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Distemper, Seizures, Liver Failure, Infected Wound, Hair loss, Sarcoma Recovery

This page presents testimonials of animal health improvements and recovery of chronic diseases entirely with natural veterinary care. Included are cases of distemper, liver failure, paralyzing seizures, hair loss, stroke, infected wounds not responding to antibiotics, and other conditions

Canine and Feline Leukemia In Remission

Dog Recovered From Leukemia with Flax Seed Oil

Dog and cat cured of leukemia naturally On March 1st 1999 Shilo, my 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, started shaking and wanted to throw up. He also felt warm and looked sick. I made an appointment with my vet and they prescribed a anti biotic called " BayTril" . After a week on that crap he wasn't getting better.

This was a dog with so much energy and now he was always tired and not much of an appetite. When the Baytril ran out the fever came back and shot up to 106 degrees. I took him to the emergency Vet and they did a real good job of getting his fever down to normal and they did blood tests. Shilo's white count was low , fed blood cells were low, and his platelets were not clotting very well and he was borderline anemia.

They were very concerned and didn't know what was causing it. They stuck him on a high dose of Amoxicillan (500mg) because they were afraid of an infection because his white cell count was low. They suggested going to the University Of Minnesota Animal Hospitable to have a bone marrow done to find out what was causing this.

  Natural Healing for WomenNow keep in mind I am up to this point ignorant about holistic medicine and have no idea of what I am doing and just following doctors advice. So I go back to my vet because when the 3 day supply of antibiotic runs out his fever jumps up to 104* . My goofy vet wants to do a blood test because she thinks its some tick that lives out east and I live in Minnesota. I go along with it but that test comes back negative.

So after spending $ 900.00 they have no answers and Shilo is getting worse. So I go to the University Of Minnesota {Which is one the best in the Country} and they do a bone marrow and on March 19 th I recieve a phone call that my dog has leukemia, They stick him on 50mg of Predizone (which has very nasty side effects) and they tell me Shilo has at the most 40 days to live and I told them no chemotherepy treatment.

That night I prayed to God to help me and then I went on the internet and found Shirley's Wellness Cafe and it opened a whole new world. Now keep in mind Shilo had cancer at least from March 1st until March 18th and nobody knew so this disease had time to grow. You see up to this point he was on no vitamins, commercial dog food, and I was giving him dog treats with sugar in the ingrediants, {sugar feeds cancer} The next day, on March 20th, I brought Shilo home and started him on 3 tablespoons of flaxoil with cottage cheese every day. I also bought a book on fighting cancer with nutrition. He is now on Vitamin C , E, Multi Vitamin For Dogs, Genistein, Grape Seed Extract, Garlic, and aciddolphis. On March 20th I gave him the Flax Oil and within hours his energy improved.

Dog cured of leukemia On March 24th I took him back to the University and they did a blood test and were baffled because his white cell count was normal, his red blood cells were normal, and his platelets were clotting normal and they didn't understand. April 13th he had another test and no cancer cells. HE HAS BEEN CANCER FREE SINCE MARCH 24th 1999. Just think I spent over $2000.0 on vets to find out what he really needed was a bottle of flaxseed oil that costs about $12.00. Shilo is happy and back to his old nutty self and his eating habits have changed. He begs for the flaxoil and cottage cheese because he knows it. GOD and Shirley's web page saved his life.

NOTE: In conjunction with flaxoil, holistic veterinarians are also using a natural immune enhancing substance to support the immune system of animals with leukemia, cancer, diabetes, allergies and other conditions with excellent results

Sun, 2 May 1999, Kirk Heckel, HeckelBrown@msn.com

2/24/2000 UPDATE: 9 months later...Shilo is doing well and remains cancer free.!;
3/12/2001 UPDATE: I just; received an email from Tim who says that Shilo remains healthy and well and continues to take his flaxoil and vitamins. Shilo's full story

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Physician Saved Both His Dogs From Distemper

Dr. Baruch Rosen, M.D.

