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Therapeutic Clay Bath Treatment for Health and Detoxification

Since antiquity people have used clay and mineral baths for detoxing and healing. Over the course of time there have been untold numbers of people that have attributed healing benefits to these therapeutic baths. Today we can experience these healing baths in the convenience of our own home. Soaking in a bath with calcium Bentonite clay is the mineral hydrotherapy solution coveted by those who visit the most celebrated health spas. A therapeutic clay bath is exceptionally detoxifying and nourishing to the skin plus the cleansing benefits of a clay bath are effective in ways that bath salts cannot be. When you languish in a mineralized colloidal clay bath, your body is immersed in microscopic particles that transport nutrients to your skin and helping to pull unhealthy metals, chemicals and toxins from your body with a powerful ionic transdermal cleanse. The negatively charged clay particles attract the positively charged toxins and heavy metals very effectively supporting the detoxifying process.A therapeutic clay bath can revitalize personal energy, and restore your tranquility, stamina and spirit. The therapeutic revitalization will stimulate immune system support as an added benefit completing the rejuvenating experience.

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Clay Bath Therapy

Woman taking clay bath Undoubtedly we live in a toxic world. Your skin is exposed to many foreign substances and man-made chemicals. Our bodies are continuously in the process of an internal cleansing and sometimes store excess toxins in our skin. There is a safe, effective and powerful way to detoxify by immersing yourself in a clay bath in the comfort of your home. Relax and let any worries, aches and pains dissolve away as you detox naturally with clay from Mother Earth.

Not just any clay will do!

It is of primary importance to use the best clay for optimum results. There are hundreds of clays on the market today and each one has a different analyses. They range from common health store brands to exotically branded and priced green and rose clays. Some brands of clay, including those at health food stores, may contain chemical emulsifiers, adjuncts, or dyes so it is a good idea to read the clay product label carefully. Because there are many clay attributes such as pH, grain size, type of clay and chemical composition that determine effectiveness to pull out toxic metals and chemicals, careful selection of your bath clay is important.

Premium Bath Clays have these Qualities:

  • Clay originates from a clean unadulterated source
  • No adjuncts or chemicals are added to the final product
  • Natural milled clay is best. Not heated or bleached as this can ruin the clay's healing properties
  • Calcium Bentonite clays are the best with Montmorillonite belonging to that group
  • The finer the particulates of the clay the better
  • High persistent negative ionic charge of the clay will have the greatest ability to detox just like a magnet attracting metal filings
  • Clays having a moderate alkaline pH of 8.0 - 8.5 are best because of maximum effectiveness
  • Macro balanced 55 plus ionic, colloidal trace elements, including silica, magnesium, and zinc

Premium Montmorillonite clay with a high negative ionic charge has been shown to be able to literally pull pollutants out like a magnet, getting rid of years of toxic accumulation in just one bath. Detoxification symptoms are less than from internal chelation methods, and results can happen much more quickly. Clay baths have been scientifically proven to release toxic metals and chemicals from the body, and are affordable to take them.

Shirley Recommends: The Colorado clay lady, Barbara, volunteers her time to assist visitors of this website. She can help you with your questions, place your clay orders and can be reached at 970-731-0883 or go to our Healthy Lifestyle Store to review clay bath products.

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Note from Shirley

Note from ShirleyI use the Terramin clay in my drinking water everyday and also add it to my dog's food and drinking water. I sprinkle one or two tablespoons of calcium montmorillonite clay into a quart of alkaline ionized water. Unlike the pascalite, Terramin clay is not gritty. It is pretty tasteless. Clay has done wonders for my health. I also add clay to my bath water. I use Terrabathe Soaking Clay and use about 3 to 5 cups in my bath water. To avoid creating clumps, I sprinkle clay over the hot water and let it stand without steering. Within 5 minutes or so, the clay will have dissolved into the water and sank at the bottom. Steering clay in water before it has a chance to dissolves on its own will inevitably create clumps which will be more difficult to dissolve.

Medicinal Clay Bath treatment

by Lauana Lei

Clay bath therapy treatment for healing and detoxification "A few years ago, I was diagnosed with heavy metal and chemical poisoning. Among the many toxic substances in my body, mercury from the fillings in my teeth was a major culprit. Having neither health insurance nor the money to pay for these expensive treatments, I began searching for alternative ways to eliminate these poisons--a major cause of immune system breakdown--and thus, the source of various diseases. Eventually, my search led me to a book, Using Energy to Heal, by Wendell Hoffman. Through his own research, Hoffman found that a special bentonite (a very fine volcanic clay) used in a bath can actually draw out toxic chemicals through the pores of the skin. After many experiments, he concluded that optimum results are obtained by immersing oneself in a tub of very warm water mixed with a special bentonite clay for exactly 20 minutes!"

Specially formulated clay baths have been shown to be able to literally pull pollutants out like a magnet, getting rid of years of toxic accumulation in just one bath. Detoxification symptoms are less than from internal chelation methods, and results can happen much more quickly. These clay baths have been scientifically proven to release toxic metals and chemicals from the body, and they are so inexpensive that anyone can afford to take them.

Protect yourself from Pharmaceuticals in your Water with Calcium Bentonite Clay

Cheryl McCoy

Armed with the proper information, theres no reason to fear the latest news about toxins and pharmaceutical drugs being found in your water. Not to say that this news isn't alarming. Measures must be taken to remove these harmful substances from our eco-system. But until the day that dream becomes a reality, you can protect yourself and your loved ones with calcium bentonite clay. Taken internally, calcium bentonite clay safely removes toxins from your system.

