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The Essence of a "Sulphur" Constitutional Type
Among our great leaders, inventors, scientists, gurus, and mathematicians, there have been many sulphurs. The scholar, the creative genius, the eccentric, the impulsive artist; all have minds that flow profusely into metaphysics, theories, and equations.
"Homeopathy is one of the fastest-growing alternative medicines available today. By triggering the body's own self-healing abilities, homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective way to treat everyday ailments as well as acute and chronic symptoms of mind and body and are winning more converts every day." Dana Ullman  learn more about Homeopathy
Sulphur as a remedy was known to the world as early as 2000 years ago, almost at the very dawn of medical science.  It is Hahnemann who developed its latent medicinal virtues by the process of potentisation and thereby revealed its true sphere of action on the human organism in sickness.  It is the leading antipsoric remedy, also known as king of antipsoric remedies.  The first proving of Sulphur contained 151 symptoms in Materia medica pura of Dr. Hahnemann.  Allen's -Encyclopedia contains 4083'symptoms.  It is a deep acting antipsoric, constitutional and specific remedy

The Essence of a "Sulphur" Constitutional Type 
by Gina Tyler DHOM

   The mental, emotional, and physical make-up of a "sulphur" is discussed in this article (sulphur: sol = sun, ferre = to carry). When a trained classical homeopath helps a person with an illness, they normally look for signs of the patients "constitutional remedy". What is a constitutional remedy?

    From the time of conception you take into consideration the inherited traits from your parents and ancestors. Not only physical traits, but disease imprints, and mental, spiritual, and emotional traits. Trauma is inherited not only during conception but via the fetus forming. So, it is the totality of all symptoms of the patient; this makes one's constitution. To match this constitutional type with a homeopathic remedy that is similar in "personality" is a difficult task. Sometimes it may be obvious, but not always. (There are thousands of homeopathic remedies that have specific personalities.) The patients obvious traits are sometimes tainted by miasmatic layers of a chronic disease. These need to be homeopathicaly removed (like peeling an onion layer by layer). Out of the thousands to choose from, sulphur is the most extreme in intellectual abilities. Sulphur patients have unusualy gifted mental abilities from the day they are born. Some sulphurs are: Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Samuel Hahnemann, Abraham Lincoln, and Socrates. 

    Among our great leaders, inventors, scientists, gurus, and mathematicians, there have been many sulphurs. The scholar, the creative genius, the eccentric, the impulsive artist; all have minds that flow profusely into metaphysics, theories, and equations. All are famous for answering in long-winded sentences. 

    A great example is the book called "The Organon" written by S. Hahnemann. Hahnemann calls sulphur "the king of antipsorics". Sulphur types are philosophers, deep in thought and oblivious to the simple physical life they live. As Einstein was, his wife had to do everything for him. He had to be fed, dressed, etc.; his head being "in the clouds". Sulphurs live in a world of imagination. They are blind to all the material things of today. 

    Personally, I am focused on the sulphur constitutional type due to the fact that when I think back in my own life, my mentors, great teachers, and inspirational people have all been sulphurs. It is always those that stood out, making a dent in society. I have great respect for the eccentric sulphurs because of their many contributions to my life. Up until now, I have only met male sulphurs. It is well known that there are very few female sulphurs in existence. Sulphurs need a lot of emotional, mental, and physical room due to restless and nervous energy (like the flammable element sulphur.) 

    The greatest egos come from the sulphur type, but this is the motivating force that keeps him mobile, stimulated, focused, and driven. Such great leaders are self motivated and do not look to follow another but set the pace for others to follow. This intense ego, if imbalanced, is destructive, obsessive, irritable, insecure, negative, and a hypocondriac. To criticize an unbalanced sulphur is volatile. You cannot argue with a sulphur type due to the strong will and obstinate personality combined within a dictionary of wuick witted vocabulary words. So here, you have the two basic extremes of polarity. 

    Emotional and mental states of imbalance cause organic derangements in the physical realm. Sulphur is impatient with those around him. Always on the move, full of brilliant ideas, alchemists call sulphur "the heat and force of everything." In homeopathy, sulphur is used to push out symptoms ("bring to maturity"). For example: clearing up skin imbalances due to suppressive topical lotions, or suppressive emotional and mental imbalance; a phenomenon that happens when the vibration of the homeopathic sulphur remedy neutralizes the vibration of the disease.

