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Conquering Candida Yeast Infection

The majority of people who have Candida do not realize they have it until become seriously ill. The symptoms are so numerous and seemingly unrelated that it is very perplexing to both doctor and patient. Candida itself is totally preventable and if you have this condition, it can be completely and permanently eliminated. People may have symptoms that appear totally unrelated to the Candida such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, vaginal yeast infections, headaches with sinus involvement, histamine allergic reactions and thrush white tongue, to name a few.

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Candida Yeast: The Modern Curse on Civilization

Healing Candida NaturallyCandida Albicans, also known as thrush, is a negative yeast infection that starts in the digestive system and then spreads to other parts of the body.

Women are most likely to get yeast infections although millions of men have the condition. Yeast infections are uncomfortable, irritating and at times embarrassing for women. Holistic medical doctors teach us that yeast is often started by taking antibiotics for other health conditions.

In a balanced state yeast population is controlled by the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophilus. If this balance is disrupted the yeast can overpopulate and cause infections commonly known as Candida yeast infection or thrush. The Candida and bacteria associated with it can get into the blood stream from where it may find its way to other parts of the body leading to sore joints, chest pain, sinus problems and worse. Candida covers the intestinal walls which interferes with digestion and food nutrients. This prevents the body from functioning normally and can lead to numerous health problems: bloating, gas, food reactions and allergies, constipation, diarrhea and a host of digestive complaints. Candida can also spread to the vaginal area, the prostate, the heart, lungs, liver and cause numerous symptoms and illnesses.

Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics Many women find after taking antibiotics, they get vaginal yeast infections because their normal bacterial balance has been lost. Antibiotics bring on fungal and yeast infections thus will eventually be seen as one additional cause of cancer since more and more oncologists are seeing yeast and fungal infections as an integral part of cancer and its cause. We know that there is a relationship between Candida and chronic illnesses because when we treat the yeast and have the patient follow programs designed to control the yeast, the patient responds remarkably even after many previous medical treatment programs for unrelated conditions failed.

Antibiotics are a common cause of Candida. Antibiotics destroy both harmful bacteria and good bacteria. When antibiotics destroy friendly bacteria it gives the Candida a chance to begin to multiply. Anyone who has been treated with antibiotics for acne, major dental work or any condition where antibiotic use has been frequent, more than 1 course of 7-10 days, is a prime Candidate for Candida.

Candida is actually a mold which inhabits the body, generally arising in the colon. However, the word "yeast infection" is generally used to refer to when the Candida mold has grown out of control, due to a compromised immune system, use of antibiotics, refined sugar, chlorinated water, and alcohol use, and begun to create harmful effects within the body. Thus to say, "I think I have a Candida or yeast infection," would mean that you have an overgrowth of the Candida or yeast mold. The Candida mold feeds off of the food that you eat, especially sugars and starches. This takes away from the nutrients you need to survive. The mold then begins to produce it's own waste products. These wastes are toxic to the system and cause many of the sicknesses and diseases which plagues the population today.

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Antibiotic use can lead to Yeast Overgrowth

Normally, candida albicans lives peacefully in our intestines and elsewhere, in harmony with other flora that keep the yeast in check. Take an antibiotic and all this changes. By suppressing the normal flora, candida takes over and problems begin. In its mild form the result is diarrhea or a yeast infection. Dr. Elmer Cranton says that, “Yeast overgrowth is partly iatrogenic (caused by the medical profession) and can be caused by antibiotics and steroids such as cortisone medications. A diet high in sugar also promotes overgrowth of yeast. A highly refined diet common in industrialized nations not only promotes growth of yeast, but is also deficient in many of the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the immune system. Chemical colorings, flavorings, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc., add more to stress on the immune system"

Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

"Results of conventional treatment of female non-bacterial recurrent cystitis (NBRC) are discouraging. Most patients show an unexpected high incidence of vaginal candidiasis, while their cell mediated immunity to Herpes simplex viruses (HSV) and Candida antigens seems impaired, and it is known that the persistence of mucocutaneous chronic candidiasis is mainly due to a selective defect of CMI to Candida antigens. Twenty nine women suffering of NBRC, and in whom previous treatment with antibiotics and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs was unsuccessful, underwent oral immune enhancing substance specific to Candida and/or to HSV was administered bi-weekly for the first 2 weeks, and then once a week for the following 6 months. No side effects were observed during treatment. The total observation period of our cohort was 24379 days with 353 episodes of cystitis recorded and a cumulative relapse index (RI) of 43. The observation period during and after treatment was 13920 days with 108 relapses and a cumulative RI of 23 (P < 0.0001). It, thus, seems that specific TF may be capable of controlling NBRC and alleviate the symptoms."

