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"Juliette de Bairacli Levy has experienced eight decades of living a life dedicated to the "natural rearing" of her children and animals. She speaks the wisdom we long for, the knowledge of good health and a long happy life that is our right. Yet, somehow these details got lost, buried or ignored by the "scientific" community. Juliette is a champion of the health and loving treatment of cats, dogs, children, bees, and the gypsies. Her presence is a gently formidable figure in our modern world." ~Gail Colombo

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Why are Our Animals Sicker Than Ever?

Big Pharma has successfully completed its takeover of veterinary medicine in the United States and other first-world nations. Knowing that massive profits could be generated through the bodies of pets, drug companies have spent two decades pursuing an aggressive campaign of rewriting vet school curricula, influencing veterinarians and brainwashing pet owners into thinking their dogs, cats and horses need drugs in order to be healthy.

 It was an easy sell: Most consumers already demonstrate a cult-like belief in pharmaceutical medicine thanks to a barrage of direct-to-consumer advertising funded by deep-pocketed drug companies, and it was only a minor shift to get them to believe animals need synthetic chemicals in their bodies, too.

The result of all this is that our dogs and cats are sicker than ever. Ask any vet who's been practicing for more than ten years: They've never seen such an increase in the rate of liver disease, nervous system disorders, cancers and diabetes. Ever wonder why? It's because pets are being routinely poisoned with pet food, toxic pet medicines, and Flea and Tick Shampoos.

JulietteSo today, the majority of veterinarians in the United States now practice chemical-based medicine on pets. At the first sign of any health symptom, they slap the animal with a prescription for expensive, patented pharmaceuticals. Arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even depression are now being treated with dangerous prescription medications. Earlier this year, the FDA gave approval for Prozac, a powerful mind-altering drug, to be prescribed to dogs, and many of the most common drugs for people are now routinely used in pets (including chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment).

Introduction to Juliette de Bairacli-Levy - Juliette of the Herbs

William Winter DVM

I had been practicing several years myself all the while feeling like something was missing but yet I did not know what it was. One day I stumbled upon a small book on the shelf belonging to the retiring older veterinarian for whom I was helping out. It looked dusty and wanting of reading so I took it home with me. To this day I have not returned that book.

As I gazed upon the pages, concepts, ideas and words began to come alive for me. I knew immediately that I had stumbled upon what I will call "The Truth". My life has never been the same, I have never been able to practice, even for a day, in the old mind-set that I had been given in veterinary school.

The words in the book come burning back to me just like it was yesterday. It was over 20 years ago and the book was " The Herbal Book for the Dog A Complete Handbook of Natural Care and Rearing". It was written originally in 1947 and reprinted in 1961 by Juliette Levy. Little did I know then that not only was this remarkable woman still alive, but I would actually journey to meet her and we would come to be great friends. But now I am getting ahead of the story.

It can be said that I will start every chronic patient on a fast and begin recommending fasting for all animals beginning at about one year of age. I have now learned to predict and outline all the "CLEANSING" results clients will see. Yes, by the way, I do fast myself and I recommend that you do too. I should say that Ms. Levy truly lives her work too. She eats a raw organic diet and fasts regularly. She and her two children are living examples of this life work. Once again, I am getting ahead of the story.

My next exploration was in the realm of HERBAL MEDICINE. And I focused on the most basic, most intrinsic aspect of healing with herbs, that of CLEANSING, PURIFYING, DETOXIFICATION HERBS. in this matter, the work you will read about here is stunning. One must simply try this to believe it, but I will still go ahead and try to explain what happens when patients are cleansed. It doesn't even matter what the age is! I have seen puppies and kittens go through amazing amounts of mucus removal and other symptoms because of what they were born with from their parent's lifestyle.

Juliette Teaches Fasting and Raw Food

Juliette de Bairacli Levy says that the two most important aspects of natural animal rearing are fasting and raw diet.

Home base business opportunityJuliette de Bairacli Levy has experienced eight decades of living a life dedicated to the "natural rearing" of her children and animals. She speaks the wisdom we long for, the knowledge of good health and a long happy life that is our right. Yet, somehow these details got lost, buried or ignored by the "scientific" community. Juliette is a champion of the health and loving treatment of cats, dogs, children, bees, and the gypsies. Her presence is a gently formidable figure in our modern world.

