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Testimonials of Animals Cured At Home

Here's a collection of testimonials of people who took charge of caring for their sick pets and cured them at home without veterinary assistance.

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Blind Dog Got Her Vision Back Without Surgery

 Daisy is my loving good natured Golden Retriever. Shortly after a routine rabies vaccine at age 9, Daisy’s health deteriorated rapidly. She developed an under active thyroid resulting in a downward spiral of health, such as Obesity, (i.e. 40 lbs. overweight), dry flaky skin, (that came off in sheets), dry brittle hair with substantial hair loss and blindness due to cataracts, even though she was on a raw food diet.

The vet’s thyroid diet and medication complicated matters. Poor Daisy could only see shadows and needed constant care. She was completely winded going to the water bowl and back to her cushion - a mere 15 feet, round trip. I started her on holistic program while modulating her immune system with a unique natural immune enhancing substance.

 On the 8th day she started to see more than just shadows.On the 14th day, she needed less assistance in getting around. By the 3rd week she was reacquainting herself with her environment! She was even tackling the staircase all by herself, using the wall as a guide. In one month her eyes were less opaque and she was able to distinguish objects such as doorways and furniture without running into them. Now she can romp around on one acre of land without getting lost!

The only thing I did differently was give her Mother Nature’s perfect immune support with no side effects whatsoever! I am a professional and have worked with animal health for 43 years. Using my resources Daisy, who is now 13, has lost weight; restored her former soft skin and shiny coat.

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Animals Healed: Hodgkins Lymphoma, Melanoma, Sarcoma, Tumors/lumps, Hemangiopericytoma

Dog with advanced Hodgkins Lymphoma
Name: Kat
Email: katy.van @ att.net
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

My 7 year old black lab mix, Katy, was recently diagnosed with advanced Hodgkins. When my vet felt her lymph nodes, he went ashen and his voice trembled when he gave me the news. I have always given her the very best food I could find - avoiding 4D (dead, dying, diseased, disabled). The lymph nodes in her neck (5 or 6 lumps) and on the back of her rear legs were the size of grapes. The vet recommended an oncologist and said a series of shots would be anywhere from $80 to $150 each and even then there were no guarantees since this process is so hard on living things.

Home base business opportunity Since I have ALWAYS persued alternative therapies, I decided to "see" you first. I found the information regarding Dr. Johanna Budwig and immediately put Katy on the cottage cheese/flax diet along with an all natural RAW diet (raw meat and vegetables every day, raw natural eggs {with the shell 2-3X/week}, and fresh clean bones once or twice a week). In addition, I chose to add two liquid herbs that detox her liver.

She has been on this program for three weeks and I am truly amazed. The swollen lymph nodes are all but back to normal (you can just barely feel a swelling, but only if you really probe). The only "side effect" of this program is that since she is absorbing most of the food she eats, her stool is very small. Actually, the stool has looked and felt strange (yes, I probe her stool to see what's coming out), but I credit that to the detox.

I passed this diet on to a 78 year old friend with advanced cancer. Three weeks ago she was unbelievably yellow and slept most of the day. As of today, she is returning to her normal coloring and actually has energy. While she was in hospice for two weeks, she kept bugging the staff to make sure that we brought her the required "shake" of cottage cheese, flax, and fresh fruit. Another friend is circulating the program like wildfire to all of our friends.

I hope my comments will encourage others to look into this program before they lose a friend (4-legged or otherwise) to this horrible disease called cancer. Although Katy is not completely out of the woods, her remarkable improvement in just three short weeks has me very excited to continue this for the rest of her life.

P.S. Admitting that her yearly scheduled vaccinations are probably a contributing factor to getting cancer in the first place, my vet VOLUNTARILY offered me a letter to submit to the county so that Katy never has to get shots again.

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Dog with Growth in His Abdomen

"My 13 year old Schnauzer had a tumor the size of a tennis ball on his belly. The vet said the only way to treat it was to remove it surgically. I did not want that expense or put him through that with his health issues. My dog has had cancer for 3 years and this is the third time he had a tumor. When I learned about a specially formulated vitamin and mineral supplement I was skeptical, but thought I would give them a try since there is a money back guarantee.

After two months on the wafer, the tumor fell off! The vet and I were amazed that this product could do that. There is still a smaller tumor on his belly that is shrinking and is almost ready to fall off too. I absolutely recommend this powerful vitamin supplement. My dog was close to death and now has more energy than he had in months." Linda Copp, Illinois

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Dog with lumps
Dog free of lumps with help of Nuvet Plus

" Our 10-year-old pit bull Brutus had a mast cell tumor removed several years ago. Although the lump was small it required an 8" incision and the removal of a large area of tissue; all in all a traumatic and painful experience for him. When three additional lumps formed, we wanted to avoid surgery for his sake.

