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Holistic Nutrition for Children and Babies

There are many serious consequences of generation after generation of kids having diets deficient of essential nutrients. Such inadequate nutrition can dramatically affect normal development of a healthy nervous system. A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. Children who suffered certain nutritional deficiencies demonstrated a shocking 41% increase in aggression at age eight. At age 17, they demonstrated a 51% increase in violent and antisocial behaviors. And the only difference is their diet.

Whole Food Nutrition Boosts Children's Health

Whole Food Nutrition Boosts Children's Health and IQ The health of our children is heading in a dangerous direction. We have elementary school children who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are causing it and parents are the only ones who can stop it. Junk food, candy, sodas, remote controls, and computer games might put a smile on their face for now….. but what about tomorrow? A lifetime of obesity and chronic disease is not something that your children will thank you for.

"Before the Appleton Wisconsin high school replaced their cafeteria's processed foods with wholesome, nutritious food, the school was described as out-of-control. There were weapons violations, student disruptions, and a cop on duty full-time. After the change in school meals, the students were calm, focused, and orderly. There were no more weapons violations, and no suicides, expulsions, dropouts, or drug violations. The new diet and improved behavior has lasted for seven years, and now other schools are changing their meal programs with similar results." - Jeffrey M. Smith, Author of Seeds of Deception

Need help?We live in a society where $33 billion dollars per year is pumped into advertising unhealthy processed foods, fast foods and junk foods - and a large percentage of that advertising is aimed right at your kids – and it works. The processed food industry has successfully changed what we consider to be “normal” in terms what we eat and what we feed our children.

The processed food, junk food, and fast food industries are serving it up, Americans are gulping it down, and wide spread obesity and chronic disease is the result. From there, the masses are driven into the "waiting hands" of the highly profitable drug companies. We're offered pills that alleviate our symptoms while the simple underlying causes are ignored.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Nutrition and physical degeneration Dr. Price, author Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, traveled to the far corners of the world to find the most primitive cultures on each continent, and compared their traditional diets to the standard Western diet.

Photo after photo in his book points up the glaring difference between the health and APPEARANCE of the natives of whatever culture nourished on their traditional diet and those whose diets had been disrupted and "displaced" by the "white diet"...a diet high in refined foods like white sugar, bleached white flour, polished rice, and synthetic fats. He also carefully laid out the guidelines for a natural unrefined diet that would be suitable for modern Americans. Too bad all that careful research and excellent advice has been ignored. Today's SAD (standard American diet) is a god-awful, unbalanced grain-heavy (65% "complex carbohydrates") piece of tomfoolery that bears no resemblance to the diet that nourished and nurtured our ancestors.

There are many serious consequences of generation after generation having diets deficient in an element essential for normal development of the nervous system. Following are a few observations of the effects that inadequate nutrition is having on social and economic conditions today.

  • A widespread alienation and pervasive depression in young people, truly alarming to observe in an age group usually known for its boundless enthusiasm and enjoyment of life.
  •  An increase in suicides and killings among young children, almost unheard of a generation ago.
  • The ongoing increase in drug and alcohol abuse.
  • An unparalleled growth of immune system disorders like Epstein Barr, Candida, allergies, chronic sinus, ear infections, and digestive disorders.
  • A serious decline in the level of scholastic achievement among school children.
  • A continued deterioration of the quality of goods produced by American industries. (A nation of people that lives on hamburgers, french fries, milk shakes, cola drinks, TV dinners, and other toxic foods is destined to lose its competitive edge, and will continue to foster drug abuse in the workplace.)
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Help your Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids

Rachael F., Dr. Heller

Fat Land Help your Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids Does your child crave cookies, ice cream, candy, and sodas? He or she may be suffering from carbohydrate addiction: "a compelling hunger, craving or desire for carbohydrate-rich foods; an escalating, recurring need or drive for starches, snack foods, junk food, sweets." In Carbohydrate Addicted Kids, Richard and Rachael Heller, authors of The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, have developed a program specifically for children and teens to free them from their dependence on carbohydrates and improve their attitude, weight, learning, and self-esteem.