As a physician of nearly thirty years, I was well aware that no antibiotic would protect against the ravages of viral disease, particularly canine distemper which shows similarities to HIV. My seven month old white haired Shepard was adopted from a local shelter and was initially joyful and healthy. Within three weeks he developed coarse bronchitis with heavy mucus drainage of the nose and eyes. Our well intentioned vet believed the problem to be kennel cough and started antibiotics. Over the next ten days Romeo failed to improve, but instead experienced seven hard and long grand mall seizures in one weekend, a partial paralysis of the hind quarters which made him fall flat when attempting to walk and a "spaced-out gaze" of non-recognition. Blood studies confirmed distemper and showed a white cell count (lymphocytes) of only 264 slightly more than ten percent of normal. Our vet plus a second out-of-state consulting vet, an expert in distemper were very sympathetic and advised me to prepare myself to euthanize Romeo.

The heartache was compounded when Chico, my thirteen month old Chihuahua developed similar symptoms of hard coughing and heavy mucus drainage from the eyes. Reviewing his shot record, I learned he was mistakenly given only one distemper immunization, leaving him inadequately protected; and by licking Romeo's mucus and drinking from his water dish had contracted the infection.

holistic veterinaryKnowinglittle to nothing about canine distemper, I turned to the internet for research. I learned that veterinarians were using natural immune enhancing substances to support and boost the immune system. My thirty years in medicine told me that enhancing my dogs's immune system was the only solution. I hurriedly became a distributor to get the product and started Chico and Romeo on one cap daily encased in one teaspoonful of raw hamburger. Over the next two weeks their immune sytems were strong enough; to fight the disease and all cough and mucus drainage ceased. Romeo's follow-up blood count had risen to normal range at 2217 and he surprised to whole family by jumping a five foot wall. He romps and plays all day long with Chico, now responds normally to his name and appears to be his old joyful self again.

Having witnessed the recoveries of Chico and Romeo, and after further study, all family members are also taking natural immune enhancing substances to support their immune system. Our insurance policy to protect against a faltering immune system, the inevitable consequence of aging and exposure to environmental pollution and toxins." Dr. Baruch Rosen, M.D.

Cat with Cat with Leukemia, Bleeding from Ear & Nose

"I have had dramatic turnarounds with a natural immune enhancing substance and the Bioenergetic device I use. One cat was so weak he could not move from his cage even to pee and would not eat or drink, weighed very little, was bleeding from the ears and nose and wheezed when he breathed and had leukemia. His blood pressure and cell count was so low that the vet said to euthanize him, that his brain was bleeding and he would be dead by morning. They gave him fluids but she said he was too far gone. I gave him a Bio-energetic session and the immune support product which helps boost the immune system. Page Divider

Next morning he was not dead. In fact, he was up and out of his cage and eating and drinking. The bleeding from his ears turned out to be a terrible case of ear mites - he was not bleeding from his brain. He made remarkable improvement and in two months with weekly sessions and continued use of the this natural immune enhancing substance, he was a healthy cat. The people have continued to keep him on the product since he has leukemia. Although they haven't had him tested recently and he may not even show positive for it anymore." Sharen Martinson, August 18, 2005

feline leukemia with severe ulcers on the back of throat, Skin on bones

My cat Nipper was skin on bones. He was drooling a foul smelling greenish yellow slim and smelled really bad. His eyes were dull and he was filthy. He ate well, but slowly. I took him to the vet the day before Thanksgiving and found he had severe ulcers on the back of his throat and was given antibiotics, which I used the full course of 14 days of. One afternoon the vet called to say he had tested positive for feline leukemia and I needed to think about putting him down as, in her estimation, he would only decline and be in severe pain.

I did some research and learned that immune molecules are what every mammal gets in the colostrum in the first three or so days of suckling which educates the immune system to recognize what is foreign to the body, form antibodies to it, and fight it off. That then creates a memory which is the immune system. Well as it turns out, The molecules are the same for all mammals no matter the source, very different from antigens which are species specific. There were many testimonials, some from vets who spoke of feline leukemia, FIV, distemper in dogs and cats, and a variety of problems with horses and other animals as well who had been put in complete remission from life threatening illnesses.

holistic veterinaryThis is a formula that is a "human" formula, but all these immune molecules are the same for all mammals. So I ordered two bottles. Gave Nipper two capsules of this immune support supplement in the morning; and two capsules; in the evening to help boost his immune system. In two days his drooling was hugely diminished, and the smell was gone. By the fourth day his ears and eyes were alert and bright and he was eating like CRAZY. By the end of the week he was cleaning himself again.

