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Transfer Factor - Immune modulator/booster
Immunocal - Raise Glutathione GSH level
Therapeutic Clay - Red Desert and Terramin
VelociTea miracle tea (with holy thistle herb)
Marine PhytoPlankton - Frequensea
Organic Berry Power
Ancient Minerals MagnesiumTherapy
Probiotic – prebiotic complex
Natural Adult Stem Cell Enhancer Supplements
Pest control 100% all natural organic
Organic Whole-Food Sea Vegetables
Relevé Organic Skincare  
Chia Seeds"Aztec" Wonder Food
Himalayan Crystal Salt
Ionized Alkaline Water
Azul, Raw Fruit Beverage

Fulvic Acids

Pet Products

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Transfer Factor Immune Modulator/Booster

Order Transfer Factor in coutries around the world at discount price
The company offers a 30 days money back guarantee 

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Educational Information - Transfer factors are tiny molecules found in colostrum (first mother's milk) which provide "immune knowledge" from a mother's immune system to her baby used in recognizing and fighting outside threats. 

Dr. Vivienne Matalon, M.D. - "Transfer factor is in the same class as the most potent vitamins. When do you need it? You need it all the time. And who needs it? Actually, everyone. Not only you as an adult, but also your children and pets. And it's safe. I have not documented one single side effect related to the use of transfer factor." 

Scientifically Studied: 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula was developed by 4Life researchers and scientists in an effort to maximize immune system support. Results of an independent study conducted at the Russian Academy of Medical Science conclusively showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula propelled Natural Killer (NK) cell activity to a remarkable 437 percent above normal immune system response.. Educational Transfer Factor  Information page

For product information: Every Thursday 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern  dial 877-678-5433 access code: 810483#   -

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The company offers an unconditional 30 days money back guarantee 

Immunocal Supplement

A Natural Source of the Glutathione GSH Building Block  - Also available Immunocal Kosher

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Currently available in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Mexico and the Caribbean and soon in other countries. 

Preferred customers can obtain 20% discount. Member representatives get 30% off and receive a free educational website with shopping cart.

To order by phone call 1 888 917 7779 and mention that consultant Shirley Lipschutz # 258458 referred you

The most essential antioxidant of all is not in a fruit, a vegetable, or a pill. It's already in your body! It is glutathione. Immunocal is the result of over 30 years of research and is the authentic leader on the market today that is scientifically proven to raise glutathione GSH levels in our cells, and therefore optimize the immune system. Taking Immunocal daily build a strong immune system and enhances energy levels and vitality for an improved quality of life  Educational Immunocal Information page

Immunocal: Nature's Way to Raise Glutathione and improve immune response

For product information: Every Wednesday 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern dial 512-879-2040 access code: 922346#    See video how to prepare or mix Immunocal.

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VelociTeaVelociTea (also known as the Holy Tea formulated by Dr. Bill Miller, Ph.D)   ---  Information

VelociTea cupVelociTea is a unique herbal blend of safe, all-natural ingredients designed to promote healing by gently cleansing the digestive tract and detoxifying the body.  The "Holy Tea" name is taken from the traditional name of one of the ingredients, a widely-used medicinal herb known as Holy Thistle or Blessed Thistle, and is not intended to imply any religious significance - although grateful users who experienced remarkable health improvements after drinking Holy Tea often thank God for this gift of healing! 

It's free to join the member club  to purchase at discount price. Members receive the following benefit:

  • Purchase at discount price and save 20% 
  • Get free shipping (applies to autoshipments)
  • Receive a free Holy tea personalized website where your family, friends and clients can purchase the tea. 
Marine PhytoPlankton FrequenSea and Pure

Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. says that marine phytoplankton contains almost everything one needs to sustain life and to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. Marine phytoplankton has been called "the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet". Containing a wide range of trace elements, omega-3 fatty acid, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes and cellular materials, FrequenSea uniquely combines the best of Land and Sea Nutrition  Educational Information

Marine phytoplankton promotes and maintains optimum health by boosting and supporting all systems within the body.  PURE is an Ionic Sea Mineral Marine Phytoplankton Dietary Supplement


Sealogix Omega-3  

Sealogix Omega-3 is an ultra-concentrated, ultra-refined fish oil tested for purity, quality and concentration. Sealogix contains up to 74 naturally occurring plant source minerals grown in the cold, pristine waters of the North Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Also includes aloe vera. Up to 10 times the antioxidant value of many sea vegetable products.