My husband did some research and came across NuVet Plus online. I was extremely skeptical but figured at very least it would provide some extra vitamins and minerals. It couldn't hurt, right? Nearly immediately, we noticed a marked increase in Brutus' energy. Honestly, it would have been worth the money just for that improvement. Imagine my shock when after 90 days of taking a unique formula with powerful Healing Nutrients daily, all three lumps had disappeared. We are blown away with the results and only wish we had found your product sooner. Thank you so much for helping to keep our boy happy and healthy! " Marianne Clark, California

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Feline Leukemia FIV positive
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003

"I had two kittens born from a Feline Leukemia FIV positive cat. I had no idea what this disease was until one got sick. Within three days of diagnosis, he had to be put to sleep. A week later the other kitten got sick.

He could not stand, eat or hold his head up. I learned that holistic veterinarians were using natural immune enhancing substances, a natural nutritional product to help support animal's immune system. I had the natural immune enhancing substances sent over night and started giving it to him twice a day.

I tried to mix the powder from the capsule with his food but the smell turned him off. I mix the content of one capsule with water and use a half cc syringe (which I got from the vet) to inject the product into his throat. He gets the content of one capsule in the morning and one at night. He is actually so strong now that it is a struggle to hold him down. The taste is obviously not very good. It has been 10 days now and I am watching him enjoy life outside. He has his appetite back, can stand and run. This is a miracle. I could not have lived through losing another one of my "children."

Note: The Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency viruses (FIV, FeLV+ ) cause the immune system in the cat to become severely compromised

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Cat with intestinal tumor
From: Cheryl Sima lilzippy @ sbcglobal.net - December 17, 2006

In December of 2005 our cat began to occasionally vomit. As time went on he continued vomit for no apparent reason. Upon trying to find out what was wrong my vet and I ran complete blood tests, x-rays, and other various types of tests and/or suggestions that my vet recommended. Lucky continued to eat strong but he could not hold down his food. Lucky went from 19# to 13# and in April 2006 my vet and I decided to take him to a specialist for an Ultrasound. The Ultrasound confirmed a Tumor in Lucky's intestine. The specialist recommended going right to surgery since a biopsy would take a while for results and we would treat the tumor as malignant one. His surgery was a success with the surgeon taking out the tumor along with a swollen lymphnoid. Chemotheropy was suggested two weeks after surgery to allow him to heal and halt the spread of the cancer if any. I had a choice of three options for chemo and chose the most aggressive attack, one treatment every week for 12 weeks.

In his seventh week check-up an ultrasound, chest x-ray, complete blood test showed no evidence of returning cancer. Upon asking the specialist how to keep this in remission he said to finish the 4 Chemo treatments and hope to keep him in remission. This is when I thought there was more I could do and we got on the computer and after weeks of searching found Shirley's Wellness Cafe, for which we are extremely thankful when we learned how natural immune enhancing substances can help support and protect the immune system.

By the end of August 2006 and with Shirley's help we chose our attack, detoxing to remove any toxins left in his body from the chemo, natural immune enhancing substances to support boost his immune system, Agaricus Liquid Extract, and improved nutrition with natural human grade grain-free Cat Food.

August 2006 Lucky has been getting 2 capsules of the natural immune enhancing substances a day, Lucky is currently 16# and getting bigger every week and his stool is normal and healthy. He just came back from a checkup and there are NO signs of a tumor. Every day I come home from work Lucky is there to greet me, he runs down the hall gives me a "head-butt" jumps on the table slides across the table and into the lamp. He is such a HAPPY CAT!!!!!!!!! We send this letter with Thanks to all of those who have helped us along the way. "

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Dog Diagnosed With Hemangiopericytoma
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000
From: "Barb Hamlin"

I have a 7 year old female German shepherd (90 lbs.) who had a round 2x2 inch tumor removed from her right front leg on January 11, 2000. The diagnosis: Hemangiopericytoma. It was explained to me that these cancerous tumors ALWAYS return, each time more aggressive than before, leading to further surgeries and often leg amputation. Radiation was suggested.

My dog haMy dog has already had 3 major surgeries in her life, the last being a knee repair in August, 1999. I'd promised her 'no more', so I began searching the internet for alternatives. A friend suggested Shirley's Wellness Cafe, and there I read of the successes people were having in treating their animals with a flax oil/cottage cheese mix. I decided to start supplementing my dog's already natural diet with 1/4 cup low fat, 1% cottage cheese and 1 1/2 tablespoons flax oil twice a day. Each time I whipped this mixture for a couple of minutes until the oil had been absorbed by the cheese.

I started feeding her this on the 4th of February. It had only been 3 weeks since the tumor had been removed, but it was easy to see where it was returning. The tumor area on her leg continued to grow until the last week of February, when it started getting smaller, and it has continued to shrink ever since. Today, April 7th, it's barely visible. Can it be eliminated completely? I have to wait and see. If I'm buying her time, it's GOOD quality time, and that's extremely important to me. I'm even finding the flax/cheese mix is helping her arthritis.

March 25, 20001 - Almost one year later, Barb sent me the following update: After three months on the flax oil/cheese mix, her leg looked completely normal, with no sign of tumor re-growth. Our holistic vet said: "She looks great! You can't argue with success! It's now been 14 months since the cancerous tumor was removed, and she continues to do well. No amputation. No radiation. Only NATURAL HEALING.