He continues to improve daily and is acting like a kitten again (he was born in 1998 (?) He's the king of the house now and takes what he wants, including not allowing my Aussie to herd him in any way,shape or fashion. Well, I was in the middle of an ulcerative colitis (UC) breakout and so I started taking them a few days after I started giving them to Nipper. My UC immediately turned around. I did go through a healing crisis for a few days as my immune system started kicking stuff out of my body. I am feeling better than I have for a long time. Although I have come a long way with all the nutritional support, diet and exercise, I have still been lacking something. This feels like it might be the "tap root", the base, the end all -- to have a optimally working immune system. " Date: December 12, 2005
From: Francie Smart

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Infected Wound Not Responding to Antibiotics

homeless cat cured of infected wound with natural treatementFrom Anita Williams
email: anitapet@live.com
February 15, 2012

fully healed infected wound "Boots was a homeless kitty at my work who I took under my wing & took full responsibility for. Boots was attacked & bitten on her back by a stray tom cat (1 bite) & she developed a serious bacterial skin infection. Poor baby, she was so sick. As much as I hated doing this, her skin was so bad that I had to take her to the vet - he gave her an injection & put her on an antibiotic. A few weeks later she hadn't improved so he put Boots on 3 different antibiotics over 9 consecutive weeks! No improvement at all.

I was convinced that the vet had no idea what he was dealing with or how to deal with it. By this time through my constant research I found; cat infected bite wound Shirley's website and natural immune enhancing substances for the immune system . After reading about it & all the testimonials, I ordered the natural immune enhancing substances. Boots had a few days left of the last antibiotic so I stopped it. I started Boots on the natural immune enhancing substance product on 4/27/09 to restore/boost her immune system and by 5/20/09 (less than a month) there was a visable improvement."

Anita can be contacted at 850-520-4271 (FL) or you can email her anitapet@live.com

Kuuma, my gorgeous long 
hair German Shepherd rescuedSevere bite wound healed in two weeks

My 4 year old German Shepherd, Kuuma, (90 pounds) was attacked by a 35 pound Pitbull mix on August 8, 2005. Kuuma is very aggressive and I instinctively held him back from fighting that dog. This was a big mistake which cost Kuuma to lose a portion of his leg. The wound was 3" long and 2" wide. The leg bone was exposed. I could clearly see a piece of the bone detached by the dog's bite. I didn't take Kuuma to the vet because I didn't want my dog to be injected with steroids, antibiotics or operated on. When a dog of mine is; sick or injured, it needs to be at home, with his love ones, not in a cage, (veterinary "hospital" ) separated from his family, feeling abandoned, just when he needs his family the most. Learn how I treated Kuuma with natural remedies at home and how he healed completely in two weeks!

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Animals with Seizures, Epilepsy, Convulsion

Dog with paralyzing seizures and other health problems

"My 6 year old dog Harley, a 120 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador mix, had been suffering from a dozen of paralyzing seisures per day for the past few years. These seizures begain when the veterinarian prescribed Rimadyl shots for arthritis 4 years ago. Over the years I tried various different prescriptions and natural remedies for his seizures but nothing helped. He also suffered from bloat and had tumors on his testicules, skull, legs and chest. Then I discovered natural immune enhancing substances , an immune support. Within a week of giving him those 2 natural remedies I noticed that Harley had more energy and vitality and appeared overall much healthier. I was finally able to wean him off the toxic Doxycycline antibiotics and steroids medications. Harley seems to come back to his happy self again, wagging his tail and acting as a 2 year old again. What a joy! " Tammy Lynch Schuyler; (908) 892-2359

Cat with seizures and dog falling over
Date: April 19, 2010; From: Jerilyn Capaccione

feline seizures and dog falling over I adopted 5 cats from a "kill shelter" in Georgia back in December of 2005. It turned out that one of them (a male cat) had the feline AIDS virus. I didn't know this until I went to pick the cats up in Maryland from a woman who held cats for people that were transported from "kill shelters" on;the East Coast. Bach was fine for 3 months and then all of a sudden he started taking seizures. I have used natural treatments for 35-40 years including herbs and I had heard; about the healing power of a natural immune support called natural immune enhancing substances before adopting Bach, When Bach started experiencing seizures (epilepsy); I decided to try the natural immune enhancing substance immune support to help improve his health. Five days later I was amazed when I saw Bach; playing with his toys (which he hadn't done since I adopted him) and was running around like a new cat. His appetite has come back, he was eating very well and had no seizures at all. I continued to give him natural immune enhancing substances for about 2 months but then financially things went down hill for us and I couldn't keep him on it and he started experiencing seizures again and he passed away. I know that if I had had the money to keep him on it, he would still be alive today.