These  fish are harvested from the cold, pristine waters off the coasts of South America and Norway, where there are significantly fewer environmental impurities. The fisheries are fully-sustainable and renewable resources.

A state-of-the-art molecular distillation refinement process concentrates the oil
without the use of harmful petrochemical products. 

Sealogix is highly purified so it is gentle on the digestive system. Most people will not experience mild gastric upsets often found with lower quality fish oils.

Sealogix liquid is so pure that it is virtually tasteless. If you have been disappointed with the strong “fishy” taste and texture of other liquid fish oils, you will be absolutely delighted with Sealogix’s pleasant citrus flavor. Sealogix is also available in capsule form. 

See how Sealogix measures up against competing brands!

For ease of comparison, our chart is based upon the two most prevalent nutrients in omega-3’s – EPA and DHA. The prices listed in the chart below demonstrate the costs associated with 1,000 mg of omega-3's (EPA/DHA).   




Organic Berry Power

Nature is a wondrous work of art with its dazzling array of colorful edibles. The deep purple of Concord grapes and acai berries, the glowing crimson red of raspberries and cranberries, the lovely pink of pomegranates and sour cherries, the beautiful rich indigo of blueberries and bilberries. When it comes to our fruits and veggies, the common saying “variety is the spice of life” might more aptly be stated “variety is the health of life.” The rainbow of colors in our diet provides us with a diversity of healthful phytonutrients that have the ability to boost our health and wellness.

 For example, the darkly pigmented phytonutrients that give many berries their rich colors are called anthocyanins. These powerful pigments are associated with heart and vessel health, skin health, brain health, and more. And the list of valuable phytonutrients goes on and on, each with their own profile of health advantages. There’s polyphenols, quercetin, catechins, salicylic acid, phytoestrogens, chlorogenic acid, ellagic acid and countless others that are still being discovered and researched for their powerful health benefits.

 Turns out these beautiful colors are a whole lot more than just pretty to look at. They are also brimming with health-supporting goodness. Berry Power Synergy of Super-Fruits for Radiant Health and Vitality Certified Organic 8oz powder

You can also browse our natural organic store to view the full range of proven natural food and herbal supplemenets for support of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

Therapeutic Healing Clays

Medicinal and Detoxifying Clay Baths Treatment The value of specific clays for health care is just being recognized by medicine today, although native cultures have sought and used these clays since antiquity. 

Both human and animal ingestion of calcium montmorillonite minerals also known as "living clay" have been an accepted practice throughout the world for many years and have been used by Native American healers for centuries as an internal and external healing agent. 

These therapeutic bath clays provide 100% natural detoxification for Arsenic, Environmental, Aluminum, Dental Amalgam,  Smoker's Drug, Copper & Lead, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Radiation and more. 

THERAPEUTIC RED CLAY Calcium montmorillonite, Bentonite  ( for internal and external use)

  • Edible Earth is a superior formulation of natural calcium bentonite and montmorillonite clays, designed for the general cleansing, detoxification, and revitalization of the entire digestive tract, in addition to supplying a rich spectrum of bioavailable ionic minerals.
  • Red Desert clay (Terramin) calcium montmorillonite

  • Shaped and formed over the life of our planet, clay is the complex result of volcanic activity, weather, mineralization, and a variety of other geologic factors. Clay deposits run along veins in the earth, and much like humans, each vein of clay has its own “fingerprint” that makes it individually unique in its therapeutic potential.   Educational information...