You are doing a remarkable job of making information available, and those of us who use your web site owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thank you for all the time and effort that must go into creating Shirley's Wellness Cafe. Many, many companion animals are enjoying better health because of it. My own dog owes her life to your website. God bless.

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Dog Recovered from Melanoma
Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today we took Fitz to the Vet. As he went back to the exam room the Vet was remarking that Fritz was looking good. The Vet remarked when he first heard we were bringing him in, he thought that we were possibly bringing him in to be put to sleep. He then began to examine him. We could see that the Vet was looking puzzled and he remarked, ok, what have you been doing for him. Has there been a lot of prayer". Of course we said yes to that. He then remarked, "well, the Tumor is about gone and the inside of his mouth is looking good". " Still some black but not as much". Then the Vet remarked, "Either he was misdiagnosed as to the Melanoma, but then they are a very reputable place". Where the biopsy was sent was too the School of Vet, Medicine at Perdue University in Lafayette, Indiana.

I then told the Vet that we had been using natural immune enhancing substances which holistic veterinarians were using to help support the animal's immune system and that a healthy immune system was capable of helping the body heal itself. He was not familiar with it but he kept remarking, "I'm impressed, very impressed." He did also remark that he could still feel a growth in the lymph nodes but it had not apparently grown any.

He remarked then that we should keep him on the natural immune enhancing substances. I'm leaving him a catalog for he was wanting to check it out and find more. We came away feeling great and thanking God and natural immune enhancing substances. We intend to keep him on it and the Vet wants to keep checking him.

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Blues fight with Leukemia using Alternative treatments
From Louise Sandberg (UK)
September 9, 2004

"...Most conversations I have with nearly everyone seems to revolve around Blues alternative treatments. Most people are so genuinely interested that these conversations last for a long time. I now refer everyone to Blues site or to your site. I can tell you, already 4 people I know are on Flax Oil and Cottage cheese with amazing results including my grandfather who is 94 and has had prostate cancer for 15 years, he is now for the first time showing improvements (medically) and says he has never felt better. I wanted to try him on other things too but my mum seems to think that he has enough to think about at the moment with the flaxoil!

I even met a homeopathic vet yesterday at dinner with my parents, who treats horses in Jamaica, she gave up a very successful conventional practice in London several years ago and has now fully trained in homeopathy. I agree that natural methods are by far the most powerful. I had 3 or 4 vets involved during Blues illness and I have sent them all links to his site and copies of his story and asked them to at least acknowledge that this is working despite him not being on chemo. None of them will accept anything. Even when I got his latest blood test results on Friday (which showed all normal ranges except perhaps just a little low RBC but nothing to worry about) the vet I spoke to wouldn't listen. It is so frustrating.

I want to bring the word to more people but its just impossible through normal vets at least. I will be sending out the link to his site as much as possible though. I am even thinking of writing an article about him for one of the UK's dog magazines but am very busy with work at the moment so once I get some time. However, I know that he looks more amazing than he ever has even as a puppy and he is very happy. He even went shooting for nearly 8 hours on Friday with my dad and was far more energetic than the dogs half his age.

In her testimonial, Louise writes: "I took careful note about the dangers of sugar in cancer patients and made sure that Blue got nothing that contained any sugar having read that sugar feeds cancer cells and makes them divide more quickly. I also learned that fluoride might be harmful to cancer patients so made sure he got only purified or bottled water. I also put him on a supplement called natural immune enhancing substances containing the mothers first milk – the colostrum. As well as this I started treatment for him by a radionic practitioner – a form of healing with proven results for both humans and animals "

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Old Dog Recovers from Anal Gland Cancer

Terrier healed from joint problem "My 13 year old mix, Grace, has had a number of health issues the last few years. Anal gland cancer (removed with surgery) a couple years later another surgery on the other side to remove some masses. Lately she's really been slowing down because of arthritis and who knows what else. Always gone camping with but this last trip a couple weeks ago she was really dragging. Could barely walk along with the leash. I had ordered Nu Vet tablets before the trip and it was there when we got home. The transformation was nothing less than AMAZING! She runs around and is so perky like she just dropped ten years. I'm not kidding, this is really amazing. I wish I could eat it and feel that great. I'm always skeptical with nutritional supplements but a customer of mine told me how good it's been for her older dog so I got some. I can't recommend this enough. I'm so happy I have my Gracie back! Thanks you guys for all your research." Ed Arthur, Irvine, ca

"Within a couple of weeks of being on a unique nutritional supplement my 16 year old Golden seemed to revert back to when he was a ten year old dog! He is now able to go up stairs and go for walks. My vet cannot believe how much better he is at getting around, not dragging his hind legs as much, and just an over-all happier dog! Even his fur is softer and his overall odor has improved too! " Mary Rose, PA

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Dog Healed from Lipo Sarcoma

On May 15, 2001 Michael Sweitzer wrote: "My dog has just recently been diagnosed with a lipo sarcoma (malignant cancerous tumor) of the front left foot. It has grown considerably and of course I dare not go to an oncologist for radiation or chemo treatments, and I refuse to have his leg removed. " Two weeks later, Michael wrote me his wonderful testimonial of amazing cure:

"Just thought to update you on my dog Chance, almost 10 year old Australian Kelpie, who was diagnosed with a Lipo Sarcoma. This is quite different than a Lymphoma.A Lipo Sarcoma is rare particularly in dogs and or cats. It is more common in people. Anyway, the moral of the story is that Chance is doing fantastic. His change in diet, the supplements, flaxseed oil and all the support from people like yourself and your site has helped out considerably.

