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Natural Self Healing Successes and Cleansing Testimonials

Below are inspiring testimonials I received in my email from people who wanted to share their success of healing themselves and their animals without drugs, surgery or radiation. Amazing personal accounts of folks who have achieved natural health for themselves, their children and their pets with self help alternative, holistic and preventative medicine such as nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbs and more...

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Testimonials of Holistic Healing

From Buffy Sanchez, January 2012

At the tender age of 25 I remember my doctor telling me " you have a very serious rheumatoid condition and I do not know how long you have to live." He paused for a moment and then said "I advice you not to try to have children as this will only cause you to progress even faster." The devastation of what my doctor said echoed in my mind. My whole life flashed before me. I may never walk again, I may never have children and I may die. I was suffering from extreme fatigue, sleeping about fourteen hours a day with no relief. It seemed as if the more I slept, the worse I felt. Atrophy and Mal absorption was another problem that compounded my condition. My appetite was great but I was loosing weight rather than gaining. I weighed in at 95lbs. My feet were very swollen and painful to touch, even the slightest brush up against my feet would send excruciating pain through my entire body. I resorted to crutches and post-op shoes to get around.

As the week went by my condition began to worsen and manifest in my left knee with fluid building up to the size of a softball. And then my hands began to cripple and I was depressed. It was very evident that I needed to do something fast and not wait around to die. I was not willing to give into this condition. With a lot of prayer and guidance from the Lord, I began to research the anatomy of the body at a bookshop. This eventually led me to diet and nutrition and then ultimately Holistic Care. Eventually I found a holistic doctor in my area and he introduced me to Immunocal. This was the key essential to the success of my healing. At the time I didn't know much about the product and honestly I didn't care, I just knew that it worked.

Well I am happy, very happy to say that I am 44 years old and I am not dead! I have never had a re-occurrence and I have a beautiful 15 year old son who is a reminder to me of a time of overcoming and faithfulness. I had the most wonderful pregnancy ever at the age of 28. I have been happily married to my husband who held my hand during that painful time in my life.

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Fibromyalgia - Healthy Joints
September 11, 2006

My name is Michele Luna, I have had fibromyalgia and all of the fun stuff that goes with it since 1982.... shortly after my first son was born I started getting headaches; after that came muscle aches in the shoulders, then unrelenting fatigue. All of this kept getting worse and worse...I spent most of my young life in bed for 2 or 3 days at a time....I could not sleep at night due to the headache, entire body pain, and in the 1980's fibromyalgia was just coming in to being recognized... I had a young son and a husband and could barely function. I tried to work and would come home with horrible headaches and muscle aches and could barely make it.... I was a physical wreck in my 30's. My young son knew his mom as the woman who spent most of her time going from doctor to doctor only to be disappointed each time she went...

I had a orthopedic doctor tell me there was nothing he could do for me....that I was the strangest case he had ever seen....A neurologist told me that maybe it was my personality to have all the pain and headaches I was having..... Went to acupuncturist, I did not like needles all over me and did not help me that much.... I was so tired of being sick but my life revolved around whatever pain pill the doc gave me that 6 months or so...I had no energy to go anywhere... Traveling in a car was like torture.... Something I could not do ....... The fatigue was relentless that one feels with this chronic disease..... I spent day after day in pain, migraine pain that would not quit and I just wanted to die..... but I didn't...I just continued on and everybody knew something was not right that my health was bad..... In 1993 God sent me a wonderful gift...I was 41 years old and my son Al was 12....I became pregnant with my darling daughter Elisa.... I knew I was too old to have a baby but I was pregnant.... I was worried...How could I take meds and have a healthy baby?

My obstetrician at the time put me on codeine for pain....So, for 4 or 5 months at a university hospital I was taking codeine and getting bigger and bigger....My baby was growing...I was happy..... Then I switched doctors and my new doctor told me flat out that if I had that baby today it would be addicted to codiene...I was upset and shocked; I quit taking the drug and for a couple of weeks I could not sleep, I was up all night and sweat buckets...but I finally got off of codeine so my baby would be okay..... I felt better in the last few months of pregnancy pain wise....but being pregnant at 41 was not easy.... I could not eat a lot.

I was very tired most of the time and also was worried about after the delivery...Iknew I would not stay well ........... well, I went into labor and sure enough I had a fibromyalgia flare that same day....my doc did me a favor and did a C section....I had a very cute little girl , She had down syndrome....I had enough faith in God to know that my little girl and I would do just fine.... after all love conquers everything.... She was beautiful and I named her Elisa Marcia Luna.... soon after she was born the fibromyalgia came back in a big way.... I was so happy with her but was not easy being a mother to a little one with so many health issues..... I think my family doctor felt sorry for me so I started taking ultram ( not a good scenario).....

