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Mercury in Amalgam Dental Fillings Poses a Definitive Health Risk

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has asserted for years that mercury in dental fillings is harmless, but has changed its position following a class-action lawsuit settlement. The debate has waged for almost 150 years over the safety of amalgam -- a material comprised half of mercury and half of other metals such as silver, tin and copper -- which has been the conventional means of filling cavities. Amalgams are also a factor in periodontal disease including gingivitis, oral gum tissue inflammation, bleeding gums, oral cancer, trigeminal neuralgia etc. Removal of amalgam fillings led to cure or significant improvement for most of such oral health problems

Are Dental Fillings Slowly Poisoning You?

The poison in your Teeth The "silver"fillings in your teeth, Dental Amalgams, are still widely used by the dental profession in most parts of the world. But is it safe to put so much Mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive metal known to man, into the mouth of a person? There is now a growing mountain of evidence that it is NOT safe to do so. Some countries, like Sweden, Canada and Germany, have either banned or imposed serious limitations on Amalgam usage.

Many people today suffer from what is often broadly referred to as "heavy metal toxicity." The most common source of toxicity is mercury from dental fillings. When the so-called "silver" fillings are put in the teeth, they are roughly 49-53% mercury. In other words, the filling is an amalgam that contains some silver as well as what is for some people a lethal amount of mercury. To determine the extent of possible mercury poisoning, studies were conducted on sheep.

The fillings were removed after six months and found to contain only about a fifth of the mercury that was present when the fillings were first put into the teeth. The rest of the mercury had been leeched into the system and was found in significant concentrations in Natural Healing for Womenthe brain and small intestines, though the liver and kidneys and lungs were also impacted by the mercury.

Research including over 1000 peer-reviewed or government studies has been accumulated from the medical literature, documenting the mechanism by which mercury causes or is a major factor in over 40 chronic health conditions. Also accumulated are the clinical results of over 60,000 cases of amalgam replacement as followed and documented by doctors with evidence of cure or significant improvement in these chronic conditions: Autoimmune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Lou Gehrig's Disease(ALS), Parkinson's muscle tremor, Alzheimer's, muscular and joint pain /fibromyalgia, Chron's disease, lupus, scleroderma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) , endometriosis, and diabetes.

In environmentally conscious dentistry, mercury is disposed of as a hazardous waste. In some countries, such as Germany and Sweden, the governments are paying for mercury removal; however, in the United States, the American Dental Association, Federal Government, and suppliers of amalgam dental materials insist that mercury is safe and that it poses no health risks . . . except, it seems, for Duluth, Minnesota, where mercury amalgams are prohibited.

Basically, insistence on the safety of amalgams is not just nonsense, but criminally irresponsible. For many people, mercury is a very significant cause of ill health. Symptoms range from muscle spasms to severe neurological problems such as paralysis and memory loss. For years, many people have been going through the quite expensive procedure of having amalgam fillings replaced with more stable and less toxic dental materials and following this ordeal with various types of also expensive chelation using intravenous vitamins and sometimes other substances.

FDA Reverses Its Position on the Safety of Dental Fillings

June 20, 2008

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has asserted for years that mercury in dental fillings is harmless, but has changed its position following a class-action lawsuit settlement. The debate has waged for almost 150 years over the safety of amalgam -- a material comprised half of mercury and half of other metals such as silver, tin and copper -- which has been the conventional means of filling cavities.

It has been the FDA's published opinion that federal agencies "have found no scientific studies that demonstrate dental amalgam harms children or adults." But following the June 2 settlement of the lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of consumer advocate groups and some dentists, the agency's Web site now reads: "Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses." The news is vindication to Dr Jerry Simon and his group at Dental Care of Stamford who stopped using amalgam fillings more than 20 years ago because of the controversy surrounding the material.

Important Note from Shirley:

I have lots of amalgam dental fillings which I didn't want to remove due to the risks. Instead, I have been using a unique powerful Calcium Bentonite Clay in my drinking water daily. I also use clay in my bath. I'm also using a natural immune booster which has done miracles for my health. Contact me to learn more about that product.