The vets said that his chances of survival were slim. From just a little over 3 weeks ago when he was first diagnosed, the swelling on his front left leg where the Sarcoma was pronounced has gone down considerably. He is walking on it with no problem, and is back to his nutty crazy personality.

Although the diet change was an initial shock on his system, it is well worth it. Maybe I should have changed his diet to raw food more gradually but I believe that a shock to the body is sometimes beneficial. Chance didn't want to eat for about 2 and a half days because of the changes and the supplements. But I wasn't concerned about him not eating because I knew that fasting is beneficial to a sick animal. Fasting allows the system to focus its energy toward healing the cancer. Now he eats like a champ again.

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Dog cured of histiocytic sarcoma
Date: Sun, 3 March 2004;
From: George Catandella;

Reading of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese in your newsletter saved Maggie's life. She had a histiocytic sarcoma, multilobular, multimodular, focal splenic mass. Maggie is a 6 lb Maltese that was given 3 months; to live (with chemo) after removing the mass. We chose not to give her chemo, but the flaxseed oil and cheese instead. One year has passed and she behaves like a healthy, happy pup. Her vet is amazed as are we.

NOTE: In conjunction with flaxseed oil, holistic veterinarians are also using natural immune enhancing substances to support the immune system of animals with leukemia, cancer, diabetes, allergies and other conditions with excellent results.

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Infected Anal Glands and Bleeding Nose Scab

My German Shepherd 9 y.o desexed female, Jeska, was suffering from recurring anal gland infections (blood, pus etc.). I did not want her to have to go through having them surgically removed. She suffers terribly when she has anaesthetics and I want to avoid that. She is fed raw chicken necks, wings, beef marrowbones, chicken mince, rabbit mince, raw minced vegetables, raw egg yolks, flaxseed oil, yogurt, raw linseed powder with ground nuts, cooked brown rice. After taking a special immune booster for a couple of months, the vet checked her anal glands and the infection was gone.

After all the months of agonizing as to whether I should take the advice from the vet. to have her anal glands removed, I am just so relieved and grateful that her anal glands are healthy again.Also, ever since I brought Jeska home from the dog rescue kennels, at the approximate age of 10 months, her nose has been a huge concern as the pigment had crusted and peeled and her nose would also bleed very easily in the raw areas. It has been a constant battle to try to prevent her nose from drying out and crusting by applying products like Vitamin E etc., bu only with only moderate success. Since giving Jeska the T-cell factors, her nose has regained all the black pigment and is now looking healthy and smooth. Marlene Hunter from Australia

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Paralyzed Dogs Recover their Mobility

Paralyzed dog recoverd use of hind legs "I must say before I received the veterinarian recommend immune modulator, I was really anxious and I was afraid that my Ridgeback dog, Linkin, would give up. As soon as the package arrived overseas I started giving Linkin 2 capsules a day for the first 3 weeks. He has improved in leaps and bounds and it is hard to believe that some 4 weeks ago he could not walk by himself and could hardly move around at all. I had to carry his hind legs with a towel around his waist otherwise he just could not get around. After two weeks on this amazing immune booster, he started trying to get up onto his hind legs. It was difficult and heart breaking to see him struggle but he was trying. After four weeks on this , he managed to walk around even though he lost his balance and he hind legs would give way. He is now walking and running around, although still a little wobbly, and he also tries to jump but does not always succeed. It is absolutely fantastic to see the improvement from week to week." Antoinette Kean, South Africa

Dog Healed from Degenerative Myelopathy

Jo-Ann Satin (NY)
Thu, 11 Apr 2002

In 1994, when he was 6 years old, I took Sasha to the NY Animal Medical Center after I noticed him favoring his back right leg. I had an appointment with an Orthopedist, expecting a diagnosis of HD or arthritis. After looking at Sasha, she called in a neurologist who pointed out Sasha's scraped nails on his rear feet. He then explained Degenerative Myelopathy to me. It is a degenerative, autoimmune disease that results in the victims' own immune system attacking and destroying the myelin lining of the nerves in the spinal column. It is VERY similar to the human diseases Multiple Sclerosis and Lou Gehrig's Disease(ALS) The vet was very pessimistic, as there was no known treatment, and the prognosis was bad. Most dogs's legs were totally paralyzed within months. But I knew that Sasha was a fighter, and so was I!.

During the vet visit I had mentioned that I was giving Sasha herbs and vitamins, including Yucca, since I thought his condition was Arthritis. The neurologist said that since I was interested in the 'natural' route, I should continue with the vitamin E, as it was an antioxidant, and as such, it might be somewhat effective in this autoimmune disease. I did hours and hours of research on the internet. At that time, I only got 2 hits when I did a search on "Degenerative Myelopathy".