Rachael Keller's own moving story--enduring ridicule and loneliness because of her weight, and topping 300 pounds by age 17--draws the reader in. Not until age 36 did she discover that her dieting, including refined sugar filled meal-replacement drinks and juice fasts, only made her crave sweets more, and that limiting her carbohydrate intake made the cravings disappear. She dropped 165 pounds by eating high-protein breakfasts and lunches, salads and vegetables,and balanced dinners.

Childhood obesity, diabetes, and related illnesses are becoming major health problems in America. Nutrition journalist Critser presents a critical analysis of the many social and economic factors that make Americans, contrary to the book's subtitle, the second-fattest people in the world (the South Sea Islanders are fatter). Home base business opportunity

He blames parents' reluctance to monitor their children's eating habits; the marketing tactics of fast-food companies, which influence us to overeat; the preponderance of fad diets; the phasing out of physical education programs in schools; and the sale of fast foods at schools to save money ondining facilities.

Lower-income families have higher rates of obesity regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender, which the author attributes to lack of information about diet and exercise and the wide diversity of cultural beliefs about weight, body size, and self-esteem. Critser urges Americans to tackle obesity head on, concluding with descriptions of initiatives that worked when communities launched a cooperative effort to change their eating habits and avoid the path to lifelong obesity. An important work that belongs in all nutrition and public health collections.

Raw Food Healthy eating for kids Raw Food 4 Kids: Healthy Raw Food for Healthy Kids shows you how you can create all kinds of lip-smacking raw food that the kids and whole family will love.

It includes over 100 yummy interpretations of conventional food, as well as new recipes and delicious raw treats that are healthy for kids and the whole family It also includes basic raw food techniques and tips, simple first raw food recipes, and tasty, nutritious Raw Food 4 Kids meal ideas.

It is not just for the Raw Food enthusiast but for people who want to introduce healthy nutritious meals to their family's diet! Includes over 100 recipes and ideas that are 100% Raw, additive free, gluten free and dairy free.

Extensive introduction on why the nutritional benefits of raw food for kids and parents Juicing for kids, Smoothies for kids. Age related super food product information and nutrient charts Over 100 recipes and ideas for including raw food into the families diet. Combines the fun of cooking with a healthy food message.

"Most human illnesses and diseases are due to a deficiency of vital nutrients. When you supply your body with the proper nutrients, in a form that your body can use, it knows how to repair itself!" The American Living Foods Institute

Wheatgrass juicer Most people who have explored the wondrously wide avenues of self-healing have heard about wheatgrass. Wheatgrass juice has been proven over many years to benefit people in numerous ways: cleansing the lymph system, building the blood, restoring balance in the body, removing toxic metals from the cells, nourishing the liver and kidneys and restoring vitality.

One ounce of wheatgrass juice has the vitamin and mineral equivalent of 2.2 pounds of fresh vegetables. It contains most of the vitamins and minerals needed for human maintenance, including the elusive B12. Many of the benefits of wheatgrass juice stem from the fact that it is a living food, which is a complete protein with about 30 enzymes and is approximately 70% crude chlorophyll. Wheatgrass played a major role in my health recovery of severe lifelong illnesses. I use the Handcrank juice (rust proof stainless steel) specifically designed to get the maximum juice from leafy plants or grass. (most other juicers shred the grass or leaf causing a huge mess and no juice.)  Shirley

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Omega-3 Fats Nutrition Improves Children's IQ & Behavior

In 1996, Laura J. Stevens, of the Department of Foods and Nutrition, Purdue University, and co-investigators published an extremely important paper in Physiology and Behavior. The researchers found that boys with lower levels of omega-3 healthy fats in their blood Healthy eating for kidsshowed more problems with behavior, learning, and health than those with higher levels of total of these healthy fats and oilss.

In a 1995 study comparing plasma essential fatty acid levels in 53 boys with ADHD to a control group of 43 boys without ADHD, researchers found significantly lower levels of EPA and DHA (two key omega-3 fatty acids synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid contained in ).

When pregnant, proper pregnancy nutrition obviously results in an increased need for the right nutrients. Deficiency or excess of any number of nutrients can lead to birth defects or complications during pregnancy for the mother. Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) from fish oils are of major importance for proper nutrition during pregnancy, not only for fetal development, but for the mother as well. For example, DHA is a major component of the brain and other neural tissue including the light-sensitive cells in the retina of the eye. All essential fatty acids are important for normal fetal development. DHA is particularly important because the fetus and/or premature infants cannot produce DHA efficiently.