Amalgam Reduces Fertility

In a cell culture experiment, mercury affected hormone production at low concentrations. A link has been found between mercury and hormone disturbances, immune disturbances, recurrent fungal infections, hair loss and allergies. The differences are large. Allergies and hair loss are 2-3 times as common in the high- mercury group. These recent results confirm earlier findings from Heidelberg on mercury and fertility. According to the researchers, mercury exposure leads to hormone and immune disturbances that can reduce fertility. In a cell culture experiment at the Tuebingen University gynecological clinic, mercury affectedhormone production at low concentrations. The concentrations were so low that cell vitality was otherwise almost unaffected. A recent report by the National Research Council found that 50% of all pregnancies in the U.S. are now resulting in prenatal or postnatal mortality, significant birth defects, developmental disabilities or otherwise chronically unhealthy babies.

There has been a similar sharp increase in developmental disabilities in North American children over the last 2 decades, including learning disabilities and behavioral problems, asthma and allergies, and childhood cancer. Exposure to toxic chemicals or environmental factors appear to be a factor in as much as 28 percent of the 4 million U.S. children born each year , with 1 in 6 having one of the neurological conditions previously listed.

Mercury in Dental Fillings Destroys Brain Cells

Mercury is a neurotoxin that is especially damaging to the developing brain and nervous system. A growing number of researchers believe that the soaring rates of neurological and developmental disorders in our children can be linked to a corresponding increase in the number of government-mandated vaccines.

Julian Whitaker, MD: "In the May issue of Health and Healing, I told you about the two most common sources of toxic mercury: seafood and dental amalgams. But there's a third source of mercury that you should know about, particularly if you are the parent or grandparent of a young child or are expecting to have a child: vaccines. Until recently, a form of mercury called thimerosal was used as a preservative in many of the vaccines given to infants and young children, including vaccines for hepatitis B, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and Haemophilus influenzae type b, (Hib).

Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana), who spoke before the House Committee on Government Reform's hearing on mercury and medicine last year, knows just what this poison can do to the delicate brain and nervous system of a young child: his once-healthy grandson, who was given vaccines for nine different diseases in one day, now suffers from autism. In Burton's estimation, his grandson may have received, in the space of a few hours, 41 times the amount of mercury at which harm can be caused. Unfortunately, his grandson's experience is not unique. The U.S. government has concluded that childhood vaccines contributed to symptoms of autism in 9-year-old Hannah Poling.

Human destiny is on a collision course with mercury. Tomorrow we will all wake up to a world with about twenty tons more mercury in the environment, another ton will be put into people's mouths by dentists, and tens of thousands of little children will receive vaccinations laced with toxic mercury molecules, in the form of ethyl-mercury, super-charged with aluminum.

The main areas of anxiety in regards to mercury are dental, medical, and environmental. The association of mercury to chronic diseases is well documented in the didactic scientific literature. The search for the association between mercury and cardiovascular disease reveals 358 scientific papers exemplifying the relationship; between mercury and cancer we find 643 scientific papers. The association of mercury with neuro-degenerative diseases is the most significant, with the references numbering 1,445.

Home base business opportunityThe U.S. Dept. Of Education indicates that over 5 million children attending school have neurological related disabilities reported by state agencies, other than ADD. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics between 4 to 12 % of all school age children are affected by ADHD and a similar number have some degree of dyslexia. Studies indicate that over 60,000 children are born each year with neurodevelopmental impairments due to prenatal exposure to methyl mercury and two other sources of mercury exposure appear more common and at higher levels than this, mercury from vaccines and amalgam dental fillings.

Mercury in vaccines - One hundred years ago, children received 1 vaccine (the smallpox vaccine). Forty years ago, children received 5 vaccines routinely (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, and smallpox vaccines) and as many as 8 shots by 2 years of age. Children now receive 52 vaccines, in the form of 15 shots, by the time they are 6 months of age if they receive all the recommend shots, including the Prevnar pediatric pneumonia shot. Vaccines contain THIMERSOL (mercury), MSG, aluminum, formaldehyde, sucrose and phenoxyethanol, which is antifreeze, among many other things. Thimerosal, a vaccine ingredient, is nearly 50% mercury. Mercury is a NEUROTOXIN. EPA 'safe' levels are: .1 microgram per 1.0 kilogram of body weight per day. Vaccines contain 12.5 to 25.0 micrograms of mercury, and a 'well baby' visit can see your child have between 50 and 62.5 mcgs of MERCURY injected into their bloodstream. The CDC (US) has found a trend linking autism to mercury laden vaccines. Thimerosal is a registered pesticide with the Department of Pesticide Registration of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Oral Health Effects of Mercury from Amalgam