Today, there are many, many sites from which one could get help and support(Including the DM support group to which I belong). I found out that indeed, this was an automimmune disease, and free radicals were part of the problem. The next thing I did was call a friend of mine who is into natural nutrition He told me to take Sasha off meat immediately, as that is one of the greatest sources of free radicals. (I had been giving him LAMB dog food..thinking that was the best for his skin, and the least allergenic). As it turned out, lamb is one of the fattiest meats, and therefore creates the most free radicals. I changed Sasha's diet to pure vegetarian. I got vegetarian dog food, and started do a lot of cooking for him myself. At the time I had not heard of the raw food (BARF) diet, or I might have tried it.

Sasha was never on any medication from a Vet. I gave him a special immune booster and every antioxidant you can think of (Vit E, Vit C, Pycnogenol, Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese , Lecithin, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Milk Thistle for liver activity, Hawthorne for heart protection, Vitamins A,B-complex, D, Raw garlic, brewers yeast,Green tea capsules, Coenzyme-10, Ginger, Prozyme). The only meat he ever ate was chicken, but mostly he was a vegetarian. I usually cooked eggs, carrots, squash, many kinds of beans, broccoli, tomatoes, tofu, lots of garlic, brown rice and whatever other veggies I had around, into a stew for him. I would sometimes add chicken.

I took him for chiropractic care, and a swim therapy class. I noticed an incredible improvement on this regimen. The swim therapy was terrrific for his deteriorating stamina and muscle tone, as regular exercise took a lot out of him. This was particularly true in the hot weat! her! After a pretty short time, he was able to climb the stairs up to my room, and jump on the bed again. Sasha lived for years on this regimen. He was active and happy until end. Sadly, Sasha died five years after the DM diagnosis, from BLOAT...but he was still able walk and climb stairs(altho slowly by the end) when he crossed the bridge.

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Arthritic Dog
Karen Saunders

I began being concerned with a dog I had that at 6 was severely crippled with joint pain arthritis. I switched his diet to grain-free pet food and raw foods along with antioxidants and SOD and low and behold he was fine!! He lived an extra 2 1/2 years that he would not have had otherwise. Since then I have gone completely to home made foods, raw foods, and the difference is remarkable. I am now raising my first litter on raw foods and try to get new owners to try it. Some do and some think it is too much work which really it isn't!!

Now that I have made this switch, I am extremely concerned about vaccines. I just recently gave any dog over 2 just parvo and rabies vaccines. Under 2 they got booster shots. I have been looking for nosodes and don't know where I can get them from.

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Feline Liver Failure Recovery
From Bonnie-Laila Bhattacharya, Gurgaon, India.

Otto, my second wonder fur ball had developed acute liver and kidney problems and bagira, my youngest baby who is barely a year old, had also a badly damaged liver. The babies were bags of bones in 4 days. The Christmas of 2011 was the worst time of my life. I had never felt so sad and distraught. My babies were inching towards their graves and neither my vet, other vets or my pranic healing sessions on them were showing any miracles. That's when I chanced to find Shirley.

Shirley was really God sent to me. I mailed her with all the details of the problems and the first thing that I got from her, No Commercial Food to the pets! Then she guided me on how to treat my babies with natural products...wheatgerm grass and another natural medicine and the wonder capsule of a unique immune booster! I really had nothing to loose, I was already giving up all hope..... But after having tried the natural immune enhancing substances, on the third day, I had Mitzi, Otto and Bagira jumping all over trying to steal food from the plates of my other babies. Post this period, my babies have only moved forward with their health. I owe the health of my cats and dogs along with my happiness to none other than Shirley's educational website.

Bonnie-Laila Bhattacharya rescues abused, sick and abandonned dogs and cats in Gurgaon, India.

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Testimonials of Kidney Disease Remission

My Dog Is Cured from Kidney Failure
Name: Anne Bingenheimer Serravalle
Email: cserravalle @ adelphia.net
Location: Buffalo, New York

Dear Shirley,

I was moved by your web site and would like to share my story. It is nothing short of miraculous. I am a life long animal lover and have I have been extensively involved with pet rescue work and currently own many dogs I have pulled from kill shelters. As you have, years ago I cured myself of horrible diseases using alternative medicine. I applied this knowledge to my pets and only give them human grade pet foods, healthy people foods, and I only vaccinate for rabies (it has been found in my area) using a homeopathic remedy when they are given. Many of my pets came from horrible situations, especially Elliott, a lab-mix who at 6 months old had been starved to the point of death and was left in a dumpster believed dead.

I rescued and immediately was able to save him using natural methods and he thrived under our care until 2/08. He developed some horrible life threatening disease that our traditional vet diagnosed as kidney failure. He began to fill with fluids, and his belly was so full with fluid he could hardly walk. His legs were filled and my wonderful friend was dying. We believe it was still related to the starvation, as his body had formed while there was no food available to it.

Traditional medicine had nothing to offer me or Elliott. Prednisone to reduce swelling. That not was going to cure Elliott. He was only 5, and faced death. After carefully going over with my vet my options which were really none, I contacted a holistic vet who I had a connection with. She began treatment shortly after diagnosis. She used acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, and I put Elliott on a totally raw canine diet with healthy forms of highly digestible proteins like chicken (cooked), cottage cheese, alot of eggs, yogurt. and fruit. I eliminated the human grade dog food. This is where the story enters an unbelieveable realm.