It was the only way I could function and take care of my baby.... I also was taking flexeril and imitrex.....not to mention Advil and Doxepin for sleep.... Yes, I was a typical fibromyalgia patient...I had my drugs to carry me thru.... and yes, the drugs did help but I had constant pain issues in the stomach due to all of these meds.... I also stayed constipated with the ultram.The Imitrex was another issue....Yes, it got rid of headache pain but also raised my blood pressure and I sure did not need that...I had hypertension as it is..... so for 13 years folks my pills and I were one...Always pharmacy stops for my meds...and let me tell you without insurance it was not cheap..... My little girl has asthma and immunity issues so we lived at the pharmacies.....In 2000 I lost my only son to a car accident;

He was my world, my baby, I was crushed and from that stress my fibromyalgia stayed active for many, many months...... My Al was gone and the fibromyalgia was hitting me hard.....I came to accept my son's being taken; after all, I am a very devout Roman Catholic and I had to remember that Al was God's son first...then mine...He was gift given to me by God....So, God called him early and I made my peace with it....My fibromyalgia did not get any better tho.... Anytime I was stressed or had big weather changes or whatever the fibromyalgia would always get worse.....

This past year I had really been searching for something to help my fibromyalgia...I had tried guaifenison, different diets, trigger point injections, magnets, you name it and nothing ever lasted; i tried different supplements as well...NOTHING EVER LASTED OR HELPED...... So, this past year I had been searching the internet and found a site about immunity...I was looking for my daughter Elisa who has multiple health issues and a very, very poor immune system.....l came upon Shirley's Web page, a site about holistic healing and immune system information. I sent an email to Shirley thinking well, this will take a while before I get a reply, but 15 minutes after I had sent that email a very nice lady named Barbara called me. She talked to me about how to support my immune system.

I ordered some supplements mentioned on that page ...I was thinking to myself I was really out of my mind to buy such an expensive package deal to help support my immune system and joint issues... On august 17th I started taking my supplements..The second nite I had cold sweats like I had the flu...this continued for 3 or 4 days...The supplements were getting the toxins out of my body that I had put in with 20 plus years of medicines. This is known as a healing crisis. after 3 days I was not in any pain... I could not believe it... I did not need an advil, flexeril, ultram, nothing....I was doing okay...I was not stiff.... I could move..... So I tried to get everything done that I had not done in a long time and wore my little self out.... Then after about a week I truly felt that I needed to take care and not try and do what I could not do before but truly try to heal..... I had been careful with my diet for a long time...I do not eat red meat (pork or beef)..... I am also careful with eating out..... I try not to eat processed foods...I do eat a lot of beans, brown rice, salmon, fruits and veggies and peanut butter....I love sweets but they do not love me.

I try not to eat them.... If I eat them I have always had more pain.... I try and eat yogurt or fruits for sweets..... I feel so good I forget to take my noon hour immne support supplements....I remind myself to take them....After almost 24 years of fibromyalgia I am 90% better.... I don't feel as stiff and sore like I used to...Houston is very damp and humid and that kills me....With these supplements I don't feel 90 years old... I have had 2 days since taking these supplements that I would call a flare....They were brought about from major stress. I can sit at my computer and get up and not have to feel like a 80 year old person getting out of a chair....

My daughter and I go to mass on Saturday nights and I welcome going..I used to dread going because of pain and fatigue. Yes, I still have to pace myself and take a rest in the afternoon cause I am still healing but my energy level is much better...I used to be exhausted by 12 noon after getting up at 9:00 in the morning...Now I go till almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon before I rest up. I also get up earlier now...I get up at 7:30 and feel rested..Not exhausted when I get up. I am laughing more, living more and feeling so much better; I did not think this was possible a month ago... I have a mini horse and now I go get the hay by myself from the feed store...Before that was almost impossible. I am reborn. I do not want this to ever go away....I truly feel my health is coming back.

Now I have improved my diet and taking supplements that are helping support my immune system. I will continue on with the program no matter what...I wanted to do house improvements this fall but decided that my health would come first and now am willing to give that up for a while...I am healing , happy and for the most part drug free.... I do not take pain meds now..Instead I take supplements....If somebody asked me if this program was worthwhile I would tell them its not only worthwhile it is much more and beyond my expectations... I am writing this testimony for one reason only...To reach as many people with fibromyalgia as I can. I know what it is to suffer. I did it for so many years. I know the doubts, pain, and frustrations of being sick and tired..I lived it for so many years... I do believe I am on the road to wellness now." Michele Luna, New Caney, Texas

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ADD, Depression and diet
Date: 06/04/2003
From: Marie:
Sydney, Australia

It was non-allergy eating which saved my 21 year old son from suicide following years of depression. Once we got him off dairy, gluten and all junk food, his health and mental state improved 80%. He had a history of ADD and was starting to suffer with stomach cramping, insomnia, headaches etc. and all due to his system rejecting the wrong food.

I have always been a strong advocate of 'live' food consumption but it wasn't easy to convince my son, he had to become desperate before he saw the light and changed his eating habits. Hopefully others can benefit from this information.........what have you to lose?

Complete Recovery from Incontinence

About 15 years ago, while taking a bath. I discovered I had a prolapsed bladder. I had been doing some heavy lifting, which I think caused the problem. I made an appointment with a Urologist who along with a Gynecologist did my surgery to correct the problem. Six weeks after surgery I became incontinent. I tried various treatments with no success. For 15 years I have been purchasing pads for about $18.00 a package, instead of being able to take a cruise occasionally like some of my friends and family members have done. I continued changing pads during the day and night when I would get up to go to the bathroom.

