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Questioning the AIDS Virus, HIV, and AZT Controversy

A growing number of scientists world-wide have publicly denounced the total failure of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, questioned the meaning of the "AIDS test", and criticized the use of AZT which has been proven to be a toxic poison that makes the patient sicker and is actually the cause of AIDS deaths. The group includes scientists such as Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1993 for inventing the polymerase chain reaction used to test for HIV.

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AIDS & HIV: Lies, Cover-up, Deception, Profits and Genocide

Since 1984, the mainstream media have been giving us only one side of the AIDS story-the officially approved side. When Dr. Robert Gallo and then Secretary of Health Margaret Heckler announced that the probable cause of AIDS had been discovered, HIV became the sole cause of AIDS and the case was closed. The fact is, there have always been people questioning or disagreeing with the official theory and treatment approach, but they have been silenced.

Alan Cantwell, MD - "The mixing of AIDS facts and fallacies has long been apparent to researchers like myself who are convinced that HIV did not come from Mother Nature and “species jumping” but was most likely introduced via contaminated vaccine experiments exclusively targeting the Black African and the American Gay community.

The AIDS War

by John Lauritsen

A Harvard-educated survey research analyst by profession, John Lauritsen began reviewing AIDS research in 1983, and is now the leading critical AIDS journalist. THE AIDS WAR is a collection of his major writings on AIDS, going back to February 1985. From the introduction: The AIDS epidemic is an epidemic of lies, through which hundreds of thousands of people have died and are dying unnecessarily, billions of dollars have gone down the drain, the Public Health Service has disgraced itself, and Science has plunged into whoredom.

The official AIDS paradigm -- including the preposterous notion that a biochemically inactive microbe, the so-called "human immunodeficiency virus" (HIV-1), causes the 29 (at last count) AIDS-indicator diseases -- represents the most colossal blunder in medical history. But it is more than a blunder. In the course of this book it will become plain why I have employed the metaphor of war: the terrible suffering and loss of life, propaganda, censorship, rumors, hysteria, profiteering, espionage, and sabotage.

Doctor Robert Gallo who discovered the HIV virus said that there is no legitimate dissent when it comes to AIDS. But there are more than 5,000 physicians, microbiologists, journalists and activists who disagree and say that we have been misled about the real causes of AIDS and the nature of its treatment. The mainstream media has chosen not to provide an outlet for their opinions. In this important film, documentary filmmaker and health expert Gary Null, traveled to more than 30 countries over an eight year period to seek them out and get their interviews. This is the first film on AIDS that brings the most compelling of their arguments together in one place.

Dr. Null blows the lid off the wealthy AIDS industry and shows how greed and corruption have prevented any real progress in fighting the epidemic or its underlying causes. The film challenges the entrenched notion that AIDS or HIV is an African monkey virus that is spread sexually and can be "treated" with harmful drugs. Instead, the film considers the common underlying conditions of the House of Cards epidemic, such as malnutrition, unclean water, poverty, illness, and poor lifestyle choices. The evidence is damning, and a clarion call to the public that the AIDS Industrial Complex is on the wrong track and has become a spending juggernaut completely out of control.

In this interview, scientist and HIV/AIDS Research Pioneer Judy Mikovits blows the whistle on Dr. Fauci and Corrupt DC Medical Cartel; DISTURBING Details of Threats, Intimidation, Research Theft, Tainted Vaccine Cover Ups, Fraud, Pay to Play, Greed and the FBI Cover-Up of it all. Her book, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, is a once-in-a-generation eye-opener.


Now, with the In House of Numbers, an AIDS film like no other, the HIV/AIDS story is being rewritten. This is the first film to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players; in their own settings, in their own words. It rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS is based. House of Numbers could well be the opening volley in a battle to bring sanity and clarity to an epidemic gone awry.

Schopenhauer - "All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently" opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."

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State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS

The Origin of AIDS: Man-Made Holocaust? As America celebrates the 225th Anniversary of the greatest democracy in the world, author Boyd E. Graves, J.D. exposes the shocking evidence of a century long national obsession with ethnic genocide. Rationalized by the economics of population policy, legalized by Congress, and fueled by pharmaceutical propaganda. Dr. Graves outlines how the AIDS pandemic was manufactured and proliferated by government contracted laboratories.

