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Healing Psoriasis Naturally - Alternative Medicine

Psoriasis, a chronic, inflammatory skin disease characterized by an uncontrolled shedding of the skin, afflicts millions of people throughout the world. For centuries, the cause and cure for psoriasis has eluded scientific research, and to this day it remains a mystery from the orthodox point of view. From a holistic point of view, the cause of psoriasis is not a mystery and cures have been achieved with natural means.

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Beyond Antibotics

vaccine danger sick dog

Doctors and parents expose how vaccines are crippling our children;
Dr. David Ayoub, M.D. lectures on Vaccines, Mercury, Autism and other disease

Dr. Allan Somersall M.D - "To raise glutathione levels is to reduce premature oxidation, to quench destructive free radicals and help detoxify the poisons inside each cell when it needs to. Only Immunocal is clinically proven to do that in a safe, effective and convenient way."

How Immunocal Can Raise Glutathione GSH Level in Our Cells and Optimize The Immune System

The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About "The medical establishment works closely with the drug multinationals whose main objective is profits, and whose worst nightmare would be an epidemic of good health. Lots of drugs MUST be sold. In order to achieve this, anything goes: lies, fraud, and kickbacks. Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug companies." Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.

Side Effects or Flu Vaccine, H1N1, and Tamiflu Drug Dangerous Side Effects or Flu Vaccine, and Flu Drugs

NFL cheerleader suffers brain damage after getting flu shot (watch the video). Medical doctors warning about dangerous side effects of flu vaccine and flu drug.

Re-awaken Your Body's Healing Power With Marine Phytoplankton, Mother's Nature's Milk From the Ocean Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. says that marine phytoplankton contains almost everything one needs to sustain life and to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. These nutrients improve mental function, and memory. They reduce depression, harmful effects of stress, and mood swings. Profound Life-Giving Properties of Marine Phytoplankton

Edible clay therapy The Native Americans call it "Ee-Wah-Kee meaning"The-Mud-That-Heals." In addition to the role it plays as a potent detoxifier, therapeutic clay has also been used extensively in the treatment of pain, open wounds, colitis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, intestinal problems, acne, anemia, and a variety of other health issues. more

Healing Teas Teas Are One of The Most Effective Ways to Benefit from Nature's Healing Herbs

Teas can help fight depression and anxiety, heal skin conditions and gastrointestinal disorders, regulate hormone imbalances, improve your sex life, prevent illness, and help you heal faster. Many diseases and conditions for which we turn to modern medicine can also be treated naturally with healing herbs. These treatments can be safer, less expensive and possibly even more effective than traditional methods.

Green Pharma Dr. Myklebust, MD: "Teas are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols which are plant chemicals that may help prevent cancer, heart disease, and other diseases"

Magnesium Therapy

Magnesium Therapyy: Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, and bones strong - "Magnesium deficiency can affect virtually every organ system of the body. With regard to skeletal muscle, one may experience twitches, cramps, muscle tension, muscle soreness, including back aches, neck pain, tension headaches and jaw joint (TMJ) dysfunction." Dr. Sidney Baker

Natural Stem Cell Enhancers

Natural Stem Cell Enhancers

The first natural plant-based stem cells have shown to trigger the release of millions of adult stem cells from the bone marrow very quickly. These stem cells can then migrate and attach to any cells, tissue, bone, muscle, cartilage, organ anywhere in the body needing repair.

Parasites Infections in Humans and Animals

truth behind the AIDS propaganda
AIDS/HIV/AZT: truth behind the propaganda

Detoxification comes in many forms and refers to many different programs that cleanse the body of toxins. Chemicals and Toxins Are The Primary Cause of Illness, Disease and Obesity. Detoxification comes in many forms and refers to many different programs that cleanse the body of toxins. Detoxification for Optimum Health

Ultra-fine all mineral facial support complex

Healing psoriasis: a drugless approach

Dr. Mercola - "We can solve well over 90% of the all chronic diseases with simple, inexpensive natural therapies. Following the eating plan and radically reducing grain and sugar intake while optimizing omega 6:3 fat ratio will likely reduce over 50% of the health problems Americanscurrently experience. I know this is true because I have successfully treated many thousands of patients from all over the country with these techniques." Steroids (Cortisone) - Cortisone creams, ointments, and lotions commonly prescribed for skin disease may clear the skin temporarily and control the condition in many patients. Side effects from steroids include thinning of the skin, dilated blood vessels, bruising, and skin color changes. Stopping these medications suddenly may result in a flare-up of the disease. After many months of treatment, the psoriasis may become resistant to the steroid preparations.

Healing Psoriasis is a comprehensive report which outlines Dr. Pagano's psoriasis regimen and chronicles the results his patients have attained by using his natural procedures which are drug-free, without tar baths, injections, or ultraviolet treatments. The 300 recipes in the cookbook follow the principles of the regimen.

The Pagano diet, as detailed in the book Healing Psoriasis by chiropractor John Pagano, uses the idea of restoring a healthy digestive track to solve the problem of psoriasis. The implication is that the build up of toxicity leads psoriatics to expel toxins through secondary systems, namely the skin. Pagano suggests a regimen of herbal teas, apple-fasting, spinal adjustments, colonics and a suggested dietary ratio of80% fruits and veggies to 20% starches and protein. While some have found regimen to be a bit ‘extreme’ or ‘unworkable’, Pagano does provide excellent information on many ‘flare foods’ and offers a number of pictures and testimonials, suggesting that some of his recommendations can be quite valuable.