Over the years, I began to pull this herb and that herb out of the book, such as the wonderful use of RAW CUCUMBER JUICE topically for CONJUNCTIVITIS, the use of garlic internally and externally for ALL TYPES OF PARASITES. I began to use herbal immune tonics, heart tonics, liver cleansers and arthritis herbs. Each year I picked herbs like fruit from a great bearing fruit tree. Whatever I wanted the tree seemed to have for me. All my instincts told me I had stumbled upon the Great Cornucopia of Cure.

Juliette's Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat

Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat With information on cats as well as dogs, The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette De Bairacli Levy covers rearing of young, treating specific diseases with herbs, and a general discussion on disease prevention.

"If Only I Had Had This Book Before Vaccines Killed My Dog, . Yes - vaccines took my Newfoundland's life. She was only two and they destroyed her immune system. But her death has led me down the path to such vitally important people as Wendy Volhard (her clinically tested diet is based on Juliette's work) and Juliette Levy. Juliette's books have given me a deeper understanding of the true power of diet. Diet IS powerful medicine - absolutely no doubt about that. That Juliette has put these cures and ways of life into print is a blessing for all of us." Bethanne Elion, Northern California Coast, USA.

Eggs as a Natural Food

"Eggs from hens, ducks, or turtles are a rich source of mineral salts and vitamins.... Eggs must be fresh, as staleness renders them indigestible. They should be fed raw, because cooking causes them to adhere to the digestive tract.... Eggs are quite a natural food to the dog, for dogs will seek out and eat the eggs of sea-birds and other birds, such as game-birds, which lay their eggs on the ground. Eggs are very *unsuitable* food for sick animals because of their highly fermentative properties. During the heat of fever, for instance, they rapidly poison the body instead of strengthening it. Egg-and-milk has long been the most misguided of orthodox medical-recommended invalid foods; the giving of such food has done about as much to spoil cures by orthodox treatment as has the popular use of the destructive sulphonamide group of drugs. It is claimed that raw egg-white harms health: I do not agree. Egg-stealers, such as foxes, weasels, cats and rats keep very well, thank you!"

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A Beautiful Portrait of Juliette of the Herbs

Juliette DVD A beautiful lyrical portrait of the life and work of Juliette de Bairacli Levy: herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, traveler in search of herbal wisdom and the pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine. Her well-loved and now classic herbal remedies for animals and for children have been a vital inspiration to the present day herbal renaissance and holistic animal care community. For more than 60 years Juliette lived with the Gypsies, nomads and peasants of the world, learning the healing arts of these people who live close to nature, and learning from nature herself. Now 85 years of age, Juliette's life story is as colorful and exciting as her tremendous wealth of herbal knowledge. Filmed on location in many beautiful countries, and interwoven with Juliette's vast collection of archival photographs, together with scenes of Gypsies dancing and Bedouins with their herds.

"This is an amazing story of a truly remarkable woman, Juliette de Bairacli Levy, and her journey from everyday to extraordinary. A woman, quiet and loving in nature, who learns the way of herbs and their curative powers to help animals, children and humanity. Her story is an inspiration to all of us in making a life choice and how one person with deep convictions can make a real difference in the world, even today. Learn and be inspired!"

Juliette's Nature Children

A woman, a film, a phenomenon "If the title of Tish Streeten’s powerful new film sounds like a portrait of a saint, that’s because, in a way, it is. Juliette of the Herbs captures the life and work of Juliette de Bairacli Levy, the legendary herbal healer, gypsy scholar, and powerful friend to all living things. She has performed miracles, saving countless lives of both human and animal. She’s written the bible for animal lovers and herbalists. Rosemary Gladstar calls her the single person who’s had the most influence on American herbalism. There is something magical perhaps supernatural is the term about this remarkable woman.

In Juliette of the Herbs, you’ll hear the voices of animals and birds in the gypsy music. You’ll see Juliette swimming in healing waters, and you’ll meet her animal friends. And you’ll get the feeling you are sitting down with an incredible woman, having the most important conversation of your life." excerpt from Organic Valley

An Insect Repellent from Juliette

Juliette of the HerbsFresh or dried herbs can be used. Wormwood two handfuls, Rue one handful, Rosemary a half handful. If the herbs are very dry, less can be used. Pound up the herbs to near powder form, after first finely cutting with scissors. A mortar and pestle is the best method for pounding herbs finely. Put herbs into a wide- mouth quart jar. Then fill, almost to the top, with a thin oil such as sunflower, safflower or corn. Add one tablespoon natural vinegar (to break down the cellulose of the herbs). Do not use olive oil as it is too heavy.