Fear of the Invisible.jpg An investigative journalist who has researched and produced investigative films for the BBC, American and Australian television, was asked by parents whose children had fallen severely ill after vaccination to discover if the medical authorities might be hiding anything from them. She agreed, but had no idea how long this search would take or how it would change her ideas. She expected at best to uncover a small degree of vaccine contamination. But, on the ensuing journey of discovery, she found top government scientists reporting alarmingly, at meetings between scientists, that it is impossible to purify vaccines. They stated that the childhood vaccines of today are contaminated with viruses from chickens, humans and monkeys, with RNA and DNA fragments, with "cellular degradation products," and possibly "oncogenes and prions."

An Inquiry into the Origin of the Aids Epidemic

They say they dare not tell the pubic about all this contamination - as they might demand a withdrawal of the vaccines. One doctor at these meetings said that if the 'Greens' heard what they were reporting, they would demand the ending of vaccination. There is much Home base business opportunityresearch here that will be totally new and horrifying to most readers. The author cites, for example, a senior World Health Organization (WHO) scientist reporting that the MMR vaccine is contaminated with chicken leukosis virus, and that they have decided not to tell the public and to continue to make the vaccine with eggs from contaminated chickens.

She also cites a report from a major MMR vaccine manufacturer stating that their vaccine is contaminated with cellular degradation products - and cannot be cleansed. It seems they stay silent with the public because to confess this would reveal that they cannot purify the vaccines given to our children. A US court decision in 2008 has linked autism with vaccine contamination.This is not surprising given the degree of contamination documented here - contamination that seems inevitable given how the vaccines are manufactured using cells from slaughtered wild monkeys, chicken embryos and cancers. The author cites her sources by name - and gives references and Internet links where they are available.

Dr. Cantwell links the outbreak of AIDS She also gives evidence on how US biowarfare researchers have tried to create new agents to destroy human immune systems - and reported working on a bacterium to make it a hospital superbug. Did they manage to create HIV? Obama's pastor might have thought so - but what is the evidence for this? The author critically examines this - and the evidence for another theory put forward to her by a senior professor. he said that HIV may well have contaminated the polio vaccine. She learns that chimps were used in vaccine manufacturing so widely that HIV could easily have spread in a vaccine without any need for military intervention.. She then set out to find why HIV spread so far and so fast. Was it in a vaccine? She needed to know more about HIV so went to the foundation research widely held today to have found this virus and proved it caused AIDS.

She was then rocked to discover that this key HIV research had been investigated for scientific fraud by powerful US scientific institutions and by Congress between 1990 to 1994. Why is this not widely known? These inquires reported major errors in this research, with some errors so serious that they said they made it impossible to repeat the key HIV experiments and verify them! She reveals the evidence unearthed - reproducing key documents so the reader can assess their importance for themselves.

This is explosive material. She reports finding to her surprise that the faults in researching HIV apply also to other viruses. She goes to the key experiments and discovers that it is very difficult to find any in which pure samples of viruses are produced and proved to cause particular human diseases. If they cannot purify viruses for use in vaccines, it seems they cannot produce the pure cultures needed to link with certitude viruses with diseases. This means that many illnesses may be misdiagnosed. Fear of the Invisible

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HIV Equals AIDS and other Myths of the Aids War

by Gary Null

Aids FilmSince 1984, the mainstream media have been giving us only one side of the AIDS story-the officially approved side. When Dr. Robert Gallo and then Secretary of Health Margaret Heckler announced that the probable cause of AIDS had been discovered, H.I.V. became the sole cause of AIDS and the case was closed. "Overnight, the word I probable' ceased to exist and it became dogma ... engraved in stone," says investigative journalist John Lauritsen.

From that time on, a campaign has been conducted to program us into believing that the human immunodeficiency virus is a deadly, infectious virus that inevitably results in AIDS, and death. And we have been continually told that while no cure exists, antiviral drugs, including A.Z.T., D.D.I., and D.D.C., will slow down the progression of the disease. Despite evidence to the contrary, the general public continues to buy these ideas. They are the only ones reported.

The fact is, there have always been people questioning or disagreeing with the official theory and treatment approach, but they have been silenced. Early on, the theory was challenged by a world-renowned retrovirologist, Peter Duesberg, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California at Berkeley; and by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Walter Gilbert. But instead of being urged on in their attempt to help mankind, they were ridiculed and their funding was stopped.