How does Bentonite clay work?

Bentonite clay carries a uniquely strong negative ionic charge which causes it to magnetically attract any substance with a positive ionic charge (i.e., bacteria, toxins, metals, etc.). These substances are both adsorbed (sticking to the outside like Velcro) and absorbed (drawn inside) by the clay molecules. Your body doesn't digest clay, so the clay passes through your system, collecting the toxins, and removing them as the clay is eliminated. Its like a little internal vacuum cleaner. In his book The Clay Cure, Ran Knishinsky states it this way:

The clay's immediate action upon the body is directly on the digestive channel. This involves the clay actually binding with the toxic substances and removing them from the body with the stool. It performs this job with every kind of toxin, including those from the environment, such as heavy metals, and those that occur naturally as by-products of the body's own health processes, such as metabolic toxins. It's hard to believe that the body produces its own toxins, but that may happen as a result of stress, inefficient metabolism, or the proliferation of free radicals. The body has no problem ridding itself of the clay. Don't worry about a tiny brick house being built in the middle of your colon. The clay assists the body's elimination process by acting as a bulking agent, similar to psyllium fiber, sweeping out the old matter that doesn't need to be there. It is not digested in the same manner as food as it passes through the alimentary canal. Instead, it stimulates intestinal peristalsis, the muscular contractions that move food and stool through the bowels. The clay and the adsorbed toxins are both eliminated together; this keeps the toxins from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Clay works on the entire organism. No one part of the body is left untouched by its healing energies. I don't know of another supplement that is quite as capable as clay of producing such a wide range of positive reactions."

Barbara, Meadowsweet and dog Sadie Shirley Recommends: The Colorado clay lady, Barbara, volunteers her time to assist visitors of this website. She can help you with your questions, place your clay orders and can be reached at 970-731-0883.

How do we use the Bentonite clay?
In this day and age, theres virtually no way to isolate yourself from the toxins that surround us. In our air, in our food, in the ground beneath our feet, Nature's own miracle cureand obviously now in our water, the contaminants abound. However, with Bentonite clay, you can keep yourself healthy and vibrant.

Nature's own Miracle Cure

Perry A~, author of Living Clay: Natures Own Miracle Cure, suggests the following protocol to keep yourself internally cleansed. First, clay must be taken internally. You can either eat hydrated clay paste or drink liquefied clay. A good Bentonite clay will be very smooth and creamy and have virtually no taste. One to two tablespoons of hydrated clay daily is the recommend amount for adults. If youre drinking liquefied clay, start with one to two ounces twice a day made with 1 part of dry powder calcium Bentonite clay to 8 parts of water.

Perry A~ also recommends taking clay baths twice a week. Clay baths help keep your body cleansed by pulling toxins through the pores. To prepare a clay bath, scatter about 2 cups of Bentonite clay powder into the bath water as its running, and use your hands to swish away any lumps that might form. Or you can simply add 4 cups or more of liquefied Bentonite clay to your bath. A clay bath should last ideally between 15-20 minutes in extremely hot water and longer in a less hot bath. Submerge as much of your body as possible during the bath. The more clay that is used in the therapy, the more powerful the response.

Which clay should we use?

According to Jason Eaton (www.EytonsEarth.org) the best healing clay is a natural clay that has not been processed (heated or bleached). The cleaning process removes many of the healing qualities of the clay. You want a raw, clean, natural, swelling clay (one that expands when mixed with water). Perry A~ recommends using natural calcium Bentonite clay due to its high pH and uniquely strong adsorption and absorption abilities. It's best to choose a fine-milled clay, preferably one milled to 325 mesh. This ensures that once the clay is hydrated or liquefied, it will not be gritty. Also, when choosing a company from which to purchase your clay, make certain they can provide a chemical analysis of their clay, along with lab testing to prove its purity. If they can't or won't provide such documents, you should look elsewhere.

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Time to Detox

There are now over sixty five thousand hazardous chemicals being used in commercial production in the United States, with new chemicals being tested in the U.S. at a rate of more than 6,000 per week. I believe that future generations will look back on our times with a mixture of shock and amazement, at how we seem to have abandoned all common sense in favor of these "high technology breakthroughs". It's time to detoxify...You will feel better, live longer, and be healthier!

Natural Healing from the EarthThe Clay Cure by Ran Knishinsky

"Naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system, clay can treat ailments affecting digestion, circulation, menstruation, and the liver, skin, and prostate. Clay also remedies symptoms of arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, gum diseases, and migraines. The Clay Cure contains complete and up-to-date information on choosing the appropriate type and form of clay, how and when to take it for your specific complaint, the science and history of ingesting clay, and the value of minerals contained in the many varieties of clay. "

Ran Knishinsky says that he eats clay everyday, that it is part of his diet. He never skip a day without eating clay. On page 95 suggests the following : infants: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon (in a bottle), Small frame: one teaspoon, Medium frame: one heaping teaspoon, Large frame: one tablespoon.

Clay provides an impressive assortment of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, manganese, and silica as well as trace elementsthose appearing in very tiny amounts. Without the basic minerals, life cannot exist; without the trace minerals, major deficiencies will develop. The lack of either will make it impossible for the body to maintain good health.

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