A study of 20,000 subjects at a German university found a significant relation between the number of amalgam fillings with periodontal problems. Some of the oral effects documented in the literature to be caused by amalgam include gingivitis, oral gum tissue inflammation, bleeding gums, bone loss, mouth sores, oral lesions, pain and discomfort, burning mouth, metallic taste, chronic sore throat, chronic inflammatory response, lichen planus autoimmune response, oral keratosis, oral cancer, bad breath, mouth dryness, tender teeth, trigeminal neuralgia, sinusitis, TMJ, orafacial granulomatosis, oral lichen planus, leukoplakia, amalgam tattoos, etc.

Amalgams are also a factor in periodontal disease. Removal of amalgam fillings led to cure or significant improvement for most of such oral health problems and oral keratosis (pre-cancer). For example, in one clinic that replaced amalgams for a large number of such patients, there was cure or significant improvement in over 90% of cases for metallic taste, tender teeth, mouth sores, and bad breath and in over 80% of cases for bleeding gums and throat irritation. A Jerome meter was used to measure mercury vapor level in the mouth, and many had over 50 micrograms mercury per cubic meter of air, far above the government health guideline for mercury.

"I was diagnosed with acute periodontal disease about 35 years ago, and I was told by UCSF (University of California San Francisco) that the severity of my condition was found in only 2% of the worldwide population. I lost track of how many periodontists I have gone to over the years, but enough that when someone begins working in my mouth, I know immediately if I have confidence in them or not. I have also lost track of how many surgeries I've had in attempting to deal with this condition.

Now, I work part-time jobs as a nanny for dogs and horses to support our nonprofit horse sanctuary. Last month, I was overbooked with a nearly impossible schedule of 15+ hours almost every day. I was already tired and worn out, when a huge tooth abscess blew up on the left side of my mouth. Despite a high tolerance to pain in my mouth and head, this was a duzzie, and I could not bite down at all on that side - it was almost numb. I live on a very tight budget but I knew I would not be able to function and meet all these obligations without extraordinary help.

Then I learned that I had an immune deficiency or weak immune system which means that my body was unprotected and susceptible to infections. I did some research and found a unique natural immune support supplement that has the reputation to boost the immune system over 400%. I ordered this product and had it shipped overnight. For the first two days I took 8 capsules/day, and I experienced relief, but not enough to be comfortable and face the whole month. Then I read an Australian story about tooth abscess - he said he took 12 capsules a day, and his abscess went away. So I increased my dose to 12/day, and immediately the pain subsided, I felt normal, and I moved through the month completing all my obligations with ease. Not only that, I forgot about the abscess and felt vibrant and healthy the whole month. Despite my tight budget, I have decided to put me and my health first from now on. I made a commitment to myself to order this supplement every month, which will support me in maintaining vibrant health and well being. I wish I had known about this product 35+ years ago!!" Gwen Jensen, CA

Have a question or need assistance? Email Shirley or call 323-522-4521

"For over a year I had a persistent tooth infection that failed to heal, even after taking numerous antibiotics! Eventually, after a root canal and many trips to the endodontist with no results, I was introduced to Glyconutrients. Within hours, I could feel the drainage of this affected area and my mouth. My fevers have dissipated, I sleep well and I am thankful for this marvelous juice! P.S. I work in the dental industry!" Cheryl, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology present a free online video about the danger and toxicity of mercury amalgam fillings "In all chronic diseases heavy metals play a role. Heavy metals lead to chronic infections by fungi, bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses. But it is a big mistake to treat these infections without changing the milieu. We all have neuro toxins in our body. Under these neuro toxins mercury has a special importance, because it prevents detoxification. When mercury is removed, then the other toxins tumble out. Neuro toxins lead to "Neurotoxine mediated chronic illness".

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Removing dental work Carefully

Need help?Hal Huggins, D.D.S., M.S on Removing dental work could save your life Did you realize that your dentist can have as much of an impact on your overall health as your doctor? Chances are, your answer to this is no. But it's the truth. A truth that, unfortunately, is not being heard.

Mainstream physicians and dentists refuse to open their eyes to the connection between dentistry and medicine. While I've managed to help hundreds of patients eliminate their sickening symptoms and disease, the establishment continues to ignore the fact that what goes on in your mouth can have a great impact on what goes on in the rest of your body. And that their standard dental procedures are making people sick and putting your health at risk.