"The book Healing Psoriasis perceives psoriasis, as well as eczema, as having its origin in The Intestinal Tract. Viewed from the inside-out, rather than from the outside-in, a whole new approach to the disease evolves.This concept, first promulgated by the late Edgar Cayce, identifies the problem as a build-up of toxins (poisons) in the system making their way through the skin, but not originating in the skin. He sites a primary cause as being due to thin, porous, intestinal walls allowing these toxic elements to "seep" through (now referred to as "The Leaky Gut Syndrome"). He further emphasizes that a proper DIET and adequate ELIMINATIONS are a major part of the solution. This book proves the efficacy of this theory by documented case histories, patient affidavits and striking before and after photographs.

Psoriasis Causes Disability That Equals Other Major Medical Diseases

The comparison of psoriasis with other chronic, debilitating medical and psychiatric conditions suggests that, though not life threatening, psoriasis can severely threaten the quality of life. It ranked even more detrimental to quality of life than even angina or hypertension. From the results of this study, it appears that psoriasis can be physically and emotionally debilitating and is not simply a cosmetic nuisance.

Psoriasis interferes with daily functions, generates psychological distress, and disrupts social relationships. The findings of the study confirmed what psoriasis sufferers have long known – psoriasis can cause as much disability as other major medical diseases.

Health-related quality of life (HRQL) is an evaluation of the influences of a patient’s current health status and on their ability to achieve and maintain a level of overall functioning that allows them to pursue valued life goals. The HRQL assesses eight domains of health status: physical functioning, role functioning related to physical status, bodily pain, general health, vitality, social functioning, role functioning related to emotional status, and mental health.

Patients with psoriasis reported reduction in physical functioning and mental functioning comparable to that seen in cancer, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Some aspects closely associated with a negative impact on the physical dimension of HRQL include burning sensations, joint pain, and how the bones/joints look. "Scales falling off" was predictive of higher physical functioning, indicating that patients who report better physical functioning tend to be bothered more by scales falling off.

Elimination of the symptom is NOT the same as elimination of the disease. (detail). I was on cortisone (steroids) for 9 years in an attempt to suppress my eczema. Its side effects nearly killed me in the process.

The fastest way to restore wellness is to stop putting into the body the things that have caused the physical problem to develop in the first place, and then give the body the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild itself. The holistic approach treats the whole person, ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself.

Note from Shirley - I am all too familiar with the debilitating pains of skin disease because I suffered from life long severe eczema - some doctors said it was psoriasis (see my testimonial). It wasn't until 1998 that I achieved a complete cure with natural means. The reason that a skin disease like eczema and psoriasis can cripple a person's physical and mental aptitude as described above is not understood by most people. Holistic doctors view eczema and psoriasis as symptoms of a "blood disease" which occurs when eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.) malfunction, causing toxins to accumulate in the blood which can affect mental clarity and aptitude. The body attempts to compensate for faulty eliminative organs by excreting these toxins through the skin which is the largest eliminative organ next to the liver. (In his book, Healing Psoriasis, Dr. Pagano explains how build up of toxicity leads psoriatics to expel toxins through secondary systems, namely the skin.) More on Blood Purifiers. The two major steps I had to take to ignite my internal healing forces:

  • Eliminate from my diet and environment all offending elements to which my body was susceptible to. Mainly, I had to eliminate starchy foods from my diet (flour, rice, pasta, potatoes), as well as dairy products and most cooked or processed foods). (see my testimonial for detail)
  • Provide my body with vitally important nutrients that it required to begin the healing process and to support the immune system. Such nutrients include tonic herbal formulas

Alteratives / Blood Purifiers / Detoxification

Alteratives are herbs which alter (purify) the blood. Most herbs for blood purification promote the cleaning action of the spleen, liver, kidneys and bowels. These herbs should be used over a long period of time, allowing gradual detoxification of the entire blood stream which in turn, will improve digestion, assimilation and glandular secretions. Bad habits and poor diet must be corected to remove the cause of the toxicity of the blood. Infections, cancer, arthritis and skin disease are some of the diseases caused by impure blood.

  • Ayurtox (Detox) and AyurGold (Holistic Blood Care) are natural supplements geared towards cleansing and detoxifying your body and enriching your overall health based on Ayurveda - the Oldest and Most Comprehensive Medical System Available.
  • Cat's Claw Uña de Gato (Cat's Claw) is known as a cleanser. It supports the digestive system, intestinal tract and helps with bowel functions
  • Sangre de Drago is used widely in the Rainforest for its ability to assist in repairing/regenerating healthy body tissue and skin. It is one of the strongest natural antioxidants known.
  • Illumination help energize, cleanse, detoxify, strengthen, and revitalize, feeding virtually every organ and system of the body, promoting peak performance in our everyday lives.
  • Gravizon circulatory and lymphatic support formula (assist in cleansing the blood)
  • Fiberzon supports a healthy colon - Fiberon is a synergistic blend of fibers and botanicals recognized for centuries for their cleansing properties. As an internal cleansing program.

Persimmon leaf is anti-allergic and anti-pruritic in composition; in other words, an allergy or itching preventive food. Furthermore, research has proven the therapeutic effect of persimmon leaf extract on those suffering from dermatitis. The preventive effect of persimmon leaf extract on the dermatitis was dose-dependent and a continuous intake of persimmon leaf extract significantly decreased its onset and development. As well, studies have shown that supplementation of persimmon leaf improves lipid profiles and suppresses body weight gain in animals that were fed high-fat diets. It is also used topically in some beauty products to help to clarify the skin and eliminate dull and dark areas.