Close the jar tightly and place in sunlight for sun infusion. Preferably the jar should stand on a substance which heats, such as stone, or buried in sand. Never strain the oil: the herbs in the jar will sink to the bottom and when the oil is ready for use, the clear oil can be poured off from the herb residue. Shake well morning and night. Maturity usually takes about one month in temperate climates; in hot climates where the oil heats up very strongly, less time is required.

If hot sunlight is not available, then fire heat must be used, and heated in covered cans (double boiler works well). Heat slowly for approximately an hour. Shake well. Repeat the process daily for one week, by which time the oil should be ready for bottling.

The test for readiness of the repellent is its bitterness: this should be intense. To make a double or triple strength oil against the very vicious types of mosquitoes and other biting pests, the strained oil should be re-infused by adding more of the finely cut herbs, and a new infusing of the herbs made two or three times, thus increasing the strength of the oil many times.

The matured oil requires two further additions to enable it to become a truly excellent repellent. Into each 3.5 ounces is added half a teaspoon of spirit of oil of eucalyptus and one teaspoon of castor oil. The latter makes the repellent heavier and prevents speedy evaporation from the skin.

This herbal remedy acts entirely on the principle of deep skin penetration and intense bitterness. No biting insect wants to taste such unpleasant bitterness. It is deeply cleansing and so highly tonic that many women use it as a facial treatment! The method of application is important. First shake the bottle well. Then moisten a piece of cotton wool (hygienic cotton) and then pour some oil on to this. Do not use the cotton dry; it would become too greasy and also would absorb too much of the oil, and would not spread the oil lightly as does the dampened cotton. Renew application after five hours, as the oil will be absorbed.

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Juliette's Life

Juliette's Mountain Life Juliette is such a compelling story teller. Her own inquisitiveness comes out as she weaves her way through the various experiences she encounters. She tells us of cures, personal healing, omens, remedies, fore telling of coming events and all the other things she learns while in these lovely mountains she describes so beautifully. In her book " Spanish Mountain Life." like memoir details her personal struggle against typhus fever, during which she gave birth to her second child, Luz, who had to be suckled by a nanny goat.

As ever we are embraced by Juliette's love of nature an animals, and welcomed onlookers as she relates with people whose lives are far different from ours. Gypsies dance and sing their way through this book, adding their picturesque and sometime threatening energy to an exquisitely detailed story that is always intriguing, and sometimes suspenseful. Juliette shares with us the herbal lore she learned and used in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountains. You ll find herbs to combat vermin, counter burns, keep your skin beautiful, and many more.

Juliette's Common Herbs for Natural Health book is recommended to educate and enlighten those who have been brainwashed by the media to think "herbs are drugs", or poisons, or worse- as it clears up issues of practical usage, and proper usage, and everyday applications, by someone with decades of experience , well respected the world over. It contains useful, full descriptions of many common herbs (the "materia medica"), some not so common, some, in older versions, which may have fallen out of use or access. A story emerges of herbal use all over the planet for health care, and along with this information, the author shares her insights into incorporating natural living to promote robust health and vitality.

"My grandmother was an immigrant from Russia and with her transition to this country in the late 1800's came a wealth of knowledge of herbs and their power to heal. To this day, I still use herbs in the treatment of many minor health problems from colds, sore throats, insect bites, minor infections, headaches and symptoms of menopause. "Common Herbs for Natural Health" brings back memories of my grandmother's garden where fresh herbs grew abundant, and her kitchen which contained herbs of every description. Many of the uses for herbs found in this back are generations old; They are tried and true - they worked then and they work now. That is not to say, herbs are the solution for every illness.

For example, I would never attempt to treat a serious infection with herbs alone, but they certainly do have their time and place, as this book will indicate. Herbs can be an optimum solution to many problems. Since they are a natural source, they generally have fewer side effects, as long as you know and understand what herbs not to blend together. They are also less costly than medications found on a store shelf. This books contains a vast amount of information on the herbs and suggests which ones to use for various treatments. It is a book anyone who is a believer in natural health care and healing will want to own."

