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Animal Recovery from Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA)

This page includes 3 cases of dogs who fully recovered from an Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) or Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA). Also cases of congestive heart failure, allergies, thyroid illness, granulomatous meningoencephalitis, heart murmur, kidney failure, underbelly black skin, compulsive and obsessive licking and biting and the recovery of a rabbit with malignant adenoma as well as other veterinary health conditions resolved with natural care.

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Maltese saved from Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA)

Animal Healing TestimonialsOn March 26, 2007 my maltese, Mya, woke up not feeling well at all. She was normally a very energetic, happy dog, but that morning all she wanted to do was lay down. I thought she may have had a stomach ache because the day before was her birthday, and she had a few more treats than normal. I kept a close eye on her, and she got worse as the day went on. By the afternoon, when she would try to stand up, she would sway back and forth and then just fall to her side and lay there. She seemed extremely dizzy and weak. After seeing this, I called my vet and took her in.

He examined her and saw that her gums were as white as a sheet. I told him about the extra treats she had the day before, but he said that had nothing to do with it. He took some blood and determined that her red blood cell count was down to 18, and he said she should be around 40. He had no idea what the cause was (and her symptoms were inconsistent with how dogs were reacting to the recalled dog food), but he had to keep her there on an I.V. overnight. Mya ended up staying there two nights, and her blood count was not increasing.

Sick Maltese recovered from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)Mya was then transfered to Michigan State University's Vet hospital. They determined that she had Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), a condition where her immune system attacks her own body. It was destroying her red blood cells. They believe that this is due to vaccinations, but they don't know what triggers it. I was told it was a very serious disease, and that the outlook was not so great. Mya was not given much hope of surviving, and if she did pull through it this time, they said it could hit her again at any moment. Her blood count was still at 18, and I was told that if it dropped any lower, she would need an immediate blood transfusion or she would not survive.

They immediately took her to intensive care and put her on 4 different kinds of medicine, including a high dose of steroids. Mya was in the hospital for 5 days on all this medicine. On the third day her blood count dropped to 15, and they did have to do a blood transfusion. I was told that the transfusion was only to buy some time to give the steroids a chance to work. After the 5th day they released her and her blood count was at 18 again. She still had a long way to come, but they thought she may be able to pull through, and there was nothing more they could do

 They prescribed Mya to be on the extreme high doses of medicine for six months, and then they would re-evaluate at that time. And in the mean time I had to bring her back every other day for two weeks, then they would taper off the appointments. I was also warned that I may not ever get the same dog back because of the effects of the medicine, plus they wanted her to be on medicine for the rest of her life, just a lower dose.

For Mya's first appointment back at MSU's vet hospital, two days after she arrived home, her red blood cell count came back at 19. It had increased one point, so they were very happy. They said it would slowly increase, if she was going to pull through. When I got home from her appointment, my products had arrived in the mail. I started giving it to her immediately. I also changed her food from packaged dog food to homemade food. Her next appointment was in two days. When I took her in, they did her blood test again and were shocked because her count came back at 38!!!! She was in the normal range again.

I was told that we still needed to keep her on her medicine for the 6 months and then see how she was doing because that was there protocol. This was very upsetting because she was not the same dog on the medicine, and I knew it was toxic. But they scare you into thinking that if you take her off, she will die. The next week I received the immune modulator remedies that my holistic veterinarian sent me. I started her on those right away too. I also decided at that time to go against what the vet's told me, and I took her off all of her medicine, cold turkey (she had been on them a total of 2 weeks - 1 week at the vet, and 1 week at home) I was very nervous, but I wanted her to recover naturally. I didn't want to have those medicines destroy her little body, and then have more problems later on.