In six weeks time my dying dog recovered. He lost all the fluid, he shines from head to foot, and he had severe muscle wasting because of his inability to process proteins. It all went away. I can only believe that we were touched by a miracle. I never wanted nor was I ready to say good bye to Elliott. I have never had an animal recover from being at death's door as Elliott was. I am telling you this story because maybe you can tell other people and they can tell other people.

Many people do not recover from kidney failure, but yet I have a dog that did. I believe we were touched by a miracle and I have been prividledged to have the knowlege that I do and to have been able to help my dying friend. Elliott was put on this earth with a divine hand and a divine purpose. He has taught me so much, and one of his greatest lessons was on forgiveness as he has never held a grudge against humans for what they did to him, and in spite of all he has lived through, he loves his life. He truly experiences joy and love. I wanted to thank you for trying to educated people. We were not left alone to face adversity. We are given many gifts to help.

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Persian Cat with Bladder and Kidney Condition

Cat recovers from bladder and kidney condition with Nuvet Plus I have a three year old Persian cat that I adopted when she was about two. Shortly after getting her I started making frequent trips with her to the vet, because she had recurring bladder and kidney infections. Then she started to lose her hair and she lost a lot of weight. It began to worry me with all of this going on, I thought there could be something major wrong with her. I took her back to the vet and the vet ran several tests on her. All test results came back fine. However, she could not go on like this. She would soon lose her strength because she wasn't eating. That's when I called the company and asked if they thought it would help. She said definitely give it a try. So I ordered it for her and thought what do I have to lose, I mean it's all natural so it can't hurt her. She immediately started eating the day I put NuVet on her food. In about two and a half weeks I could not believe the difference in her hair and she had started to put a little weight back on. It has now been about two months since she started NuVet and she looks wonderful and hasn't had any bladder or kidney infections." Shamika S.

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Saving 14 year old cat from chronic Kidney failure
From: Kay Webb, North Carolina. kay@smnet.net

Cedric was found by my daughter,14 years ago, behind one of our out-buildings in Washington state. He was much too small and young to be weaned, but we had no idea where he came from. Two days previous I had prayed for a little kitten of my own because I had recently lost my precious dog and thought perhaps a kitten would be nice to have. It was love at first sight with Cedric (Cedric means little soldier). I had to feed him every two hours day and night for three weeks before he finally began to look like he might survive. His entire life has been a wonder. He has even survived snakebite.

When I brought him home two weeks ago from ICU it looked as though he might not survive again, after being diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF) and badly dehydrated, vomiting and had diahrea. He is on subcutaneous fluids twice each week. I did much research on the web immediately. Your website has been most informative. I read that dandelion was good for him, also peppermint: both of which I grow and use for myself, so I made a medium strong infusion of this. It was cooled and to it I added a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar and three drops of liquid stevia. I keep about 1 cup of this in the refrigerator to add to his regimen daily. He gets 1/2 teaspoon of this each morning and evening. Here is the recipe for his supplemental mixture.This is given by dropper and he really does not seem to mind taking it.

1/8 t. (150 mg.) calcium carbonate
100 mg. taurine (free form)
3 drops agaricus mushroom extract (1/4 ml)
6 drops bladderwrack (1/2 ml)
1/2 t. Miracle II neutralizer liguid

This is all mixed together daily and given by dropper two times each day. One time each day I add 100 mg of salmon oil and a small sprinkle from a capsule of Solaray Super Digestaway for enzyme activity. He loves spirulina so I sprinkle a small amount of this on his food.

By the end of his first week home our Vet could not believe the difference in him. He has gained back about one or more pounds of his weight and they had told me he would not gain any back and that I should simply make him as comfortable as possible. His fur is fluffy again, he has not vomited even once, and his diahrea is practically gone. He is regaining some of his feistyness. I am very hopefull now

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Condition (FLUTD)

Cat with urinary tract infection find pain relief with Nuvet Plus My kitty had a urethral blockage in January and had to spend 2 nights in the emergency room to unblock him. I feed him quality canned food to maintain adequate moisture content. He was overweight and I was instructed to put him on a weight loss diet. He lost the weight he was supposed to and then some. I started to increase his food and he stopped eating altogether...He was so skinny and walking around in the worst mood all the time. I knew he wasn't feeling well. It got so bad he would smack anyone who walked by him. I had a jar of the NuVet Plus in my cupboard from a friend so I put some in his food hoping it would help. He ate all his food in one sitting! Now I won't feed him without it. He has put on a pound and has started playing with my other cat again. He looks great and is feeling so much better. I'm so glad I tried it! Tracy Massachusetts

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Healthier Bird
Connie Penner

I have part of my own personal experience with our cockatiel that taught me a lesson. Our bird, Star, was laying eggs too frequently and getting worn out. We took her to a vet who claimed he knew what he was doing and I believed him! He gave her a birdie birth control shot! She became miserable! She gained almost twice her weight and became very depressed. She was so heavy that she could not fly!! So I put her on bird seed from a health food store which does not contain any additives. She ate from our fresh organic salads as she chose. And I insisted to my husband that she only be given distilled water--not tap!