Inventing the AIDS Virus
by Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D., professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Inventing the Aids virus A well-credentialed scientist's hard-driving attack on the accepted view that AIDS is an infectious disease caused by HIV. Duesberg (Molecular biology/Univ. of Calif., Berkeley), an early researcher in the field of retroviruses, asserts that HIV, like virtually all retroviruses, is harmless. He finds thatHIV meets none of the usual criteria (such as the six laws of virology) used to establish that a microbe causes disease.

But if that is so, why do scientists persist in saying that AIDS is an epidemic caused by HIV? As Duesberg tells it, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention needed a serious epidemic to justify its continued existence, and by naming AIDS a single contagious disease, it created an atmosphere of public fear that brought it increased funding and power. The biomedical establishment took note. Having failed to find a viral cause of cancer, Duesberg says, virus hunters needed a new disease, and AIDS was it.

The HIV-AIDS connection was then announced by Robert Gallo, head of a retrovirus lab at the National Cancer Institute, at a 1984 press conference rather than demonstrated in a peer- reviewed scientific paper. Further, Duesberg charges, the pharmaceutical companies exploited the situation by bringing back highly toxic failed cancer drugs, such as AZT, which, he says, destroys the immune system and causes AIDS-like symptoms.

Duesberg cites other scientists who have questioned the HIV-AIDS hypothesis, among them several Nobel laureates, including Kary Mullis (for Chemistry), the author of this book's foreword. Duesberg's own theory is that AIDS is linked to the use of immunity-suppressing illicit drugs (such as crack and ``poppers''), and he urges investigation along these lines. One need not accept Duesberg's drug hypothesis, however, to be persuaded that the serious charges he makes deserve serious answers. A controversial book, certain to be met with strong resistance from the biomedical establishment.

Photo of Dr Duesberg Interviewed in this program are Dr. Peter Duesberg and Dr. Charles Thomas who initiated the group for Scientific Reappraisal of HIV, along with other experts. This video documentary stands to date as the best complete analysis of these issues in any video form. Much of the current controversy in South Africa and around the world over HIV as the cause of AIDS was initiated by the information presented in this video. This video has saved thousands of lives and is credited as being part of the HIV/AIDS dissident movement worldwide. This video explains how the fraud began, how it is perpetuated, and who profits ... all » by it. The program explains ten reasons why HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS, what the real causes could be, and why dangerous toxic drugs like AZT cause AIDS by prescription. watch that video!

Court rules HIV not proven to cause 'AIDS' - After years of claims by the AIDS establishment that a link between HIV and immune supression had been established a High Court found the claim without merit and a unfounded deception. This is the first legal trail of the HUV/AIDS hypothesis and a historic defeat for AID$ Inc. The document of the German Bundestag DS 12/8591 holds proof that the Bundestag had already known in 1994 that neither Montagnier (1983) nor Gallo (1984) had isolated any virus in connection with AIDS. Based on this the Bundestag safeguarded the persistent lie of the AIDS information campaign (RKI) from 9th March 1995 about the successful isolation of a virus in connection with AIDS. As a consequence of non-tolerating this lie and because of non-tolerating the deadly consequences of this lie, the trial took place on 15th January 2001.

The Real Anthony Fauci book chronicles Fauci’s “secretive experiments 
on hundreds of HIV-positive foster children at Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) in New York City and numerous sister facilities 
in New York and six other states between 1988 and 2002

America’s Dr. Mengele In his must-read new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. describes how journalist Liam Scheff chronicled Fauci’s “secretive experiments on hundreds of HIV-positive foster children at Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) in New York City and numerous sister facilities in New York and six other states between 1988 and 2002” (p. 245). He describes in detail how “Fauci’s NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and his Big Pharma partners turned Black and Hispanic foster kids into lab rats, subjecting them to torture and abuse in a grim parade of unsupervised drug and vaccine studies . . .” (p. 246).

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What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?
by Christine Maggiore from Alive and Well and The American Foundation for AIDS Alernatives

A concise and convincing case that AIDS is nothing like what we have been told. Using simple, straightforward language, this book deconstructs popular myths about AIDS and fortifies its scientific data with powerful accounts from HIV positives who, like author Christine Maggiore, defy the HIV=AIDS=Death paradigm by living in wellness without pharmaceutical treatments and without fear of AIDS. This is vital information for anyone who has tested HIV positive and important reading for everyone who has ever lived or loved in fear.