Be VERY Careful When Replacing Missing Teeth. A dental implant is one option for replacing missing or badly diseased teeth. It is composed of an artificial root that looks like a post or screw and is covered with a dental crown. Treatment involves the surgical placement of the implant into the jawbone, where it is allowed to fuse to the bone in a process called “osseointegration.” Once healed, the implant acts as an anchor for an artificial replacement tooth, or crown.

The crown is made to blend in with your other teeth and is permanently attached to the implant. A typical dental implant is made of pure titanium and/or a titanium alloy. In fact, titanium alloys are widely used in both medicine and dentistry, for dental implants, pacemakers, stents, orthodontal brackets, and orthopedic implants (e.g., hip, shoulder, knee, or elbow). Not only is titanium strong, but many consider it biocompatible: it forms an oxide layer when exposed to air, and this purportedly results in reduced corrosion and superior osseointegration. So why should you reject the standard titanium metal implant?

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Mercury Poisoning Recovery Stories After Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Lupus Recovery After Removal of 22 dental amalgam fillings

Moore suffered from lupus for 14 years. After taking control of her health care, though, and drawing on alternative therapies (usually called "complementary" therapies), she has "recovered." The hardest part of her return to health was the removal of 22 dental amalgam fillings. Books by lupus patients aren't unusual, but hers is the first to go into complementary medicine in detail. Nutrition and dietary supplements played major roles, Moore says, and naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and mind-body medicine were in the mix, too. The hardest part of her return to health was the removal of 22 dental amalgam fillings, which gave new meaning to the trendy saw "No pain, no gain" but produced increasingly noticeable improvement.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks the skin, blood vessels, joints, and other tissues of the body. It is believed that there may be a virus that causes the development of antibodies, which then attacks good body tissues. Visual symptoms may include a butterfly shaped rash on the checks or the nose or in other locations on the body. Woman make up 90% of the people with Lupus and it is even more prevalent in Asian women.

"In 2004 I began to experience a lot of joint swelling in my hands, shoulders, knees and ankles. That pain would simply jump around in my body without warning and I kept going to the doctor who concluded I had either strained a muscle or had a torn rotator cup. Eventually after CATS and MRIs showed no problems the doctor gave me a blood test and when it came back she said that I had Lupus.

I was prescribed a series of medications that made me very ill. After researching more about lupus it occurred to me that I needed to find a doctor that specialized in autoimmune deficiencies. I found a doctor who specialized in autoimmune diseases and after a series of blood test this doctor told me I had RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis. She said that my RA factors were over 200 and started me on a methotrexate, and other RA combo drugs including, prednisone, cortisone shots and painkillers. The side effects of the medications were at times unbearable.

A friend of mine who at one time had stage four pancreatic cancer introduced me to Marine Phytoplankton and suggested that I talk to a friend of hers for more information. After being on so many over the counter drugs and prescribed medications I was a bit reluctant but decided to try it 3 days after purchasing it. After all, I really had nothing to lose. Within the first half hour of taking the Marine Phytoplankton I felt. The swelling had left my hands, completely (this is where the RA had settled). Each day I continued to take 1 1/2 oz of the Marine Phytoplankton and I have not looked back.

It has only been 30 days and I have not taken any medications for arthritis. I have been pain free and I have not had any joint swelling. This is truly a miracle for me and it is what I have been looking for. I am recommending it to everyone I know that has RA. I believe that Marine Phytoplankton is the all-natural product that is healing my body from the inside out. You must give it a try." T. W.

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" It didn't take long for me to find dozens of sources that implied mercury poisoning was involved in ALS and MS, as well as many other "diseases", and that the most common source of mercury is from "silver" dental fillings. I was shocked that I had never heard of this before, but would later learn that by design, 95% of the population is unaware of this fact. I found articles and books that claimed many Need help?recoveries from MS after the SAFE removal of dental fillings. I even found one in a medical journal entitled "RECOVERY FROM AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS AND FROM ALERGIES FOLLOWING THE REMOVAL OF DENTAL AMALGAM FILLINGS" published in The Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine. The report documented the case of an unnamed woman in Sweden, who was diagnosed with ALS and was unable to walk. She fully recovered after just five months of removing her mercury fillings, and supplementing with selenium [Se] and vitamin E."