    All of one's traits become "real" under stress of an emotion. When a 
sulphur is suppressed, mentally and emotionally the unconscious side of them makes an appearance. The alter ego sets in; its spirits, its demons (Lucifer), and its flaws all become visible. This is when it is easy to detect a sulphur. The worst thing to do to a sulphur is to cause sufficating suppression of any type. To suppress their imagination, creativity, ego, and spirit will degenerate a sulphur's fire. The physical body becomes full of discomforts and starts to adapt to its miserable situation, becoming ill with disease, irritable and difficult to live with. 

1.  Sulphur is an extremely hot blooded person. Warm hands and feet; always kicks off blankets.
2.  Nervous, lean, eccentric looking.
3.  You can spot a sulphur in a crowd due to his unruly long hair, and 
outgoing selection of clothing (sometimes wearing the same clothes week after week.)
4.  Sits in a chair with his entire body involved.
5.  Paces the floor, cannot stand still in one spot.
6.  Cannot wear wool clothing, gets super itchy.
7.  Health complaints are always relapsing.
8.  Noon and midnight are the worst aggravations for sulphurs.
9.  It has to be "his idea", not someone elses.
10. Reads a lot of books, retaining everything.
11. Can teach a class better than the instructor. 
12. A sulphur "scholar" does not worry about his physical appearance.
13.     Messy house does not matter to sulphur. He is indifferent.
14. Offensive body odors.
15. Intolerance of artificial heaters indoors. They make him "stuffy".
16. Chronic skin eruptions (eczema, dry itchy psoriasis, boils, and acne.)
17. Lots of anxiety. Dislike of criticism, suppression, and being scorned. 
18. Embarassment is extremely humiliating.
19. Much struggling for ego and honor.
20. Sulphur "idealists" are usually dogamatic and cannot be swayed. 
21. Absent minded "professor" type, neglecting practical aspects of their lives. 
22. Sulphurs make excellent teachers.
23. Sulphurs want to do things whenever they want to, not when told to.
24. Known for drinking large amounts of alcohol.
25. Charming to the opposite sex. Many sulphurs are womanizers.
26. Having many partners. Openly flirting with women, but hopelessly  dependent on their wives, emotionally and practically. 
27. Sulphurs are great in promoting themselves. 
28. Lots of self confidence, gifted and enterprising. 
29. Preferring self employment. Likes his independence and freedom.
30. Has knowledge of a broad range of subjects, highly intellectual. 
31. Most have no formal education and are self taught (born an intellectual  genius.)
32. Sulphurs like an audience.
33. Sulphurs do not care about being socially acceptable.
34. Relates to all walks of life, young and old.
35. Individualist, independent.
36. Childish persona.
37. Lots of self confidence, boasting about his achievements.
38. When it comes to a goal or passion, sulphur dives into it 1000%, whether it is a negative obsession or work related project.
39. Protective of his family, the wife is "queen" in his eyes.
40. Sulphur feels like a child of the universe.
41. Often unbearable to live with, cynical and feeling sorry for themselves  causing insecurities.
42. Becoming aloof, guarded, and with a self doubt.
43. Worries about the future.
44. Revels in argument or anecdote.
Note: The "clinical" symptoms of sulphur have not been discussed such as skin afflictions, lymphatic, cardiovascular and urinary systems. For that, most homeopathic Materia Medica's have lists of information. This article pertains more to the "essence" of sulphur.

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Gina Tyler practices homeopathy in Woodland Hills, California and she also gives phone consultation for children who have been hurt by vaccines.

Excerpt from The principles and Art of Cure by Homœopathy by HERBERT A. ROBERTS, M.D

This word psora, which Hahnemann used to denote the third great miasm, is defined by the modern medical dictionary as follows:

     I. Scabies. 2. Psoriasis. 3. Hahnemann's term for the "itch dyscrasia," defined as the parent of all chronic disease-skin diseases, neoplasms, insanity, etc.; it was similar to, though of more extended application than, the "herpeti diathesis" of French writers. And the definition adds: p. leprosy, psoriasis.

     Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary gives: Psora. I. Pathol. The itch, or some such similar skin disease. 2. The itch mite. The derivation is Latin and Greek, but it is rather Hebraic in origin, coming through the Greek and Latin, the original word being tsorat.