There are over 3,000 published papers and 50 years of research on this natural immune enhancing substance. There are thousands of case reports on the effectiveness of this supplement. There has also been a lab study and a human study done with these products. In addition, the International Society sponsors an International Symposium every three years on the findings of research.

"Transfusion of a Candida-specific immune enhancing substance has been reported to be very successful (remission for > 10 years) when combined with an anti-fungal"

All-Natural Treatment Method That Permanently Eliminates Yeast Infections

Former Yeast Infection Sufferer Reveals The Only Holistic System In Existence That Will Show You How To Permanently Cure Your Yeast Infection, Eliminate Candida, And Regain Your Natural Inner Balance, Using A Unique 5 Step Method No One Else Will Tell You About

You Can Stop the Burning, Itching and Discomfort... All From The Privacy of Home. This information is an Absolute Must for yeast infection sufferers!! Not only does it deal with a sensitive subject in an informative, practical way but it explains the underlying causes, symptoms and natural treatments and actually gets to the root cause of the infection rather than just tackling the symptoms that so many other treatments seem to do. Easy and quick to use remedies that can be used everyday and have a whole host of other healthy benefits as well. In a nutshell it delivers a holistic approach to ridding the body of a Yeast Infection naturally, safely and permanently which of course is the desired result. Cure Yeast Infection without drugs or typical Yeast Infection treatments. Drugs, creams and typical Yeast Infection treatments sometimes work in a partial way and temporarily and the side effects are nasty. The tiny handful Yeast Infection sufferers who have learned how to treat their Yeast Infection from within and without ever using drugs or over the counters are the only people in the world who keep their system clear of Candida infection permanently. Now you can learn these Yeast Infection cure secrets from a nutritionist and a former sufferer who knows from real-world experience exactly how it's done.

Low thyroid is very common in cases of Candida. The thyroid gland has an important effect on the immune system. Adequate thyroid function also helps the digestive system operate correctly. As pointed out earlier, lack of proper digestive secretions can cause reduction of friendly bacteria. Constipation is also common with low thyroid. Body temperature will drop if thyroid function is low. A drop in body temperature stops many different chemical reactions from taking place. Some of these chemical reactions stop Candida overgrowth.

Immune Deficiency - Any condition that results in a weakened immune system can bring about Candida. Most notable are AIDS and CANCER. Candida can be considered a side effect of these more threatening illnesses.

Parasites and intestinal worms are more common then anyone would think. Some researchers have estimated that over 85% of all people living in North America and Canada have parasites. Parasites can be large worm-like creatures or small microscopic organisms. Either type destroy friendly bacteria in the intestines making yeast overgrowth

Oral birth control pills are mostly the hormone estrogen. Supplemental estrogen in the synthetic form has been found to promote the growth of yeast. Several years ago the Great Smokies Medical lab published studies showing that hormones could effect intestinal bacteria. A common compliant of women on birth control pills is yeast infection. The copper IUD is another possible yeast promoter. It has been observed by David Watts, Ph.D., that copper promotes the growth of yeast. Often copper IUD users develop excessive levels of copper in their tissues. Excess copper can depress the adrenal, thyroid and immune systems of the body. This can make it more difficult for the body to resist yeast.

  • Food Allergies
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Skin Rashes
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Immune Disorders
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Headaches
  • Irregularities
  • Depression

Yeast infection of the genital tract caused by Candida albicans - Candida albicans infections are becoming increasingly common, especially in women. Such genital infections usually develop by the yeast spreading from normal skin or intestinal flora, uncommonly from a sexual partner. Two important factors contribute to this increase in cases: use of wide-spectrum antibiotics and women using oral contraceptives. Predisposing factors include pregnancy, menstruation, diabetes mellitus, constrictive clothing, taking immuno-suppressive drugs or steroids.

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Conquering Yeast Infections : The Non-Drug Solution for Men and Women

People who suffer from fatigue, muscle aches, food sensitivities, psoriasis, asthma and many other common complaints may actually have a yeast infection. Too much yeast (specifically, "Candida Albicans") in the body is a problem that applies equally to both men and women. Candida Albican, a common yeast, normally lives in the human body where it causes no problems, provided the body's biochemistry is balanced and the immune system is strong. "I recommend that 'Conquering Yeast Infections' be required reading for doctors and patients who are getting nowhere treating chronic illnesses." Jonathan Collin, M.D.