Need Support Or Guidance?

Barb If you have animal behavior or health concerns, feel free to contact Barb at 970-731-0883. Barb volunteers her time to help visitors of Shirley's Wellness Cafe. She has a passion for helping animals & their companions! You are also welcome to Contact Shirley

The second experience I had (with a small doggie of ours) was just recently when we decided to change our water system in our home to reverse osmosis. We only had it in the house for a week and I noticed that our little doggie, Sweetie, started falling over and walking crooked and unsteady. I thought maybe it was arthritis because we've had animals before that that was one of the symptoms of arthritis in their legs. So, I babied her along but then she stopped eating and drinking and I knew something was seriously wrong.

I also had felt her belly underneath and I noticed a small lump on her chest. That was not there before the change in the water system. So, I decided to give her a natural immune booster supplement. I started giving her 2-3 pills per day in her food (ground up in it). A few days later I was excited to see that her appetite had picked up again and about a week later, the lump on her was gone. I started giving her spring water (we have heavily chlorinated water, city water, and that's why we decided to get the water ionizer purifier system because Shirley (from the Wellness Cafe told me she had heard about people getting real sick from drinking only reverse osmosis water). So, Sweetie is fine no, no lump on her and she is eating and drinking normal and not falling over any more.

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Hair Loss and Stroke Recovery

Scooby is my 14-year-old Belgium Shepherd. In the past year he has started struggling with Arthritis of the rear legs. It started when he was a puppy because he grew extremely fast. I used to give him an aspirin a day to ease the pain and inflammation. That was before I found out that Aspirin is not good for a dog!

fully healed from Hair Loss and Stroke A friend of mine recommended Agility from Life’s Abundance and in just a few weeks he is able to move freely without pain & stiffness. Scooby also lost hair on his back and tail as a result of exposure to Front Line’s toxic ingredients. It was so bad that it looked like he had Mange. I put Scooby on a natural immune enhancing supplement to activate his own healing mechanism. In 3 short weeks I noticed a marked difference. His fur is no longer greasy and his hair is finally growing back!

A couple of months later, I woke up to let my dog out and saw that something was different. When he got up he was staggering and fell many times. His head was tilted to the right and it looked like he had a stroke. He couldn't walk straight and his body wanted to go to the right. He seemed to be disoriented and confused. I immediately gave him that same supplement to help stimulate his immune system and within 2 hours he seemed to be doing a little better. He slept for 4 days and then he finally started to eat some food. I don't like vets and I certainly couldn't afford all the tests that they would want to do. Antibiotics and steroids would only make his system weaker.

A few years ago I wrote a testimonial how I cured my dog Shasta of her "incurable" myositis of the jaw bone disease with homeopathy and how I improved her overall health with raw food. Since the age of 10, Shasta has experienced a number of acute illnesses; (abscess, VKS syndrome, and just recently a stroke/paralysis) which I treated at home with homeopathic and herbal remedies. She is fully recovered and doing great.

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cat with severe liver failure

"Last fall my cat became really sick with severe liver failure, she actually went down to being just skin and bones. A friend of mine, a veterinary assistant and nutritionist of many years, told me that the only way I could possibly save my cat was by force feeding her a high protein diet every two hours. I had read years ago that it is actually the wrong approach to feed an ill person protein since it takes too much energy to digest, so when my cat declined cat food and tuna I decided to follow the wisdom of her body. I gave her pure concentrated liquid marine phytoplankton which nourished her body on a cellular level. I also did energy healing on her and prayed for her.

feline cured of severe liver failure" I adopted my dog Jojo a few yeals ago. He was 13 at the time and about to go to the pound because his previous owner was moving and couldn't keep him. When he came to me he was showing signs of age. He had a hard time walking and his eyesight and hearing were a bit impaired. Eventually, he came to a point where he would no longer eat. This went on for seven days. He would find a secluded corner and sleep most of the time. I felt like he was just miserable, hardly alive and going downhill fast. As each day passedI would watch him get a little worse. I finally made the heartbreaking decision to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep. Someone told me about the Marine PhytoPlankton and I decided to try it on Jojo as a last resort.