Persimmon has been cultivated in Japan for at least 1,000 years, where it is considered the national fruit. So it only seems natural that Japanese researchers discovered that the main flavonoid in persimmon—astragalin—inhibits the release of histamine in mice suffering from atopic dermatitis. When the mice were given persimmon extract, they exhibited fewer behavioral symptoms, such as scratching and biting their skin. There was also a reduction of serum IgE, the antibodies produced in response to an allergen. Additionally, tissue samples showed there was less inflammation and thickening of the skin. Persimmon Leaves are part of Dr. Miller's VelociTea Detox Tea Ingredients

Formulated by Dr. Bill Miller, Ph.D. in Nutritional Science, the VelociTea Holy Tea is a unique herbal blend of safe, all-natural ingredients designed to promote healing by gently cleansing the digestive tract, detoxifying the body, improving skin condition. The "Holy Tea" name is taken from the traditional name of one of the ingredients, a widely-used medicinal herb known as Holy Thistle or Blessed Thistle, and is not intended to imply any religious significance - although grateful users who experienced remarkable health improvements after drinking Holy Tea often thank God for this gift of healing! In contemporary herbalism, Blessed Thistle is used to treat liver and skin and mucous congestion, and remove parasites such as worms and flukes from the colon.

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Psoriasis and Your Immune System

One of the most important discoveries about psoriasis is that it's more than just a skin disease; it's a chronic inflammatory disorder of the immune system, known as autoimmune condition. This system includes a type of white blood cell, called a T cell, that normally helps protect the body against infection and disease. Scientists now think that, in psoriasis, an abnormal immune system causes activity by T cells in the skin. These T cells trigger the inflammation and excessive skin cell reproduction seen in people with psoriasis. It is believed that you must have a genetic tendency to be susceptible to the condition. But once your immune system is triggered, it sends a false alarm to your skin cells, telling them that they’ve been damaged. The skin cells react by attempting to repair this “damage.” They begin reproducing at an accelerated rate (the process that takes roughly 26 days in normal skin now occurs in about 5), rising to the skin surface, dying, and building up there. The skin surface thickens. As blood vessels expand and more blood flows to the skin, it becomes red. The result is the flaky, red patches you know as plaques. Because psoriasis is a condition of the immune system, researchers have turned their efforts toward medicines that target the immune system directly.

Kenneth Bock, MD - "Because transfer factors can function as immune system modulators, they can help to restore immune system balance in many types of clinical situations."Kenneth Bock, MD, best selling author on immune system modulation.

Richard Bennett, PhD - "The immunity provided by transfer factors is long lived and can help all ages who are suffering from a variety of ailments or those who want to stay well. The unfolding events surrounding Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, (SARS) is yet another painful reminder that we live in a crowded world where continents are only a plane ride away. The SARS epidemic is only one of an ongoing series of new emerging diseases. Our best global and personal strategy is to do all in our power to ensure and support our unique abilities of disease resistance and immunity” Dr. Bennett is an Infectious Disease Microbiologist and Immunologist, who is enjoying retirement from a 21-year career with the University of California where he specialized in food and water quality and safety. He received his Doctorate in Comparative Pathology from the University of California, Davis. He has also served as an advisor for the FDA and USDA.

Recent Advances in Psoriasis: The Role of the Immune System by Barbara S Baker (Imperial College School of Medicine, St. Mary's, London)

This book presents the evidence for the belief that psoriasis is a disease of abnormal keratinocyte proliferation induced by T cells. The latest approaches to investigating the immunopathogenesis of this disease, and a review of previous findings, are presented to give an overall picture of the current knowledge in this field. Each topic is discussed in detail, clearly illustrated and well referenced. The book should prove invaluable to clinical dermatologists, and researchers in the fields of immunology and dermatology who have an interest in skin diseases.

The skin frequently gives the first sign that an autoimmune diseases is present. In many of the diseases mentioned, the skin is only peripherally involved, but in others, the skin is the primary site of the disease. One of the foremost is psoriasis.

Autoimmune Diseases - The word "auto" is the Greek word for self. The immune system is a complicated network of cells and cell components (called molecules) that normally work to defend the body and eliminate infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and other invading microbes. If a person has an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakenly attacks self, targeting the cells, tissues, and organs of a person's own body. A collection of immune system cells and molecules at a target site is broadly referred to as inflammation. There are many different autoimmune diseases, and they can each affect the body in different ways. For example, the autoimmune reaction is directed against the brain in multiple sclerosis and the gut in Crohn's disease. In other autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), affected tissues and organs may vary among individuals with the same disease. One person with lupus may have affected skin and joints whereas another may have affected skin, kidney, and lungs. Ultimately, damage to certain tissues by the immune system may be permanent, as with destruction of insulin-producing cells of the pancreas in Type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Autoimmunity (excessive or self-destruction) - when the immune system fails to recognize 'self' as friendly and mounts an attack on itself" Explaining Autoimmune Disease by David Isenberg, PhD and John Morrow, PhD.


Healing eczema/psoriasis, dry, cracked and callused skin: the drug free approach
A personal account from Shirley (author of this website)

I suffered from severe eczema/psoriasis with painful swelling and oozing of the skin, bleeding cracks, severe scaling, itching and burning. I sufferedmiserably for 49 years from this horrible disease which totally debilitated me. No creams, potions, salves, or anything else could cure my condition. When I wasf 17 years old a doctor prescribed cortisone pills and cream (steroids) to suppress my eczema. After taking this dangerous drug for 9 years, I had to stop due to horrendous side effects. My immune system was blown out. Not only was my eczema much worse now, but as a result of the cortisone (steroids) side effects, I suffered from severe depression, chonic infections, paralizing back pains, and other terrible symptoms.