Why have we unquestionably believed everything the government has told us about AIDS? Why have we not asked these questions before? A must-read for everyone if we are ever to uncover the truth about AIDS!" Dr. Lois Lee · Founder, Children of the Night, Recipient of the 1984 President's Volunteer Action Award

" Until recently, I was a physician at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the number-one funded AIDS research center in the country. Before January of 1998, my knowledge of AIDS was typical; I knew that HIV caused AIDS because that's what the textbooks said. I had no reason to think otherwise and never knew or cared that anybody thought differently. I ordered this book on a whim, but once I started reading it, I didn't stop until I hit the back cover.

I used to think that medical research wasn't politically directed and financially motivated, and that pharmaceutical companies wouldn't compromise patient well-being for a profit. I used to think the FDA was there to protect the American public. Now I know better. Now I tell the story of AIDS to anyone who will listen." Rob Hodson, MD Former professor of anesthesiology, University of Alabama, Birmingham

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The Great "HIV" Hoax

The multi-billion dollar/pound AIDS/HIV fraud is based on two fabrications : that AIDS is a single disease and that it is caused by the HI virus or the "HIV virus" as some medical/media masterminds call it - perhaps they think the V in HIV stands for volcano. In Japan "AIDS" is virtually unknown : yet, in random tests, 25% of people were found to be "HIV-positive".
HIV-positive response means nothing of any relevance to health: it can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, M.S., measles, influenza, papilloma virus wart, Epstein Barr virus, leprosy, glandular fever, hepatitis, syphillis ... : over sixty different conditions.

HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud?
A shocking documentary that exposes HIV/AIDS as a deceptive and deadly scam.

HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud? One of the most powerful video documentaries of our time boldly reveals the modern medical-industrial complex’s dire descent into utter corruption. This feature-length expose explains exactly how the 300-Billion-dollar AID$ fraud began, why HIV can NOT be the cause of AIDS, what the real causes could be, and who manipulates the public’s good intentions while poisoning hundreds of thousands with toxic drugs that cause the very disease they are supposed to prevent.

This is a systematic dissection of the HIV/AID$ machine and how they hijacked a program designed to fight a worldwide plight of human suffering and drove it down the road to hell. Yet this program offers hope, inspired by the courage and articulate arguments of a group of growing voices internationally challenging the HIV=AIDS=DEATH hysteria. A MUST SEE for anyone interested in truly understanding the facts about HIV/AID$. You will meet a number of highly reputable scientists who all agree that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, including Dr. Peter Duesberg, who was the first scientist to map the genetic structure of retroviruses. He is joined by Nobel Prize winners Dr. Kary Mullis and Dr.Walter Gilbert, along with Dr. David Rasnick, an expert in the field of protease inhibitors.

US Special Virus Program

Dr. Boyd E. Graves, at the Million More March 2005, displays the 1971 Research Logic Flow Chart of the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus Program. Dr. Graves' is considered the top research expert into the development of the U.S. Special Virus Program. Graves' legal activism and medical research into the HIV/AIDS pandemic has uncovered over 15 years of 'missing' medical history. (2005)

"AIDS science needs rethinking. It needs fresh ideas. New leaders. Different patterns of funding. And more than anything, the public needs to know that there are scientists who strongly object to the mainstream theory that HIV causes AIDS. What AIDS science needs to abandon quickly is the destructive attitude that anyone who questions the dominant theory is a threat to public health. This position is shameful in a so-called democratic society. Such an unscientific stance rings of insecurity, ego and career protection. The smell of big money is also attached to this outrageous behavior."
Nicholas Regush, former correspondent with ABCNEWS.com

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Queer Blood
By Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD

The shocking story of the genetically engineered AIDS virus that was created in a laboratory and now threatens the entire world. In this well-documented sequel to AIDS & The Doctors of Death, the author debunks the African green monkey theory of AIDS and explains how AIDS started as a covered-up genocide experiment, using gays and blacks as guinea pigs. Winner of the Ben Franklin Award for book excellence.

There has long been the story that there is a secret gay genocide with the culprit being a genetically engineered virus. Although there is no concrete scientific evidence that such a genocide is taking place, there are many questions that have not been answered. The unproven belief is that vaccines containing lethal biological agents were injected into African Blacks and white gays of Manhattan in order to produce a holocaust that would remove two undesirable groups from the earth.