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Dog Free of Cancer By Boosting Glutathione Level

The key to self-healing is a strong defense system, which protects dogs, cats, and horses; from everything from the flu germs to cancer cells. Holistic veterinarians believe that a weak immune system plays a key role in causing disease. Antibiotics fight infection, but they don't affect whatever weakened the immune system in the first place. Low cellular levels of Glutathione and T-Cells are directly related to multiple colds, fluenza severity, allergies, sinus infections, auto-immune diseases and immune system dysfunction. Immunocal is verified to increase cellular levels of Glutathione. Higher cellular levels of T-Cells improve immune response and disease rejection.

My name is Tony Luboff. I reside in Ojai, California with my wife and two children. The other very important member of our family is Max, a five year old yellow Labrador Retriever. He is very much loved by all of us, which is why I have put together this letter. About five months ago, Max became ill, but at the time we did not realize just how ill. He grew progressively listless, refusing to eat and/or play with the children or us. dog coughing and chokingHe was coughing and choking four to five times an hour. This was totally uncharacteristic of a very active and most of the time “hungry dog”.

We took him to our Veterinarian, Dr. Tony Kirk on July 21st. Dr. Kirk thought that Max possibly had a foxtail in his throat but could not find one. Because his throat looked infected, he was put on antibiotics. After two rounds of antibiotics he was worse, so we checked for heartworms, and just about everything else in the book. At this point Dr. Kirk suggested that a Xray should be done on Max. On August 14th; the X-ray was done and we were dismayed to learn that Max was loaded with cancer, particularly in the area of his lungs. There were two large tumors wrapped around the bronchial that were pinching off his esophagus. This is why he was coughing so much. The choking off of his esophagus was also making it hard for him to eat. He; had not been eating for some time and was losing weight rapidly. The vet said that he would likely have only a few short painful weeks to live.

We told the Vet about Immunocal and we were amazed that he knew about glutathione. .He said that if we had something that could raise glutathione levels then, by all means, use it. In the first two weeks we almost had to shove food down Max's throat and he was still throwing up quite a bit. We tried to get at least one packet a; day into his system. Eventually however, he was taking his food with a lot of encouragement.

Contact ShirleyThat was over three and a half months ago and we are happy to say that Max is still with us and with much improved health. His constant coughing and choking have completely stopped; he has gained back the 12 lbs. of weight that he had lost and we have noticed a marked increase in his energy level and appetite. Numerous friends have commented on the fact that Max appears much better and; is still around instead of being dead, which of course is where he was supposed to be. On Thursday, November 19th we took Max back to the Vet and he was truly amazed. He accused us of bringing in a different dog! He said that all the congestion that he heard in his heart and lungs before are completely gone.

We have done nothing else other than give Max this Whey protein immune system booster called “Immunocal ”. To say that we recommend this product would be an understatement. Thank you Dr. Bounous and Chuck Roberts for bringing us Immunocal !!

Tony Luboff

Mr. Tony Luboff
12848 N. Ojai
Santa Paula, CA 93060
April 28, 1999

Good morning,

At your request I have prepared a chronological report on your dog, Max. Just for the records Max is a neutered male, yellow Lab that was born in 1993. I first saw Max on 7/20/98. At that time his weight was 92.8 pounds and was presented to me a possible foxtail in his throat. His temperature was 103.0 degrees F. at that time. Throat examination revealed no foxtail or foxtail tracts. My concern, at that time, was for tracheal bronchitis. Max was injected with amoxicillin and vetalog. He was sent home on oral amoxicillin for 10 days. On 7/22/98, it was reported that he was still coughing but not as much.

Max was seen again on 8/4/98 with a history of the cough worsening and a temperature of 102.8 degrees F. Max had lost 4.6 pounds and was coughing much worse after exercising. The heart and lungs sounds were normal at that time. A Heartworm test was ordered and Max was scheduled for a throat probe the following day.