Children deprived of omega-3s may have less ability to pay attention and control impulsive behavior and may be at higher risk for stress and depression. Teenagers and adults with omega-3 deficiency may be more prone to hostility or violence. In aging, the loss of omega-3 fatty acids in the brain may result in a higher risk of stroke, memory problems, or dementia. Individuals of any age without adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and body may also be at higher risk for depression, bipolar disorder, and possibly other psychiatric disorders.

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Hidden Dangers in Kid's Meals

Hidden dangers in Kid's Meals Genetically altered food ingredients are found in more than half of America's processed grocery products — from corn flakes to granola bars to diet drinks. They are unlabeled and untested, and we are eating them. Your Right to Know is a complete, full-color reference guide outlining how unmarked genetically modified foods go from the factory to the family dining table, and what consumers can do about the health risks they present. This accessible guide is for concerned parents — as well as anyone concerned about genetically altered foods — who want to know more about the potential health risks, the organic alternatives, and the methods available to counter the corporate takeover of the food we eat.

The ingredients to health, happiness, vitality, and longevity are no secret. Every major non-profit health organization in the world has been offering the same advice for many years. Eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water, exercise on a daily basis, lose weight if you need to, don't smoke, avoid toxins, & reduce stress. Nothing short of a consumer based, grass roots return to healthy choices and healthy lifestyles can steer our society, our children, and future generations, in a healthier direction. This grass roots return to healthy choices and lifestyles is known as The Wholefood Revolution and we applaud you for joining us to be part of the solution.

Our Deadly Diabetes Deception

Need help? Greed and dishonest science have promoted a lucrative worldwide epidemic of diabetes that honesty and good science can quickly reverse by naturally restoring the body's blood-sugar control mechanism. Diabetics have been told for decades they can consume sugary and sugar producing foods multiple times daily as long as they take enough insulin to cover themselves. There has been little to no recognition that high levels of insulin are just as dangerous over the long haul as sugar is to the Diabetic. Repeat and prolonged exposure to high levels of insulin is absolutely detrimental. Glucose-lowering drugs usually succeed in lowering blood sugar levels, but may increase the death rate from heart attacks. These drugs also are associated with weight gain, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, drowsiness, and headache.

Poor Food Quality Harm Kids’ Gut Microbiomes

he Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight from Soil Author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight from Soil, Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, reveals the shocking contents of children’s food, how it’s seriously harming their bodies and brains, and what we can do about it. And she presents the first nutritional plan for getting and keeping children healthy—a plan that any family can follow.

Friendly gut bacteria role in children's health Recent changes in growing and processing food harm kids’ gut microbiomes, immune systems, and brains, contributing to chronic disease. One weeklong course of antibiotics can change a child's gut microbiomes, with the effects sometimes lasting as long as a year. Over the past several years there has been an exponential increase in the number of studies linking imbalances or disturbances of the gut microbiota to a wide range of diseases including obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases, depression and anxiety . One of the best ways to establish and support a healthy gut microbiome is by providing the right “foods” for your gut bacteria. These “foods” are called prebiotics.

Dr. Maya’s plan started with the soil, using fresh foods and nature to heal her son from the inside out and the outside in. Since then, she’s successfully helped chronically ill patients from around the world. Revealing the profound connections between food, nature, and children’s health, Dr. Maya explains how food is constantly changing kids’ bodies, brains, and even genes—for better or for worse.

"If a native abandoned his ancestral eating habits in favor of modern foods, ill health and dental caries followed. If that same person switched back to the original eating pattern, however, health returned and the progression of dental decay stopped and reversed itself. This is perhaps the most uplifting aspect of Price's work: one can always reverse the trend; there is always hope. " Dr. Weston Price M.D

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Breast milk, The Best Baby Nutrition

Breast milk is the best food for babies It's well known that breastfeeding, especially for the first four months of an infant's life, is associated with fewer ear infections. Your breastfed child will not only have fewer ear infections, but protection against other infections. Breastfeeding provides protection against diarrhea, gastrointestinal and respiratory infections; in fact, infections of every kind.