ERIC IS WINNING - Beating a Terminal Ilness with Nutrition, Avoiding Toxins and Common Sense. This book is a must read for anyone with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) or with a neurological disorder such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis or Alzheimer's Disease. The author, Eric Edney, has survived ALS for over 14 years. During the first few years of his ALS experience, Eric was able to gather a great deal of information about ALS and develop a program to beat it. Eric soon realized that he had more information about ALS than was available from any single source. Additionally, his theories and regimen are proving to be correct - they are working.

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Two amalgam fillings over looked in my teeth!
by YM, Ibaragi City, Japan, 28 years old. Feb.'96

Since I was a child, my skin was sensitive and I was prone to dry skin and infections especially around the elbows and the knees. It was nothing very serious and I was living a normal life just like others did. However, in the winter when I was 19, I all of a sudden started to itch all over my body. It was really abrupt. I literally scratch-ed myself from head to toe and to the extent that there was no spot left unscratched. My skin was smeared with blood. My condition seemed hopeless. I had no idea that amalgam, used in my dental treatment when I was 17 years old, was the cause of my eczema condition.

Quick recovery
One day I had a terrible toothache. One year and eight months prior to this, I had my amalgam filling removed to get rid of the cause of the atopic dermatitis, but the teeth were left unfilled since there was no dental material fit to use (in order to prevent allergic symptoms), and those teeth developed cavities! I went back to the same dentist who had removed the amalgam filling and had an Xray of all my teeth. Then, two amalgam fillings were discovered in my mouth that had been believed to be amalgam free! Since they were my wisdom teeth, I had them extracted.

But the discovery was shocking. Two months after the extraction, my skin became amazingly smooth. It was as though the bad substance was draining from my body. The pain that had haunted me day and night was suddenly lifted from me and I could sleep like a baby and get up feeling fine. It was such a quick recovery that I wondered if I really did have atopic derinatitis after all. The better I got the more I realized that the biggest cause, after all, was the two amalgam fillings forgotten in my teeth. As I realized this, I wanted an apology from my dentist, who overlooked those amalgam fillings.

It was no use regretting what had happened. I had to accept it. During those years filled with pain I fought face to face with my atopic eczema. With support from those around me, including Dr Kohdera and my family, I have learned a lot. I have learned that our bodies react even to such tiny dental fillings, and that the environment of one's house and the earth are really crucial to our health. Now I think those two years were not meaningless.

I am really happy that I met Dr Kohdera*, who gave me constant support regardless of my condition. My gratitude towards him cannot be expressed by mere words such as "thank you". I am truly, truly grateful. Now that I am healthy, my husband and I are thinking about having a second baby.

Now that I am finally free from the itching that almost drove me crazy, my everyday life is cheerful, joyous, and comfortable. I am filled with happiness and gratitude. But, to be truly honest, I still feel vexed and angry about what happened to me. I hope the day will come when all people who suffer from atopic derinatitits will recover just like I did and have smiles and laughter.

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Dr. Vinograd D.D.S. N.M.D. - "I was 35 years old and feeling like 80. I did not understand where all the symptoms I was experiencing came from - The brain fog, the insomnia, the digestive problems, the tired feeling that accompanied me every day, the irritability and bad breath. I could still remember feeling so much more healthy when I was younger, so vibrant and full of good quality energy. At first, I attributed feeling unhealthy to the aging process. And when I finally realized that what I was feeling was not normal aging. I felt like I had hit a dead end.

My blood tests did not show any abnormalities other than a high Candida count, but when I researched the various approaches to eradicate Candida, I was surprised to find that the fungus has a direct relationship with heavy metal toxicity. Apparently, our bodies 'farm' the Candida to have them help absorb some of the toxicity created in our bodies from the heavy metals. I then ran some test to uncover the possibility of being burdened by other heavy metals. After Urine Toxic Elements and Fecal Metals tests (at Doctor's Data Medical Laboratory), Hair Analysis (at Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory), and a Syncrometer Test of my saliva samples, what I found was shocking.

Need help? All tests revealed abnormal levels of various metals; including arsenic, nickel and lead (I suppose that although labeled abnormal they are quite common). However, it was my mercury levels that were off the charts, and appeared consistently in every test. Where was this mercury coming from? We know now that certain fish have been identified as carrying unusually high levels of mercury (the government's Environmental Protection Agency now carries strict warnings) As a dentist, I suspected the mercury did not solely come from the fish. As most dentists, I had been indoctrinated to believe that amalgam (silver) fillings, were perfectly safe.