She rested a lot and ate. She lost her weight on her own accord. She started flying and was a happy bird again. And she looked a lot younger! Now she is more healthy and is not having so many problems with laying eggs too often! Her cycle seems well adjusted. Hmh. Humans need these same health rules! I learned something from my bird.

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Kitty with Heart Murmur and a Bladder Infection

Kitty with Heart Murmur and a Bladder InfectionBear is a special needs kitty who was dumped in the parking lot at work, and I'm guessing it was because he is a special needs kitty - he does rack up the vet bills. In any case, he's a four year old neutered cat, all white with gold eyes. He has a skin condition that is some kind of allergy and when it flares up, he literally chews at himself until there are areas without fur and the allergic point has ulcerated. This all happens in a matter of days.

We took him to the vet the first time and they gave him a steroid shot which almost immediately caused the ulcerations to heal. But in about 3 months, he was back for another shot. The vet was not concerned - he said there are many cats with this and the shot is fine in cats. This continued for 2 years and Bear then developed both a heart murmur and a very bad bladder infection. He spent a week in "kitty hospital" and finally came home to repeat the same thing within a few months. We had gone through the "special foods" (which I hated as they all contain meat by-products and all our animals have been on the good stuff), grainless diets, etc. Finally, I discovered Shirley's Wellness Cafe and he has been on Transfer Factor since May of 2010. The vet was impressed mainly because his heart murmur has gone away and although he still has outbreaks, they are far less intense and are of diminishing frequency. I'm convinced that with constant use, the outbreaks will disappear." Jan Haerer Page Divider

Poodle diagnosed with Evan's Syndrome

Evans syndrome is a very rare autoimmune disorder in which the immune system destroys the body's red blood cells , white blood cells and/or platelets . Affected people often experience thrombocytopenia (too few platelets) and Coombs' positive hemolytic anemia (premature destruction of red blood cells)

Name: Carol Bernie
Email: cbernie@clearmail.com.au
Location: Mt Compass, SA, Australia

I am writing to tell you that your site has been a Godsend to me and my dog, Toffee (female 8 yo poodle cross), in these past few weeks since she was diagnosed with Evan's Syndrome. However, I have my doubts as to whether this is truly her condition as having read all the symptoms, it does not seem to fit.

It started with a mouth bleed, and I assumed she'd cut her mouth on something while we were out walking (I thought maybe her jaw got caught in some wire while she was after some rabbits). But after 4 days of bleeding, I took her to the vet and he spent a considerable time telling me all the possible things that could be causing the bleeding - from poisoning (ruled out) to cancer or leukemia. I came out of the vet's clinic in disbelief that I had a dog who was terminally ill, and possibly dying when I thought she'd just cut her mouth. I decided to leave her for another week before blood tests as I was worried that if she had a bleeding disorder (he mentioned something about platelets, but I was in a daze), she might bleed out from having blood taken (a small chance this might happen according to the vet) - but I didn't want to risk it and needed time to process all the information, so he and his nurse probably thought I was a neurotic mother. I took her home and a week later went back for blood tests.

I also wanted to use some alternative treatments prior to having her blood taken and was hopeful that the bleeding would stop, as the vet didn't want to give me anything as it would affect the blood test results (which ended up costing $607 and he wouldn't even give me a copy!!) Her treatment could not go ahead until the results of the blood tests came back.

Your site was the only thing that gave me a glimmer of hope that I might be able to treat Toff without poisoning her with the medications that the vet wanted me to give her. I figured that if she had an immune problem or cancer/leukemia, then I would start her on an aloe vera and honey mix, together with the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, Bioptron light therapy, accupressure, biochemics (tissue salts), and EFT. I also consulted an holistic vet and he sent a homeopathic liquid for her. She was on very soft food so as not to further aggravate her bleeding mouth.

Contact Shirley

After a week of my treatments, her bleeding stopped on the Sunday (Day 11) so I felt a bit better about her having blood taken the following day. Now, I'm not sure if the bleeding would have stopped on its own accord, or whether what I was doing had started to work. However, I am quite certain that what I had been doing was definitely helping her. At least I know that I haven't been poisoning her with drugs. I had asked the vet at our first appointment, "what will happen if I decide on no treatment, take her home and do nothing, and give her no medications?" He said that she would more than likely continue to have episodes of bleeding, possibly internally, and that the condition would worsen. But if she goes on a course of cortisone, she can have regular blood tests and her platelets should improve.

The vet rang me with the results of her blood tests the same day, and wanted me to bring her in first thing the next morning to start her on cortico-steroids to suppress her immune system. He was intending to give her an injection first and when I questioned what it would be for, he informed me that it was the same as the tablets he was giving her, but would be a bit stronger and would "kick start" her treatment. I decided there and then that I did not want her injected with anything and I said that I wasn't sure that I even wanted her to take the medication as I wanted to try "alternative therapies" first. Besides the cortisone tablets, he also gave me Zantac syrup for her, as the meds could aggravate the lining of her stomach. When he mentioned all the possible/probable side effects such as enlarged spleen, liver, kidneys, increased thirst and hunger, incontinence etc. my mind was made up that I was not going to put her (or me) through any of that.