For my 89th birthday, my sister gave me 2 bottles of Goji Juice. For many years I had heard about these people far away in the Himalayan Mountains who lived to be a 100 + with no white hair and all their teeth. People wondered about the soil in which they grew their food, the fresh mountain air they breathed and the mountain sunshine. Now I have some of that Goji berry juice which I expected to enhance my general health, improve my breathing and maybe keep me from taking $500 worth of medicine a month. When those 2 bottles were almost gone I could see I needed to keep drinking more.

Just recently I woke up at 6:00 AM with the sun shinning into my bedroom. I thought WOW! I have slept all night without getting up to go to the bathroom even once. Usually I got up several times during the night and couldn't go back to sleep for 2, 3 or 4 hours. Thinking back a few nights, I got up only once the night before and only twice a night in recent nights and went right back to sleep. Not only am I sleeping better, I am no longer incontinent, after just 2 ½ months after drinking Goji juice. I was not expecting such miraculous results from the Goji juice.

Now this story is not what I was brought up to tell at the table – not table talk – and too long for the bridge table. So when am I going to capture the attention of friends long enough to give my testimony? I am packing up the new package of pads and taking them to a nursing home.

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Natural Remedies for Digestive Problems

Shirley, author of this website

I fed slippery elm powder porridge to my handicapped son, Sterling, to help him with his digestive problems. Slippery Elm powder is renowed to be nourishing and soothing to sensitive stomach. (read Sterling's story)

According to the herbal materia medica, Slippery Elm has a most soothing and healing action on all the parts it comes in contact with. Taken unsweetened, three times a day, Elm Food gives excellent results in gastritis, gastric catarrh, indigestion, mucous colitis and enteritis, diarrhea, being tolerated by the stomach when all other foods fail, and is of great value in bronchitis, bleeding from the lungs and consumption (being most healing to the lungs), soothing a cough and building up and preventing wasting.

Slippery Elm Food is generally made by mixing a teaspoonful of the powder into a thin and perfectly smooth paste with cold water and then pouring on a pint of boiling water, steadily stirring meanwhile. It can, if desired, be flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg or lemon rind. This makes an excellent drink in cases of irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, and taken at night will induce sleep. In times of famine, early American settlers used slippery elm as a survival food. A strengthening, soothing demulcent herb, slippery elm is ideal for sore, inflamed, ulcerated mucous membranes and wasting disease. Slippery elm can be used by weak or debilitated people as a mild food to help build up the body. It is especially helpful when no other food can be kept down. It is a highly nutritive, tonic herbal food and is further helpful for conditions of tissue deficiency.

I have also used Terramin Clay successfully to treat digestive and intestinal problems. A medical study by Frederic Damrau, M.D., in 1961 (Medical Annals of the District of Columbia) established clearly that clay can end bouts of diarrhea. When 35 individuals (average age 51) suffering from diarrhea took two tablespoons of bentonite in distilled water daily, the diarrhea was relieved in 97% (34 of the 35 patients) in 3.8 days, regardless of the original cause of the problem (allergies, virus infection, spastic colitis, or food poisoning). According to Dr. Damrau, bentonite is safe and highly effective in treating acute diarrhea.

"I was told by my doctor that I had Hepatitis B and C and my cholesterol was very high. A liver biopsy indicated I was in the first stage. I was instructed by my doctor to start Interferon and Ribavirin treatment for six months, but I wasn't able to continue with them for long because they were too hard on my body. In January of 2005, I started drinking Goji juice. This is what has happened since then: On my next visit to my gastroenterologist, he told me the me the Hepatitis B was gone. My primary doctor said my cholesterol is now in the normal range. In October 2005, my doctor told me that the Hepatitis C is gone from my body." Gerline H., Tampa, FL

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Goji juice to the rescue

"Recently I had a couple of weeks of severe abdominal pains that woke me every night and I could not go back to sleep. I had zero energy and I felt feverish several days. I ate the same foods, but much less than usual. Things got worse, not better. My bowel movements were very painful and very different and became non existent; I was scared when I painfully passed a glob of mucus. I had been very healthy for 48 years, although, I'd been under considerable stress for seven or eight months. I could not get a doctor's appointment for a week and was told I'd most likely need to see a gastro-intestinal specialist and they were booking five weeks ahead. So, I called a doctor, who happens to be the worlds number one authority on wellness. He suggested I drink 8 ounces of Goji juice a day along with some other nutritional supplements. Without taking any other supplements, and by drinking a total of four bottles of Goji juice in 2 1/2 weeks, I began to sleep through the night and my bowels were headed back to normal. I have my energy back and absolutely zero pain or discomfort! I can't wait to see how I'm feeling in another month or two. I'm not going to worry about how I'll afford what I need to take for my health." Joyce W., Maui

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Success using alternative to antibiotics
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001
From: Janet Espinoza

"Your site has helped me a lot and I'm sure countless people around the world have also found the answers they needed. I'm a 24 year old Peruvian girl and I suffered from sore throats and bronquitis as far as I can remember. Since I was 4 I had to take antibiotics of all kinds. I visited at least 10 doctors in two years. Most of them wanted to operate my tonsils, get rid of them but i refused. When i get the age of 20 i was a walking chemist. The last and most powerful antibiotics I was prescribed (tavanic) nearly killed me. It had an amazing list of side effects from dizziness , heart attack to suicide and madness . The next day i couldn't get up . I stayed in bed for six days. After this experience i lost weight and was very pale , and not feeling good at all. Then I read articles about herbal therapy and found your site. I learned that garlic is a natural antibiotic and that purifies your blood as well as other herbs. I changed my diet. You know what doctors say now? that I'm quite all right. It was quite a change! I always tell my friends about your site. God bless you and keep up with the good work!"