Breast milk has many benefits for babies that are superior to formula. Babies who are breastfed are reportedly less likely to get sick (with diarrhea, gastrointestinal illness, urinary-tract infections, respiratory disease, pneumonia or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), less likely to have allergies, less likely to have later weight problems, less likely to have ear infections, and -- according to a study published in the May 8, 2002, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association -- likely to be more intelligent

The crucial role of breastmilk with its immunological agents for protecting the newborn/infant against disease and illness is well known, as is its essential role in promoting the development of the infant's own immune system. It is less well known that the infant's immune system does not reach maturity until about 5-6 years of age. This developmental immaturity of the infant's immune system can serve as a guide to appreciating the developmental immaturity of the infant's brain with its various structural, neurochemical and electrophysiological processes that extend in development well beyond the 5-6 years of maturity for the immune system.

Need help? A mother's breast milk is nature's perfect and complete food for babies and can't even come close to being reproduced. With so many substances known to be present in breastmilk, but unable to be replicated in breastmilk substitutes (formula), plus all of the as-yet unidentified constituents, it should come as no great surprise that children today are suffering from a vast myriad of illnesses and disorders.

Colostrum, the first milk secreted after freshening, plays a major role in providing the newborn calf with disease protection. While it is a rich source of many nutrients, of major importance is its high protein and immunoglobulin (antibody) content. The newborn calf has little natural disease resistance and depends on the intake of immunoglobulins from colostrum milk to provide this resistance. Numerous farm surveys and scientific research have shown greatly reduced calf losses when sufficient amounts of colostrum are fed soon after birth. Although dairymen have long known the value of colostrum, its use is often poorly managed resulting in higher than necessary calf losses.

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Children and Soy: A Word of Caution

Considering all of soy's health benefits, it is tempting for new and expectant mothers to see soy-based infant formula as a "miracle food" and to stock their pantries sky-high with the stuff. Well, hold on there mama. That most vulnerable member of the population, an infant unable to breastfeed, stands at great risk of developing a serious thyroid disorder due to a diet based entirely on soy formula. That disorder is hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid and it is a common cause of fatigue, depression, obesity, constipation, extreme sensitivity to cold and a number of other symptoms, most so common that the disorder can go undiagnosed for years.

The Deadly Influence of Infant Soy Formula

Elaine Hollingsworth - "By far the worst calls are from women whose children have been fed soy formula. They tell me heartbreaking stories about baby girls who show signs of early maturation, such as underarm odor, breast development, body hair and even menstruation as early as two, three and four years of age! The risk appears to be greatest in girls who ingest soy formula for nine months or more. In baby boys, 12 months of soy feeding can lead to gross effects by the age of 11 or 12. Breasts can appear and testicles do not develop. Several women have rung asking what to do for these pathetic boys, who refuse to participate in sports, fearing shower-room ridicule, and who will be dependent upon thyroid drugs for life."

"I can't help, and I don't think anyone can. Nature did not intend infants to be fed hormones, and life-threatening consequences occur when they are. Of course, these horrible problems do not occur with every soy-fed baby, but is it worth taking such a chance? Your child will not thank you, and you may never have grandchildren. Drinking soy milk during pregnancy can cause a failure to produce breast milk, which can lead to feeding the baby soy formula. By far the worst cases of soy damage are reported to us by women who have drunk soy milk while pregnant, and then fed their babies soy formula. This is a deadly combination. These women cannot restrain their tears when describing the dreadful health problems their children have." They keep repeating to me, "I didn't know, I just didn't know, the doctor told me to drink it for my bones and give him soy formula."

Premature, early puberty related to soy products

Elaine Hollingsworth, director of the Hippocrates Health Center of Australia and author of Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry, writes about the terrible effects of soy products on children:

"I am not exaggerating when I say that HUNDREDS of people have rung me during the past year to tell me about dreadful health problems that started after taking up the soy habit. Serious thyroid malfunctioning is one of the most common complaints. This is not surprising, since it has been known for years that isoflavones in soy can depress thyroid function, causing autoimmune thyroid disease and even cancer. It is a medically recognised fact that our body absorbs significant amounts of what we put on our skin. With Certified Organic food rapidly becoming the nutrition of choice by the health conscious amongst us, why would you accept any less."

