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Documentation of animals that recovered from chronic diseases with holistic veterinary care and optimum nutrition: hemangiopericytoma, squamous cell tumor, melanoma, degenerative disk disease, fibrosarcoma, Feline Leukemia FIV positive, Heartworm, cat with asthma, Chronic Renal Failure, Chronic Renal Failure ...

Dog Diagnosed With Hemangiopericytoma

Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000
From: "Barb Hamlin"

Animal Healing TestimonialsI have a 7 year old female German shepherd (90 lbs.) who had a round 2x2 inch tumor removed from her right front leg on January 11, 2000. The diagnosis: Hemangiopericytoma. It was explained to me that these cancerous tumors ALWAYS return, each time more aggressive than before, leading to further surgeries and often leg amputation. Radiation was suggested.

My dog haMy dog has already had 3 major surgeries in her life, the last being a knee repair in August, 1999. I'd promised her 'no more', so I began searching the internet for alternatives. A friend suggested Shirley's Wellness Cafe, and there I read of the successes people were having in treating their animals with a flax oil/cottage cheese mix. I decided to start supplementing my dog's already natural diet with 1/4 cup low fat, 1% cottage cheese and 1 1/2 tablespoons flax oil twice a day. Each time I whipped this mixture for a couple of minutes until the oil had been absorbed by the cheese.

I started feeding her this on the 4th of February. It had only been 3 weeks since the tumor had been removed, but it was easy to see where it was returning. The tumor area on her leg continued to grow until the last week of February, when it started getting smaller, and it has continued to shrink ever since. Today, April 7th, it's barely visible. Can it be eliminated completely? I have to wait and see. If I'm buying her time, it's GOOD quality time, and that's extremely important to me. I'm even finding the flax/cheese mix is helping her arthritis.

March 25, 20001 - Almost one year later, Barb sent me the following update: After three months on the flax oil/cheese mix, her leg looked completely normal, with no sign of tumor re-growth. Our holistic vet said: "She looks great! You can't argue with success! It's now been 14 months since the cancerous tumor was removed, and she continues to do well. No amputation. No radiation. Only NATURAL HEALING.

You are doing a remarkable job of making information available, and those of us who use your web site owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thank you for all the time and effort that must go into creating Shirley's Wellness Cafe. Many, many companion animals are enjoying better health because of it. My own dog owes her life to your website. God bless.

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Blues fight with Leukemia using Alternative treatments
From Louise Sandberg (UK) Click here to read her full testimonial
September 9, 2004

"...Most conversations I have with nearly everyone seems to revolve around Blues alternative treatments. Most people are so genuinely interested that these conversations last for a long time. I now refer everyone to Blues site or to your site. I can tell you, already 4 people I know are on Flax Oil and Cottage cheese with amazing results including my grandfather who is 94 and has had prostate cancer for 15 years, he is now for the first time showing improvements (medically) and says he has never felt better. I wanted to try him on other things too but my mum seems to think that he has enough to think about at the moment with the flaxoil!

I even met a homeopathic vet yesterday at dinner with my parents, who treats horses in Jamaica, she gave up a very successful conventional practice in London several years ago and has now fully trained in homeopathy. I agree that natural methods are by far the most powerful. I had 3 or 4 vets involved during Blues illness and I have sent them all links to his site and copies of his story and asked them to at least acknowledge that this is working despite him not being on chemo. None of them will accept anything. Even when I got his latest blood test results on Friday (which showed all normal ranges except perhaps just a little low RBC but nothing to worry about) the vet I spoke to wouldn't listen. It is so frustrating.

I want to bring the word to more people but its just impossible through normal vets at least. I will be sending out the link to his site as much as possible though. I am even thinking of writing an article about him for one of the UK's dog magazines but am very busy with Note from Shirleywork at the moment so once I get some time. However, I know that he looks more amazing than he ever has even as a puppy and he is very happy. He even went shooting for nearly 8 hours on Friday with my dad and was far more energetic than the dogs half his age.

In her testimonial, Louise writes: "I took careful note about the dangers of sugar in cancer patients and made sure that Blue got nothing that contained any sugar having read that sugar feeds cancer cells and makes them divide more quickly. I also learned that fluoride might be harmful to cancer patients so made sure he got only purified or bottled water. I also put him on a supplement called natural immune enhancing substances containing the mothers first milk – the colostrum. As well as this I started treatment for him by a radionic practitioner – a form of healing with proven results for both humans and animals "

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Dog With Melanoma

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today we took Fitz to the Vet. As he went back to the exam room the Vet was remarking that Fritz was looking good. The Vet remarked when he first heard we were bringing him in, he thought that we were possibly bringing him in to be put to sleep. He then began to examine him. We could see that the Vet was looking puzzled and he remarked, ok, what have you been doing for him. Has there been a lot of prayer". Of course we said yes to that. He then remarked, "well, the Tumor is about gone and the inside of his mouth is looking good". "Still some black but not as much". Then the Vet remarked, "Either he was misdiagnosed as to the Melanoma, but then they are a very reputable place". Where the biopsy was sent was too the School of Vet, Medicine at Perdue University in Lafayette, Indiana.