Ear infection: avoiding ear tubes
Date: 10/22/00

My nephew always seemed to have ear infections. Ever since I can remember he was put on Antibiotics. It got so bad that my sister- in-law was informed by my nephew's doctor that they need to put tubes in his ears. God acts in mysterious ways really, we are in a grocery store and this woman overheard us talking about the surgery. She told us how an herb called Echinacea had helped her son. She also used Garlic/ Mullein leaf oil as well. So, not sure if it was going to work, we decided to give it a try ( Thank God his doctor

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The Miracle of Flaxseed Oil

Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 23:50:25 EST

A few months ago, my mother was diagnosed with an aggressively growing, squamous cell carcinoma on her left arm. Her doctor wanted to operated immediately, but she was opposed to the idea of invasive surgery; so she asked her doctor for two weeks to find an alternative. She discovered Fischer's "How to Fight Cancer and Win", used the 1 Tbs Flax and 1/4 cup cottage cheese, plus she rubbed a little of the oil on the cancerous tissue. After two weeks she returned to her doctor with a completely healed arm. Her doctor was floored! He insisted that he take another biopsy, even though the cancerous tissue was gone. When the results came back negative, he dubbed her recovery as "spontaneous remission," failing to believe that flax oil had cured my mom of cancer.

I have since found your website, and I have copied much of the info. (including Beckworth's testimonial) and have given the info. to people with cancer who have found the testimonial persuasive enough to at least give the oil a shot. One man, a friend of my husband's, has already reported back that his doctor found that his blood appears to have changed from the greenish color of cancer patients, back to a healthy reddish color--just as described in Fischer's book!! Thank you so much for sharing this information, I'm sure you have saved lives!

>Incidentally, my mom and dad have been taking flax oil everyday since the diagnosis. Each morning, their mostly empty bowls have been given to Scooter (their 15 year old Bichen Frise dog), who has been licking them clean! Scooter, amazingly, has become a puppy again. All of the effects of age that she had displayed are now gone--her cataracks are even going away!

All the best, Rachel Parent

PS. I would be delighted if you shared my mom's story-and so would she. In fact, here is her address in case anyone would like to contact her: Nancy Ede P.O. Box 434 Pine Valley, CA 91962 Thanks Again for your wonderful website!

Heart Attack and lung cancer recovery
Date: 4/20/03
From: Loren Stejskal

I just read your testimonial about how you saved your husband. I too have heart trouble, I am 60 years of age. I had a heart attack in Dec. of '98, and a triple by-pass done on Mar. 30 of '99. My personal doctor cannot get over how well I'm doing, even now with the lung cancer.

Along with Essiac tea, Home Grown Green Life made from the whole barley grass (very high in nutritional value), I am taking what is called Tahitian Noni Juice. There are many, many testimonials about how well Tahitian Noni Juice works on just about everything. I know Tahitian Noni Juice helps me. I take 1 ounce of Tahitian Noni Juice with a 1/4 teaspoon of good quality crystal or Sea Salt (1/4 of a teaspoon) in 2 ounces of distilled water.

I have had so much energy lately, that I can barely contain myself. I haven't felt this energetic in a long, long time. Also, I had a CAT scan done in Feb. and a Percutaneous Needle Biopsy done on March 4th. The radiologist from the hospital wanted me to go back into the hospital for a PET scan. I already knew what I had in me, so I figured I didn't have to go back in there for the PET scan. I went to see that radiologist armed with material I had printed from off the Internet concerning cancer. That doctor didn't know what hit him when I presented that material to him. At this present time, I am doing very well. People tell me that I look healthier. Oh yes, before I sign off, I'm getting worms and parasites out of my body through electrical means. Just enough of a charge from a 9 volt battery to send the worms and parasites looking for somewhere else to live.

Henoch Schoenlein Purpura Disease (HSP)

Early February 2005, my 9-year-old daughter, Paige, was diagnosed with Henoch Schoenlein Purpura Disease (HSP), a type of hypersensitivity vasculitis and inflammatory response within the blood vessel. The exact cause of this disorder is unknown. She had high levels of blood and protein in the urine and severe swelling in her legs. What concerned the doctors most was a blood test called ANA was coming back positive, which wasn't typical for HSP. Her doctors from La Rabida Hospital decided it was necessary to do a kidney biopsy, to see if any damage was being done and find out why the ANA was coming back abnormal. The morning of her biopsy I doubled her dose of Goji juice to 2 ounces each day. Within 4 days later, her counts dropped dramatically and her ANA was negative, all blood/urine work was back to normal. She was released from doctors care last month. She is doing great, no problems at all. She's back to her normal self, very happy and energetic. I know the Goji juice played a major role in my daughter making a great, speedy recovery.