     Interpretation of this Hebrew word tsorat conveys clearly the thought Hahnemann had in mind. Tsorat: A groove, a fault; a pollution; a stigma; often applied to leprous manifestations and to the great plagues. It is the meaning of the original Hebrew word that we must regard as the basis for the term covering this constitutional defect.

     In the light of modern comprehension of these conditions, classified by Hahnemann as psora, we may not doubt but that the original meaning of the Hebrew word had greater significance than we have understood. A groove, a fault... With our growing knowledge of the so-called deficiency disease we are coming to realize that the lack of certain from foods, is the great common denominator of almost all the so-called psoric conditions, plus a lack of balance in the equilibrium of health that manifests through a hypersensitivity of impressions-functional disturbances and the patient's recognizance of disturbance that varies from consciousness to neuroses.

     The vast majority of the diseases of the earth came under this great classification, which has been called the mother of all diseases; and Hahnemann found that there was a traceable relationship between these chronic manifestations and the many various plagues which had troubled the peoples of the earth since the most ancient times, manifesting themselves in various ways, such as the ancient plagues of Egypt, leprosy (at one time France alone had over two thousand homes for lepers), and the itch poison which swept Europe at a later date. In many instances Hahnemann found there was a close connection between such grave infectious diseases and the patients with stubborn recurring symptoms.

     Hahnemann became convinced that these recurring symptoms owed their existence to this chronic miasm which he called psora, and that of itself this condition could never be cured. While the acute manifestations may subside and be quiescent for a considerable period, the chronic state that causes the acute eruption of symptoms never dies until it is met with the similar remedy.

     Hahnemann found that this form of disease was first made manifest on the skin, as a skin infection or eruption; this was its natural place, but here the natural manifestation is susceptible of suppression by many forms of treatment, such as lotions, ointments, mineral baths, surgical operations with the removal of organs, and anything that tends to obliterate the manifestation on the surface by seemingly curing the external symptoms. It is on the surface that it naturally thrives and here it will do the least harm. By suppression this constitutional state becomes more manifest in a train of distressing symptoms, so long as the skin manifestation is quiescent, and may affect any part of the body.

     Hahnemann found, too, that many chronic ailments which are enumerated in pathological works under distinct names, originate, with few exceptions, in this widely ramified psora. All skin manifestations and conditions; almost all adventitious formations such as swelling of the glands, sarcomatous and carcinomatous tumours; deformed bony structures; hæmorrhagic tendencies; all suppurations; functional disturbances; nutritional disturbances; all of the acute disease manifestations; all these conditions Hahnemann traced to this source and classified under the head of psora.

     It is characteristic of the skin in these conditions that there is considerable itching, for psoric conditions always itch. In fact, not only was psora considered the mother of all diseases, but it might well have been considered as the source of almost all subjective symptoms, especially those described by the patient "sensation as if." In classifying those constitutional diseases which have not run a course through so many centuries, that is, the venereal classifications, it has been noted that their action has been swifter, and while at times more destructive, the subjective symptoms have been present in the degree in which psora has been present in the system.

     Although fundamental miasms have their period of remission, latent states lasting perhaps for years without showing any manifestations, some sudden crisis in the history of the individual may rouse them to sudden eruption and the patient will become severely disturbed in health. These crises may be in the form of accidents, exposure, some slight infection, indiscretions of diet or hygiene, some apparently simple thing out of all proportion to the serious consequences. In this class come the pneumonias following accidents and exposures; infections from slight wounds; almost all of those grave states roused by a seemingly slight cause.

     Here the homœopathic physician, by taking into consideration the psoric background, will bring into play the remedies that are related in their symptomatology to these psoric states, and he will be able to do most effective work. more part  1 - part 2

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Gina Tyler practices homeopathy in Woodland Hills, California and she also gives phone consultation for children who have been hurt by vaccines.

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Correctly prescribed homeopathic remedies can often undue the damage caused by vaccines 
Homeopathy is noted for its success to antidote or remove the toxic effects of vaccines and to re-establish balance in the organism and restore health. Certain homeopathic remedies can minimize vaccine damage.  A professional homeopath should be consulted for more information. (If you are not already familiar with the toxic effects of vaccines click here)

Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases by Dorothy Shepherd
This excellent reference provides vital information for dealing with infectious diseases. Homeopathy can be used successfully to prevent and treat measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, and other ailments.

