in the hot summer time, I give her homeopathic remedies for a few days which effectively reduce the itching. click to learn what I do to treat Shasta's flea bites and hotspots

Read other people's testimonials of amazing animal health improvements and cures of cancer and other chronic disease with natural, alternative health care and optimum nutrition. This is a collection of emails I received over the years and for which I received the permission to publish on my site. With each testimonial you will find an email address to facilitate correspondance, feedback and support.

May 12, 2003 Farewell to Shasta
In early May 2003 Shasta, began to urinate blood blood again. She appeared in no pain but she became feeble. She did not respond to treatments anymore. I knew that she had reached the end of her journey. On the 10, she suddenly became paralyzed in her hind legs. I held her and said farewell while the vet euthanized her. I was filled with gratitude for the 10 marvelous years she shared with us in love and respect. Please don't feel sorry for me or Shasta. She had a wonderful life and it is a miracle that she lived that long. When I adopted her at age two, this poor girl was so overloaded with toxins from routine chemical deworming, vaccines and toxic kibble food that the vet wanted to euthanize her then. I believe she would have lived a much longer life if she had been bred from healthy parents and had not been poisoned by all these chemicals.

St. Francis of Assisi
Do no stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

That same day I adopted a splendid 18 month old GSD from the German Shepherd rescue of Los Angeles. (the lady with Kuuma in the last picture in not me). I named him Kuuma, an African male name that means "love". This magnificent healthy boy is very cudly and affectionate, fearless, sensitive and smart as can be. He actually looks like he could be Shasta's brother or pup. The only health problem Kuuma has is a hotspot on his left thigh, right were he was vaccinated. Clearly this is a reaction to the toxins injected under his skin in that area. As soon as he came home I gave him a dose of Lyssin 200c to antidote the bad effects of vaccines (available from Dr. Loops' office) and I immediately began to transition him to raw food diet. Later I may also have to give him Thuja, Silica and/or Sulphur homeopathic remedies to counteract the bad effects of the other vaccines.

The very first day I introduced him to a little bit of raw meat (a little chicken leg and a small beef soup bone) which he ate in a heartbeat. A few hours later I gave him a regular portion of kibble food. I do not mix kibble with raw because it only take 6 hours to digest raw meat and it takes 18 hours to digest kibbles. The two don't mix and will cause fermentation.

Each day I increased his portion of raw meat gradually to make sure that it didn't give him diarrhea. Dr. William Pollack, DVM, says diarrhea can be a normal part of transitioning to a healthier diet. Upon switching to a more nutritious diet, physical and behavioral improvements can be dramatic or gradual depending on the state of the animal’s health. With slow transitioning on to the new diet, the pet’s digestive system can acclimate to the higher flow of nourishment. The body will sometimes expel these accumulated poisons during periods of diarrhea, hair loss, scaling of skin. These periods are known as Healing Episodes/Healing Crisis. Though these situations are not necessary , they are not uncommon. The body will cleanse itself of these toxic agents before it can assimilate more healthful nutrients to regain a higher state of balanced health.

Within a week, Kuuma was eating 100 % raw. He only cares for his raw chicken, raw pig feet, raw soup bones, etc. Unfortunately raw food seems to give him diarrhea. Shasta, my previous German Shepherd's diet was 100% raw for over 11 years and she did very well on that diet. I give Kuuma a healthy kibble food and everyday I mix two raw eggs including the shell with a cup of soaked chia seeds, a tablespoon of fulvic minerals, kelp seaweed and a little bit of organ meats/ground beef or turkey. These ingredients are a very important nutritious part of his diet and help to detoxify him and keep his stools firm.