Could my use of amalgams, both in my patient's mouth and on my own be a source of mercury toxicity? As it turns out, not only do I believe that to be the case, but dentists are now being compelled by law to disclose to their patients the potential dangers of amalgam use. I am happy to be able to report that I am now 51 years old and feel like 20. I have spent the bulk of my time developing a protocol to help patients detoxify (perhaps driven by some guilt over the many years I used amalgams on my patients). I have explored therapies with intravenous chelating agents (DMSA, EDTA, DMPS), finding them expensive and very harsh on the body. I have looked into sublingual herbal and homeopathic preparation, finding some of them somewhat useful, but quite expensive (one such preparation was retailing for $150.00 for one ounce bottle, needing several bottles).

Consumers for Dental Choice (CDC) was established in 1996 by consumer advocates, mercury poisoning victims, scientists and mercury-free dentists as a 501(3)(c) non profit organization. The purpose of the organization is to promote access to mercury-free dentistry; to legislate informed consent before placement of mercury amalgams; and, to ultimately abolish the use of mercury in dental restorations.

OraMedia - Dental Self-Sufficiency", the web site devoted entirely to 'preventive' dentistry was established to promote the works of Dr. Robert O. Nara, who fought a long battle with the American Dental Association and others in his profession over his views on promoting 'preventive' dentistry in the face of traditional 'restorative' dentistry. According to OraMedia's Director and site Editor, Tom Cornwell, "The cause and cure of periodontal (gum) disease was discovered well over 100 years ago. The BIG money, however, is in treating the 'symptoms' of the disease, and not the 'prevention' of it. The focus at OraMedia is teaching people to understand what causes the disease, and how to very easily control it."

"This should be good news to health-conscious people, and to parents especially," he adds. "In a business where, just 'dentures' alone is a $30 BILLION a year industry, I think there's probably a little room for 'preventive dentistry' for those willing to take on the responsibility for their own teeth. It is estimated that 98% of ALL Americans suffer from some stage of periodontal disease."

The major majority of the information at the Oramedia site is free for the reading, downloading and re-publishing. Books and tapes of Dr. Nara's work will also be made available.

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How To Neutralize and Detox Mercury Poisoning

Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Naturopaths who hold that illness can be healed by the natural processes of the body are the most vigorous supporters of detoxification, since they believe that the primary cause of disease is the accumulation of un-eliminated wastes. When the body's natural cleansing systems are no longer up to the task, proponents of detoxification say everyone should detoxify at some point.

Glutathione Plays a Critical Role in the Cellular Detoxification Processes

A severe deficiency in glutathione means poor ability to detoxify environmental toxins, particularly mercury.

The level of Glutathione in our cells is predictive of how long we will live. Glutathione is a master antioxidant, an important line of defense against diseases, toxins, viruses, pollutants, radiation and oxidative stress. A Glutathione deficiency can cause a lack of coordination, mental disorders, tremors, and difficulty maintaining balance. Glutathione is continuously defending our body against attacks from disease, toxins, poisons, viruses, pollutants, radiation and oxidative stress. Glutathione is manufactured by every one of our trillions of cells and is one of the most important healing and cleansing agents. Glutathione acts as a detoxifying agent by combining with undesirable substances and ridding the body of them through urine and bile .

Paul Rothe (June, 2003) In November of 1999, I had a minor pulmonary cardiac infarct (heart attack). Four months later, I tested 30% above the cardio-pulmonary fitness norm for my age (then 60), with good cardiac blood flow. I then visited a naturopathic physician who explained mercury's tendency, among numerous other negative effects, to disrupt the calcium balance important in blood vessel contractions. My attack was attributed to an arterial spasm. I was under considerable emotional stress at the time.

I had my silver/mercury-based dental amalgams replaced with composite material in July of 2000, dental fillings being a common source of mercury toxicity. I then underwent a series of mercury chelations through a naturopahic physician to remove the mercury residue still present in my body. At that time, I had a blood mercury reading of 66 ppm on a 'normal' reference range of 0 - 49 ppm*, considerably beyond the range of acceptability. After a series of 12 chelations, which were expensive and tend to be hard on the body, my blood mercury was reduced to 40 ppm by September 19, 2002 a noticeable improvement.