I then told the Vet that we had been using natural immune enhancing substances which holistic veterinarians were using to help support the animal's immune system and that a healthy immune system was capable of helping the body heal itself. He was not familiar with it but he kept remarking, "I'm impressed, very impressed." He did also remark that he could still feel a growth in the lymph nodes but it had not apparently grown any.

Contact ShirleyHe remarked then that we should keep him on the natural immune enhancing substances. I'm leaving him a catalog for he was wanting to check it out and find more. We came away feeling great and thanking God and natural immune enhancing substances. We intend to keep him on it and the Vet wants to keep checking him.

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Poodle with Degenerative Disk Disease

My poodle, Sydney, was experiencing excruciating and continuous joint neck and back pain which the Veterinarian diagnosed as Degenerative Disk Disease. Consequently, the Vet prescribed an anti-inflammatory (steroids) and pain medication. Knowing that steroids have very bad side effects and were not a cure, I searched for an alternative to "modern" medicine.

Leg Stiffness and Joint Pain in a Senior DogI discovered natural immune enhancing substances a natural nutritional product which holistic veterinarians were using to help support the immune system. Once I received my first shipment of natural immune enhancing substances products I began to safely wean Sydney off the steroids.

Within 4 days of taking the natural immune enhancing substances, minimal steroids and NO pain medication, Sydney appeared to experience no discomfort and ease of mobility. I have continued administering Factor Advanced Formula with no steroids or pain medication. During his first week on this "new" treatment", he ran and played like a puppy without pain. Today, he continues to be very mobile, frisky, and seemingly pain free.

My wife and I believe that his disease is due to excessive in-breeding and more importantly scheduled vaccinations. We have since ceased his Veterinarian prescribed heart worm medication, provided an alternative heart worm therapy (Parasite Dr.), and continued administering natural immune enhancing substances.

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Feline Chronic Renal Failure

Very sick cat recovers from Chronic Renal Failure with diet, acupuncture, homeopathy and lots of love

April 2, 2003 - A testimony from Bobbie Da Luz, La Jolla, CA USA - email: bdaluz@tbaent.com

On February 4, 2003 my 5 year old male cat (Killian) became extremely ill. He was very bloated, eyes were bugged-out and could barely move. We immediately took him to vet emergency. There I was informed that Killian had suffered FLUTD. (This disease was explained to me as very common in male cats that had been fixed.) Killian came home with me that evening and I was told to keep an "eye" on him and to go to our vet the following morning.

As I watched Killian all through the night he looked as though he's dying. He was hovering over his water bowl and not drinking. He was constantly licking his lips and he wasn't responsive. The emergency vet hospital had given Killian a tranquilizer, so I was unsure if was the medication or something else. Morning could not come fast enough. I wrapped Killian in a blanket and I took him to his vet (practically unconscious). They immediately put him on fluids and hooked him up to a catheter. I was told before I left that it "doesn't look good" and to call in about 3 hours.

I phoned back in 3 hours and I was told that Killians B.U.N had elevated to 138 and Creatine 10.7. Killian would not eat, he continued to have blood in his urine and he still wasn't very responsive. I visited him every morning and evening after work, trying to get him to eat. I continued to force feed him every day. On the 6th day I was able to bring him home. With instructions to feed him Hills s/d and to give him sub-q's twice a day.

That night he continually visited the cat box every 2 minutes trying to urinate, he was neurotic about it. He wouldn't have anything to do with the Hills, so I force fed him baby food. I took Killian back to the vet the next morning where he stayed 3 more nights. This time I brought him home with a catheter and a cone around his head.

I continued with the force feeding and the sub-q's. That night I wrapped him up in a towel, took the cone off his head and I let him sleep on my chest, with his head underneath my chin (his most favorite place). He slept like a baby. That morning I cut the hair off of his back hind area and washed the urine off of him. As a result, I accidentally pulled the catheter out!!

I immediately took him back to the vet where they kept an eye on him, (without the catheter) while I went to work. Killian started to urinate on his own, so they didn't replace the catheter. I took him home AGAIN and then I took him to work with me that day as well. As the day progressed he wasn't looking to hot, bloated, not eating, etc. Once again, back to the vet. We tested him again and his BUN elevated to 158! He was getting worse!!!