The Heartworm test was negative and, Max was dropped off for the scheduled check. A pre-anaesthetic panel was performed. The results are as follows: BUN 15, Blood Glucose 80, Total Protein 7.4, PCV 42. Max was anesthetized and the throat was explored. During the exploration, no foreign bodies were found. The tonsils were normal and, with the exception of a greenish colored material at the beginning of the trachea and some irritation and redness of the trachea itself; the throat was normal.

On 8/14/98, Max was readmitted for radiography. The history, at that time, was a decreased appetite and the weight had dropped to 83.7 pounds. The cough had worsened. Max was sedated and two 14 x 17 radiographs were taken of the lungs. The lung fields were congested and a tentative diagnosis of lung cancer or possible a fungal infection was made. Due to the poor prognosis of either diagnosis’s, no treatment was advised. On a “call back” on 8/18/98 it was reported that Max was no better but he was no worse. It was reported that he was eating better.

Contact ShirleyDuring a telephone conversation on 10/22/98 it was reported that Max’s symptoms were gone and that he was doing much, much better. I saw Max again on l1/19/98. His weight had increased to 95.9 pounds, his heart and lung sounds were normal and he seemed to have regained his health. At last report, Max has completely recovered. I hope this helps with your project and that ole Max keeps on “ticking”. If I can be of any further help, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best Regards, I am,
Tony L. Kirk, D.VM

Update on March 30, 2001: Max is as healthy as ever and his symptoms have never come back!! Picture on the way…

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Cats Saved From chronic renal failure (CRF)

"I emailed you awhile back asking you about my cat who had chronic renal failure. I called Dr. Will Falconer and our cat is doing a million times better. He is like a kitten again and is so full of energy and life!; We haven't seen him look or feel this good since he was a kitten. He is also working with our kitten who is having some issues as well. He is wonderful to work with and listens to what is being said and responds accordingly. What we may think are insignificant things he picks up on and addresses them as to whether or not they are real concerns. I recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for the information.

It has saved Zeke's life. Here is what we did for Zeke: We changed his diet and we also started giving him just a few drops of; the homeopathic remedy Sulphur at night and a capsule of natural immune enhancing substances to help support his immune system. He and our kitten did ok on the raw diet at first but then something went horribly wrong and he couldn't stop vomiting after our attempt with veal. Then after that the other foods we tried just didn't work. Dr. Falconer was paged during the vomiting episode and he then prescribed 3 Nux Vomica diluted in 8 oz. of water and give him 1/4 of a tsp. at night before bed. We have been doing that instead of sulpher. We also went back to dry Innova for a couple of weeks and are now working with Dr. Falconer and a person up here who is helping us switch both of our cats (and dogs) slowly over to a raw food diet. so it is an easier switch to them. It's like having new animals!;

Contact ShirleyZeke is especially more spunky. He is walking along our banisters and takes naps high up on top of our cupboards. He hasn't done that since he was a kitten. He also is more willing to play with toys and loves his bird feather toy. It's an amazing difference. His body is able to digest and process these natural proteins. We are feeding him ground chicken wings and necks and I mix in a touch of kefir and egg yolk. We take the whites out of the eggs since that is not good for his kidneys. Hopefully we'll be able to expand his choices but that is all he will eat at the moment. He turns down duck, beaver and beef. We will be trying lamb here shortly. But the key to our cats is taking things extremely slowly. Even our kitten is not too keen on the whole raw thing, but now kefir is her favorite and you can't keep her away from the jar when we bring it out." Kristen Hanson, Wed, 12 May 2004

Here's another testimonial: Tawny, a 16 years old cat with kidney/renal failure

In a earlier note, you asked me to update you on Freckles progress. She was limping because of the rod that is in her hip. I couldn't understand because I was feeding her raw food, pure water, and herbal supplements. I have increased her walks from 30 minutes to 45-60 minutes and she runs the entire time and seems to have a abundance of energy. My sister commented last week that Freckles looks so healthy. I have also included flaxseed oil, added Calcium Bentonite Clay to her water and food and a little real sea salt to her water. She is a picture of health. I think she's surpassed me :). Thanks for all your help! Freckles thanks you also. Freckles is such a extremely sweet dog that it's so easy to do things for her. I just want the best for her. She deserves it. She has the sweetest temperament and she is so funny. I told her this morning, Freckles, it's so easy to love you because you're such a sweet girl. She is one happy and healthy girl. Thanks so much for telling me about it. " Crystal Dunlap