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Herbs for abscessed tooth pain and infection

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 14:59:02 -0600
From: "Rick London"

About two years ago I had a root canal done. It either didn't take or the dentist inadvertently left out a canal because about 6 months later it flared up again and again it flared up about 8 months after that. Then a third time last weekend.

Each time I bombarded it with herbs both internally and locally. I wish I had found out about the chamomile/salt/ lemon combo gargle first, but I found out about it almost toward the end. I gargled with this warm nearly hot solution and even put the bag on the tooth. It offered total pain relief within minutes.

But all week I put fresh garlic cloves on the tooth, and gargled every three hours with hydrogen peroxide. Every few hours I put tincture of echinicea right on the tooth. I also took echinicia, cats claw, and golden seal tablets every few hours. I'm told by the way not to get echinicea in alcohol solution as it ruins its effectiveness. Mine was in spring water. I'm told not to use odorless garlic as the allicin is removed in that process so I got fresh. Anyone who has ever had a bad abscess knows the pain it can cause. Having had a kidney stone, that was the only other thing close in proximity to pain. Eventually I will go to another dentist and get it corrected. For now, I was mainly interested in getting the infection and pain removed. Hope this helps someone.
Rick London

Taking the destiny of my health into my own hands
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999
From: Roberta Irving D Irving

I enjoyed your site so much. It is about time that people believed in themselves more than they believe in the "medical professionals."

I have finally taken the destiny of my own health into my own hands and heart. Ten years ago I believed doctors when they told me that they could do nothing else for my endometriosis. I had a complete hysterectomy done at the age of 33. I have searched for 10 years to find a estrogen replacement that would make me feel like myself. It still hasn't happened. But, I am no longer on any type of estrogen replacement and I am trying other alternatives to keep myself naturally healthy.

After my surgery, I started with pains all over my body. It took doctors 4 years and many tests to discover that now I have fibromyalgia. Again, I was on a roller coaster and asking the medical profession to heal me. To this date it has not happened. I am also seeking alternative advice for this condition.

I am glad to say that I am not taking any prescription medicines at this time. Some days are not very good but I really don't think they are any worse than when I took the drugs my physician prescribed for me. I feel confident that I will find the answer-and I will heal myself!!

Thank you for your site-keep up the good work!!
Roberta Irving

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breast cancer
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000
From: Connie Penner

I read some of your data on breast cancer. I gave up use of deodorant and antiperspirant some months back--even the "natural" kind. I noticed that the right arm pit on the side where I had the breast cancer, seemed to sweat more for a while. It's like it helped the area to "come alive" further and do more of its detox function.

I have also stopped wearing bras--except occasionally for cosmetic reasons. I can feel the body liked that! Too bad that as young girls we were sold such a bill of goods! I never needed a bra due to small size. I gave up the use of tampons over 6 years ago. That was a major relief in some ways. Though it may not be as "convenient". I can tell my body is a lot happier without the synthetic and toxic influence.

I discovered that my breast cancer was "caused" by several factors. One of which is that I grew up in Illinois and consumed high amounts of dairy products as I was taught. I learned in a food science topics class that the amount of DDT and one other pesticide in milk back in the early 70's was well over the USDA limit. However, because it was so high, the USDA did not even attempt to regulate it! It was condoned! Since then, of course, the link between breast cancer and DDT and pesticides has been pretty much proven. This fact was relayed to me in a class given by a Ph.D. in entomology. DDT and some other pesticides, he told us, stay in the fat of the body for 20 to 30 years(normally). I think that's one of the reasons that it's so important for cancer patients to do detoxification of the eliminative organs, etc. I also have insisted that my husband and I only use tooth paste without fluoride. It is too bad that we have been duped for so long!
Love, Connie Penner

Healing fibroids naturally

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000
From: Wright, Izola(NXI)

I'm 41 years old and the first time in my life my period was 7 days late. I knew it wasn't pregnancy because of a tubal ligation 17 years earlier. When my period finally came, I experienced bleeding for 3 weeks with cramping, and clotting. The gynecologist told me that I had fibroids and that I would need an immediate DandC. (surgery). I decided to search the net for an alternative treatment to my condition. Inspired by the many testimonials of natural healing that I read on your site, I decided to awaken my inner knowledge of "Women heal Thyself" and to go the holistic way.

I made an appointment with a local herbalist who put me on a 10-day herbal program for my female problems and she also suggested a colon cleanse program for 90 days. After taking the herbs for a full 24 hour period and after having a major bowel movement, the bleeding stopped, the cramping and bloating left as well. Praise God! Although I stopped bleeding the very 1st day of taking the herbs I still have to continue taking the following herbal treatment for the next 9 days: Red Raspberry, Dong Quai, Capsicum and a blend of different herbs for glandular support. I take two pills of each, 5X a day. The colon cleanse consists of taking 4 cascara Sagrada pills 3X a day and then a liquid drink 2X a day for the remaining 87 days. My herbalist also suggested that I take a 21 day juice fast to detoxify and cleanse my system which I have agreed to.