This excellent book provides homeopathic alternatives to vaccines. Includes case studies and several remedies for the most common infectious diseases.

    Dr. Smits MD writes: "Once the diagnosis of The Post-Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) is considered a simple and efficient treatment can restore health by giving the vaccinations that caused the disease in homeopathic potencies. Even severe damage as paralysis, epilepsy, general decline, etc. can partially or completely be restored."Dr. Smits' website

    Gina Tyler DHOM writes: "I have had great results with homeopathic remedies to stop seizures from vaccines. I've seen it work in front of my eyes within 20 min the seizure stoped (after 24 hrs, of convulsing) Homeopathy also helps pets suffering from adverse efects of vaccines"Gina Tyler practices homeopathy in Woodland Hills, California and she also gives phone consultation for children who have been hurt by vaccines.

    Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD is a physician in New York and works with Vaccine Induced Disease Syndromes. She specializes in the use of nutrition and homeopathy to restore normal structure and function to those who are suffering from vaccine induced disease.  She has a very good reputation in the alternative community. 9 Sutherland Road Hicksville, NY  11801-1621 Phone/Fax 516-433-0774

    Dr. Randy Martin, OMD is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Classical Homeopath skilled in treating either the side-effects of vaccinations or in helping you explore your natural alternatives to vaccinations. 12340 Santa Monica Blvd. #132 West Los Angeles, CA 90025 -  310) 979-6495  and 17000 Ventura Blvd. #220 Encino, CA 91316 (818) 905-6171

You can obtain vaccine related consultation therapy and safe homeopathic alternatives to conventional vaccines from any professional homeopath anywhere in the world.

"Vaccination in children and adults can result in a variety of chronic health problems." Dr. Tinus Smits MD

The Post-Vaccination Syndrome Dr. Tinus Smits MD "Paediatrician Yvonne Pernet has recommended Thuja 30C to the parents of all the children she has vaccinated for several years. Documented medical case histories ( too technical for lay people)

Homeopathic Alternative to vaccines Nosodes are homeopathic preparations made from cultures of microbes and viruses.. The nosode is prepared by serial dilution. Nosodes are administered in different two basic ways. In the case of nosodes from bacteria and viruses, the preparation carries the molecular imprint of the proteins and other constituents of the pathological agent. The working of the nosode is based on the fact that the immune system is sensitized to this molecular imprint without being exposed to the virulence of the living agent. The use of nosodes as a replacement for vaccination is based on this mechanism.

A nosode from a pathological agent, such as the measles, whooping cough (pertussis), etc., carries the molecular imprint of the agent and therefore sensitizes the immune system in such a way as to prepare the body for the defense against that same pathological agent. This is important in the case of children's diseases, where a primary infection is necessary to immunize the child, often for life, at a moment when the baby is highly vulnerable.

Whether a baby will be immunized with a vaccine or not, the administration of a nosode for each of the common children's diseases is an ideal way to start building immunity. Because of the fact that the agent is present in the nosode as an imprint and not as a virulent entity, it is a safe and gentle way to sensitize the immune system. It will protect against shock and serious consequences in the case of infection or vaccination. (more about nosodes)

Please click on Alternative Vaccines for more information
Vaccines and preventive medicines are available to parents in safe and effective homeopathic form. 

A handbook of Homeopathic Alternative to Immunization
by Susan Curtis BA, MCH, RShom
This book was written as a practical guide to explain what homeopathy has to offer as alternatives to immunization

Homeopathy in Vaccines: Are They Really Safe And Effective?Homeopathy in What Every Parent Should Know BEFORE Their Childen Are Vaccinated - pictures from the CDC about the side effects of vaccinesWhat Every Parent Should Know BEFORE Their Childen Are Vaccinated! Why are a growing number of parents and health care professionals around the world questioning vaccination? The controversy stems from the thousands of deaths and permanent disabilities attributed to vaccination annually, as well as the many published medical studies, government statistics, congressional testimonies, and other credible sources that directly contradict commonly held assumptions about vaccine safety and effectiveness.