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Dog cured of histiocytic sarcoma
Date: Sun, 3 March 2004;
From: George Catandella;

Reading of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese in your newsletter saved Maggie's life. She had a histiocytic sarcoma, multilobular, multimodular, focal splenic mass. Maggie is a 6 lb Maltese that was given 3 months; to live (with chemo) after removing the mass. We chose not to give her chemo, but the flaxseed oil and cheese instead. One year has passed and she behaves like a healthy, happy pup. Her vet is amazed as are we.
( Histiocytic syndromes : A broad grouping of disorders characterized by abnormal proliferation of macrophages or histiocyte-like cells.)

NOTE: In conjunction with flaxoil, holistic veterinarians are also using natural immune enhancing substances to support the immune system of animals with leukemia, cancer, diabetes, allergies and other conditions with excellent results.

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She was born with no front legs but is able to walk like a human

Laura Stringfellow, 14, plays with her 6-month-old dog, Faith, at her home in Oklahoma City July 5. Faith was born deformed, but is able to get around by walking upright. The family adopted Faith when the original owners were going to put her to sleep. The owners feared the congenital disability would leave her immobile. "No dog deserves to die," said 17-year-old Reuben Stringfellow. "She was a very normal little puppy; a real strong and normal puppy with two legs. She was a cripple as a puppy, but I wanted to hold it, pet it, feed it and take care of it." Faith can maintain perfect balance and sits on her haunches. She has a smaller, useless front limb that has atrophied and is scheduled to be amputated.

Page Divider Subject : Natural solutions to toxic Rimadyl for pet arthritis and joint disease
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003
From: Carolyn

"I give my 13-year old dog lots of glucosamine/condroitin and she's comfortable, can now get into the car on her own, enjoys walking, running and swimming. She's happy, active, able for her age (60 Lbs.) and easily walks 3 miles per day with me. No chemicals, no prescriptions."

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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 15:04:21 -0700;
From: Garry Nasby

Yes, we have switched to raw just recently. We were having a lot of trouble with our 15 year old chihuahua cross - a horribly unhealthy coat, and a lot of coughing and gagging. We believed that both were due to worms, but the vet had told us not to worm a dog over 10.Also, the last time we wormed our golden retriever with a normal wormer, she had a bad reaction to it, so we were leary to use it on the 15 yr old.

We were planning on putting our chihuahua cross to sleep, but I thought there must be a way to help her. I had never considered raw food diet till I saw your site. We switched her over to completely raw,started her on a herbal parasite cleanse (and worms started appearing all through her stools). We also added ground flax seed to all the animals food.

Contact ShirleyShe is shedding out all of her old fur and the new fur is coming in shiny and healthy. She also has incredible energy; She goes for daily - short - and before she would never leave her bed unless she had to go outside. One day she went racing down the driveway to meet us coming back from a long walk, and a neighbor asked,"What did you do to her, she looks and acts like a different dog? I thought you were going to have her put to sleep." Also, our golden - 10 yrs - was having a lot of problems with arthritis in one of her front legs, but it is almost completely gone. I have only been feeding them raw for a month, but after seeing such incredible results, I'm 100% for it!! I have also had some wonderful results from myself and my Mom taking the flax oil, and I love it!

Flax Oil and Cancer

" I have a 13 year old dog. He has cancer. He's eyes are dull and he's so weak he can't lift his leg. I should have put him to sleep but I didn't want to. I put a Tbsp. of Flax oil and a half cup of cottage cheese in his bowl and he wolfed it down. I did that three times a day for ten weeks. Today he's running all over the place, his eyes are bright, his coat is shiny and he's gaining weight." That was the 2nd dog I'd heard of in 3 days that showed improvement from using Flax Seed oil. The other is owned by my cousin's daughter";

Page Divider Subject: Success with homeopathic medicine for our dairy cows
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 03:35:39 -0800 (PST);
From: Hege Nerland

I am a mountain farmer in Hemsedal, Norway. We have 18 diary-cows, and we have not been using antibiotics in our treatment of mastitis (utter infection) in the past 5 years. Instead we have been using veterinary homeopathic treatment for our animals with a far better result than "commercial/conventional treatment". Homeopathy is very effective and works very fast --- I have obtained incredible results within 1 or 2 hours of having given the correct homeopathic remedy. I know of no conventional veterinarian that can produce the same result with orthodox medicine... I was surprise to find well organized information about alternative treatment for animals in your web site. email Hege Nerland

Veterinary Message : 1-866-315-4004 Listen to several veterinarians talk about the use of natural immune enhancing substances in their practice.