Mya went through a week of withdrawal. Each day she got better and better. After a week, she was the same dog again. I had my little Mya back! I have not given her any medicine since, and I have never taken her back to the vet for a checkup and she's doing wonderful!! I still have her eating homemade dog food. She takes vitamins and fish oil daily, and I still give her a special immune support a couple of times a week. It's now the end of November (8 months later) and she has not had one symptom since. I am so grateful that I was able to find this website! I believe this was the answer to my prayers. The knowledge I was able to gain was priceless. It saved my dog!!! Danielle Mackay -- November 28, 2007

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Schnauzer Recovery From Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)

On May 4, 2008 my dog Jonas an 18 mo old standard schnauzer became very ill. For about a week and a half prior to this date, I had noticed a change in his behavior (6 wks after he was immunized) he became very mellow. Initially I thought that maybe his mellow behavior was due to him having been neutered a few months prior, or maybe he was depressed because my female Doberman knocked him around a bit showing him she was alpha in the pack but as the week went on something inside kept telling me he wasn't right however it wasn't until I decided to take him for a walk (thinking that if he was depressed this would make him happy because he loves walks) that I realized something was seriously wrong instead of walking by my side he was dragging behind me. I also noticed that the whites of his eyes were really white, this seemed a little abnormal to me but I wasn't really sure. There wasn't a blood vessel to be seen. I never really paid much attention to the whites of his eye before except for when I brought him to get immunized six weeks prior.

The reason I say this is because when he was being immunized, I noticed that his eyes were really blood shot and I thought that was odd so I proceeded to ask the vet if that was normal and she said his blood pressure was probably elevated because he was stressed being there. So when I saw the white in his eyes so bright and clear I thought wow he must be really relaxed. It never crossed my mind that it could be serious. This should have triggered me that something was wrong but it didn't, what concerned me was his lethargy on our walk, given his breed (high strung) I knew at that point he needed to go to the vet right away. I ended up bringing him to the Emergency Vet because it was a Sunday morning when all this took place.

Upon explaining Jonas's history the vet the vet asked many questions. He asked if his appetite had changed any and asked if he had any bouts of diarrhea. The answer to these questions was no. Jonas has been fed a raw diet since birth and has always had a very good appetite and never had any digestive issues. Other than his being noticeably lethargic and depressed he was fine. The doctor then proceeded to check his eyes and mouth to see if he was jaundice and he wasn't. It was at this point the doctor requested labs be drawn to rule out Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). While he did not exhibit any of the true symptoms associated with IMHA the fact that his spleen was enlarged and his pigmentation was pale this was the only thing he could come up with. When the labs came back they showed that Jonas's was severely anemic his HCT (hematocrit) was 8 (normal range should be in the mid 30's to 50's.) Jonas was immediately admitted into the ICU with a diagnosis of IMHA needing 2 units of blood.

Sick Schnauzer recovered from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)After spending 3 days in ICU he was release to go home on steroid named Prednisone with a f/u in a week. After a week of being on Prednisone and his counts not really moving they added Cyclosporine to his treatment protocol. He remained on this for about 2-3 weeks but again he was not responding so they went on to add yet another med called Atopica in addition to the Prednisone and Cyclosporine. After being on this regimen his counts only got to 23. The vet was stumped, given the amount of meds he was on his counts should have gone back to normal range and they weren't. Jonas was not text book material. These meds were causing havoc on his system. He developed lymphadenitis which the vet thought could be due to cancer but the test results came back normal. At this point the vet was so confused and at a loss.

After much frustration, I decided to do some research on holistic medicine. I typed in IMHA and somehow got directed to your site where I read a testimony by Danielle Mackay whose dog experienced the same problems that I was going through with my dog. In reading her testimony she talked about natural immune enhancing substances and how this product helped her out. After reading this article, and doing research I said what the heck do I have to lose. I've already spent thousands of dollars on the dog what is another 37 dollars.

So I ordered the product in addition to contacting our homeopathic vet that we had for our other dogs and got a consultation. Our homeopath gave us some nosodes to use in conjunction with the natural immune enhancing substances to boost his immune system. He along with our treating vet both feel that this IMHA is a direct result to Jonas being immunized and therefore treated for that as well. As soon as I got the product in I started Jonas on it in addition to giving him liver. I was anxious to go back to our treating vet and have his labs drawn to see where he was.