At this point in time I'm obsessed and depressed! I'm constantly crying, unable to eat or sleep. I'm battling whether or not I should put him to sleep or not. I have a cupboard full of food that he will not eat, or did like at one time, but didn't like the second time. I finally find one that he tolerated. I was curious about this product so I looked them up internet to gain more insight. That's how I stumbled onto your website. I didn't know that it was There I find all the information I ever wanted to know about this disease and alternative ways to manage it. That's where I discovered raw food.

The next day I called around to different pet stores and I found Natures Variety. Guess what??? He loves it!!! After feeding Killian raw food along with Wellness he turned around. And he turned around in a matter of 48 hours (I SWEAR) of changing his diet. I stayed with Killian for 3 days straight, I never left his side. He continued to urinate on his own, eat on his own, drink on his own, (I continued the Sub-q's) and his spirits were high! On Tuesday, Feb.18 I left out of town for work and I took Killian back to the vet so that they could/would keep an eye on him. (they refused to feed him the raw) but they were open to feeding him Wellness. I called on Killian twice-a-day. They told me he was doing remarkably well (Feb. 20)

I continued to feed him Nature's Variety/Wellness only and distilled water. I had another panel test done on Killian on Feb. 25 and unfortunately the glass container that contained Killians blood broke and they were only able to perform a partcial panel. So, As of Feb. 26, Killians BUN had dropped to 28 and his Creantine is at 3. To date Killian is bright, alert, happy and absolutely gorgeous!!

We now have a new vet that I found via your website who supports holistic healing and we are scheduled to meet with her on March 29, if not sooner.

Update - April 2, 2003

We had a great appointment. Killian was very calm and accommodating the entire hour, he wasn't even scared. Dr. Schwartz treated Killian's stomach and bladder with acupuncture. It was the most amazing experience I ever had. She strategically placed the needles in certain areas to treat his condition and asked if I could feel the energy... I placed my hand an inch over the needles and made a circular motion. I could actually feel hot areas on Killian, but only on his left side. Dr. Schwartz explained that the hot areas are where he is having all of his problems. I felt two significant hot areas. Both on his left lower side.

I'm attaching a picture that I took of Killian when I finally brought him home from hospital a little over a month ago. Take a look at his left side. Dr. Schwartz had no way of knowing that his left side was that bad because he looked normal when I brought him in on Saturday. I just got the picture developed yesterday and I am going to show her the photo in a few weeks.

Dr. Schwartz prescribed: 1. Nux Vomica 2 pellets 30c twice a day for his upset stomach/nausea(I was already treating him with this.) (nux vomica is a homeopathic remedy - more on animal homeopathy)
2. He can eat fish, just no salmon or shell fish.
3. She instructed me where I need to apply acupressure on Killian for the next two weeks (5-7 minutes) every day. I could tell that Killian really liked the treatment because he remained calm and very mellow. We are going back in two weeks for a follow-up appointment. It is now Tuesday, April 1 and Killians appetite has increased with no vomiting.
Cheryl Schwartz, DVM - San Diego County 858-488-1885

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Dog tumor improved with flaxoil

Name: Regina Gibson
Date: Dec. 11, 2003
Email: reEmail: reginacgibson1966@yahoo.com

I'm writing to update you on my dog Kenya. One of her tumors was visible on her side and was the size of a golf ball or bigger before her treatments of flaxseed oil. She has been on the flaxoil almost 2 weeks and the tumor is the size of a marble now! Her overall self is normal except I forgot to mention the vet said she may have hip dysplasia or arthritis in the hips. She doesn't walk normal but its not entirely bad either. I cant thank you enough for your web site and your dedication to your web site. I feel my dog is better because of you. I did a lot of crying in the beginning and was scared but I think she is improving and I feel like I made a difference in her life. Thank you again. Sincerely, Regina Gibson

Flaxseed oil restored my 13 year old dog's health
Date: Sun, 20 March 2003
Email address: japalermo@hotmail.com

My 13 year old Samoyed dog suffered from severe calcium deposit through his neck and hips. Xrays showed near total fusion in neck and he was in terrible pain. I took him off the drugs and started him on flax seed oil. He now runs again and twists his head upwards to give me my kisses. This is something he could not do 3 weeks ago, even with Rimadyl. Thank you for this site and all the kisses Akiella is giving me!

Flaxseed oil for gray hair
"William Brainerd" ?wbrainerd@socal.rr.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001

My 11 year old cocker-poodle had quite a bit of gray hair...very salt and pepper. I started giving him a tablespoon of my flax oil/cottage cheese mixture every morning and within two months all his gray hair disappeared. The vet cannot believe that he is eleven years old.