On May 28, 2003, after taking three or more packs (30 g) of Immunocal ¨ per day for 8.5 months (mid September to the end of May), the same test for blood mercury as used previously returned a value of 28 ppm. I had changed nothing in my habits that would account for the 12 ppm drop since the September, 2001, test, other than the fact I had been taking HMS 90¨/Immunocal¨ daily over that period. I have been told that this is much higher than the amount which could have been removed through the passive excretion of mercury from my body without any special treatments.

This is far from a controlled study, but it does seem consistent with Medline studies which verify glutathione's ability to chelate mercury in mice, rats, and perch. If I hadn't had other health issues (non-life threatening) and a relatively active and regular regime of swimming, cycling and walking, not to mention general busyness to 'soak up' some of the HMS 90¨/Immunocal¨ through activity-induced oxidative stress, the amount of mercury purged from my system might have been greater.

Overall, my physical wellbeing has been transformed from that of a pain-plagued middle-ager (including limiting arthritis in my right knee) in less than a year to someone who feels 20 years younger. I experience this in the form of improved overall energy, enhanced physical performance and recovery, better sleep. I am even noticing signs of anti-aging, such as improved eyesight for reading, fading age spots and wrinkles, more rapidly growing nails, and even a returning hairline! To what else could these changes be attributed other than HMS 90¨/Immunocal¨? All tests, for which records are on file, were requested through my family physician, the last two of which were run at the same hospital lab facility. As a detoxifier, glutathione is capable of removing a wide range of toxins from the body.

Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD - "Clinical evidence links low glutathione levels to the most common illnesses of our time as well as newly emerging diseases. Glutathione levels diminish as we age and many diseases normally associated with aging have been linked to glutathione deficiency."

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Mercury Detoxifying Medicinal Clay Treatment: Simple Clay Bath

Clay bath therapy treatment for healing and detoxification "A few years ago, I was diagnosed with heavy metal and chemical poisoning. Among the many toxic substances in my body, mercury from the fillings in my teeth was a major culprit. Having neither health insurance nor the money to pay for these expensive treatments, I began searching for alternative ways to eliminate these poisons--a major cause of immune system breakdown--and thus, the source of various diseases.

Eventually, my search led me to a book, Using Energy to Heal, by Wendell Hoffman. Through his own research, Hoffman found that a special bentonite clay used in a bath can actually draw out toxic chemicals through the pores of the skin. After many experiments, he concluded that optimum results are obtained by immersing oneself in a tub of very warm water mixed with a special bentonite clay for exactly 20 minutes!"

Cilantro Helps Eliminate Mercury, Lead, and Aluminum

Yoshiaki Omura, MD, director of medical research at the Heart Disease Foundation and president of the International College of Acupuncture in New York, reported that after finding he had been heavily exposed to mercury, he accidentally discovered that when cilantro is taken in a lightly cooked form it causes a massive excretion of mercury via the urine.

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D recommends cilantro as one of the best means to remove mercury from the brain. His clinical research has found that 5 grams (teaspoonful) a day is the minimum dose. Fresh cilantro can be prepared by finely chopping eight or more heaping teaspoons, steeping in approximately one quart (or one liter) just boiled chicken broth or water, covered for twenty minutes. Be sure to avoid using metalic cookware, since cilantro is a powerful metal chelator. Use only Pyrex or Corningware! The tea or broth may then be sipped throughout the day. This will have to be continued for at least two to three months to be sufficiently effective in most cases of elevated mercury levels.

Mercury and B12 vitamin (Methylcobalamin)

The transport of vitamin B12 to the brain can be disturbed or interrupted by heavy metals such as inorganic mercury, which affects the blood-brain barrier by causing leakage and hampering the active transport of nutrients. Exposure to laughing gas (N2O), commonly given to women in labour, causes similar B12 deficiencies in the brain of the infant, and sometimes in mothers with low B12 levels (and the anaesthetist). When used as a sedative in connection with an operation, the gas can cause irreparable damage in an individual with B12 deficiency.