After being on the natural immune enhancing substances 3 days Jonas had a follow appointment with the vet. Prior to drawing his blood the vet was saying how he thought that maybe this IMHA has developed into Aplastic anemia and suggested that we do a bone marrow biopsy he was at a loss and did not know what to do for him anymore. I then proceeded to tell him about natural immune enhancing substances and how it is supposed to modulate his immune system in order to better fight diseases and how I wanted to try this first before doing anymore testing as I just did not have the money. After our conversation Jonas's labs were drawn, 10 minutes later the doctor came in and said that his counts went from 23-26 the highest they had been in a week. The vet was impressed but still unsure.

Ask me hot to go into business with your pets A week later Jonas went back for another follow-up and his PCV was now up to 30. With much excitement I then went on your web site and talked with the homeopathic vets via tele-conference and they suggested I try the immune modulator so I did. They told me to give it 45 days. Well 45 days later Jonas's PCV is now at 46. He is now in normal range. I will say I did not stop his meds cold turkey I did follow vet orders in reducing his high dose meds.

It is now September 3, 4 months later and Jonas is now off all steroidal meds his spleen is normal as is his liver and his counts are still in normal range. His personality is right back to where is was before he got sick and then some. I think he is actually making up now for when he was down and out. I am a strong advocate of the natural immune enhancing substances . When ever I talk to anyone I promote the products. I even use it on my son to boost his immune system. It is such an amazing product. You don't know how heart broken I was to think that we were going to have to put Jonas down as nothing was working.

The odd thing with this whole situation is we have 3 dogs my first 2 have only been seen by a homeopathic veterinarian. When I got my schnauzer, I ended up bringing him to a western medicine vet (why I don't know) I think it's because our holistic vet was a distance away and it was just more convenient. Out of our 3 dogs the schnauzer is the only one that I had routinely kept up on the shots simply because I had needed to board him. Out of the 3 he is now the sickest and I attribute this all to his immunizations. At the age of 1 shortly have being immunized he developed seizures. The holistic vet seems to think this is from the rabies vaccine. Given the severe side effects Jonas has had to immunizations he is no longer allowed to receive immunizations.

You know I've read about how immunizations could affect the body but never thought or new anyone who ever experienced any really bad side effects so never really paid much attention to it. Well now I do. I hope my testimony is as effective as Danielle Mackay's was for me. Reading her testimony truly inspired me. This was my last ditch effort before considering having him put down. I just could not afford the vet bills much longer nor could my emotions handle much more. I am so thankful for your web-site and reading the testimony as I would have never known about this product other wise. Lisa LaVallee, Bristol CT, email: l.lavallee @ sbcglobal.net

Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM - "There is increasing evidence in veterinary medicine that vaccines can trigger immune mediated and other chronic disorders (i. e., vaccinosis), especially in certain apparently predisposed breeds."

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Lurcher recovery from autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)

From: Sylvia Boyd-Brown

On the 6th of February 2004, my dog, a lurcher called Marmite, collapsed and was diagnosed with Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia (AIHA). When I looked on the internet for information about the condition, I was horrified to find out that there was no known cure and the outlook was not good. The only treatment for the disease was very high doses of steroids (Prednisolone) which has very devastating side effects. Marmite was however very ill, so the steroids had to be given. She spent six days at the vet's on drips and having blood tests and scans. While Marmite was at the vet's, I began my research on the internet, trying to find something which would help her to recover. In my search I came across shirleys-wellness-cafe.com, a website which I must say, is fantastic for all types of health issues. Here I found a testimonial from Dave in Eastbourne whose dog had AIHA and gave him natural immune enhancing substances to boost his immune system, and six months later, with continued good nutrition and exercise, his dog was still fit and well.