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Cat with asthma

Janice - Date: February 2004

had a Scottish Fold (cat) that suffered from asthma. I tried on a natural immune booster when the vets couldn't give me anything to help him. I had learned that veterinarians were using natural immune enhancing substances, a natural nutritional product to help support animal's immune system and that a healthy immune system was capable of helping the body heal itself. My cat's asthma improved for about 2 months, verified by the vet, until he contracted a virus from one of the other cats and stopped eating. Since he was 17 years old and had led a good life, we had him put to sleep. At that time we discovered another cat was FIV positive.

He also, has been diagnosed with Triad disease. I have been giving him Transfer Factor for a year and although he is quite thin, he seems fairly well. He takes the capsule out of my hand and chews it. I only wish we could get him off Prednisone. Every time I try decreasing the dose, he doesn't eat as well. I know the local vet is surprised that he has lived this long without contracting another disease. He is 15 and was FelV positive as a kitten, but is negative now.

A local vet, who is no longer with us, gave him and his brother nosodes and they both test negative now. I really think the natural immune enhancing substances prolonged both cats lives. I do feed a high quality diet and we see a homeopathic vet, who has given the FIV positive cat some Chinese herbs, but we still can't wean him off the Prednisone. Since that vet is 75 miles from here, we see a local vet for some of the health problems of the cats, and he seems to be amazed that Fritz is still around a year after discovering he was FIV positive.

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Feline fibrosarcoma

Subject: Feline fibrosarcoma
Name: Autumn Cook
From Pittsburgh, pa, usa
Email address: zombabe@msn.com

My cat Phreak, age 7 was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. After I brought him to the vet for a limp we thought to be a jump injury, they found a tumor on his upper thigh bone. They did a biopsy and told me that he was expected to live only two weeks and we had to have his hind leg amputated. I started Phreak on a program of a more natural diet, and flaxoil (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon given with a syringe), he hates taking the flaxoil and has spit it in my face, but the difference it has made in his health has been well worth the trouble and he is getting used to taking the oil now. The flaxseed oil has help clear up his dandruff and his fur has become blacker and shinier.

Heartworm Recovery Testimonial

Date: Thu, 2 May 2002
From: Crystal Dunlap

Let me first start off by telling you how very much I love your website. I have learned so much from it and my dog is all the better for it.

Natural Heartworm Prevention and CureMy question is about Heartguard, the heart worm medication. I was only able to find one holistic vet in Sacramento, and she does both conventional and holistic. I took Freckles (my dog) to see her and it was better than the regular vet. However; she still recommends flea, tick medications, shampoos, and heart worm medication. I declined the flea/tick medication. She said that she felt that the medication to treat it, a form of arsenic is far worse than the prevention medication. So, I gave in and got it. I only gave it to her for the month of March. It is not setting in my heart to keep giving it to her. I have a bad taste in my mouth and it goes against everything that I have read.

After $150.00 at the holistic vet, I felt kind of betrayed because she suggested dangerous drugs to treat my dog's heart worm. She calls herself a integrated vet. I'm so glad that declined the $70.00 flea medication and that I didn't give her the heart worm for April. I had such peace in my heart and that should have been my answer. But, I needed to give her something to prevent her from getting it, so that's why I contacted you.

I read Dr. Levy's article on Treating Dogs with Heart-Worm Without Drugs and I have Dr. Prictain's book. When I got her , I took her to a regular vet (this is before I found the other one) and she hadn't totally gotten over ringworm. Of course they wanted to give her medication. I told them no. I looked in Dr. Prictain's book and I went and got a homeopathic tablets and put goldenseal on the spot. I took her back in a month and it was completely gone. Of course they weren't as thrilled as I was. They also wanted to give her more vaccinations (she was vaccinated before I got her) and I declined.

Since I've had her, the ringworm is gone, the place where they had to shave her (she was hit by a car prior to me getting her) has healed, her coat is shiny, and she runs like she was never hit by a car. I give her supplements and pure water. Both her meals and water are in stainless steel bowls. Of course my family and friends think I'm nuts, but that doesn't bother me. I went holistic for myself back in 1995 and I haven't looked back. If I'm ever blessed with children, they will never get a vaccination and I will raise them this way. It only makes sense.

Contact Shirley I'm giving her flax seed oil and fish oil for pets I have her on a 100% raw diet She gets plenty of veggies. I give her almost everything that your website suggested, including the natural immune booster for pets. She gets a variety of veggies, i.e., kale, kelp, tomatoes, a little avocado, zucchini, eggplant, butternut squash, beets to to cleanse the liver, peas, and carrot juice. She's so much healthier now!