    Therapeutic Healing Clays

    Nutramin red clay for dogs, cats, horses  Educational information Animals and Clay

    The value of specific clays for health care is just being recognized by medicine today, although native cultures have sought and used these clays since antiquity. Both human and animal ingestion of calcium montmorillonite minerals also known as "living clay" have been an accepted practice throughout the world for many years and have been used by Native American healers for centuries as an internal and external healing agent. 

    “Calcium Montmorillonite Clay” is reported to contain no less than 67 minerals.  This impressive assortment of minerals includes calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and silica as well as trace elements, those appearing in very tiny amounts. 

    The mineral content being extremely high sets the stage for replenishing dietary deficiencies.  Today more than ever before, diets are lacking essential trace minerals and micronutrients. Without the basic minerals, life cannot exist; without trace minerals, major deficiencies may develop. Lack of either will make it impossible for the body to maintain good health and function properly. 

    Other types of clay: 
    Terrasilk Facial Clay  natural therapeutic clay for facials
    Life's Abundance Revitalizing Clay Mask

    100% Safe Natural Organic Flea and Tick control for all animals100% safe and effective all natural organic pest control products to protect from Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos, Bed Bugs, Lice, Mites, Mange, Roaches, Ants  and other parasites.  Endorsed by U.S.D.A.  Scientist Dr. Bradford.  The main ingredient is Juniperus Virginiana, a specie of redcedar which is a natural insect repellent. It is totally safe for large and small animals (including cats), people and children.

    The Juniperus Virginiana redcedar pest control product was tested by Iowa State University at the request of the United States Department of Agriculture for the use of the United States Army in Iraq to eliminate the Desert Sand Flea problem that our troops are encountering, which chemical treatments were either ineffective or causing rashes. Educational information on the danger of toxic pest control and the safe alternative


    100% all natural safe pest control products
    Do you have a question or need assistance? Contact Shirley
    When delivered in small amounts the aroma will overwhelm most insects. The lingering aroma of Juniperus is a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the mental capacity of non-beneficial insects, it has no effect on beneficial insects such as lady bugs, honey bees, lizards, earth worms, butterflies, and toads. The test results were astonishing - the Juniperus redcedar oil product was RATED far superior to its chemical counterpart.  These same products were tested and proven to not only kill Mosquito's, Flea's & Bed Bugs, but is one of the "ONLY KNOWN SUBSTANCES KNOWN TO MAN THAT WILL KILL THE FLEA, ITS EGGS AND LARVEA THE FIRST TIME" Not all Juniperus Cedar Oil is created equal. This non-toxic specie of Juniperus Cedar Oil has been developed over the past 20 years for safe pest control on yards, people, animals and in homes.
    Juniperus Virginiana,  a redcedar specie of cypress family plant  ---- Toxic Chemical Pet Products Harms Both Pets and Humans  ----  Children's Risk of Poisoning and Long-term Health Effects
    Fulvic Acid Nature's Detoxifier

    Fulvic mineral complex is a 100% completely natural organic water extraction from a 75 million year old earthly deposit and contains approximately 70 essential complexed and dissolved minerals and trace elements. As the most powerful, natural electrolyte known, fulvic acid  restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralizes toxins and can eliminate food poisoning within minutes. 

    Scientists theorize that mineral deficiency subjects us to more diseases, aging, sickness and destruction of our physical well-being than any other factor in personal health. A great many known aliments, around 60, are directly linked to mineral deficiency. Educational information

    See also Marine phytoplankton (FrequenSea) as a rich source of ionic trace minerals


    Prescript-Assist is a combination of 29 probiotic microflora “Soil Based Organisms” uniquely combined with a humic fulvic acid prebiotics

    Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that are normally present in the digestive tract. These bacteria are required for proper digestion, the synthesis of Vitamin K, and the prevention of yeast infections and pathogen growth. Studies have  shown that the continual use of antibiotics has a devastating affect on the immune system. Each time you use an antibiotic, the immune system gets further and further suppressed. Antibiotic kill friendly helpful microflora bacteria in a body, not just the pathogenic bacteria. 