One thing that is true is that it is highly unlikely that a Black heterosexual epidemic could have transformed itself into a white gay disease in America. This is a book to be read with an open mind, remembering that there are few concrete facts that support this idea. Nevertheless this is a book and idea to be reckoned with. It is easy to read and takes little time to finish but when finished, you really do not know what to believe, especially if you are a gay male in the midst of the holocaust.

Book- Positively False Positively False : Exposing the Myths Around Hiv and AIDS
by Joan Shenton

A British medical journalist examines the battle between the AIDS orthodoxy and dissenters who questions that HIV is an infection and that it leads to AIDS and death. She introduces scientists who claim that HIV has never been isolated, and documents the tyranny of orthodoxy imposed by some scientists and the pharmaceutical industry. She also looks at the situation in the Third World, where those falsely diagnosed as HIV and AIDS victims are denied treatment for other diseases.

A Sad ‘Day’ Is World AIDS Day a Sorry Sham?
Commentary By Nicholas Regush

"Every year on World AIDS Day, all the bad news comes pouring out of the World Health Organization: More AIDS cases; more HIV infections. News headlines scream that the world is getting pulverized by the virus from hell. More money is needed for HIV research. More attention should be given to AIDS. And so on. And naturally many “leading” AIDS researchers — whatever that means — are quoted in the papers or appearing on camera to suggest that progress is being made and hope is just around the corner.I contend that World AIDS Day is nothing short of a propaganda tool for scientists to reinforce an established model for how AIDS develops an established model that is short on scientific evidence, that often rings of peculiar speculation, if not outright fantasy."

AIDS in Africa: lies and deceptions

Today, in so-called third world countries, and in Africa the AIDS nightmare is continuing and growing more frightening as each day goes by. Not because of any viral pandemic, sweeping across the plains of Africa, but because of an orchestrated pandemic of lies and deceit, sweeping across the globe via a Western-controlled media campaign. In actual fact, it is pre-existing illnesses (the majority of which could be treated relatively easily and cheaply, but which are not) which are now accounting for so much of these spiraling conventional AIDS death statistics. The World Health Organization, World Bank, UNAIDS, associated UN organizations, the Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a chronic
skin condition that causes repeated episodes of itchy red rashes. 
	pharmaceutical giants and related media colleagues etc., are manipulating the current AIDS 'epidemic' in order to continue with their scare-mongering AIDS DEATH HEADLINES.

More shamefully, these organizations are now colluding in the delivery of toxic drugs into Africa and other so-called third world countries, with the express intent of using these drugs as a form of population control in the recipient nations. The World Bank and the IMF are granting loans to HIPC's (heavily indebted poor countries) only if they agree to spend a considerable proportion of that loan on combating AIDS... 'the dreadful disease ravaging their poor country'

Dirty tricks over AIDS figures - Dr Christian Fiala, an Austrian doctor with many years of extensive research on the epidemiological data on HIV/Aids in Europe, USA, Africa and Thailand, including a fact finding mission to Uganda and Tanzania, exposes the ugly methods used by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in arriving at the alarming figures it publishes about African Aids.

What really causes Aids?
by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, Toxicologist and Pathologist

My extensive review of the medical literature has not led me to a single individual with AIDS that was caused by HIV, nor a single person with AIDS who was cured by the treatment with the antiviral agents (AZT and protease inhibitors). On the contrary, epidemiology and pathology of AIDS worldwide show that agents and factors other than HIV are responsible for causing the AIDS epidemic.

The Perth Group of HIV/AIDS dissidents was formed in 1981 at the Royal Perth Hospital, teaching hospital for the University of Western Australia. The original members are the leader, biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, emergency physician Valendar (Val) Turner and Professor of Pathology John Papadimitriou. Over the years several others (physicists Bruce Hedland-Thomas and Barry Page, Florida USA biochemist Todd Miller and Colombian physician/medical researcher Helman Alphonso), have also given generous time and effort in research and the production of papers. Recently senior clinical physicist Dr. David Causer has joined the Group. The Perth Group has published several scientific papers and letters, as well as several papers and letters which editors refuse to publish. What The Perth Group has argued:

  • Failure to prove the existence of a unique, exogenously acquired retrovirus, HIV.
  • Failure to verify the HIV antibody tests proof of HIV infection.
  • Failure to prove HIV causes immune deficiency (destruction of T4 lymphocytes) or AIDS.
  • The impossibility of haemophiliacs acquiring HIV following factor VIII infusions.
  • Failure to prove the HIV genome, (RNA or DNA) originates in a unique exogenously acquired infectious retroviral particle.
  • Failure to prove HIV/AIDS is infectious, either by blood, blood products or sexual intercourse.
  • Failure to prove what is called AIDS in Africa or Thailand is caused by HIV or is sexually transmitted.
  • That AIDS and all the phenomena inferred as "HIV" are induced by changes in cellular redox brought about by the oxidative nature of substances and exposures common to all the AIDS risk groups and to the cells used in the "culture" and "isolation" of HIV.
  • That AIDS will not spread outside the original risk groups and that cessation of exposure to oxidants and/or use of anti-oxidants will improve the outcome of AIDS patients.
  • That pharmacological data prove AZT cannot kill HIV and AZT is toxic to all cells and may cause AIDS.
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Smallpox Vaccine Connection

On May 11, 1987, a highly important AIDS story appeared on the front page of The London Times, one of the world's most respected newspapers. The headline ran, "Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus." Written by science editor Pearce Wright, the story suggested that the smallpox eradication vaccine program sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) was responsible for unleashing AIDS in Africa.

Between the years 1966-1977, almost 100 million Blacks living in Central Africa were injected by the WHO. Scientists now speculate that the smallpox vaccine might have awakened a "dormant" AIDS virus infection on the continent.

Pearce Wright noted that the smallpox vaccine connection to AIDS could explain why Brazil, the only South American country covered in the WHO eradication campaign, has the highest incidence of AIDS in that region. In addition, approximately 14,000 Haitians working in Central Africa were inoculated in the smallpox campaign, thus explaining why AIDS also broke out in Haiti.

A WHO official admitted, "Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation for the explosion of African AIDS." Robert Gallo added, "The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis. I cannot say it actually happened but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV."

Rappoport was mystified as to why no mention of the smallpox story appeared in the major U. S. media. He contacted spokespersons for the Associated Press in Boston, Washington and New York; Reuters at the United Nations; and United Press International in New York. All the agencies "said they had heard nothing of the story out of London."

During the years 1966-1977, the WHO administered 24,000 million doses (2.4 billion) of smallpox vaccine worldwide. Could any of these vaccine batches contain a genetically engineered virus designed for biowarfare purposes? According to Allan Chase's Magic Shots, "The Soviet Union donated 140 million doses; the United States 40 million doses; twenty other nations combined to donate another 220 million doses" The remaining two billion doses of vaccine were made in newly established labs in third world countries, with the help of WHO specialists.

Was AIDS introduced into millions of Africans during the WHO vaccine program? Animal and human cells harbor all sorts of viruses, including viruses not yet discovered Animal tissue cell cultures are often used in the manufacture of viral vaccines. Therefore, the possibility of vaccine contamination with an animal virus is a constant danger in the pharmaceutical production of vaccines.

Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D., Ph.D., and Ted Strecker, Esq., have compiled a list of 50 other articles from respected scientific journals that led them to conclude that AIDS was predicted, requested, produced and released by the U.S. Government via smallpox vaccinations in Africa and hepatitis B vaccinations in America under the supervision of Dr. Wolf Szmuness. The list, "AIDS Reference,"can be obtained by writing to The Strecker Group, 1216 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90017. Their video, The Strecker Memorandum condenses this information into a 90-minute tour de force. I have this tape.

Aids: The "Perfect" Disease: The Common Thread of Government Experimentation in the Acquired Immunodeficiency and Gulf War Syndrome. Reveals how and why the AIDS/cancer epidemic may culminate in human cancer vaccines—a convenient result since HIV is a type of virus invented by cancer vaccine researchers and grown in human cell cultures shortly before the epidemic began. Traces the hidden history and laboratory creation of immunosuppressive viruses for "tumor transplant" research and proposes that a long-running series of published human experiments with tumor transplants--including those using monkey cancer viruses--culminated in the convenient AIDS/Cancer epidemic.

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Aids: Death by Presciption

By Heinrich Kremer, Stefan Lanka and Alfred Hässig

Protease inhibitors and antiviral drugs with mitochondrial toxicity: AIDS treatment with consecutive death.

The advertising drums are beaten hard all over the world today. The same doctors are calling for obedient candidates for their experiments and holding out the same promise of a cure who have poisoned countless AIDS patients by administering the DNA blocker AZT for the past ten years in an attempt to hunt down the phantom HI virus.