It wasn't until I turned 50 that I finally discovered how to heal my skin by igniting my own internal healing force. I credit my healing to a combination of natural approach: homeopathy, rawfood diet, omega 3 oils, uropathy, herbal remedies, healing clays, sunlight therapy, and avoiding all vaccines. Small spots of eczemawhich stubborney remained over the years responded by magic to glyconutrients and Immunocal. I'm 62 now and my skin is completely free of eczema, but the dry/cracked/callused condition of my heels remained stubbornly. I suspected it was an indication of a nutritional deficiency but I was taking all the trace minerals from the sea, the omega 3 oils, my diet was optimum now... or so I thought, until I learned about glutathione and Immunocal. After taking Immunocal for 2 months to help raise my glutathione level all the cracks and calluses vanished. Read the detailed story of my journey into healing eczema

Glyconutrients (Saccharides) for a Healthy Skin

Dr. Douglas Willen - "It took a colleague of mine over 9 months to convince me to use glyconutrient (saccharides) supplementation in my practice and I only tried it because I had a case that was chronic and extremely difficult, a 7-year old girl with horrible eczema over her entire body, and I was getting nowhere using all my tried and true protocols. Not to mention the fact that this little girl was my daughter's best friend! Well, the glyconutrients proved to be the missing link in that case... Her rapid recovery really got my attention! I began doing the research and the reading on this subject and was incredibly impressed with the science backing these products. Four out of the last eight Nobel Prize winners won their prizes because of their research in this area called glycobiology, and thousands of new research papers are published each year in the field. Needless to say, I have continued to use this type of nutrition in my practice since." view before and after pictures

" I have been diagnosed with severe plaque psoriases over 40 years ago. During that time I have tried all kinds of treatments that have been available. You name the cream, lotion, pill, injection, nothing has worked. It was very damaging to my self esteem and caused me great emotional damage going through my teen years. Psoriasis was even beginning to show on my face and on my hands. When I was getting medical treatment, the side effects outweighed the benefits. It was very embarrassing to get a haircut, as my scalp was covered and most of my body as well. I never wore shorts or T-shirts in the summertime. Swimming in a public pool was out of the question. I resented the rude questions and stares. All this changed about four months ago, when I was introduced to glyconutrients. I drank it for only two weeks, when the red patches stopped itching, burning and flaking reduced. For the first time in 40 years my skin improved. After one month, the patches began to shrink, my skin felt more calm. I am still improving and happy to see the positive changes in me. Now I am taking it faithfully every day and I never looked this good. This summer I will buy myself my first pair of shorts. I am so impressed with this wonderful product that I will take it as long as I live." Liz, Ontario, Canada

"My daughter, Stef, used to have problem feet. She had severely cracked heels and thick yellow toenails that were difficult and painful for her to trim, as they always grew into the sides of her toes. Two weeks after she started drinking glyconutrients, she asked for me to trim her toenails, and lo and behold, they were absolutely normal! They were easy to trim with no pain, good color; her cracked skin has completely healed. This all in just a couple of weeks."

"I have had Psoriasis of the scalp since I was about 13 years old. I have had to use vinegar, Biotin and B-12 to keep it under control. I haven't used anything in 2 months now since I've been taking marine phytoplankton and the itching is gone."

Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. says that marine phytoplankton contains almost everything one needs to sustain life and to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. Marine phytoplankton has been called "the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet". Containing a wide range of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes and cellular materials, marine phytoplankton promotes and maintains optimum health by boosting and supporting all systems within the body. Its antioxidants and unique polysaccharides can halt the genetic mutations that can lead to cancer. Both high levels of saccharides and adaptogens increase energy and stamina by improving our ability to consume and use oxygen. Adaptogens also improve cardiovascular health by strengthening the heart and circulation. Profound Life-Giving Properties of Marine Phytoplankton

Where to buy marine phytoplankton

Testimonial of healing psoriasis with castor oil

Date: 10 Jan 2005

I had really bad psoriasis about a year ago (and since I was a small child and I am 38 years old) and last April I began massaging castor oil on my liver after each shower (daily) and I have seen a 90% reduction in my psoriasis since that time. I didn't have the patience to do the packs so I just do the daily massage and have seen amazing results. I put about a dime size amount in my hand and without having dried the area of my abdomen after my shower so that it is still moist, I massage in the oil. I don't massage it for any real length of time - no more than the time I spend massaging in otherlotions into my skin. After a couple weeks of 30 degree temperatures I have had a little psoriasis pop up, but the amount is so minimal in comparison to what I have experienced in the past that I am unconcerned and undaunted. I have also struggled with endometriosis and have had physicians want to do surgery on me for the condition. I do a full abdomen massage with the oil and my endometriosis symptoms have greatly reduced as well. Castor Oil is also suppose to help soften scar tissue. I have had 2 c sections and after 8 months of using the castor oil, once was once a nasty thick and solid scar is now almost imperceptible.

Oil Packs (for external use)

The Oil That Heals by William A. McGarey, M.D.
A fascinating analysis of a medical doctor's research on and verification of the healing properties of castor oil packs, first recommended by the noted psychic Edgar Cayce as an adjunct for many ailments that resist traditional medical treatment.