Candida albicans is a yeast-like fungus that normally lives in healthy balance in the body, found mostly in the intestines, genital tract, mouth, and throat. When the balance is upset, infection results. This is known as Candidiasis and the fungus travels to all parts of the body through the bloodstream. In the mouth, it is called thrush; in the vagina, it is called vaginitis. It affects both women and men but is rarely transmitted sexually.

Candida Yeast Infections and Grapefruit Seed Extract

Dr. Galland considers the availability of grapefruit seed extract to be "...a major therapeutic breakthrough for patients with chronic parasitic and yeast infections..." Dr. Galland reports treatment failures in only two cases out of 297. "It would be hard to overstate the value of GSE to my medical practice. It has no inherent toxicity. For the past year I have used GSE in the treatment of intestinal parasitism and chronic candidiasis with excellent results. In the treatment of candidiasis it appears as effective as nystatin, caprylic acid, and other non-absorbed intestinal antifungal agents. Many drug sensitive individuals find GSE to be much better tolerated than other antifungal preparations, and I have several patients in whom this product alone helped control chronic candidiasis when no other medication was tolerated or effective. In the treatment of intestinal protozoan infections, (Giardia lamblia and Entamoeba histolytica) GSE has for the most part been more effective than metronidazole and other prescription antiprotozoan drugs." -Dr. Leo Galland, New York, NY

Women with diabetes have more yeast infections because their vaginal environment is more conducive to the yeast growth. Corticosteroids and oral contraceptives should be avoided, as they may upset the normal and healthy balance of the body. The most healing diet for this condition is one that is fruit-free, sugar-free, and yeast-free.

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is rapidly becoming the #1 safe herbal solution for chronic vaginal and intestinal yeast infections(Candida)and thrush. One doctor has reported success with 295 patients out of 297 being treated for chronic yeast and parasitic infections. In a test of 20 patients with vaginal yeast infection, 15 had relief of their symptoms in only 3 days after douching with grapefruit seed extract every 12 hours.

A GSE douche is used for vaginal infections and capsules or liquid drops mixed with juice for internal infections. Grapefruit Seed Extract is safe with no side effects and as a liquid may be used as a gargle and may be swallowed. And it has dozens of additional healthy benefits. It's a strong anti-bacterial but doesn't seem to hurt beneficial bacteria.

Intestinal Candidiasis Stopped with GSE. Chronic candidiasis (both intestinal and systemic) is being treated with excellent results using grapefruit seed extract, according to numerous clinics and medical practitioners.

Dr. Leo Galland, M.D. of New York City, who also prescribes GSE for the treatment of candidiasis, advises patients to avoid its bitter taste by mixing it with carrot, vegetable, orange or grapefruit juice, while typically prescribing 2 to 3 drops(6-10 drops Nutribiotic), twice daily, diluted in at least four ounces of liquid. (Ed. note: The product is now available in tablet form.)

"After many years of treating patients with thrush and intestinal Candidiasis, I have found Citricidal to be very effective. It is easier to modulate the dose than other anti-yeast products, as there is no bad after-taste. The liquid Citricidal is excellent for administering to babies and children. Efficacy compares with nystatin and GSE is less expensive." -Dr. David Bayley, N.D. North Vancouver, BC

Vaginitis, inflammation of the vagina, is responsible for an estimated 10% of all visits by women to their health care practitioners. The three general causes of vaginitis are hormonal imbalance, irritation, and infection. Hormone-related vaginitis includes the atrophic vaginitis generally found in postmenopausal or postpartum women, and occasionally in young girls before puberty. Irritant vaginitis can result from allergies or irritating substances. Infectious vaginitis is most common in reproductive-age women and is generally caused by one of three types of infections: bacterial vaginosis , candidiasis or yeast infection, or trichomoniasis. Additional predisposing factors for candida infection include the use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, or adrenal corticosteroids.

Garlic neutralizes most fungi. Acidophilus supplies friendly bacteria that is usually deficient in people with fungal infections. Sambucal and Zinc Lozenges have shown to be effective for sore Throat symptoms. Various other supplements have been shown to benefit those with Yeast Infections, Thrush, and Candidiasis. Pau d'Arco teas has strong antifungal properties.