The same doctors are now trying to conjure up a substance from the test tube under the magic name of 'protease inhibitor' and to market it as having a limitless cure potential, although nobody in fact knows what long-term reactions this molecule, which has never been tested on man, may cause in the living organism.

A theory has been floating around for several years that AIDS and other diseases were created and spread by scientists, and some versions even suggest that this was done intentionally to eradicate certain segments of the population. A recent study published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet provides some evidence to support at least part of that theory

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Politically Motivated Disease Causation: The Biggest Epidemic of them all
By Marcel Girodian

"Why do current AIDS researchers not investigate, and not even consider the role of chemicals in AIDS or study other non-HIV AIDS theories to solve the AIDS dilemma?" — Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Director, Institute of Science in Society, London

What if we had strong evidence that, in fact, Aids is a multifactorial syndrome caused by drugs, malnutrition, toxic Aids medicine and the psychological devastation induced by the Hiv+ diagnosis, and that those who don’t get sick aren’t protected by a genetic factor, but by the common factor of refusing to take toxic Aids drugs? What if polio is actually caused by pesticides, vaccinations and tonsillectomies; diabetes by antibiotics, other medicines and organocholorine chemicals in the environment; leukemia and most cancers by a wide variety of toxic chemicals that governments permit in food; hepatitis by medicine and chemicals in the environment (in addition to alcoholism)?

What if we could connect the dots and see the huge amounts of money that pass from chemical and pharmaceutical corporations to politicians, government regulators, doctors, academics and the media, and the pivotal influence this has on disease causations?

What if we could point out the obvious utility to the powerful of blaming a virus for deaths in Africa instead of hunger, unclean water and other factors — factors caused or made worse by centuries of US and European government-supported racist exploitation, corrupt African political leaders installed and propped up by the CIA, and the rapacious policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund?

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Medical doctor puts his life on the line to prove HIV does not cause Aids

I interviewed Dr. Robert E. Willner, a medical doctor who has practiced and lectured on medicine worldwide for over 35 years. He recently stunned Spain by innoculating himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, an HIV positive hemophiliac. Dr. Willner is the author of the just published blockbuster book Deadly Deception: The Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS.

The London Times reports a major research group has recently proven the test for the HIV virus (which is claimed to cause AIDS) is completely invalid and "riddled with false positives". Malnutrition, multiple infections, malaria, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, having once had the "flu" or measles and even the body's own natural response to anal semen all result in positive HIV/AIDS tests.

Now the truth is finally revealed. When a completely normal and healthy person tests positive for HIV, is then put on the deadly drug AZT -- they die. Death results from the destruction of the immune system caused by the deadly drug AZT and not by HIV.

Baby Garfield latest victim in the war on AIDS

Drug Kill - Not HIV! Caught in the cross-fire of AIDS hysteria is an 18 month-old boy believed to have tested HIV positive in mandatory newborn screening (in NY). Although the boy's medical records do not show the results of this screening test, and his most recent HIV test is Indeterminate, he was taken from his home by seven police officers after his mother sought a second opinion on AIDS drug treatments that were making her child ill.The boy's older sister was also taken in the "AIDS raid" but was later returned to her family when authorities noted her negative HIV status.

Our amazing and generous attorney has offered to assist the family to prepare for a custody hearing later this month. We also found an unprejudiced pyschiatrist to provide an evaluation of the parents' mental competency--they are accused of "being in denial" and are required to submit to psychiatric evaluation.

Today, a psychoanalyst offered to assess and provide testimony on the damage the child suffers being separated from his family, and a well respected pediatrician has agreed to take him as his patient and treat the boy as an individual instead of an HIV positive diagnosis.

We are seeking donations to help cover costs involved in preparing the family for their custody hearing. The family needs $1,000 to pull together the necessary legal documents and pay for doctor visits and lab work that is not covered by their insurance. If you can pitch in any amount toward this goal, please let us know as soon as possible.