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Feline Leukemia FIV positive
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003

"I had two kittens born from a Feline Leukemia FIV positive cat. I had no idea what this disease was until one got sick. Within three days of diagnosis, he had to be put to sleep. A week later the other kitten got sick. He could not stand, eat or hold his head up. I learned that holistic veterinarians were using natural immune enhancing substances, a natural nutritional product to help support animal's immune system. I had the natural immune enhancing substances sent over night and started giving it to him twice a day.

I tried to mix the powder from the capsule with his food but the smell turned him off. I mix the content of one capsule with water and use a half cc syringe (which I got from the vet) to inject the product into his throat. He gets the content of one capsule in the morning and one at night. He is actually so strong now that it is a struggle to hold him down. The taste is obviously not very good. It has been 10 days now and I am watching him enjoy life outside. He has his appetite back, can stand and run. This is a miracle. I could not have lived through losing another one of my "children."

Note: The Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency viruses (FIV, FeLV+ ) cause the immune system in the cat to become severely compromised.

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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000

When I saw Juuji's picture on the "For Sale" board at the post office, I knew she was mine. I have a propensity for West Highland White Terriers. When we went to take a look at her, this is what I saw: an overweight Westy with her hair shaved down to an inch all over, a swollen and infected ear, several "hot spots" with hair missing, and teeth with lots of dark tartar. I walked away seriously wondering if I really wanted to put the effort into this situation. My love for her seemed to grow over the next few days so I did a little research on pet nutrition over the internet.

That's when I found Shirley's website. What a help it was. I learned how to make raw dog food and what and what not to give her. We finally ended up bringing Juuji home with us. For the first week I mixed her homemade raw food with her dry kibble that she had eaten for the past 2 years of her life. She had mild diarrhea for a little while but I didn't give up and just let her body cleanse itself of the toxins. Her ear infection lasted for a few weeks so I finally took her in to the vet. They wanted to give her a steroid shot but I only allowed them to give me drops for her ears. The infection cleared up after a few more days. Since then I have been using a home remedy of ear drops and cleansers and it's been almost a year with NO infections!!!! I used tea tree oil on her hotspots and that was the end of that.

Contact Shirley A few months later she had what the vet termed "grass allergies" where she would lick her feet until they were hairless and red. I knew it was just a toxicity buildup that would take patience to overcome. I treated the "symptom" in this case with a topical ONLY because the itchiness was driving her nuts. I knew in time that her raw diet would bring her immune system back where it should be, and I was right, we haven't had the problem ever since. She's now such a beautiful, happy, healthy Westy with a pretty flowing white coat, white teeth, clear clean ears and such a joyful, thankful attitude. I consider her a "rescue" and I am so thankful to have found such life changing information on Shirley's site.

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John Platts

The vet was very complementary about our Jack Russell dog, Jenny. He stated that he had never seen a dog in such good and healthy condition. He had heard of Dr Ian Billinghurst and his natural diet but had had no personal experience of its benefits. He was impressed! Especially when I told him of Jenny's history of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and how her regular allopathic vet had said that she would have frequent relapses and would have to be dosed with steroids. In fact since switching to BARF neither of our Jack Russells have been back to the vets, (About 3 years now).

Contact Shirley He did say one thing that I knew already but find very sad. He said that people wouldn't adopt the BARF diet because they would be too afraid. I know what he means, I too was scared to give the dogs chicken bones at first but we have not experienced any problems and only beneficial results. Overcoming public resistance is very difficult, especially if the public do not recognize that there is a problem with what they are doing right now. So, I suppose we shall have to go on seeing dogs getting more unhealthy and dying early because of poor diet and bad dietary advice from the veterinary profession and pet food industry, not to mention dangerous veterinary practice such as over-vaccination, over-use of drugs and so on.

 We also have a JRT bitch, Sally. She is 15 years old and for the majority of her life has been fed on commercial pet food. She has had three lots of mammary tumors removed the last being a full mammary strip in 1999, (all mammary tissue removed). This coincided with Jenny's diagnosis for IBD and both dogs conversion to the BARF diet, at Christmas 1999. Since then neither dog has seen the inside of the vets surgery apart from Jenny's visit to the Homeopath this summer. Has the BARF (bones and raw food) diet kept both healthy so far? I believe so. Will the BARF diet prevent Sally's cancer from returning? I suppose it will not but while every thing is going so well, why tamper with things?

Page Divider Subject: BARF diet
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000
From: "Laurey and Hilton Behrmann" ?Kfira@worldnet.att.net>

"For two and a half years now, since they have been on a BARF diet (Bone and Raw Food), my Rhodesian Ridgeback hounds haven't been sick (except for the post vaccination issue I told you about). The reactions of others to the choice of diet range from approval to horror -- "what about parasites and bacterial poisoning?" My hounds have consistently tested negative on all exams for parasitic infection, and have never had an adverse reaction to eating whole raw chicken backs and necks, raw beef, organ meat and bones as a main part of their diet."