I blame my health problems to my poor diet. As a vegetarian for the past 15 years, I abstained from eating meat but did feast on loads of cheese, white flour products, sugar, butter, margarine, etc. I've decided to eat healthy vegetarian from now on: lots of fresh and preferably raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, lots of fresh juice, etc.. In fact, my herbalist also suggested that I do a 21 day juice fast to detoxify and cleanse my system. I think its a great idea and I'm sure it will help me lose the 55 pounds that I have gained this past year. My husband is doing the juice fast with me.

My heart goes out to the hundreds of women whose wombs are butchered at the hands of surgeons as a so call "cure" for abnormal bleeding, fibroids, cysts, and other female problems. There are alternatives to drugs, surgery, chemo and radiation with natural and herbal treatments for all of our many ails. I can attest to that!
Izola Wright, Chicago, IL

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Another flaxseed oil story
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998

I wrote you about a week ago about my mother who HAD cancer. Well, here's another one: I was told today by a friend of ours that the man I mentioned before whose blood had turned from greenish to bright red just found out that his "terminal" cancer is now in remission! He's been taking the flax oil and cottage cheese mixture twice a day for the last 6 months. That's all I know right now. I've asked our friend to get more info. from the man (he's not personally known to us) and if I can get a testimonial I will certainly send it to you!

Thanks for this Website, I hope all with cancer discover it!
Rachel Parent

Flaxseed oil heals eye and vision problems

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001
From: Cliff Beckwith

Quite a while ago, my cousin Rich told me he had been having trouble seeing enough to drive at night. Having great faith in the ability of flaxseed oil to help about any condition involving poor health, Rich began to put it in his eyes. I am hazy about the length of time it took, but before long his night vision had improved greatly. I tried it a little and it seemed to help me. Just as an observation, I put that info on the flaxseed oil group. Before long some other folks emailed the group and told of this approach helping them. One lady said that it had helped her, but it had helped her neighbor more.

The neighbor had macular degeneration and lost her driver's license, and now she had it back. Another lady said that she had faced cataract surgery and put a drop of oil in each eye at night and the cataracts cleared up. Monday, October 1st, I had a yearly eye exam. Six or seven years ago I had a "bleeder" in the retina of my right eye. That is something about which there is very little that can be done. It did not clear by itself after a few years and the doctor recommended laser surgery to drain the blood and prevent blindness. By that time the "bleeder" had rerouted but the dried blood was still there. The laser surgery had caused me to be unable to see much in my right eye and I could not read with both eyes open. This is a problem. The sight had been growing steadily worse and more "cloudy". I attributed this to the laser.

During the examination the doctor discovered that there was a dense cataract. He said my sight in that eye, though not perfect anyway, could perhaps be helped by cataract surgery. I wasn't interested because I don't use it much anyway. Then I remembered the lady who had cleared cataracts with flaxseed oil. I talked with the doctor about it. He asked me what literature I had read and I told him that there was no literature but we might be making it.

The "cloud" is still there but seems much less dense. During the exam, Jenny, the technician who did the examination with the chart told me that she had an aunt in Texas who cleared cataracts with Flaxseed oil. If this cataract is cleared I may again be able to read with both eyes open. I am hardly daring to believe this can be possible, but somewhat excited nevertheless. What I have written is not a recommendation. I do not know what will happen. It is simply an account of what has happened. The Ophthalmologist has assured me that there can be no danger in doing what I am doing. I would say that if any tries this one should use the golden oil from the top of a bottle before it is mixed up in the case of Lignan Rich oil.

Update: Today, October 22, we returned to the Center for Sight in Jefferson City to pick up my wife's glasses. The Technician there put up the chart and I could see the second size letters significantly more clearly than I could 8 days ago. The cataract seems to be clearing. Oct 1 the sight in that eye was 20 -- 400. Today, 21 days later, it is 20 --200. If the trend continues another month should see things better than that, though because of the laser damage to the retina it will never be perfect. We now know of one lady who had a bad reaction from this. We also know that she used an unclean eyedropper and little bottle. Another possibility is that on rare occasions a person may have an allergy to flaxseed oil. This might cause trouble. To be sure in this regard take a teaspoonful or so orally and be sure there is no reaction. If a person was allergic there would be a red rash around the neck or chest. Today, November 13, 2001, I can read the computer screen with both eyes open and little discomfort.

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Gout Attack

I suffer from Gout and Im a truck driver. I spend a lot of time sitting and don't necessarily eat right while I'm on the road. About 3 or 4 times a year I end up with a gout attack. Usually the Gout attack lasts around 7 to 10 days and in the middle of it I can hardly walk and I cant drive the truck because I have trouble pushing the clutch in. My last attack came while I was on vacation and I was out of Goji juice; I began having pain in the ball of my foot, as that is where it usually starts. Fortunately my Goji juice arrived later that day and within 2 days I didn't have any pain and the Goji juice staved off the Gout attack.

cottage cheese and flax oil
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998

This is going to sound unbelievable, but we've had another cancer cure using nothing but cottage cheese and flax oil. My husband's father was diagnosed with incurable bone cancer about 7 months ago. We told him to get on the flax immediately. But, he just wouldn't take it consistently. Finally, about 3 months ago, my husband found out that dad was deteriorating rapidly. My husband traveled from Sacramento to Grants, NM to convince dad to take it and to explain what he needed to do. He decided that he'd start out with 4 tbl of flax (a lot) per day. After two days, he decided he could tolerate more. A day later, when my husband left, he was taking 8-10 tbl. of flax per day! It has now been three months and we just got the news: Dad had his blood work done--- 0 cancer!!! The doctor did not believe it so he had another test done; again it was negative. Still disbelieving, he ordered a third test---still negative!