    Charles Smith D.O.  OBGYN – Surgeon -  "During the past five years I have seen positive results with a probiotic – prebiotic complex...The initial positive results were so remarkable that I encouraged the company to allow for a double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial  to support our initial findings. Learn more about the health benefits of taking prebiotics and probiotics


    Natural Adult Stem Cell Enhancer Supplements  (non-embryonic source).  It is produced by an Organic certified facility and is certified Organic. The company offers a 30 days money back guarantee. 

    Adult stem cells have nothing to do with the embryonic stem cell controversy you hear about in the news. Stem Cell Nutrition from aquatic botanicals supplement has shown to support the release of millions of adult stem cells from the bone marrow very quickly. These stem cells can then migrate and attach to any cells, tissue, bone, muscle, cartilage, organ...anywhere in the body needing repair.  Once they attach, they become that tissue and multiply 3 to 5000 times. When there is an injury or a stress to an organ, compounds are released that reach the bone marrow and trigger the release of stem cells. Stem Cells can be thought of as “master” cells.  Stem cells circulate and function to replace worn out cells, thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal wellness. This stem cell enhancer was shown in a study published in a respected medical journal to support an average 25-30% increase in the number of circulating stem cells. The effect lasts for a few hours.


    Caldera Greens  ---  Educational information

    Caldera Greens is a ‘concentrated’ nutritious whole food offering balanced nutrition to the body. Caldera Greens powder, like most types of vegetable powders, is very easily digested by the body, thus allowing the body to use its nutrients within a matter of minutes. It also has very strong alkalizing effects on the body.

    Caldera Greens as a blend of barley, alfalfa, wheat, and oat grass juice powders and a blend sea vegetation (spirulina, dulse, kelp, dunaliela salina) can supply all the nutrients which the human body needs from birth to old age. We should really waste no time in making it a regular part of our diets!


    The Emerald Sea company ships only within the USA. For international orders, please Contact Shirley
    Emerald Sea -  The Power of 7 Certified Organic Whole-Food Sea Vegetables
    A Powerful New SUPERFOOD Supplement! Emerald Sea contains a special blend of seven (7) certified organic sea vegetables, sustainably hand-harvested and carefully sun-dried to retain all the natural raw food benefits of these amazing plants. Just by taking one or two capsules with each meal, you will drastically improve the number of whole-food nutrients in your daily diet.

    E3Live™ Blue-Green Algae Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) is an all-organic wild-harvested aqua-botanical blue-green algae, one of the most nutritious food on the planet. This simple organism is complete nutrition in its most basic form - the "building blocks of health". This algae nutritional supplement starts with the simplest of life forms: Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) [blue-green algae]. AFA which is an aquatic plant only naturally found in Klamath Lake, Oregon. This all natural, organic supplement contains a bounty of natural, vital nutrients and antioxidants to help nourish and protect the body, including chlorophyll, carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids and phycocyanin. Many scientific studies performed by well-known uni-versities and research centers support and validate the numerous reported benefits of Klamath Lake blue-green algae..   --- Educational information

    E3Live for Humans
    E3Lives for Dogs, Cats and Horses

    Ionizer water filters represents the best of performance, features, functionality and modern styling available in water ionization technology. 
    Ionized, Energized, Safe, Toxin-free, Drinking Water helps to naturally flush toxins and acidic waste from the body and is a powerful antioxidant. Ionized Microwater makes more oxygen available to our cells than distilled, reverse osmosis, filtered only, bottled or tap water.  The advantage of drinking alkaline water is that while being absorbed by the body, it helps neutralize acidic wastes, making them more soluble in the blood vessels. 