"My stud dog and produces strong litters (sometimes with only one breeding) and all the puppies in his four litters (so far) strongly resemble him -- very potent. His hips, heart, thyroid and eyes have all passed requisite tests with flying colors. Certainly this has much to do with his genetics and the breeding program that his breeders implements. But there is no doubt in my mind that diet played a major part. My stud's breeders are so impressed with the health of my animals that they have switched to a BARF diet also.

Natural Pet Vitamins"One of my stud's sons tested off the chart for low thyroid -- his owner freaked out. Turns out he was on an antibiotic to treat a cut on his ear. On good advice, the owner waited six months till all the drugs were out of his system, endeavored to improve his diet, and then had him retested. The test results showed normal thyroid function and the dog was given an registry number by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, which offers thyroid registry.

"I refuse to let vets administer antibiotics to my pets unless I am convinced there are life-threatening circumstances. My bitch got a slice cut on the top of her muzzle and we took her in to the emergency clinic to have it "glued". The vet prescribed an antibiotic and I declined. The vet was furious and lectured me, wrote in his notes that I refused treatment, and generally attempted to lay heavy guilt on me. I stood my ground and my bitch healed swiftly and perfectly.

"I am so completely convinced that our culture relies too heavily on pills and shots -- we've been conditioned to it! -- and it's killing us and our pets. No doubt that modern medicine has improved our lives greatly with surgical techniques and many other areas. However, the most important part of general well-being and healing -- nourishing and strengthening the body and its own defense mechanisms -- seems to be mostly left out of the education of doctors in general. Symptoms get treated and the source of the real problems are overlooked. We, as consumers are to blame, though.

Contact Shirley We want a quick fix. We are too lazy to attend to proper exercise and diet -- in ourselves and in our pets. It's so much easier to eat fast food and buy kibbles and cans! The food and drug manufacturers capitalize on this! We give massive doses of multiple vaccines to our pets, and we dip and daub and dust them with poisons -- because its easier and because we often aren't aware of the alternatives. But there are alternatives and it's time we demand them!

"I believe in working with the body, and my stumbling block has been trying to weave through the maze of conventional medicine to find like-minded practitioners who can help me."

Page Divider Subject: Holistic care of pets in animal rescue shelter
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999
From: Aimee ?Gypsy1329@aol.com>

I currently have 4 dogs, 5 kittens and 4 cats. I feed the dogs mostly raw meaty bones (RMB's) (chicken necks/backs, turkey necks, pork neck bones and chicken leg quarters) with veggie meals 3 or 4 days a week. With the veggies they usually get yogurt, mackerel or cottage cheese (just enough to get them to eat it) and they also get an egg with the shell mixed in and some organ meat a couple days a week. I don't give a lot of supplements, just some ester C, occasional flaxseed oil and kelp. They fast one day a week.

The cats get ground turkey or beef, bonemeal (won't eat bones and don't have a grinder), pulped veggies, ascorbic acid and flaxseed oil. I have a 14 year old kitty who won't eat raw (period:)) so he gets Premium Pet Guard canned with added vitamins and vaccinate or use nosodes and haven't had any problems. When I did vaccinate and feed commercial crap I had all the usual problems--a dog that died of cancer, a cat from IBD, a cat from kidney failure, hot spots, nasty breath/teeth and on and on.

I don't have a holistic vet as there aren't any in my area (Wilmington, NC). If I have a problem come up I either call one or use my allopathic vet who knows what I feed (he approves) and knows where I stand on vaccinations. I don't use any heartworm preventative (I have yearly tests done) or any kind of chemical flea products. I keep my dogs in the house most of the time except when we take them someplace to run.

Contact Shirley They do have some fleas but are not infested. I bathe them every couple of weeks and flea comb them as often as I can. It's worth it to go this route and have a house full of healthy animals and it's a shame so many people are brainwashed by their vets, doctors and television and don't ask more questions. It's also very hard to find holistically minded or open-minded people to adopt my rescues, which is why so many of them are still here.

Aimee is looking for holistically minded people who are interested in adopting puppies or kittens.

Dandelion tincture and my 20 year old cat
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000
From: Melanie MacDonald

Shirley, Here's a two-day herbal recovery for a very geriatric cat Felinious K. Shadow, my 20-year old cat, gave me a scare last week when he stopped peeing. I feared urinary tract blockage, but I feared more what the vet was likely to suggest. One week previous, a friend had recommended a combination of Astragulus, Dandelion root and Flax seed oil as a general tonic, plus the RAW food diet, for all that ails an old cat, so I tried some, not all of the above, and am delighted with the results. (And to think, I used to feel guilty when I slipped the old boy steak tartar at Christmas!.) Well, finicky as he is, he wouldn't touch the flax seed oil, and I haven't converted to a full raw food diet yet, but the combination of astragulus and dandelion root cleared his problems up in less than two days! His coat is shinier and silkier too, with a texture less inclined to matting.