More pictures of vaccine damage available to view at the CDC website

 "Bart Classen, a Maryland physician, published data showing that diabetes rates rose significantly in New Zealand following a massive hepatitis B vaccine campaign in young children, and that diabetes rates also went up sharply in Finland after three new childhood vaccines were introduced." Nicholas Regush ABCNEWS.com 

Homeopathy in This child died as a result of vaccines - pictures from the CDC about the side effects of vaccines
In fall 1997, two influential professional magazines featured articles asking the question: Has the decrease of infectious diseases in childhood through the mass use of vaccines been replaced with an increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma? The Economist, a prestigious international magazine read by world leaders in government, business and public policy, and Science News, a magazine read by both health care professionals and the general public, explored the reported links between vaccines and chronic diseases in their November 22, 1997 issues. Learn more about vaccine and diabetes connection --- asthma and vaccine connection --- SIDS and autism and vaccine connection --- "Shaken Baby Syndrome": the vaccination link Law suit One hundred years ago, children received 1 vaccine (the smallpox vaccine). Forty years ago, children received 5 vaccines routinely (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, and smallpox vaccines) and as many as 8 shots by 2 years of age. Children now receive 52 vaccines, in the form of 15 shots, by the time they are 6 months of age if they receive all the recommend shots, including the Prevnar pediatric pneumonia shot. 

Congressman is calling for criminal penalties for any government agency that knew about the dangers of thimerosal in vaccines and did nothing to protect American children. Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) during Congressional Hearing: "You mean to tell me that since 1929, we've been using Thimerosal, and the only  test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had mennigitis, and they all died?" For nearly an hour, Burton repeatedly asked FDA and CDC officials what they knew and when they knew it. (Thimerosal contains a related mercury compound called ethyl mercury. Mercury is a toxic metal that can cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions.)

Please get informed!Enter the vaccine information site

Homeopathy can be used successfully to prevent and treat smallpox, measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, and other ailments.

Would you allow big brother to enforce vaccinations on your kids? Government Enforced Vaccinations Vaccination Tracking Registry - Government programs that limit your choices -and your rights- in health care when it comes to mandatory vaccination. These mandates last for 40 or so years and they're impossible to repeal. Also, learn about Legal Requirements and Exemptions

Are Vaccines Damaging Our Pets?
Routine Vaccination: Is it really safe and effective? Most recently, an article appeared in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association entitled "Are We Vaccinating Too Much?"

This excellent book provides homeopathic alternatives to vaccines. Includes case studies and several remedies for the most common infectious diseases.

    Dr. Smits MD writes: "Once the diagnosis of The Post-Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) is considered a simple and efficient treatment can restore health by giving the vaccinations that caused the disease in homeopathic potencies. Even severe damage as paralysis, epilepsy, general decline, etc. can partially or completely be restored."Dr. Smits' website
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How to find a homeopath At this web site, click on "About NCH" link then select the "How to find a homeopat" link 

Finding Professional Homeopathic Care
How Do I Find a Homeopath? - How Can You Know That a Homeopath is Good? - How Much Does Homeopathic Care Cost? - Does Insurance Cover Homeopathic Care? A Modern Understanding of Homeopathic Medicine

London International College of Homeopathy (LICH ) is located in London, with active teaching sites around the world. LICH offers professional and barefoot courses in Homeopathy worldwide. Its professional courses are to international standards and allow those trained to practice homeopathy effectively and successfully. Its barefoot courses train people in the use of homeopathy for acute, chronic, traumatic, and endemic diseases and students can advance to professional level.

Frontline Homeopathy is a registered charity that specialises in funding homeopathic activities, courses, projects and clinics, on an international basis in situations of social, economic, political or psychological hardship or after catastrophic events. It reaches out to all disadvantaged sections of society, to the educated and uneducated, the disabled, the poor, the young, and the oppressed. It seeks to help victims of war, neglect, drugs, torture, famine and natural catastrophes.

Organisations, Training Colleges, Homeopathic Pharmacies
Most chemists and healthfood shops stock a limited range of homeopathic remedies. For the full range of remedies, however, one has to go to a specialised pharmacy or direct to the manufacturer. All products can be supplied by post. 