I am surprised by all the testimonials on your site, that it seems that not many people are brave enough to use alternative/natural treatments FIRST over traditional veterinary treatment. I would be interested to know if anyone else has treated their animals with ONLY natural therapies. It seems that the majority of people take their vet's advice and ADMINISTER drugs FIRST, and then when they find it's not working or causes such bad side effects, THAT is when they turn to alternative/natural treatments, and I believe that drug damage has already put their pet at a disadvantage, so it makes it much harder for natural therapies to work as efficient, and often the damage from the drugs is permanent and irreversible.

Pet Kibble for dogs and cats I am still researching daily and have inspired several of my friends to start looking at alternative therapies for their pets (and themselves), as they have seen Toffee's progress and are amazed that I have achieved this without the use of the vet's drugs (which I returned to him a week later and surprisingly received a refund!) However, I was disappointed that he would not give me a copy of the blood tests - especially as they had cost $607! I did tell him that I was consulting an holistic vet, and the holistic vet did get in contact with him about Toffee's case - but I wasn't informed about what transpired.

I will continue with my regime, and have ordered some natural immune enhancing substances for Toffee, which I hope will support her immune system, I would be grateful for any additional suggestions you may have to further support her immune system. Toffee is looking alert and healthy and shows no signs of not being her "normal self".

Thank you again for your WONDERFUL SITE. You are a very special person to be making this information freely available to people who are often feeling very vulnerable and upset and who don't know who to turn to in such distressing circumstances. It was the only thing that gave me some HOPE.

I am happy for my testimonial to be posted on your site and will add updates if required.

Carol Bernie, Mt Compass, South Australia. AUSTRALIA cbernie@clearmail.com.au

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Shih Tzu with 3rd Degree Burn Miraculous Recovery

Tawana Jurek from Texas sent me this amazing story of her recued dog, Pepper. He had been set on fire, had become paralized and was unable to eat or drink. The vet wanted to euthanize him but Tawana would hear none of it. With knowledge of holistic healing, with determination, patience and lots of love, Tawana brought Pepper to a full recovery of optimum health.

Pepper is a 4-year-old Shih Tzu that was rescued on June 22nd, 2001 from the City of Dallas Animal Shelter. He was matted with clumps of hairballs and covered with ticks and fleas. He was filthy- dirty and worse of all he had dead skin with oozing pus all down his back. The dead skin was hard and black apparent third degree burns. From the looks of the dead skin and location it appeared the dog had been intentionally set on fire.

We got Pepper cleaned up and started him on medications for the burns and infection. He started to feel better, but on July 4th Peppers health turned for the worse. He collapsed and was taken to the Vet. We learned Pepper had granulomatous meningoencephalitiis, a fatal disease. He was given Prednisone, a steroid but the dog was getting worse. When I picked Pepper up from the Vet. Pepper could not stand, walk, bark, control his bodily movements, and was suffering from shaking non-stop. I had just listen to a CD about Ron Diamond who had undergone a water fast and then went on raw food.

He had cancer and was able to cure his self by fasting and a vegan raw diet. Since Pepper was not eating or drinking my husband and I decided to try clean the dogs system by giving him water for 11 days. We gave him the water through a syringe daily; he began to get more energy. He gradually got to where he could drink on his on. After 11 days he began to have an appetite. I put him on a 100% raw food diet, all organic. We gave him a lot of vegetables, raw hamburger meat, and a vegetarian supplement called NuVet.

Pepper was also treated with homeopathic medicine. On July 16th Pepper began to drag his self with his front legs. the back legs were completely immobile. My vet. even discussed with me the possibility of wheels for Pepper to help him move around. Because when Pepper dragged himself he would rub sores between his legs and also he could not stand up to use the bathroom. This only made the sores worse.

I did not give up. I was in Wholefoods market getting Peppers food and decided I would get a quick seat massage. I asked Scott Harness the massage therapist if he knew anyone that gave dog massages. Tuned out Scott was certified and had been studying dog massage and acupressure for years. He even had a business card with a picture of his dog on it, and a name for the business, "chi dog." I started to take Pepper for massage therapy. He began walking on all 4 legs within a month. He now is running and is barking and full of life.

The treatments we chose for Pepper I believe worked. Fasting, Organic Raw Food, Homeopathy, and Massage, Acupressure, natural supplements, all worked to help Pepper recover from a fatal diagnoses. I believe Pepper is cured. For now Pepper is doing great. Pepper is now officially a new member of our canine family. He officially got a Harley Davison collar with a bone ID tag. His life is now made a turn for the best. His hair has grown back from the burns. He is truly a miracle dog.

NOTE: In conjunction with flaxoil, holistic veterinarians are also using natural immune enhancing substances to support the immune system of animals with leukemia, cancer, diabetes, allergies and other conditions with excellent results.

Pepper's amazing story If you want to send Tawana an email, please send only a very short paragraph (she does not read long emails) You may receive a reply from her in 2 to 4 weeks.