This natural oil has amazing healing properties. It has been used in virtually every major civilization since antiquity for the cure of normally fatal disabling conditions. In India, they called it erand. In ancient Greece it was known as kiki. It is mentioned in the Bible and in the most ancient Egyptian papyrus yet found. In Europe, in the Middle Ages, it was used by some to cure the plague. They called it the "palma christi" or the "hand of Christ." This extract of the castor bean is a safe, gentle, easy to use remedy for virtually any illness - when it is used externally.

Psoriasis and Homeopathy Cure from deep within

External medication serves to provide only temporary relief from the itching and the eruptions almost always re-appear as soon as they are stopped. Homeopathic medicines are virtually safe completely and there are hardly any chances of side effects even if the medication is taken for a few years. Homeopathy can offer a lot by way of treatment for psoriasis. Through prescribing a correct constitutional homeopathic medication most of which is internal a lasting solution can be found.

The modern system of homeopathy treats Psoriasis without using any local cream or lotions. The wisdom in the treatment of Psoriasis lies in stimulating the healing process from within.This website is devoted to the sufferers of psoriasis and brings them a new ray of hope through homoeopathy.

Learn more about homeopathy
See before and after pictures

Combination of Allopathic Treatments Harms Psoriasis Patients

What happens when cyclosporine is given to patients with psoriasis, whose prior treatments, such as PUVA, are known to also cause cancer? Could it make a difficult situation even worse by increasing even further the risk that the psoriasis patients already face? The answer is yes. Psoriasis patients using cyclosporine have a dramatic increase in the number of squamous cell cancers of the skin. In a study reported in The Lancet, (Vol. 358, No. 9287: 1042-1045), Isabelle Marcil, MD, and Robert Stern, MD, from the department of dermatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Mass., followed 1,380 patients who had received PUVA therapy from 1975 through 1976. A total of 844 patients were available to be part of the present study. Of that group, 31 patients had received cyclosporine treatment between 1975 and 1998. When the researchers compared the psoriasis patients who received cyclosporine to those who did not, they found that any use of cyclosporine increased the risk of developing squamous cell skin cancer about three times. If the drug was taken for more than three months the risk was increased four times.

Steroids (Cortisone)

Cortisone creams, ointments, and lotions may clear the skin temporarily and control the condition in many patients. Side effects include thinning of the skin, dilated blood vessels, bruising, and skin color changes. Stopping these medications suddenly may result in a flare-up of the disease. After many months of treatment, the psoriasis may become resistant to the steroid preparations. more on the side effects of steroids

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My Triumph Over Psoriasis: Curing Disease Without Medication
by Serano Robinson

This book tells a fascinating story of a man who, after 30 years of failed medical therapy, cured himself of a disease without medication, without skin treatments, and without spending a penny on an expensive cure.

"I got the book, I tried it, and it WORKS - I had psoriasis all over my body, and now after 2 months I only have a few spots on my feet!! The author's ideas about psoriasis are the clearest of any "expert". When I overate all the time and ate crappy foods, my body got rid of alot of this excess waste through my skin, so it's no wonder that my psoriasis never had a chance to heal. And because my body spent all of its energy digesting food, it didn't have a chance to fix any of my psoriasis scales. By stopping the overeating, pacing my meals and eating the right foods, my psoriasis started getting better right away, and kept getting better.

The author isn't saying that you have to starve to death to get rid of your psoriasis, just to start changing the way that you eat." an amazon.com reviewer

Josh also triumphed over his psoriasis

Shirley: When first I met Josh in November 2000, his legs and other parts of his body were covered with a nasty case of psoriasis with intense swelling and flaking. I was all too familiar with the pain andsorrow of skin disease because I had suffered from severe eczema for 50 years and finally achieved a complete cure with natural means. Josh took a similar approach to treat his psoriasis. I have witnessed first-hand the incredible transformation that he has achieved to cure his skin condition. Several months after having met Josh, I was amazed when he showed me his skin—this time almost 100% psoriasis-free! Upon my request, Josh agreed to write a testimonial of his journey into health.

Josh's leg before the treatment on left

Josh's leg several months later

Here is Josh's Testimonial: healing psoriasis naturally

I was about six or seven when I first noticed a small amount of flaky patches on my scalp. It was summertime and my hair had been cut quite short, but at this point the psoriasis was still very unnoticeable. Several years later my mom began PUVA treatments (UVA radiation and cyclosporine) for her own recently diagnosed psoriasis and thus began my first ‘clinical’ contact with the disease. I would be well into high school before my own condition would move beyond the annoying ‘dandruff’, to small patches on my knees and elbows that would soon require a host of different topical steroids. Even still, this was really nothing more than an inconvenience and didn’t bother me particularly. However, by my second year of college, things really took a turn for the worst.

Like any normal college kid I was beginning to encounter greater amounts of stress, supplemented by generous helpings of alcohol and junk foods. My psoriasis was spreading along my legs and torso and was often inflamed, itchy and causing me to shed skin throughout the dormitory. It was both embarrassing and unsightly. Nevertheless, I tried to remain a good sport about it and hoped that the doctors could offer me some sort of solution. It was at this time that I first began receiving UVB radiation exposure. It wasn’t that difficult, but did require a significant commitment; visits to the dermatologist 3 times a week and twice a day applications of different steroid and salicylic acid ointments. The good news: it worked. The bad news: it never worked well enough to completely clear me, and if I stopped the psoriasis would rebound even worse in only a matter of weeks.