The Vet didn't know what else was wrong with Honey, the Lasix did help with the congestive heart failure , but even after she took the Lasix she still didn't eat and was very weak, that's when we started the natural immune enhancing substances, and that's when things turned around for Honey.

We are so thankful for this product natural immune enhancing substances, thankful for the wisdom the higher power has given all the talented Dr's and Vet's, that have put their time and energy into this immune product that helps the body heal itself. We are so thankful to see our beagle girl, Honey happy healthy again!"

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Dog Recovers From Auto Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)

"My dog Arnie had been given up on by the vet. He had acute anemia caused by his white blood cells killing his red ones and quite honestly we were making arrangements for his funeral. But then I learned that natural immune enhancing substances was used by veterinarians to support and modulate the immune system. Also with an improved diet and natural immune enhancing substances, we noticed a dramatic improvement. Three months later, after finishing the entire course, Arnie is doing so well that he no longer needs natural immune enhancing substances . He now has so much energy on his new diet that we have to restrict his intake or we could be pulling him off the ceiling. He is putting on weight steadily as is his partner Heidi who has been on natural immune enhancing substances also. With her improved immune system and flaxseed oil, her scaly flaky skin condition on her back have cleared up. " Dave Burrows in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, Sunday, October 12, 2003;

Note: Canine autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is a disease characterized by increased destruction of red blood cells (erythrocytes) by the dog's own immune system. Though much attention has been given recently to AIHA due to evidence linking the process of vaccinating with the manifestation of this sometimes life-threatening disease, immunization is only one potential cause for this condition. Another potential cause is the heartworm medication, Proheart6. Page Divider

Labrador Healed from Allergies and thyroid illness

From: Ann Nelson anelson@ny.park-net.com

Natural Pet Vitamins My 5 year old black lab, Yale, was really weighed down with prednisone and other medications the conventional vet had him on. At one point they thought his allergies were symptomatic of hypothyroidism and had him on soloxine for three months until they retested him and found he did not have hypothyroidism AND due to the soloxine, his own thyroid was about to shut down.

That is when I found a homeopathic vet in the area (the only one in upstate New York) and together we got Yale's system cleaned up and healthy. We went through 3 really bad years, each worse than the one before it with the vets trying to cure Yale's symptoms with all sorts of medications. One vet insisted on skin testing at Cornell University which I could not see putting my dog through when I knew what he was allergic to -- pollen, molds, and beef.

Yale had seasonal allergies and severe itching/hot spots until one year ago when I put him on a natural diet of cooked ground turkey, raw veggies, barley, Dr. Pitcairn's recipe for "healthy powder" and flaxseed oil. By altering his diet (through the thanks of my homeopathic vet and books I've read) and keeping him away from swimming areas in the spring and summer that are loaded with pollen, Yale is now healthy and his allergies are manageable. I found that when he swam in the springtime and summer months when the tree pollen was high, he would get staph infections on his skin which caused him to itch like crazy and end up with bald spots all over his neck and chest. Since he has been on flaxseed oil I have seen major improvements.

Contact Shirley He hasn't had a hot spot or balding areas where he used to itch, he no longer itches!!!!! His coat is very shiny and people comment on this all the time. The reason why I cook the ground turkey is because it is easier to handle and not have to worry about bacteria getting all over the kitchen when handling the raw turkey. I know the raw turkey is better than cooking it but I only broil it for 3 minutes until the redness is out. I will never take my dog off this diet and will always continue giving him flaxseed oil. He is so healthy now that we haven't had to visit the vet in over a year. I do not vaccinate him yearly since the blood titers show his level of parvo and distemper is over the minimum recommended amount. It is difficult telling other dog owner friends of mine that they should be feeding their dogs natural foods and not the Walmart brand. Ann Nelson, Saratoga Springs, NY

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Granulomatous meningoencephalitis

Name: Kathy Codde
From: katcodde@msn.com
Foster City, CA. U.S.A.