All Natural Healthy Pet Food - "The food your animal eats should provide all of the nutritional components which are necessary for all organs and systems of a healthy body to perform in harmonious unison. A properly functioning body does an amazing job at preventing disease and healing itself, and to do this it requires the energies and nutrients of a well-balanced diet. In terms of finding the proper diet for our companions, this meanslearning to look beyond our own needs, opinions, and agendas to address the natural needs of the animals that we caretake." Mary L. Wulff-Tilford author of All You Ever Wanted To Know About Herbs For Pets

Weakness and Stiffness of Hind Leg in an Older Dog

December 2011 - Kuuma is almost 10 years old and has been perfectly healthy till now. Suddenly he began to show symptoms of weakness and stiffness in his right hind leg. I ruled out hip displaysia. I thought perhaps it was a pinched nerve or a sprain. Since I'm a homeopath and a holistic healer, I do not believe in allopathic medication which nearly killed me years ago, especially the sleazy steroids and the antibiotics, and I do not take my animals to the veterinarian. I treat them on my own at home with natural remedies that have no side effects and I use good healthy nutrition as prevention.

To treat his hind leg, I gave Kuuma Transfer Factor and Immunocal which is important to help support his immune system. I also treated him with homeopathic remedies. Within 10 days he had fully recovered. I started him on 3 homeopathic remedies for 5 days in the 30C potency, just one pellet of each twice a day: Bryonia, Rhus tox and Ruta. Then for the next 4 days I only gave him rhus tox and ruta. On the 10th day I gave him a single pellet of Causticum in the 1M potency. Not only did he recover from his hind leg symptoms, his overall vitality and energy level seems much highter too. He acts like a 6 y old again.

Homeopathic Medicine for Yourself, your Family and your Pets
"Homeopathy is one of the fastest-growing alternative medicines available today. By triggering the body's own self-healing abilities, homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective way to treat everyday ailments as well as acute and chronic symptoms of mind and body and are winning more converts every day."

Do you have a question about holistic animal health or need assistance? contact Shirley or call 323-522-4521 or 323-989-3372

Charles W. Brown, DVM - "My colleagues and I have found this product to be very effective in modulating the immune system. Transfer factor is a "soup" of immune-modulating factors, which contains a leukocyte-type molecule that can passively transfer immunity from one mammal to another by stimulating cell-mediated immunity and is antigen specific.

Scientifically Studied: 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula was developed by 4Life researchers and scientists in an effort to maximize immune system support. Results of an independent study conducted at the Russian Academy of Medical Science conclusively showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula propelled Natural Killer (NK) cell activity to a remarkable 437 percent abovenormal immune system response. No matter what the immune system needs, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula delivers powerful support to help you achieve a strong and healthy immune system that knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done quickly. It combines the intelligence of 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF, the intuition of NanoFactor, and the power of 4Life’s proprietary Cordyvant blend to regulate, boost, and balance your immune system. Scientific studies report that this Plus Formula can boost immune cell responsiveness 437 percent above normal immune system response.

Shirley's testimonial - April 20002
When my 11 year old dog, Shasta, suffered a series of illnesses and a stroke which left her paralyzed in the hind legs, I treated her with homeopathy and herbal extracts and she recovered within a few hours. However, her vitality was very low. I din't think she was going to make it through the Spring. After a couple of weeks on the Transfer Factor Plus (human formula) and homeopathy and herbal extract and rest her energy level and vitaliy improved remarkably. She appears to be back the way she was 2 years ago: frisky and playful. Shirley more on my dogs' recovery with homeopathy).

Veterinarians recommend the human formula, Transfer Factor Plus instead of the pet formula for their sick animals. I find it is easier to give the content of a small capsule of high potency of TF Plus, to very sick dog or cat, especially if they have difficulty eating. The Canine and Feline Complete formulas contain yeast and some dogs have a sensitivity to yeast which may give them the run. Since Shasta is is sensitive to yeast I give her the Transfer Factor Plus (human formula) which I think is a more potent immune booster. I started by giving her one capsule of TF plus (I shoved a capsule in her mouth or mixed it in her food) for 3 consecutive days. As she did well on one capsule, I increased the dosage to 2 capusles a day (one morning and one evening). A few weeks later, as she was doing much better, I decreased the dosage to one capsule a day as a maintenance dosage. Shirley
Customary disclaimer: Please check with your veterinarian prior to giving your pet dietary supplements that are intended for human consumption.

More information about Transfer Factor: articles by doctors and veterinarians
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