Soy and Diabetes in Children

"A few reports from the late 1970s and early 1980s suggested that a soy-based diet impaired infants' immune functions. About 15% of infants in the US, or roughly 750,000 children, consume soy-based formula each year." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences May 21, 2002;99:7616-7621

Dr. Mercola - "Soy formula is one of the worst foods that you could feed your child. Not only does it have profoundly adverse hormonal effects as discussed above, but it also has over 1000% more aluminum than conventional milk based formulas."

"Considering all of soy's health benefits, it is tempting for new and expectant mothers to see soy-based infant formula as a "miracle food" and to stock their pantries sky-high with the stuff. Well, hold on there mama. That most vulnerable member of the population, an infant unable to breastfeed, stands at great risk of developing a serious thyroid disorder due to a diet based entirely on soy formula. That disorder is hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid and it is a common cause of fatigue, depression, obesity, constipation, extreme sensitivity to cold and a number of other symptoms, most so common that the disorder can go undiagnosed for years." Katie Mehrer

Contrary to popular belief that soy is a health food, evidence reveals that soy consumption has been linked to numerous disorders, including infertility, increased cancer and infantile leukemia, Type1 diabetes, and precocious puberty in children have been fed soy formula. (early maturation, such as breast development and menstruation as early as 6 years of age). Scientists have known for years that the isoflavones in soy products can depress thyroid function and cause goiters in otherwise healthy children and adults. A combined research team of Cornell University Medical College and Long Island Community Hospital medical experts have found that children who develop Type1 diabetes are twice as likely to have been fed soy formulas as those fed all other foods This confirms concerns based on animal studies raised in the 1980's and 1990s by Health Canada researcher Dr Fraser Scott and led to the American Academy of Pediatrics issuing their warning to pediatricians against any use of soy based formulas.

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Vaccines have been proven to cause insulin dependent diabetes and many are seeking compensation from the US government for this vaccine induced injury. Learn how you can improve diabetic condition with natural remedies: fulvic acids, B12 vitamin, Glyconutrients (saccharides), bitter melon, and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) found in borage oil, and herbal remedies.

Credible scientific studies continue to link brain chemistry, attention deficit and behavioral disorders, weakened immune systems, obesity and many chronic degenerative diseases to refined, processed and depleted foods. Education concerning these matters becomes a fundamental key. Conscious food choices make common sense, for good nutrition is directly reflected in health and happiness. Better food choices in our schools mean healthier generations to come.

The Danger of MSG Hidden in Food and How it Affects Children's Health

Debby Anglesey, has researched and written a book that addresses the connection of glutamate (MSG) to the dramatic rise in health problems such as ADD, headaches, depression, obesity, stomach problems, and neurological disorders. Describing her own past health condition as being "one foot in the grave", she shares her remarkable journey from despair to reclaimed health. When her 19 year old son's health suddenly spiraled downward, Debby went into first gear and discovered the hidden culprit lurking in the majority of the items we eat today from snack foods to vitamins.

Artificial Sweeteners are Poisoning Your Kids

Need help? Research warn of long-term health damage caused by sugared beverages and juices and by NutraSweet in your kid's diet soft drink and food. Aspartame (NutraSweet) appears to cause slow, silent damage in those unfortunate enough to not have immediate reactions and a reason to avoid it. It may take one year, five years, 10 years, or 40 years, but it seems to cause some reversible and some irreversible changes in health over long-term use. In February of 1994, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released the listing of adverse reactions reported to the FDA (DHHS 1994). Aspartame accounted for more than 75% of all adverse reactions reported to the FDA's Adverse Reaction Monitoring System (ARMS). Many reactions to aspartame were very serious including seizures and death. (and I would ad ADD to the list)  

H. J. Roberts, M.D. "I have observed severe intellectual deterioration associated with the use of aspartame products (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Canderal, Benevia, etc.) It was usually manifest as great difficulty in reading and writing, obvious problems with memory and grossly impaired orientation to time, place and person."