    Zoltan P. Rona M.D. states: "During nearly 19 years of clinical practice I have had the opportunity to observe the health effects of drinking different types of water. Most of you would agree that drinking unfiltered tap water could be hazardous to your health because of things like parasites, chlorine, fluoride and dioxins. Many health fanatics, however, are often surprised to hear me say that drinking distilled water or purified water on a regular, daily basis is potentially dangerous."  Learn why

    Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D. - "Alkaline living water is regarded by a growing number of health care professionals as the best water to drink and is listed as a medical device in Japan for the treatment of degenerative diseases."

    F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. - "Every function inside the body is regulated by and depends on water. Water must be available to carry vital elements, oxygen, hormones, and chemical messengers to all parts of the body. Without sufficient water to wet all parts equally, some more remote parts of the body will not receive the vital elements that water supplies. Water is also needed to carry toxic waste away from the cells. In fact, there are at least 50 reasons why the body needs sufficient water on a regular, everyday basis. Without sufficient water to constantly wet all parts, your body's drought-management system kicks into action. The histamine-directed chemical messenger systems are activated to arrange a new, lower quota of water for the drought-stricken areas. When histamine and its subordinate "drought managers" come across pain-sensing nerves, they cause pain. This is what I discovered in my research that I mentioned earlier."  learn more

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    Educational Information page
    Recovery Program Product Packs - Restore • Strengthen • Reinforce

    Fibro AMJ System Day-Time formula
    (in that page, click on the "Product Profile Sheet" link below the bottle image)

    Fibro AMJ System Night-Time formula
    (in that page, click on the "Product Profile Sheet" link below the bottle image)

    FibroFree Phase I, Phase 2, Phase 3
    Fibro Free is a system for complete muscle and joint support, providing the multi-vitamin, musculoskeletal, and immune system support that your body requires every day.

    Phase I  - RESTORE - Provides essential nutrients that are key in beginning your recovery process.  (Start by taking Phase I - RESTORE. After taking Phase I for a month, you will be able to move on to the next nutritional phase, Phase II.

    Phase II - STRENGTHEN provides higher amounts of essential nutrients necessary for your body to reach better health and recovery. Now you are ready to start Phase II - STRENGTHEN. Phase II is a strengthening phase that provides much higher amounts of the nutritional building blocks your body needs to get well again.  This is a critical phase that may last several months before you move to Phase III.

    Phase III - REINFORCE provides essential nutrients to help maintain your good health and keep you feeling great. Starting Phase III - REINFORCE means you have made significant strides to recovery.  Phase 3 is designed to help you continue feeling well and maintain the healthy nutritional balance you have achieved. Go at your own pace.  Consider moving to Phase III when you feel your symptoms are resolved. FibroFree Phase I, Phase 2 and Phase 3

    Other Muscles / Bone / Joint products

    (The company offers an unconditional 30 days money back guarantee (phone order: 1-888-454-3374 - for discount price, use reference 5138044)
    Additional discount available for repeat customers with $100 or more of monthly purchase). click here to send inquiry about the additional discount

    Transfer Factor - Immune modulator/booster
    Immunocal - Raise Glutathione GSH level
    Holy tea miracle tea (with holy thistle herb)
    Marine PhytoPlankton - Frequensea
    Ancient Minerals MagnesiumTherapy
    Pest control 100% all natural organic
    Ayurvedic India Herbs - Weight Loss
    Therapeutic Clay - Red Desert and Terramin
    Probiotic – prebiotic complex
    Natural Adult Stem Cell Enhancer Supplements
    Organic Whole-Food Sea Vegetables
    Chia Seeds"Aztec" Wonder Food
    Himalayan Crystal Salt
    Ionized Alkaline Water
    SecreSea with marine phytoplankton
    Raw Fruit Beverage
    Fulvic Acids

    Pet Products
    AZUL, Raw Food Beverage with Marine Phytoplankton

    Azul is a revolutionary nutritional beverage without equal or peer with marine phytoplankton is in a proprietary base blend of 24 RAW WHOLE FOODS including maqui berry, acai berry, coconut and more. This would explain its high antioxidant level rating and an Orac of 14,800 per 100 grams!

