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Practical Educational Overview of Holistic Health & Wellness

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in
the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~Thomas Edison

The holistic approach treats the whole person, ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself.
"First Do No Harm"~Hippocrates

The incredible Healing Powers of Living (Raw) Foods and Juices

Living FoodsWhy Raw Food Diet? Because from thirty to eighty-five percent of the nutrition in foods is destroyed in cooking. The fastest way to restore wellness is to stop putting into the body the things that have caused the physical problem to develop in the first place, and then give the body the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild itself. The body is self-healing when the infraction is stopped and proper nutrients provided. Most human illnesses and diseases are due to a deficiency of vital nutrients. When you supply your body with the proper nutrients, in a form that your body can use, it knows how to repair itself.

Oils that can save your life! - (omega 3 fatty acids)

Omega3 OilDespite all the concern about fat in our diet, the body does require fat to function. The problem is that most people are getting the wrong kinds of fats in their diet and are lacking the good fats in their diets. The human body cannot function properly without the omega 3 fatty acids which are found in Flaxseed Oil and Chia seeds oil. The degenerative disease epidemic that wracks the nation came coincidentally with the introduction of engineered fats and oils

Basic Healing Principles

Self Healing BodyThe body has an innate capacity to heal itself. Self-healing can only occur once the cause of the illness has been eliminated. Elimination of the symptom is not the same as elimination of the disease. Physicians and surgeons palliate symptoms instead of removing causes. Instead of suppressing individual symptoms, holistic and naturopathic medicine addresses the whole person, finds out why the body is vulnerable to sickness, and seek to correct the underlying cause of disease. By rebuilding immunity, health is naturally restored and disease disappears. If health and immunity are thereafter conscientiously maintained,the individual is no longer vulnerable to disease.

What Exactly is a Healing Crisis?

Healing CrisisAs you move toward better health with natural healing programs and better nutrition, healing begins to occur. As part of the healing process the body will begin to discard toxic residues which have built up in your body over the years. During the initial phase of healing, as your body begins to clean house, (detoxify) and your vital energy begins to repair and rebuild internal organs, you may temporarily experience headache, uneasiness, flu like symptoms and fatigue. In a healing crisis, every body system works together to eliminate waste products and set the stage for regeneration. The reversal process is another part of the healing crisis. It is necessary to revisit each step the body has been through that brought it to its current state of dis-ease.

The Immune System: The body's defense department

Immune SystemYour immune system is your bodyguard. It works both pro-actively and protectively to shield you from anything in your world that threatens your life and limb. Standard Western Medicine strives to suppress the immune response, working against the body. The immune system is not responsive to drugs for healing. By rebuilding immunity, health is naturally restored and disease disappears.

Clay Therapy - Healing and Detox Clay - Our Earth, Our CureClay Therapy

The Native Americans call it "Ee-Wah-Kee" meaning "The-Mud-That-Heals" Healing clay, has been used by indigenous cultures since before recorded history. Clay is a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation and transmission. Clay contains highly active ingredients, able to induce cellular rebuilding and to hasten all organic processes.

The Role of Glutathione GSH in Health and Disease

Glutathione GSH in Health and Diseases.“Your life depends on glutathione. Without it, your cells would disintegrate from unrestrained oxidation, your body would have little resistance to bacteria, viruses and cancer, and your liver would shrivel up from the eventual accumulation of toxins.

Urine Therapy (Uropathy) - Your Body's Own Best Medicine

Urine TherapyHave you heard about Urine Therapy? You may think that when it comes to alternative health therapies you've heard it all. But there is one natural therapy you've probably never heard of ---even though its one of the most powerful, most researched and most medically proven natural cures ever discovered.

Therapeutic Fasting and Internal Cleansing

Fasting Caan Save Your LifeFasting is the world's most ancient and natural healing mechanism. Fasting triggers a truly wondrous cleansing process that reaches right down to each and every cell and tissue in the body. The first step in anyones health program is to clean and open up all the elimination organs. Weak and congested liver, gallbladder, bowels or kidneys can be the cause of many chronic health problems by causing toxic and putrid waste to be absorbed into the rest of our system. Over the course of time, this effects the functioning of every cell and organ in our body. It poisons the blood, lymphatic system, nervous system and brain, while clogging up the heart, vascular system, lungs and sinuses.