The administration of relatively high doses of vitamin B12, in the form of methylcobalamin, in the treatment of fibromyalgia, diabetics, Multiple Sclerosis, and amalgam-related disorders has been gradually increasing in Sweden since the end of the 80's. The results are remarkable. Some of the disorders that may be preventable or treatable with methylcobalamin, include chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathies, Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy and neurological aging. METHYL B-12 Methylocobalamin 1000 mcg

02-01-1999 Japanese scientists have identified a form of vitamin B12 that protects against neurological disease and aging by a unique mechanism that differs from current therapies. Some of the disorders that may be preventable or treatable with this natural vitamin therapy, called methylcobalamin, include chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathies, Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy and neurological aging. Americans have immediate access to this unique and new form of vitamin B12, and, unlike prescription drugs, it costs very little and is free of side effects.

Need help? Vitamin B12 is a general label for a group of essential biological compounds knows as cobalamins. The cobalamins are structurally related to hemoglobin in the blood, and a deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause anemia. The primary concern of conventional doctors is to maintain adequate cobalamin status to protect against anemia.

The most common form of vitamin B12 is called cyanocobalamin. However, over the last ten years, a number of central and peripheral neurological diseases have been linked to a deficiency of a very specific cobalamin, the methylcobalamin form, that is required to protect against neurological diseases and aging. The liver converts a small amount of cyanocobalamin into methylcobalamin within the body, but larger amounts of B-12 methylcobalamin are necessary to correct neurological defects and protect against aging.

Published studies show that high doses of methylcobalamin are needed to regenerate neurons as well as the myelin sheath that protects nerve axons and peripheral nerves.

Alpha-lipoic acid has been used for detoxification of heavy metal poisoning in Europe. This is taking advantage of its ability as a chelator instead of its antioxidant function, but there is fairly decent evidence showing its beneficial effects against cadmium and mercury poisoning."

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Is Fluoride in Mouthwash and Toothpaste Safe?

Over the years an enormous amount of research and study has gone into the use of fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste. Cancer, diabetes, thyroid and neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis have all been linked to chronic fluoride ingestion.

Excerpt from "The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth" booklet:
"Fluoride detaches the gum tissue, forming POCKETS from 1 to 8 mm deep. Dr. Judd states, “Receding gum surgery will end when the GUM POCKETS cease. The very mention of the procedure, which involves transferring flesh from the roof of the mouth to the excised area of the gums, is a heinous and useless procedure which ought to pass into oblivion. Fluoride is a nerve poison. FLUORIDE CAUSES CAVITIES. There is not the slightest doubt. Dr. Judd states, “TO AVOID FLUORIDE IS TO PREVENT MORE THAN 114 AILMENTS.. These 114 MEDICAL SIDE EFFECTS extend all the way from cancer down to headaches CAUSED BY 1 PPM FLUORIDE IN THE WATER. Thirteen of these side effects are proved by a double blind study on 60 patients by 12 physicians, 1 pharmacist and 1 attorney.”

Spokesmen for national groups are beginning to notice AN ALARMING RISE IN CAVITIES AMONG CHILDREN AND TEENS. Some dentists recommend DENTAL SEALANTS, especially for older teens not previously considered candidates for the treatment. But if sealants are now ordered, AREN’T DENTISTS ADMITTING NO CONFIDENCE IN THE ABILITY OF FLUORIDE TO PREVENT CAVITIES??? Says Dr. Judd, “REMOVAL OF FLUORIDE FROM DRINKING WATER, PASTES OR GELS SAVES THE ENZYME ADENOSINE DIPHOSPHATASE so it can deliver phosphate to calcium at the tooth surface, RESULTING IN A BEAUTIFUL, SEMI-FLEXIBLE ENAMEL.” And for those that care about wrinkles and such... Fluoride disrupts the connective tissue, causing excessive cross-linking, cysts, and premature aging of the skin! Clearly, getting rid of fluoride is the first important step to take care of your teeth and other problems in the body.

Dr Robert Verkerk - “Fluorides are extremely reactive molecules which have been shown to cause considerable harm in biological systems. They continue to be used by health authorities for a specific medicinal purpose, namely the treatment and prevention of dental caries, yet they have never been subjected to the full risk/benefit analysis which is required in order to bring other drugs to the market. Drinking water medicated with fluoride clearly amounts to government-sponsored use of an unlicensed drug. It is staggering that international bodies such as the United Nations’ Codex Alimentarius Commission could have overruled the substantial scientific concerns about fluoride in infant formula raised by several countries in November’s Codex meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand and that babies, the most vulnerable members of our society, are made the innocent victims” Dr Robert Verkerk, Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health

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