    These super fruits are air dried at room temperature to preserve their integrity, blended, and then run through a proprietary procedure known as pop granulation. There no preservatives and no pasteurization, which means you get all the goodies. Azul is friendly for your stomach as it is fortified with probiotics that are micro encapsulated.

    Cleanliness of AZUL ingredients:  All fruit and vegetable powders are grown from a supplier based here in the US, using natural methods of pest control and not chemical based solvents or sprays. Each fruit powder is from a pulp or juice that has been washed and cleaned with environmental friendly FDA approved washes. The powders are then POP dried or freeze dried for production. The Acai and Banana are grown in South America to US Organic specifications and both come from the same farm. Each are tested before use for any pesticides or heavy minerals as to our quality standards.

    * ORAC is the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or the measure of a food’s capacity as an antioxidant. The higher the ORAC score the better. AZUL has 14,800 per 100 grams, that’s 1,480 per packet!


    Relevé is a revolutionary new generation of 100% organic skincare products  

    Relevé™ is a revolutionary new generation of 100% organic skincare products  

    With Relevé Nature's Beauty, you will: 

        * Cleanse naturally with no harmful foaming agents
        * Gently polish and refine your skin
        * Refresh and hydrate your skin, and uplift your spirit
        * Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
        * Deeply nourish tissue layers for a youthful, radiant glow
        * Balance hydration and lock in moisture

    Relevé is a revolutionary new generation of 100% organic skincare products that will literally transform your skin, reduce the effects of aging, and enhance your natural beauty - from the outside in!


    The Original Himalayan Crystal featured in the book Water and Salt, The Essence of Life.


    When we speak of Himalayan Crystal Salt™, we are referring to only one specific crystal salt, “The Original®”, coming from one specific location in Pakistan and has been the subject of  comprehensive medical research as featured in the book 'Water and Salt The Essence of Life', by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD and Peter Ferreira. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ is more than sodium and chloride.   Himalayan Crystal Salt educational material

    Chia Seeds: The "Aztec" Wonder Food website

    The ancient Aztec civilization used Chia seed to provide them with radiant health, endurance, and boundless energy. From the time of the Aztecs until the last few generations, natives of thesouthwestern deserts of the United States and part of Mexico depended on Chia seed grown in the wild as a staple food and source of tribal remedies. Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L) was first used as food as early as 3500 B.C.  The Aztecs prized this grain more highly than gold and they even used it as medicine. Educational information


    Native Remedies, the market-leading brand of specially formulated, natural remedies and herbal remedies produced in therapeutic dosage. You can search their Health A-Z index to find detailed information on symptoms, diagnosis and natural remedies for ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, UTIs and many other health issues. 

    You can also browse our natural remedies and herbal remedies to view the full range of proven natural and herbal remedies for support of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

    Their natural remedies and herbal remedies are formulated by experts in the field of natural health and are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, using cGMP manufacturing practices and backed by our Full Spectrum Approach™ for maximum safety and effectiveness. Click for Health A-Z index


    Ancient Minerals Magnesium - Transdermal Magnesium

    Ancient minerals ultra pure magnesium is extracted from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe, 1600 to 2000 meters deep in the interior of the Earth. Well protected for the last 250 million years, it is the most pure magnesium oil in the world and a mark of purity on every bottle of Ancient Minerals.  Unlike other filtration methods that involve heat which can damage the delicate natural energy of ocean derived products, Ocean Minerals has been filtered under cold processing methods to preserve that integrity. 

    Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, contains only raw, highly concentrated, ultra pure magnesium chloride and other trace minerals drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe. There are no added ingredients except those found naturally occurring in the deep underground deposits from this pristine source. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is considered the gold standard by practitioners for rapidly restoring cellular magnesium levels and is easily absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues. Educational information: Magnesium

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    Most Popular natural, non-toxic, safe Animal Products