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Subject: treating cancer in a dog with nutrition and holistic therapies
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 09:41:14 -0500
From: Constance Burnet ?cburnet@cme.com>

First of all, I think your website is one of the best anywhere. Since I found it, over a year ago, I have sent the URL to dozens of people so they too can learn from it. Thank you for providing all this information!

Sanders, my Sheltie, has cancer and has been living with it for over 19 months now-- despite original predictions that he had maybe 6 weeks to live. He has a malignant fibrous histiocytoma in his mouth, on the hard palate. It is still there but has not grown or metastasized that we can detect. I knew I would never subject him to the slash/burn/poison approach favored by Western medicine, and his treatment consists of a raw diet (all my dogs now eat raw food) along with a dozen different herbs, vitamins, and nutritional supplements, including cottage cheese with flax oil, Essiac tea, etc. I know one woman, in Michigan, who went to your site when I told her about it, and after reading up on the flax oil therapy, is successfully keeping cancer out of her dog with just flax oil and cottage cheese.

Contact Shirley Dr. Andrew Weil says we have to learn from cancer. Sander certainly has given me that opportunity, bless him! My young Shelties (ages 2 and 3) will NEVER be subjected to the vaccination regimen that Sander was, and will never eat anything containing tainted or carcinogenic ingredients-- commercial dog foods don't provide nutrition, they only provide profits for multi-national corporations. Sander also has severe osteoarthritis, which I believe was caused, and definitely was aggravated by, the Lyme shots he got for 5 years. This dog has really suffered from modern veterinary practices! I am so thankful that it is not to late for me to remedy some of this for him. As you see from the latest picture on his web page , he is a happy dog. ( you can read step by step about Sander's natural treatments )

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Subject: Coll, labrador dog in UK
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001

Coll, my 7 year old black Labrador had patches of dark mottled "elephantine" skin in his armpits and under his chin as a result of mange and eczema . His stomach was hairless and itchy. These areas would weep and smell awful. After ONE WEEK of supplementing his feed with 1lb of raw beef his coat became silky soft and shiny and, as you so often state in your case histories, sweet smelling. 5 weeks ago I put him completely on your "Shasta diet". Coll had a terrible week of diarrhoea, sickness, and blood in his stools, which then stopped. He has now put on weight and looks good. His stools are normal.

However his ears are very sore and itchy and both ears have now flared up. The first week I introduced raw meat the area under his chin that is weepy and smelly shrank to the size of a coin and the hair grew over it. Unfortunately as the toxins are released this area has enlarged again. MY QUESTION IS how long does this detoxification last? (Response: As with all true natural cure, the road to better health may begin with a healing crisis. As your animal moves toward better health with natural healing programs and better nutrition, healing over the years.

Dr. Loops D.V.M says that a healing crisis is ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN and those cleansing symptoms should not be suppressed with drugs. The duration of a healing crisis varies, depending on your animal's constitution and age. Please consult with a holistic veterinarian if you have further questions about a healing crisis.

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ZEUS - who needed homeopathy
Zeus was a mixed German Shepherd puppy who had been hand reared on a baby bottle by his loving owner. When he was about six weeks old he suddenly looked very ill and stopped eating. He was diagnosed with Parvo which is a serious viral condition causing vomiting and severe diarrhea, with blood. Because he was bottle raised and did not get the antibodies from his mother which would have helped to protect him from this deadly disease he got a extremely sick. Homeopathy works very well against acute problems like this and it was decided that this would be the best treatment.

The most important thing for this disease is plenty of fluids and electrolytes, ideally directly into the blood stream via intravenous infusions. However, if this is not possible plenty of oral fluids, such as Pediolyte also helps. Zeus was started on intravenous fluids and was given various homeopathic remedies through the course of the next few days. At first it looked like touch and go and he was very weak and sick, and unable to eat or drink or keep anything down, but he slowly began to respond and stopped vomiting and having diarrhea. He was also given slippery elm, and goldenseal combination, which helps to soothe the irritated intestines and also boost his immune system, which becomes very suppressed by the virus.

Slowly he got better and returned to normal, with a lot of loving care and nursing from his owner, and Zeus never looked back. Treatment of parvo with homeopathic remedies is effective and seems to decrease the severity of the condition and to speed the recovery time. Distemper, another well known infectious disease also responds well to homeopathy, and while it is more difficult to treat, can be reversed with large intravenous doses of Vitamin C. I have had several cases of distemper encephalitis respond to homeopathy, even though it is usually hopeless at this stage.