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Flax Oil for Behavioral Problems: ADHD
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001

My 10 year old son has been taking flax oil for a little over a month now. This stuff in unbelievable.

My son started having "behavioral problems" at school in kindergarten, he was labeled ADHD and put on chlonidine. Over the next 5 years he was diagnosed with a variety of things: ADHD, OCD, ODD, GAD, depression, severe conduct disorder, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder. . .with the doctors only agreeing on the ADHD and ODD portions. He has been on: clonidine, aderall, paxil, buspar, medidate, ritalin, dexadrine, wellbutrin, concerta. . .all with horrific results. He was hospitalized twice in an adolescent psychiatric hospital within a year. I was having to restrain him daily and he was destroying his possessions and our family's life!

Since starting on the flax oil life has been so much better for our family. He has not had a "rage" and I have not had to restrain him at all, he has entered school again and is doing well. He is happy and able to be redirected. He is still on the hyper side and somewhat impulsive, but aren't all 10 year old boys?

I don't know how I ever made it through all those years without the help of flax oil.
Lisa McGowan

Success with flaxseed oil
Mon, 19 Aug 2002
Gretchen Roberson

I am 51 years old and have been having skin problems for about 5 years. Just last year the doctor told me it was eczema. This occurred soon after I had twins. Its my thinking that my body was stripped of any fatty acids.

My sons also had cradle cap and mild eczema. I am convinced that they were also deficient of these acids!! Because of your article I have been taking 2 TBl of flax oil and 1 capsule of borage since June. Just recently I have started taking about 2 TBL of a flax and borage oil blend. I thought I might have trouble processing the flax oil alone.

Do you think I could increase this dosage or just give it more time?? I get little blister like bumps on my face along with flaking, redness and dryness. The dryness is much better and I rarely experience any burning. I think of all the time I have wasted when I could have been taking these oils. Why don't the doctors know about this?? I have all my sons taking it as well. The skin on my body is feeling like satin now. I have also cut back on the beef....added lots more veggies and fruits. I have given up wheat, sugar and dairy. I buy all our food at an organic store as well.

Our sick parakeet recovered after we moved him from the kitchen to a bright sunny room by the window. I don't want to take my animals to the vet any longer nor do I want to go the doc! tor anymore. I see where many of the medicines they give create more problems. I am convinced that if all of us would share your philosophy and take our own health and diet in our hands we would remain disease free. It really is what we eat that dictates our health. Thank you Shirley!

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Son's Autism and Seizures

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999
From: Amanda

I read your article about Sterling your son and I was very moved. You are a wonderful person and I'm very inspired. The way you feel about your son is the way I feel about my own. When he was first diagnosed with autism, I thought "Why me?" But gradually I came to realize that everything good in my life has come about because of my son's autism. I'm am now studying to be a chiropractor to help children with special needs and will keep studying naturopathy, homeopathy and nutrition. I am also fascinated by organic gardening and have a very small backyard and made excuses because of it. No more....thank you.

I have a previous article by Patricia Kane from the Explore magazine( vol 4,

It starts by saying: In 1977 my two year old son, Shawn, fell from a slide and sustained an injury deep within his brain. I was coldly informed that he was hopelessly brain damaged, and should put him into an institution and forget about him. It is difficult to explain what a horrifying experience this really is. The pain and shock make deciding which medical direction to go seem hopeless. Fortunately, I was familiar with the work of doctor Carlton Fredericks, and contacted him for information regarding brain injury. He was gravely concerned over Shawn's condition and urged me to immediately begin a nutritional regime. The protocol included Viobin wheat germ oil concentrate that was indicated in repairing the myelin sheath around verve cells. Three days after my son's injury he was receiving this therapy along with a whole spectrum of supporting nutrients.

Within two weeks on the wheat germ oil concentrate Shawn pushed himself off a chair and attempted to run. His movements were grossly crippled but he did, in fact, move on his own. Five weeks after the accident he walked out of the hospital with only a slight limp remaining. No one was able to explain how or why he recovered from his injury. However, the medical staff was impressed and curious enough to hustle him off to a conference where residents and interns could form their own professional opinions as his recovery. They concluded his recovery was due to physical therapy (yet he did not receive physical or any other type of therapy.)

Seven weeks after the injury Shawn's gait was completely normal but severely regressed when at nine weeks after the injury I ran out of the wheat germ oil concentrate. However, within days of re-administration, he regained all that he had lost. He was completely normal upon medical examination.

Today, my 17 year old son is a gifted artist who graduated from high school ahead of his class by attending college courses. He has chosen to blend his nutritional, scientific and artistic interests to further hi education towards a career in health sciences.