Ralph Walton, M.D. "Aspartame has a profound effect on mood and cognition....depressed mood, anxiety, dizziness, panic attacks, nausea, irritability, impairment of memory and concentration." (Learn about the Legal class action against aspartame. )

Non-Breast Milk In Infancy Increases Asthma Risk

Introducing milk other than breast milk to infants younger than 4 months old increases the risk of asthma and atopy (a predisposition to certain allergies). In the first study of its kind, the investigators followed over two thousand children from before birth through their 6th birthday, questioning their parents regarding various manifestations of asthma and allergy. Children who were fed milk other than breast milk before 4 months of age experienced higher rates of all indicators of asthma and allergy, the report indicates. Such children were 25% more likely to be diagnosed with allergy and 30% more likely to have a positive skin test for allergies than were children who received only breast milk during their early months. The total duration of exclusive breastfeeding was less important, though longer breastfeeding was associated with less asthma and allergy. Because the introduction of non-breast milk was more closely associated with asthma and atopy than the duration of breastfeeding, the investigators postulate that the exclusion of potentially allergy-causing components in milk other than breast milk may account for the protective effect. British Medical Journal September 25, 1999;319:815-819.

Milk Increases Risk of Type 1 Diabetes

Colostrum, the first milk secreted after freshening, plays a major role in providing the newborn calf with disease protection. While it is a rich source of many nutrients, of major importance is its high protein and immunoglobulin (antibody) content. The newborn calf has little natural disease resistance and depends on the intake of immunoglobulins from colostrum milk to provide this resistance. Numerous farm surveys and scientific research have shown greatly reduced calf losses when sufficient amounts of colostrum are fed soon after birth. Although dairymen have long known the value of colostrum, its use is often poorly managed resulting in higher than necessary calf losses.

The Vital Role of Essential Fatty Acids For Pregnant and Nursing Women

Recently it has been discovered that the Omega-3 fats are necessary for the complete development of the human brain during pregnancy and the first two years of life. The Omega-3 fat and its derivative, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), is so essential to a child's development that if a mother and infant are deficient in it, the child's nervous system and immune system may never fully develop, and it can cause a lifetime of unexplained emotional, learning, and immune system disorders.

Kathryn D. Dykman, M.D - “In these studies, we could and did look at the effect of these Glyconutritionals, whether, these children are on the same medication that they had been on, whether we cut the medication in half, or whether they had been diagnosed and never put on medication. All three groups of these children improved with just the addition of the Glyconutritionals in their diet. In regard to the glyconutritional product and ADHD, I think that it is important for every parent and teacher to know about the glyconutritional product and how it might impact, not only the behavior, but also the health of the children.”

 "My sons have been taking Marine Phytoplankton. My 11 year old has been in a special needs school for the last 3 years, due to severe memory loss caused from seizures. Since taking Marine Phytoplankton my son no longer needs to take medication and his memory is as good as it ever was.

In September he will be able to go back to his regular community school. I can't believe how he feels about himself. As a mother you don't know what it is like to see the life come back in your child's eyes, and watch his self-esteem get better. He tells numerous people about Marine Phytoplankton and its web-site and the video they should watch. He loves what the product has done for himself as well as the family.

My other son, who is 8 years old has been diagnosed since birth with epilepsy, autism, ADHD, tourettes, and more. He was using 5 different medications a day and it was a struggle to get him to function. People were scared of him. He would never get invited to birthday parties or sleepovers. He had a very aggressive nature, he could only sleep 2 hours at a time, he was wetting the bed and was 15 pounds underweight. After 6 weeks of taking Phytoplankton nutrients he is now medication free, which is amazing! He has been in a special needs school since he was 3 years old. His teacher cannot believe the difference in his behavior in such a short amount of time. The boy that always struggled, just received 3 A's, 2 B's and 1 C on his final report card.

He is now sleeping through the night, no longer wets the bed and his weight is now up to normal. Everybody is noticing the dramatic change and is asking what has happened. All we can say is Marine Phytoplankton and hand them a brochure. I had tears in my eyes when he got invited to a birthday party and his first sleepover recently. Life cannot be better when you see your children live happy and peaceful lives. Words cannot express the gratitude I have. Thank you Marine Phytoplankton for giving us peace and well-being. Before Marine Phytoplankton the cost of the medications for the 3 of us was $800 per month!" R. R.

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