Subject: Very sick doberman pinscher puppy saved from certain death
Name: Connie
From: St. Louis / United States
Email address: skysmom1122000@yahoo.com

Five years ago my husband got me a doberman pinscher puppy for our anniversary. The "breeders" made us take him early, only 4 weeks old. He had fleas really bad. His head was too big for his body, he had worms,...he was pathetic. I loved him though but I was angry at the people for calling themselves breeders. We named him Lexington because he was so small, my husband thought he might try to live up to the big name and grow a lot.

He didn't though, he's still small for his breed and I think his head still looks a little misproportioned. When Lexington was about 3 months old he got very sick. He couldn't keep anything down, and was going out both ends at the same time. I started feeding him electrolyte drink through a straw because I was afraid he'd dehydrate. His problem persisted and then there was blood and it was very scary. We took him to a vet that said very bluntly and rudely, "I can do a test but I don't need to, your puppy has parvo virus and is going to die. You need to let me put him to sleep." I told him he was out of mind and we left. We took him to another vet and she said "no, he doesn't have parvo, he has worms." She gave him a wormer and he got worse. He almost died in my arms that next night. I had stayed by his side night and day for 3 days, feeding him the electroyte drink. We finally rushed him to a vet hospital at 3 am that night and he was diagnosed with parvo virus. They injected some fluids under his fur, he looked like a camel.

Contact ShirleyThey sent us home to wait it out. They said if it wasn't for that electrolyte drink, he would have been dead and they were extremely surprised to see him alive considering most animals die within 24 hours of having this virus. And that the wormer medicine only worsened his condition, dehydration wise. The next day he was up and trying to play. He was weak though. Within a week after that, you wouldn't have known he was ever sick. He is healthy and happy and ALIVE. I hope most people don't accept everything their vets say as the gospel. It is things like that experience that make me not trust doctors. These kinds of things started my research and made me realize that we as individuals are responsible for our health, not doctors. Had I trusted that vet, I would have lost my best friend, and all the memories we have gained in the 5 years since then.

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I'm old enough to have recollections of WW2, and grew up on a housing estate south of London (UK) which was specifically built to house young families in the immediate post war years. Most of the households kept pets and many kept a dog.

In those days, dogs were free to roam, and when the kids played in the streets and nearby fields they were always accompanied by a varied collection of neighborhood dogs.

There was rationing of food until the early 1950's, and dogs were fed on table scraps mixed with bones and offal, e.g. lungs etc. that were not suitable for humans. We all knew the friendly local butcher!

Dogs were not sterilized, so females in season were kept inside the house. Those dogs, with one exception, were all of mixed breeding. They were not groomed, wormed or de-flea'd, and were not vaccinated. I don't think the kids I grew up with knew what veterinarians were, since they were never mentioned. I never heard of 'Vets'! The dogs I knew never seemed to get sick because they were always around, and they lived to be 15, 16 and 17 years or older - without changing their lifestyle.

Young and old, those dogs played with the kids in the streets, they went stealing fruit from the local orchards with the kids, they ran around in the fields with the kids and they swam in the nearby river. I don't recall dogs scratching or 'scooting' and I never saw a dog fight either! The one exception to the mixed bred dogs was a GSD. Major was acquired by his extremely proud owners (our next door neighbors) in the late 1950's. Vets had been discovered by then. I recall Major, at less than a year old, chasing his tail then he suddenly disappeared. We were told he was 'put to sleep' because he'd developed 'seizures'. He was not fully grown at the time.

From my own first hand recollections of those days, I would say that dogs were *naturally* healthier for longer.

In spite of what is now deemed good care by 'responsible' owners, I think we have traded the 'health and longevity' that did not need a crutch, for fairly widespread chronic health problems that, when they emerge, can be managed by veterinary medicines to the extent dogs are kept functional and comfortable for longer. But, because they need the veterinarians' 'crutch' I would not categorize these dogs as 'healthy'.

I've spoken with many others from my generation who have the same recollections. What is the impression of those on this list? Were dogs really healthier in the good old days? (If you think they were not, then you'd better define 'healthy', LOL!)

I met recently at the dog park a woman with a Golden Retriever. She allowed him to run and play in the dirty river water because she believed it made him healthy as well as happy. Apart from being dirty, smelly and wet, he looked in very fine condition as well as very obviously enjoying his morning exercise. We got talking and she told me that she's from Poland where dogs are not treated for anything they don't have, they rarely see a vet and typically live for around 20 years.

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