A few years after my son's injury I began to focus my education and research on brain injury and essential fatty acid therapy. And then came a progression of children....... Brittany, adopted from Romania, who was lovingly chosen inspite of Oxygen deprivation she experienced during a life threatening illness.

Thriving on the wheat germ oil supplementation, a cycle of recurrent ear infections ceased as she developed beautifully without a sign of any injury to her brain. on Brittany's first birthday as a guest on Good Morning America she held one finger up and announced, "Hi, I'm one."

Ayla, born at 21 and one half weeks of pregnancy, was given essential fatty acid and nutrient support although her grave prognosis left little hope for survival. Ayla is 21 months old now and has been medically evaluated as normal. She talks a blue streak, and has quite an engaging personality.

Baby Mary, 15 months, began the wheat germ oil concentrate just 14 days ago. At nine months of age she choked of a piece of pecan and was deprived of oxygen for 20 minutes. She is now finally able to relax the rigidity of her tiny body, (85% improved) and is gaining some of the weight (two pounds in two weeks) she has lost. Mary is beginning to respond to the world around her once again. The article then continues on pretty well along the same vein as before.

Since I have started Jake on Patricia Kane's recommended diet for autistic children I have noticed marked improvements. Taking dairy and gluten from his diet was daunting at first, but he responded so well that it was worth any effort. I then took any hydrogenated fat and replaced it with coconut oil. Last week I got the blood test results from his fatty acid analysis and it showed similar results to Alex, the child described in the article, although Jake has his unique differences. Therefore the dietary changes and supplements are slightly different.

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A new natural approach
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 01:13:21 -0700
From: Michael and Laura Leach

Recently I decided that natural was the way it was intended from the beginning of time. I have determined that the earth naturally has all we need to stay healthy and heal when we are ailing. I would love to share my discoveries with you. If you are interested email me back or call me at 425-739-0284. We never take conventional medicine anymore, not my husband, myself or any of our six children. I have never felt better in my life! Hope to hear from you it's too much info to type into the computer screen.
Sincerely, Laura Leach

Canker sores

From Desi, Columbus, Ohio USA

I wanted to share with you, and perhaps you'll want to share with other people some personal experience with using the amino acid L-Lysine to get rid of canker sores.

Up until 10 years ago, my husband was miserable with sore throats and cold sores more time that he wasn't. Nothing ever worked for him. Then one day, I read a column in a newspaper where someone recommended using L-Lysine for these conditions.

We weren't big on natural or alternative therapies. In fact, when I forced my husband to try it, he refused to believe it would work. But it did, and in a BIG way. Immediately after he started taking it, the canker sores started to disappear. The next time he started to come down with a sore throat, he took lysine, and the sore throat also cleared in record time.. hours, not days or weeks.

So, needless to say, now, when either of us (or anyone else we've ever convinced to try it) start to get a sore throat, a cold or canker sore, or even a cold, we hammer it with l-Lysine.

While I'm sure there may be a better protocol, here's how we do it. We don't take lysine on a daily basis for maintenance or anything. Instead, the second we feel a cold sore, or any of the other symptoms coming on, we take about 1000 mg of lysine, then another 500 mg 6 hours later, and another 500 mg six hours after that. For a total of 2000 mg in about 18 hours. This dosage was never prescribed to us by anyone, and I don't know if it would be right for everyone, but it's what works for us. Usually, if it hasn't cleared by the second day, we'll just do 500 mg every 6 hours or so, but almost never have to complete the second day's treatment, because, since we caught it early, it's already gone.

In cases where one of us stupidly waits until the sore throat, canker sore is "full blown", the lysine doesn't work quite as quickly, but still, the rate it works at is unbelievable. Thanks again for the site, and keep up the great work.

Nutritional help for me and my cat
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000
From: Elvera Hussain

I came down with symptoms of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) which included three months blind in on eye and partially blind in the other. I had all the symptoms for MS including the dizziness, numbness in the legs and ankles, severe pain in the nerves behind my knees and elbows and then blindness. I found a naturopath who treated me with herbs and i must say that for the next few years i was doing very well on his treatment. Then i got a tape from Quest IV Health about the enzymes. The formulator of them is Rob Schneider who is an expert in ezymes with a decade of research involving over a 100.000 individual case histories. He was hired by Nelson Mandela to formulate an enzyme product in South Africa because the AIDS issue was exploding there and they were looking for alternatives to traditional medicines which are expensive. It has become known that when people eat enzyme dead food it causes an immune response and also the undigested proteins clog the immune receptor cells which make it worse to the immune system to function properly.

Eventually I was at a point when I struggled to digest anything, and the straw that broke the camels back was when i spend one whole week without eliminating once (i was bloated and in pain but nothing came out) my ND's solution was a cleanse. I know what that meant for me: days of unrelenting diarrhea. I though 'thanks, but no thanks' i really gave it a lot of thought and decided to try the minerals and the enzymes from Quest IV Health and tell my doctor goodbye Within the same day i got relief. Within the next week my eliminating was about once or twice a day no more tired after eating. My health has been improving ever since. Elvera Hussain