Cat's Claw (Una De Gato)

Uncaria Tomentosa, is being called by many the "Miracle Herb from the Rain Forest of Peru". The highly effective properties contained in the inner bark of the cat's claw plant have demonstrated, through centuries of usage dating back to the time of the ancient Incas, to have a profound and positive influence on the body's defense system. Studies conducted since the 1970s at research clinics in Peru, Austria, Germany, England, Hungary and Italy validate the traditional usage and indicates that this herb may be beneficial in ameliorating a host of modern day afflictions which have no answers from the orthodox medical arena. It is known to help nutritionally support the body's defense, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems through its antioxidant and build properties.

Cat's Claw (Una De Gato)is known to support a wide range of health problems associated with immune and digestive problems; such as gastric ulcers, arthritis, intestinal disorders, certain skin disorders, herpes, candidiasis,chronic fatigue, lupus, and tumors. It can also be used as an aid for stomach and bowel disorders including: Crohn's disease, leaky bowel, colitis, diverticulitis gastritis, ulcers, intestinal flora imbalance, and hemorrhoids. Cat's Claw prevents the formation of blood clots, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation, and inhibits the formation of plaque. It is helpful for inflammatory conditions; such as arthritis, bursitis, and rheumatism. It is also helpful with female hormonal imbalances, irregularities of the female cycle and with symptoms of PMS. It is also beneficial in support of diabetes and organic depression. Cat's Claw also protects from environmental toxins.

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In Vitro Killing of Candida Albicans by Fatty Acids and Monoglycerides

From the Institute of Biology, University of Iceland, Department of Anatomy, University of Iceland Medical School, and Department of Microbiology, National University Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland

The susceptibility of Candida albicans to several fatty acids and their 1-monoglycerides was tested with a short inactivation time, and ultra thin sections were studied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) after treatment with capric acid. The results show that capric acid, a 10-carbon saturated fatty acid, causes the fastest and most effective killing of all three strains of C. albicans tested, leaving the cytoplasm disorganized and shrunken because of a disrupted or disintegrated plasma membrane. Lauric acid, a 12-carbon saturated fatty acid, was the most active at lower concentrations and after a longer incubation time.

Homeopathic Remedies for Yeast Infections

"Yeast is an organism that sees an opportunity and makes the best of it. When a pH imbalance, overload of refined sugar, or worn-down immune system provide a chance, then a yeast infection in any warm, moist place may result. Sometimes, it occurs in the digestive tract, resulting in bloating. Nursing women may get yeast infections on their nipples and in their babies mouths. More commonly, women experience vaginal yeast infections. Regardless of location, there is usually itching, often soreness or swelling, and sometimes a discharge. Choosing a homeopathic remedy is easiest after defining the type of discomfort that arises and the type of discharge that is produced."

Conquering Yeast Infections: The Non-Drug Solution
by S. Colet Lahoz, RN, MS, LAc

Candida, can frequently be the culprit when: "...many patients continue to experience recurrent upper respiratory infections, sinusitis, sore throats, ear infections and colds with no apparent cause. Despite numerous rounds of antibiotics, even throat or ear surgery, they continue to have infection after infection. Other patients have terrible digestive tract disorders with continuous gas, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and heartburn, trying all sorts of medications and diets with little relief of their symptoms. What could be the cause of these symptoms? As unbelievable as it may be to many patients and doctors, this often ignored yeast, Candida, can frequently be the culprit. Yet Candida cannot just be "eliminated." We all look for the simple pill to cure all our problems; Candida is just not responsive to the magic bullet.

We know that there is a relationship between Candida and these chronic illnesses because when we treat the yeast and have the patient follow programs designed to control the yeast, the patient responds remarkably even after many previous medical treatment programs for unrelated conditions failed.

Candida-Related Complex: What Your Doctor Might Be Missing

Whitney Scott

To educate physicians and their clients alike about the modern epidemic of candida infections on account of antibiotic overuse and abuse, Sehnert and Winderlin have created a comprehensive manual describing Candida-related complex (CRC), the Candida organism, and Candida's impact, especially on the immune system. They first establish that CRC is a real illness that will eventually be fully recognized by the general medical community, but many doctors have not been trained to detect it. They point out that the complex, caused by a normally harmless yeast organism, produces symptoms that vary from individual to individual and include fatigue, food intolerances, depression, anxiety, headaches, and memory impairment. A separate section on treatment covers the basics of recovery: a limited carbohydrate diet, prescribed antifungal medications, probiotics (i.e., "friendly" bacteria), and substances that naturally boost the immune system, such as vitamins A, C, and E. Appendixes list suggested readings, support groups, physicians treating CRC, and more.