Natural Self-Help Cancer Therapy Programs (For People and Animals)

Natural Cancer Therapy ProgramsRalph W. Moss, Ph.D. - "Conventional cancer therapy is so toxic and dehumanizing that I fear it far more than I fear death from cancer. We know that conventional therapy doesn't work--if it did, you would not fear cancer any more than you fear pneumonia. It is the utter lack of certainty as to the outcome of conventional treatment that virtually screams for more freedom of choice in the area of cancer therapy."

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy CuresHomeopathy is one of the fastest-growing alternative medicines available today for people, babies and animals. Historically, homeopathy has proven many times to be more effective than allopathic medicine in the treatment and prevention of disease, with no risk of harmful side effects. By triggering the body's own self-healing abilities, homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective way to treat everyday ailments as well as acute and chronic symptoms of mind and body and are winning more converts every day.

Vaccination - Deception and Tragedy

Vaccination DangerAt the present time there are growing public and professional concerns about the safety of currently mandated childhood vaccine programs, as reflected in by a series of annual Congressional hearings in Washington DC that have taken place since 1999, sponsored by the U.S. House Government Reform Committee under the chairmanship of Congressman Dan Burton. Convulsions, paralysis, epilepsy, ADD, autism, mental retardation, depression, anxiety and learning disorders in children are now being traced to childhood vaccinations

Healing with Flowers and Herbs

Healing with Flowers and HerbsPlants, the oldest form of medicine, have the power to supply the bodies’ life force with the energies it needs to restore and maintain health. The reason that a particular herb "knows" what body system/organ to heal, is because its specific resonance matches perfectly with and is guided to that system or organ with a matching resonance. It's a case of like attracts like. The body's wisdom can then take the combination of phytochemicals contained in the herb and use it to heal the body.

Powerful Healing Properties of Marine Phytoplankton

Marine PhytoplanktonDr. Jerry Tennant, MD explains that the micronutrients and electrolytes in marine phytoplankton are exactly what human cell membranes need to carry out their metabolism. Not surprisingly, the composition of human plasma, or fluid surrounding cell membranes, is similar to that of sea water. For three billion years Marine Phytoplankton has supported virtually all living creatures in the Ocean. It contains a unique combination of life sustaining nutrients including; Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA), protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, iodine, minerals and trace elements.

Detoxification for Optimum Health

DetoxificationChemicals and toxins accumulate in fat tissue and are the primary cause of illness, disease and obesity. Substances that are toxic to our bodies come at us from all directions: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the cleaning products we use, and the metabolic waste produced inside us. Toxins build-up in the body contribute to premature aging and chronic and degenerative diseases. Learn about Natural Detoxification Methods and Products

How I overcame a lifetime of ill health and lost 60 lbs in 3 months effortlessly

ShirleyI can't remember a time in my life, prior to 1982, when I wasn't struggling with failing health. I was overweight (185 lbs), suffered from chronic fatigue and depression, and my health was steadily going down the drain. For years I had been a "junkie"--addicted to prescription and over the counter drugs. Learn how I achieved optimum health without drugs, surgery or radiation

Magnesium Impact on Health and Vitality

Magnesium CuresMagnesium is nothing short of a miracle mineral in its healing effect on a wide range of diseases as well as in its ability to rejuvenate the aging body. Approximately nine out of ten people will show dramatic improvements in the state of their health when they restore their magnesium levels. Dr. Steven Johnson - "It is highly regrettable that the deficiency of such an inexpensive nutrient results in diseases that cause incalculable suffering and expense throughout the world."

The many illnesses, symptoms and disorders of Gulf War Syndrome

Gulf War SyndromeGulf War Syndrome (GWS) is not imagined as the U.S. Dept of Defense has alleged for the past 20 years while refusing proper medical care and benefits to the vets and their families. Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), which is also known as "Desert Storm Diseases" or simply "Gulf War Veterans Illnesses", is a collection of symptoms reported by veterans (and civilians like press and government employees) of the first Gulf war since August 1990.