At this point I began to question if there wasn’t perhaps a nutritional answer or holistic approach that might be missing. The answer from physicians was categorically ‘No. There is no significant medical evidence that nutrition is implicated.’ I wasn’t satisfied with this answer, however, would embark for the next several years on an exploration of numerous ‘alternative approaches’ to trying to tackle the disease, while periodically resuming ‘conventional’ treatments with my dermatologist. In those few years, I tried everything from Chinese herbs and acupuncture to Ayurvedic medicine and special mineral baths. What I learned in those few years never led to a really significant clearing, but it did lay the foundation for understanding my own body better, as well as noticing what sorts of things made my skin worse.

In September of 2001, I was back in the dermatologists’ office, receiving yet another regimen UVB when I had a very discouraging conversation. I had been getting the light treatments for a while and the doctor felt that I wasn’t seeing the kind of benefit worth risking the potential skin damage that might result if I were to continue for much longer. It was his suggestion that I consider using Soriatane, an oral medication, similar to Acutane. I was concerned and frustrated. I could see that the topical steroids were beginning to take their toll and I certainly didn’t want to get skin cancer trying to fix my psoriasis. Still, I was suspicious of the drug because I had heard it had side effects and that I would be required to have blood tests to ensure that I wasn’t damaging my liver. Still, I trusted and liked this doctor a great deal and decided to consider it for a few days. I went home and began researching more about the drug. Some of the of the side-effects included both hair loss and badly chapped lips. What’s more, many of the people on it seemed less than satisfied with the results they were getting. This was a real crossroads for me. On one hand I wanted desperately to fix my skin. On the other, the potential drawbacks of taking this drug were more than I wanted to cope with. What’s more, the doctor, as nice as he was, really refused to acknowledge what I knew, which was that when I would eat a certain way or avoid certain foods, I would get somewhat better. With this in mind, I called the doctor the next day, thanked him for all his help, and told him I would not be returning. What followed was the worst ‘rebound’ of psoriasis I ever had. It was also the best thing I could have done . . .

Over the next several months I would spend nearly $1,500 on different holistic ‘cures’ for psoriasis. I would log countless hours on the internet exploring for any information possible information that might lead me to some undiscovered answer. While a great deal of this was fruitless, ultimately I was able to find a handful of different adjuncts that contributed to clearing my psoriasis to near zero levels by February of 2002. I write to you a year and half after that initial clearing and I’m happy to report that, despite several very small and fluctuating patches, I am still nearly psoriasis-free!

Adjuncts and Approaches

What follows is a description of some of the products and approaches that may be useful for others to look into. Some of these may be more useful than others depending on the specifics of how different people respond. Psoriasis is a very individual condition. I’ve distilled this down to a handful of things that I feel can be truly helpful, rather than a list of all the numerous and supposed ‘cures’ that I encountered.

Special Diets and ‘Flare Foods’

One of the more helpful things to begin looking at is the response that one has to certain kinds of foods. I call these ‘flare’ or ‘trigger’ foods because they will often bring about a worsening of the condition, sometimes immediately, sometimes cumulatively. The predominant ones among psoriatics are sugar, alcohol, citrus, and nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers and tobacco). As well, some of the more common food allergens like wheat, milk, soy, and nuts may also cause problems because generally psoriasis occurs when there is an increase in allergic inflammation. Also excess consumption of meat, dairy, refined flours and junk foods may lead to a worsening of the condition.

In some people, certain allergenic foods can trigger eczema or make it worse. The mostly likely culprits are cows' milk, eggs, soy, wheat (glutten), nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers and tobacco) and shellfish. It is now apparent that there are groups of people who cannot tolerate nightshades in their diets, wish to avoid them anyway or find that eliminating them helps alleviate a variety of mental, emotional and physical problems. The following groups of people avoid nightshades. Facts on the harmful effects of potatoes and other nightshade plants.

There are a couple of specific dietary regimens such as the Pagano diet and The Zone diet which are also worth investigating.

Psoriasis, Healing from the Inside Out by Heather J. Ferris

"Psoriasis covered up to eighty percent of my body for almost thirty years. I gave up fighting the disease and became intimately aware of what was triggering it. This is the story of my awakening to health and to life." Heather J. Ferris

Essential Fats - TheraflaX

Psoriasis is hormonal!? That’s right. Many people don’t realize that our body produces all sorts of hormones in response to what we eat and how we are living. The skin system in particular relies on a number of different hormones; eicosanoids and prostaglandins, to regulate inflammation, produce new cells and support healthy cell membranes. I believe this is one of the most powerful bits of knowledge for psoriatics, because it exhibits directly that balancing these hormonal responses can bring about profound changes in the production of new skin cells. But how does one regulate these hormonal responses? Aside from following an overall healthy diet, the answer is Fat. More specifically, essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs are a category of fats that are crucial to the completion of all sorts of different cellular functions. Unfortunately, many people do not receive the proper levels of EFAs in their regular diet and so supplementation is often necessary. Paying particular attention to ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 EFAs, and providing adequate levels of the specific nutrients (vitamins B3, B6, C, E, Magnesium and Zinc) involved in converting EFAs into the desirable hormones, increases our ability to produce healthy skin. (more on essential fats and Theraflax)

There’s one EFA supplement in particular, TheraflaX, that I whole-heartedly recommend! It’s also the only brand name which I will endorse here our discussion. The reason for this is three-fold. Firstly, using this product marked a real turning point for me personally. Secondly, it’s the only EFA product that I know of that’s been patented and studied purposely for use with psoriasis. And lastly, the creator of the TheraflaX, a scientist from South Africa, researched and developed the formula for members of his own family who were psoriasis sufferers.