My dog (american eskimo-5 yrs. old) was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called GRANULOMATOUS MENINGIOENCEPHALITIS believed to be caused from vaccinations. She (Aspen) almost didn't survive. The treatment at this time is prednisone, phenobarbital and chemotherapy -"ara-c" SQ injections twice a day for two days-appr. every three weeks. Lately she barely will eat.I started flax seed oil mixed in cottage cheese and vit. C 500 mg. She ate the mixture of flax seed appr. for 2 weeks but now she won't eat it at all. Prognosis is poor. She has brought so much joy to me. I am so grateful that you provide this website and that you have helped me so much. I am going to review all this with Dr. Loops and I can't wait to see Aspen healthy and happy again.

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Feline Leukemia

My Cat Stripes (about 4 months old) had been taking antibiotics and prednisole for more than 1 month, after seeing 4 different Veterinarians, one tested him for leukemia, and it tested positive..He was dying, he couldn't even stand up, not even to go to his litter box, the Vet recommended that I put him to sleep..that there was no cure..( I had already spent more than $400.00 in Dr. Visits and medicine), But I love my cat, and I was crying, he was dying in front of my eyes, and I couldn't do anything....Well, I went Online, and found your web, and information on how natural immune enhancing substances supports the immune system for animals. I had nothing to lose and I was desperate..it was July 3...Weekend holiday, If I placed the order.

I was afraid that Stripes was not going to make it, he had not been eating for at least 4 days...he was just bones... I called you, and you help me by selling me a bottle, I went picked it up, gave it to him at 6:00pm and at 4:00am, the next morning, I woke up, he wasn't in his bed in my room.. HE WAS IN THE LIVING ROOM, IN THE COUCH, HE GOT UP, HE WAS WALKING, HE STOOD AND WENT TO THE YARD!!.. I noticed he had eaten food. It has been less than 10 days, he has gain weight, he now runs, and as my husband says...He eats like 10 times a day! yesterday he was playing with his favorite toy.

Shirley, Thank you!! you can share this testimony with anyone, as it is true!! Hard to believe, but is is real, natural immune enhancing substances works by boosting the immune system.I used 2 caps 4 times a day, and now I am giving him 2 caps 3 times a day. Oh and 2 days ago I tried some for me, and I feel so much better (I am overweight, and had no energy during the afternoons) my bottle is almost empty, and I decided to become a distributor to help others... THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! Diana Arellano diana.arellano02 @ yahoo.com Compton, CA USA Customary disclaimer: Check with your holistic veterinarian before giving your animal the natural immune enhancing substances human formula.

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Sheltie Kidney Failure Recovery

by Ms Mary Ann
Location: Singapore

Thank you very much for your e-mail and the help you have rendered in my search for a cure for my beloved Sheltie who has kidney failure. I am indeed grateful for your speedy reply to my queries on this immune support formula. I am elated that I could purchase the product here in Singapore and did not have to waste precious time, ordering it from the US. Yes, I have given my Sheltie natural immune enhancing substances to boost his immune system and I also gave him glyconutrients and he is doing fine. The Vet has told me to bring my dog back after a week but I felt that she could not do very much for him (she has already told me that the illness was progressive and that there was no cure). Also, she gave me I MONTH'S supply of medication ( for a possible bladder infection which was later found that my dog did not have) for my dog's skin eruptions, TWO weeks of antibiotics based on my dog's history of tick fever (which he tested positive for as a carrier, but his blood tests showed that his blood range is normal), and another medication for high blood pressure ( which was normal during the visit) which she said was for the high protein level in his blood/urine. I continued with the medications for a week after I brought my dog back and then stopped as I felt that my dog was already fighting for his life with his weaker kidneys and I did'nt think that I was doing enough.