If what you've read so far has failed to inspire your concern and your generosity, please consider the cruel and inept system that is keeping the parents and child apart:

  • The child's first HIV test result from his newborn screening is missing from his records along with much other pertinent information
  • The child's first "viral load" test was negative and this test is also missing from the records, but is referred to in the records several times
  • The boy's most recent viral load test was performed at two different labs and came back with dramatically varying results
  • The result from his most recent HIV Wesern Blot antibody test is Indeterminate- His mother was told she had to take an HIV test in order to regain custody, but she has not been given the results of the test although the test was performed three weeks ago. At the time of her HIV test, the test counselor assumed the mother was HIV positive, and based on that assumption, told the mother to draw up her will and figure out who will get custody of her two children when she dies- The boy was healthy until he began recommended treatment with AIDS drugs
  • The department of social services accused the mother of negligence after the mother had to reschedule an appointment for a second opinion. Although the appointment was rescheduled by the hospital and not the mother, and the mother was careful to notify DSS of the change in order to show that she was not negligent with regard to the medical care of her son, under orders from DSS, her children were removed from their home by seven police officers at 10:30 PM on July 17.
  • The parents have been allowed to see their son only one hour a week since he was taken in July.
Christine Maggiore
Founder/Director, Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives
Page Divider Subject: Update on Baby Garfield
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000
From: Christine Maggiore <christine@aliveandwell.org> Organization: Alive and Well

A few weeks ago we alerted this list to the case of Baby Garfield, an 18 month old boy from New York caught up in the system of mandatory newborn HIV screening recently initiated in that state.

After allegedly testing positive at birth (the actual test was missing from his medical records) and following a series of inconsistent lab work and other questionable tests and recommendations, his mother sought a second opinion about the AIDS drug treatments prescribed for her healthy son.

A few days later, under orders from the department of social services, Baby Garfield was taken from his home by seven police officers. He was placed in foster care and put on an aggressive regimen of mandatory medication. His parents were allowed to see their child only one hour a week while awaiting a hearing to establish long-term arrangements for his custody.

When the parents found Alive and Well, Garfield had been in a foster home for more than a month and the custody hearing was just a few weeks away.

In record time, helped by your donations and good wishes, we pulled together a legal defense team led by Alive and Well's pro bono attorney Denis Sheils of Philadelphia, PA. Although Denis is one of the best and busiest attorneys in the country, he gave his time--including weekends--to the effort to return Baby Gafield to his parents. A coincidental interview with a national news program brought me and my family to New York for the custody hearing.

I am happy to report that the day after the hearing, Garfield was back in his mother's arms. The victory was resounding as the state has decided not to appeal the judge's decision. Outside the courtroom, after a round of hugs and tears of relief, I shared your e mail messages with the family. It was a great honor to present them with all the good wishes and promises of donations from across the country and around the world--help and concern came from as far away as Australia, Canada, England, and Iceland.

In celebrating this legal victory we give our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, Dr. Ina Becker and Dr. Larry Palevsky who were essential components of the legal victory; to Lynn Gannett who served as the family's personal support group; to Denis Sheils for his incredible generosity and skills; and to all of you who continue to make it possible for Alive and Well to be here for those who need us most.

Eliza Jane Scoville

Thank you!
Christine Maggiore

Eliza Jane Scovill (Christine's daughter) Died of an Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillin

"I was required by law to take an HIV test in June 1995. The test is mandatory in Colorado for pregnant women, and I was expecting my second child. I was shocked when the result came back positive, because I’d been married and monogamous for nine years. I started taking AZT in my fifth month. After ten months on AZT, I was sick all the time. I had constant diarrhoea, nausea, fever, night sweats and was totally exhausted. I was crawling to the bathroom and vomiting for hours. My doctor told me the HIV was making me ill, and that the virus had mutated into a form that was resistant to AZT. Further drugs turned my skin yellow with jaundice. Since it was clear that the drugs weren’t keeping me from getting AIDS and were actually destroying my liver, I let my prescription run out. I figured I’d rather die from AIDS than liver failure.

Almost immediately after I stopped taking my medicines, within a matter of days I started to feel much better…. My daughter is considered a success by medical standards because she tests negative, but I don’t care about HIV anymore. I am concerned about the effects of the AZT she was poisoned with while I was pregnant. Rachel has an enlarged cranium, seizures and a strange deformity near the base of her spine. At age three she still does not speak. I went to this conference on HIV and pregnancy at The Children’s Hospital here in Denver. A lot of mothers there had taken AZT during pregnancy and had their kids with them. Every single one of those kids had enlarged craniums. Their heads looked exactly like Rachel’s. They’re all AZT babies. I’m working now to repeal Colorado’s mandatory HIV testing law."