Christina Chambreau DVM "Meat should be raw. Cooking destroys enzymes and denatures the proteins rendering them less digestible to cats and dogs. Feeding chunks of meat lets your pet exercise jaw muscles, form saliva and enzymes in the stomach (most animals swallow their food relatively whole) needed to digest food properly. Ground meat is passable for most animals, occasionally, but Juliette de Bairacli Levy said that "minced meat is lethal to animals" and we find in practice that some animals just do not seem to be healthy until on chunks of raw meat."

Food Pet Die For A MUST READ for all veterinarians, and for all pet owners! "We need to pay attention to what we are feeding our animals. Not only as this book says, with the food, but also we need to support their immune systems. In Super Nutrition for Dogs n' Cats extra information is provided on all the illness caused by malnutrition, mineral and enzyme deficiencies that we normally don't think of. Ever wonder why there are so many vets?...too many sick pets because of the food and lack of proper nutrients. Everyone ought to pay attention!"

"The soybean contains large quantities of natural toxins or "anti-nutrients". First among them are potent enzyme inhibitors that block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion. These inhibitors are large, tightly folded proteins that are not completely deactivated during ordinary cooking. They can produce serious gastric distress, reduced protein digestion and chronic deficiencies in amino acid uptake. In test animals, diets high in trypsin inhibitors cause enlargement and pathological conditions of the pancreas, including cancer. Soybeans also contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together. Trypsin inhibitors and haemagglutinin are growth inhibitors." Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD

Dr. Charles W. Brown, DVM - "A groundswell of nutrition conscious veterinarians are beginning to recommend to their clients that they supplement their animals nutritional needs with a daily dose of flaxseed oil and other important nutrients.When the diets of animals were fortified with flax, within three weeks their coats developed a beautiful sheen, and dandruff was greatly diminished.

There are amazing testimonials about animals recovering from cancer, diabetes and other severe degenerative illnesses with a nutritional product called natural immune enhancing substances. "My colleagues and I have found this product to be very effective in modulating the immune system. These natural immune enhancing substances are a "soup" of immune-modulating factors, which contains a leukocyte-type molecule that can passively transfer immunity from one mammal to another by stimulating cell-mediated immunity and is antigen specific.

Dr. Steven Hansen, veterinary toxicologist, ASPCA Senior Vice President, shows you examples of the most common potentially dangerous plants.s plants.

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Experiencing Incredible Healing Power

I personally experienced the incredible healing power of homeopathy in 1981 after I had been chronically sick for years and was addicted to prescription and over the counter drugs. Unfortunately, instead of generating a cure, the medications (steroids, antibiotics, antihistamine, etc.) merely temporarily suppressed my symptoms, weakened my immune system, and in the long run made me sicker. When I received homeopathic treatment from a professional experienced homeopath my health had an amazing turn around. In time I experienced a dramatic and permanent cure of all my symptoms. Blown away, I bought dozens of homeopathic books, subscribed to homeopathic journals and started to study homeopathy at home for the next several years. I'm not a doctor or a nurse, but when a member of my family get sick or injured (including my dog) I immediately use homeopathic medicine, always with great success, and avoid seeing a conventional doctor or veterinarian. You can read my testimonials how I recovered my health; using homeopathy for my dog Shasta; my husband's heart attack and lung cancer.

How I saved my dog's life with homeopathy and raw food. I also have a record of acute illness and traumas that Shasta experienced over the years and how I treated her at home without veterinarian medical intervention. One of the most amazing experience was when Shasta experienced at stroke with paralysis at age 11. I refused to take her to the vet which I knew was going to be very stressful on her emotionally. My husband thought that this was the end for Shasta and talked about "putting her down". With homeopathy, herbal extract and energy healing she recovered rapidly and fully.

Testimonials of amazing cures for cats, and dogs
Read other people's testimonials of amazing animal health improvements and cures of cancer and other chronic disease with natural, alternative health care and optimum nutrition. This is a collection of emails I received over the years and for which I received the permission to publish on my site. With each testimonial you will find an email address to facilitate correspondence, feedback and support.