Then I discovered your Website which is a God sent!!. We prayed so hard and God answered! It is a miracle that my sister and I discovered Shirley's Wellness Cafe; A MAJOR Miracle because without it, we would not have been able to treat my sheltie holistically and give him a fighting chance. I also read the valuable advice given by the vets on your website ( which the vets here will never tell you) on continuing with the intravenous subtaneously ie. under the skin, with sodium lactate or Hartman's solution as it helps flush out the toxins in the body as well as help hydrate the dog. My Vet had given me 3 bottles of Hartman's for 6 day's supply but after that, I continued on my own to give my Sheltie the intravenous up to 3 to 4 times a weak as instructed by the vet on your website. IT IS VERY VALUABLE ADVICE INDEED!!. I cannot thank you and God enough.

It has been over a month and my precious Sheltie is fine. I thank god every day that he is still with me. I also changed the diet : No more canned food or packet kibble food for my sheltie. My vet gave me Hill's prescriptive can food and told me to put my dog on it from now on. It was'nt a good idea as the food was terribly bland and he did not want it after a while. Also it was food that was not 'fresh' or 'alive'. I now prepare fresh human grade foods for all my dogs. I realise the truth in feeding pets with freshly prepared, live foods for the nutrients that it contains so that the body can heal itself. - Ms Mary Ann, Singapore - Email: mayeap<at>uobkayhian.com - Customary disclaimer: Check with your holistic veterinarian before giving your animal the immune substance human formula.

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Dog With Green Nasal Mucus

I just had to write a short note about how much of a blessing your site has been. I adopted a 5 yr old Rottweiler from a local animal shelter and from day 1 she was ill. I'm not sure why it wasn't noticeable when I picked her up from the shelter but, by that evening I noticed she had green mucus running from her nose, was constantly coughing and appeared to have a fever. She was not playful at all and just laid around. I took her to the "vet" and use the term loosely because this man didn't even examine the dog. He didn't take her weight; listen to her heart or lungs or anything. ng.

He just removed the staples from her spaying, saw the discharge from her nose and gave her and shot and some antibiotics. I gave her the antibiotics for about three days and her condition did not improve. I then began to search the net to find something to give her some relief. I stumbled upon this site and read all I could about some possible treatments. I read how natural immune enhancing substances can help boost the immune system. I ordered the natural immune enhancing substances and as soon as it arrived, I started to give her 3 capsules twice daily. Today Chelsea is a healthy, happy, playful and wonderful dog. Thanks so much for providing the wonderful information contained in your site; it truly is a blessing! - Tonya Harris

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Golden Retriever with black skin on her underbelly

Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000
From: "Gabrielle Chaplin" ?NGChaplin@bun.com>

I find your site really fascinating and extremely helpful. For instance I have learned a lot about flaxseed oil and have now put my dog on it. Lucy, our dog has really shown a big improvement since starting her on flaxseed oil just about 10 days ago now. She is able to sleep at night and during the day without constantly scratching (she was wearing herself out constantly scratching). Her skin condition is showing signs of improvement - the black skin on her underbelly is now becoming pink at last! I am now taking it myself and have noticed a big improvement in a chronic back pain situation - if it had not been for your web site I would never ever have known about holistic veterinaryflaxseed oil! I am reading through all the stuff on the various oils and will start to take them as well. I am only hoping that I can persuade other close members of the family to try these really amazing oils.

Just a little comment about Herbs - a few years ago we were told that the problem she was having with her eyes was all down to a rare condition that Golden Retrievers are prone to called Horners syndrome.

We were told that there was nothing that could be done for her and she would basically 'have to learn to live with it'. I thought I would try some herbal treatment - I felt there would be no harm done, even if it did not help her. I gathered some fresh sage from the garden, put it into a glass jar, poured boiling water over it and left it for 24 hours. Next day I started to 'drip' the sage water liquid into her eye and within 2 days we noticed an improvement, the end of the week saw no sign of her eye condition and it has never re-appeared, that was over 2 years ago now - maybe someone else who has this problem could try sage water, it is brilliant for a number of differing ailments! Your web site is fantastic and now that I have found it I will be 'tuning in' all the time. Best wishes Gabby Chaplin

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Dog allergies - Licking and Biting

Date: Nov. 21, 1999
From: Jean Hamburg

Shirley, I'd like to share with you the wonderful success I've had in treating my dog's severe licking and biting with all natural and safe combination homeopathic remedies products.