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  • Homeopathy online courses will bring distance learning into the 21st century. If you're looking to study homeopathy online with a reputable school, the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine offers the finest distance education program available. Homeopathy online will be the most user-friendly and interactive distance learning option yet. 
  • Introduction to Homeopathy Online Course starting early November, 2002 

Alternative Medicine Clinic - Dr. David Doré
David is a Fellow of The British Institute of Homeopathy and a registered Homeopath with the Homeopathic Medical Association. David has studied Homeopathy and Health Sciences extensively at The School of Natural Health Sciences, The London College of Classical Homeopathy and at The School of Integrated Health at Westminster University London. He has studied Classical Homeopathy with one of the UK's leading Classical Homeopaths Sheilagh Creasy in London. David's online clinic is helping people around the world gain access to homeopathy for Constitutional and Emergency treatment. His clinic is located in London, however his patients come from as far away as Europe, Africa, South Africa, Pakistan, Cyprus, Singapore and the USA.

Homeopathic Newsgroups, mailingt lists and Forums

Join the free Homeopathy Mailing List The goals of the list are the exchange of current information affecting homeopathy and the study of all aspects of homeopathy, including case taking, materia medica, and repertory. Contributions are welcome whether you are a practitioner, patient or just simply interested in the subject. --- In German: FS-Homeopathy Mailing List --- In Portuguese (Brazil): Homeopatia

Newsgroups and Forums (Forums are mail discussions on the Web that do not require subscription.)

What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong? A growing number of scientists world-wide have publicly denounced the total failure of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, questioned the meaning of the "AIDS test", and criticized the use of AZT which has been proven to be a toxic poison that makes the patient sicker and is actually the cause of AIDS deaths. The group includes scientists such as Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1993 for inventing the polymerase chain reaction used to test for HIV, Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D., a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley and Charles Thomas, PhD., Former chair of the Cell Biology Department, Scripps Research Institute - Healing AIDS: a holistic approach.
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Testimonials of amazing animal healing.
Preventing and Healing Animal Cancer without drugs or surgery
Animal emotional and behavioral challenges
Holistic Health for Horses
Feline Holistic Health
Natural diet for pet birds
Vaccinosis: chronic dis-ease caused by vaccines
Nosodes: alternative to conventional vaccines
List of holisitic veterinarians
Managing flea bites and hotspots naturally
Improving your animal's health with kelp
Books and video: holistic animal health
Training Shasta for personal protection
Non-toxic health products and supplies for your pets


Directory of classical homeopaths in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland 

Homeopathic Books - Homeopathic Self-Care
Treatment of animals
Homeopathic Approach to Cancer
Homeopathy for the eyes/vision
Homeopathic Pediatrics - Homeopathy for women's health more

Self Care Homeopathy Kits  Everyday Ailments and Minor Injuries kit - Urgent Care Remedy Kit - Sports injuries kit - Animal Rescue Remedy Kit  - Children and Infants kit - Pregnancy - Birthing kit

Natural Homeopathic and herbal formulas: Medicine from Nature, homeopathic formulas are based on a natural medical science that works with your body to stimulate your own natural defenses. For chronic and serious medical conditions, a consultation with a skilled homeopath is highly recommended.

AIDS/HIV/AZT: truth behind the propaganda

Natural Immune Booster A growing number of holistic doctors and veterinarians use Transfer Factor as an alternative to, or in conjunction with conventional medicine for their acute and  chronic cases,  (including cancer cases) with excellent outcome. 
Rob Robertson, MD - "There is no other product in a nutritional substance, nor a drug, that has this kind of power and ability to affect our immune system. With the increase of killer viruses, mutated germs, super-resistant germs, and food contaminations, our only hope and defense, must lie within our own immune system." more

Home-base Income opportunity
Share with others nature's gifts that assists us on our journey to optimal health and wellness.

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Optimum Nutrition and Natural Health for Animals   Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Veterinary Medicine 
Natural Health for Women:
    Men's Sexual Functions - the natural approach
  • Optimal Prostate Health and Prevention Measure to prostate enlargement.
  • Prostate Cancer: a drugless approach
  • Homeopathic approach to impotence, bladder infections, prostate problems etc.
  • The Male Andropause (like menopause)
  • Male Herbs for Impotence
Peter R. Breggin, M.D - "The drugging of children has gotten so out of hand that America is waking up to this. This is a national catastrophe." more

Julian Whitaker M.D - "Class action lawsuits have been filed in Texas, California and New Jersey charging Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, maker of Ritalin, with conspiracy to create the psychiatric disorder known as ADHD in order to fuel the market for their product." more...


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