The chia seed is one of the richest source of omega-3 oil and other essential nutrients for a healthy skin. They were the power food of the ancient Aztecs. According to Spanish manuscripts, the Aztecs ate the Chia seeds to improve their endurance - they called it their "running food" because messengers could purportedly run all day on just a handful. more


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria such as acidophilus, bifidus, and lactobacillus and are essential for a healthy digestive system. When there is an abundance of these fundamental intestinal flora, the body will most effectively absorb all the beneficial nutrients from the healthy foods we are consuming. It’s been said that ‘the skin is a direct reflection of the state of the colon.’ Taking probiotics is one critical part of restoring the health of the entire gastro-intestinal system. Probiotics supplements can be found in capsules and powders and should generally include a high number, 1 billion or more, c.f.u. (colony forming units) per dose. Probiotics can also be consumed from various cultured foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and fermented vegetables. (more on probiotics)

Green Foods / Juices

These include things like barley and wheat grass juices, as well as powdered spirulina, Chlorella, and blue-green algae. There is a quite a bit of debate about which of these are better. My personal suggestion is to try a few of them. Personally I’m partial to the fresh juices, as I feel like they are more vital and provide a more immediate effect. Green foods and juices are good because they can purify the blood and stimulate the production of various enzymes, which can be used to properly break down foods. Green foods also help by increasing overall immunity. (more on the amazing healing power of green juice)

Topical Treatments

I really don’t believe that consistent or long-lasting clearing can occur from any topical approach, holistic or conventional. However, having endured countless days and nights itching, chapping, and flaking, I fully recognize the need to gain some relief wherever possible. The following are a few of the more effective and safe topicals that may be able to soothe the symptoms of psoriasis.

Calcium Montmorillonite clay has been used historically and cross-culturally for both internal and external healing. The clay makes an excellent poultice. Even better, one full cup of powdered clay in a warm bath can do wonders for relieving some of the heat, itching and inflammation from psoriasis. This clay is available in small quantities from health and beauty stores and in larger quantities, for use in baths, from ceramic clay suppliers. One important point: If you plan to use clay in bath water, it’s essential that it be very finely milled, so that it can’t clog the plumbing! I recommend TerraBathe

Topical Oils

There are a host of different oils that may be able to moisturize inflamed skin and reduce the flaking. Two of the more popular ones that are often suggested for psoriasis are emu oil and neem oil.

Emu oil is derived from the large ostrich-like birds, you may have encountered at the zoo. The oil is highly permeable and absorbs into the skin very easily and quickly. One drawback of Emu oil is it’s high price, often $7 to $10 per ounce. Also, some people are uncomfortable with idea of applying animal fat directly to their skin.

Neem oil on the other hand is derived from the seeds of the neem plant. In India neem has been used extensively for thousands of years and has a history in Ayurvedic medicine of being used for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Unlike emu oil, neem oil is fairly inexpensive about $2 to $4 per ounce. Unfortunately neem has a very strong and distinctive smell and so some people may find this prohibitive for everyday use.

Finally, a good moisturizing lotion is often required for most psoriasis sufferers and some prove to be better than others. In general a very basic moisturizer is probably best. After all, no one wants to risk further inflaming their skin from any potential reactions to strong perfumes or extracts. One common suggestion is lotion with colloidal oatmeal in it, such as Aveeno Lotion which can be found in supermarkets and drugstores. Most colloidal oatmeal lotions are only slightly more expensive than regular moisturizers and may be more beneficial than plain lotions.

A Recipe for Clearer Skin

When it comes to psoriasis, one size doesn't fit all. What works for one person, will not necessarily work for everyone. Anyone who is really committed to solving this condition needs first and foremost to pay attention to their own body and how they respond to certain treatments. That being said, the following is a short work sheet, in order of importance, of my suggestions for proceeding with a natural psoriasis regimen. Remember, holistic healing is often a slow process, and so it’s important to commit to trying something for at least 1-2 months before reevaluating whether to continue or not.

  • Identify and Reduce ‘Flare Foods’
    One of the best ways to do this is to rotate certain suspect foods out of the diet for several weeks at a time. If you notice improvements in absence of that food or an increase in inflammation when the food is reintroduced, then you have probably identified a trigger-food. The bad news is that these tend be the foods that we are the most attached to, the good news is that as you begin to have some success in combating the psoriasis you may notice later an increased tolerance for these foods. As a general rule, it’s best to keep consumption of heavily refined foods to a minimum. The more processes involved in getting it to your plate, the worse it probably will be for you. However, it’s important to maintain balance with this. ‘Sainthood’ is not required but moderately health-conscious eating habits may prove to be crucial in your search for healthy skin. (more on the healing power of raw food)

  • EFA Regimen / TheraflaX
    As mentioned above, daily consumption of a good essential fatty acid supplement can assist in balancing the hormonal conditions that give rise to psoriasis. These supplements are available in most health food stores and should be combined with a vitamin profile rich B3, B6, C, E, Zinc , and Magnesium. Once again, if it’s available to you, I recommend TheraflaX as an ideal EFA supplement for people with psoriasis. Theraflax is currently out of stock and unavailable. Josh will try to import more from South Africa)

  • Probiotics Daily
    Intestinal health is a vital part of overall well being. Without proper absorption in the GI track, your body cannot properly get the nutrition it needs to function properly and support health skin production. Probiotics should be taken in one form or another at least once, if not three times per day. Those using food forms such as yogurt or sauerkraut, should pay special attention to avoid pasteurized products which will have killed off all of the beneficial bacteria before it can be consumed.