Page DividerSubject: Healthy Dogs
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999;
From: Linda LaFrance ?llf@gate.net

I am a breeder of Australian Shepherds and I feed a combination of raw food and Innova, have quit giving my animals annual vaccinations and have them on homeopathic nosodes. They are all wonderfully healthy, with clear eyes and shiny coats. I am a very strong proponent of the methods that you advocate on your site.

Linda LaFrance Lazy L Farms Australian Shepherds llf@gate.net

Page Divider Subject: Raw Diets;
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 03:41:38 EDT;
From: DOCEXOTIC@aol.com;

Since 1978, we have combined "alternative and traditional therapies" (required terminology in California) to the advantage of furred, feathered, or scaled fellow inhabitants. The process of doing what is best for the individual patient has lead us to offer 18 forms of alternative therapies as well as nutritional guidance. Your preference for raw diets matches our experience. We have offered three commercially prepared raw diets including AFS.

Contact ShirleyDespite owners' concerns, none of our animal companions have shown anything resembling "food poisoning" from uncooked diets. Most of them will go through a detox stage but the pet guardians are advised to switch over to the new diets gradually which makes this beneficial process more tolerable. There are numerous cases in our files where health benefits have come directly from switching to a raw diet. One of these is a cat that was an "uncontrollable" diabetic. When he arrived from the traditional vet, he was teetering between marked hyperglycemia without insulin to dramatic hypoglycemia with insulin injections as small as 20% of the standard dose. He became regulated on a raw diet and homeopathics. He is still going strong these past several years although his owners opted to switch from the raw food to a more convenient organic kibble. Thank-you for demonstrating how valuable raw diets can be.

Dr. T. E. Van Cise; IVAS certified veterinary acupuncturist, certified Reiki therapist. Email to Dr. T. E. Van Cise at DOCEXOTIC@aol.com

Page DividerSubject: Raw diet and wheat grass juice
Date: 05/18/2003;
From: Jackson Yee jacksonyee44@yahoo.com

I love your site! I have a 14 year old dog that's been 100% raw and organic for the last five years. She's doing great! Animal nutrition is my obsession and passion. I think I pretty much have every book on it. Your site is making the world a better place for kids and animal. I envy and idolize your work.

In terms of myself - thanks for exposing me to wheat grass. I been taking for the last three months and noticed a huge difference in my health. I been giving it to my dog for the last two weeks and noticed a great improvement her energy level.

Page DividerSubject: Corruption in a veterinarian's clinic
Date: 07/15/2003;
From: Karen W. Fairiedreems@aol.com

I just wanted to let you know that I have been recommending your site to all my pet loving friends and family. After having worked in a veterinarians office for several years.. I had to quit. I couldn't continue to watch these people throw away their hard earned money on things they didn't need. Working as a receptionist in an office of five vets I knew the tricks and secrets.... I would schedule appointment after appointment for people that I knew didn't really need anymore follow up care.

I would hear a doctor say in my ear he believed that cats could survive in communities with feline leukemia and cause no great threat to the other cats it lived with, then hear him HIGHLY recommend the vaccines to the clients two minutes later. Our clinic brought in roughly $3000-$12,000 A DAY!!!! It started to make me sick. After reading your web site, I feel confident enough to spread the word about what I had already believed. I just wanted to say thanks to you and keep up the good work.

Why I won't use the Elizabethan collar on my animals. The Elizabethan collar is a type of plastic collar that is effective in preventing pets from licking or biting themselves. The only time I will use such collar is to prevent my animal; from tearing up surgical sutures, until healing is complete. I will never use such collar to prevent my dog or cat from licking skin eruptions, hot spots, or inflamed and; infected area on their bodies. The built in germicide found in the saliva of a dog or a cat amazingly heals wounds in record time. Any injuries are carefully licked and coated with antiseptic saliva from the tongue. This aids in preventing infection entering into a wound.

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