  • Try Some Green Foods
  • Whether it’s a daily shot of wheat grass or a teaspoon of spirulina mixed juice, incorporating ‘green foods’ into your diet is simple and can be quite effective. Not only will you likely see an improvement in the texture and glow of your skin, but most people report an increase of both energy and overall health.It’s my hope that other people suffering with this incorrigible condition can find some use for the information, I’ve offered here. If nothing else, I present it as evidence that clearing from psoriasis through natural means is possible! I encourage everyone with psoriasis not to give up searching for answers. Leave no stone unturned in your own quest to get clear. . .

Shirley, I want to thank you for being such an excellent resource to myself and so many others looking for answers to our health questions. Your commitment to providing independent and thorough information about all sorts of wellness issues has been a real source of inspiration for me in my quest to understand and clear my psoriasis. I hope my testimonial can be of help any of your readers who might be contending with the same difficulties as I did.
Be Well,
Josh .Wheeler - Los Angeles, California = July 1, 2003

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External treatments to soothe itchy spots

Additional external soothing treatments tips from the email bag
In the Fall of 2000, I learned about the wonderful health benefits of sesame oil (rich in anti-inflammatory plant sterols), lecithin, slippery elm tea, and castor oil packs for eczema/psoriasis sufferes. details

I also discovered a wonderfully effective and simple external treatment to soothe the itch. It is not a cure, it only soothe and relieve the itch for several hours or a whole day. Believe it or not, cayenne pepper, especially the hottest pepper, habanero, made into a tincture with apple cider vinegar, can do wonders for the most severe itch. When first applied to the itchy spot, it may slightly burn or sting for a few minutes, but within 10 to 15 minutes after the application, I experience a complete relief of the itch along with a deep sense of well being, relief and relaxation. I make the tincture as follows: a handful or two of fresh, dried or powdered habanero peppers in the blender with raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, enough to allow complete pulverization or blending. Pour the mixture into a bottle and shake once a day for a couple of weeks. Can be stored at room temperature indefinitively. Before using on my skin, I dilute the tincture with water, to make an appropriate strength.. Shirley

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus combines the healing power of magnesium chloride with biologically active, certified organic aloe vera extract in therapeutic amounts. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus is ideal for addressing various skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and acne, in addition to offering a broad range of benefits for skin tissue. While the benefits of aloe to the skin are well known by most, the application of magnesium chloride to the skin has shown marked benefits for enhancing skin barrier function, reducing inflammation, speeding wound healing, and augmenting skin cell hydration

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Our bodies desperately require fats - the proper fats - for ultimate skin beauty, especially as we age. But too many women have cut dangerous to their beauty quest out all fats - and that's dangerous to their beauty quest.

Evening Primrose Oil

Prostaglandins, which strongly influence skin health, are the body's chemical messengers, governing many processes, including inflammation. They are not stored in the body but must be constantly synthesized from essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are taken in from the diet. The best dietary sources of EFAs include flax, seafood and evening primrose oils.

Yet while fish and flax oils supply omega-3 fatty acids, evening primrose oil is one of nature's richest sources of an even rarer fatty acid: gamma-linolenic acid. The exceptionally high gamma-linolenic acid content of evening primrose oil makes it critical to skin health. That is because two key enzymes-Alpha6 desaturase and Alpha5 desaturase-involved in metabolizing many of the EFAs and making them useful to the skin are absent in skin itself. However, the skin does not require either of these enzymes to convert gamma-linolenic acid into favorable compounds required for mod-erating inflammation.

But, the skin requires the continual formation of gamma-linolenic acid from precursor compounds by the liver, and then depends on the blood for transport to the skin. Although the body can convert other EFAs into gamma-linolenic acid, it may be more beneficial to provide a constant supply of already-formed gamma-linolenic acid from evening primrose oil. That is because the body's capacity to convert the more common linoleic acid to gamma-linolenic acid decreases with age, increasing the body's requirements. Also, the activity of ?6 desaturase is inhibited by many environmental influences such as diet, stress, and aging. Thus, supplying already-formed gamma-linolenic acid enables the skin to use EFAs more efficiently to fight off disease and quell inflammation.
Where to purchase flax oil and other healthy oils

  • Fish oil - A team of researchers from Austria, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Germany, and Poland now report that intravenous infusions of a fish oil emulsion is quite effective in ameliorating the symptoms of chronic plaque-type psoriasis. more
More about Radiant, Healthy Skin, The Natural Way

Basic beauty begins with the glow of good health, which shines from within. The skin often mirrors the health of the whole body. A radiant clear complexion begins with proper nutrition, efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients by the body and regular elimination. Skin problems are a reflection of internal health and are often a reflection of overall body and blood toxicity and/or stomach problems. Almost anything that cleanses the blood or intestines will also show a result on the skin. Skin problems can also be as a result of allergies, hormone imbalances, nutrition or dehydration.

My Triumph Over Eczema: a cure without medication

This is the story how I suffered from severe eczema all over my body for 49 years, since the age of one year old. No creams, potions, salves, or anything else cured my condition. It wasn't until I turned 50 that I finally discovered how to cure this terrible condition by igniting my own internal healing force. Ironically in the process of curing my eczema my overall health and vitality improved dramatically. If you expect to find a magic bullet cure here, you'll be disapointed. In a nutshell, I credit my cure to homeopathy, natural rawfood diet, special oils, uropathy, and herbal remedies.

Read other inspiring testimonials I received in my email from people who wanted to share their success of healing themselves and their animals without drugs, surgery or radiation. I received permission from each person to publish their testimonial and to include their email address to facilitate personal contact for support. Part 1: Testimonials of Natural Healing:

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