For over two years, my---now almost 4 year old--Golden Retriever- Hannah- licked and bit her front legs so badly that they were bleeding and raw. I worked with my veterinarian as well as specialists-- a dermatologist at a well known animal hospital and an animal chiropractor. No relief. I obtained lab testing, found out what Hannah was allergic to, gave her monthly shots and adjusted her food to avoid anything she was allergic to. No relief. Tried various all natural products from health foods stores. No relief. She continued to, literally, eat herself. Tried various antihistamines. !Nothing. Tried vetalog. That helped a little--but has many side affects. In desperation, tried prozac and elavil. Nothing. Talked about consulting with a homeopathic veterinarian but the first hour rate was $90.00. In a brief interview, it was recommended that I purchase Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats". When I did so, many of the recommended diets included ingredients that Hannah was allergic to. Hannah had to wear a plastic cone around her neck to prevent her from biting herself to a bloody mess.

holistic veterinary Finally, last April '99, I learned about two homeopathic combination remedies for allergies and stress which I gave to Hannah. I gave her first the remedy for allergies, which produced almost immediate improvement and relief, which lasted for a few weeks. When I noticed that Hannah began to to lick and bite her legs again, (although this time it wasn't nearly as severe as it used to be) I gave her the second remedy (used for stress and compulsive behaviors), along with the first remedy.

Hannah has done well since. The introduction of these products has made a world of difference, where nothing else did. Occasionally, she "licks" again--but nothing like before. I usually find that when this happens, she! also has an ear infection (Goldens seem prone to them!). I just give her more of these remedies until "the emergency" is over and she heals and stabilizes quickly. Cats, too, are treated regularly with these remedies.

I am so enthusiastic about the incredible positive response that animals (and people) experience with these safe and effective remedies, that I want to share this information with everyone I know.

Note from Shirley: A growing number of veterinarians are turning to homeopathic veterinary medicine as a safe and effective alternative to conventional veterinary practice. You can learn more about homeopathy for animals. If your animal suffers from a chronic condition I recommend that you seek a consultation with a holistic or homeopathic veterinarian. If there are none in your hometown you can always have a telephone consultation with a holistic vet or an animal consultant. A phone consultation can be just as effective as an office consultation, especially if you already have a diagnosis of your animal's condition. I have compiled a list of homeopathic veterinarians .

" Each day I help pets with allergies get off of steroids and help them live longer, itch-free lives."Shawn Messonnier DVM

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"Gruba" the rabbit with malignant adenoma
By Alicja (from Poland)

Gruba developed addenocarcinoma (malignant adenoma). She had 2 surgeries, but every time after each surgery tumor was growing back exceeding it's previous size. About 2 months ago, after these 2 surgeries and a very short chemotherapy episode that was abandoned, tumor was about 8 cm in diameter and it protruded ca 2 cm above the skin. My husband convinced my friends that some natural therapies might help. The truth is that animals usually react much better for natural therapies then people do. We started the following treatment (rabbit has quite different metabolism then dog has and thus we couldn't use dr Budwig's mixture of flaxseed oil and low fat cottage cheese):-changes in the diet: lots of green leaves, vegetables from health food stores, no raisins that she used to eat and no "pet junk" food

  • -adding fresh flaxseed to diet (4 spoonfuls per day)
  • -applying flaxseed oil on visible parts of tumor several times a day
  • - a lot sunny and fresh air walks everyday
Gruba started eat flaxseed first, then after 4 days flaxseed oil was applied. Rabbit used to lick it up each time after application. After about 10 days natural immune enhancing substances was added. After a week a healing crisis started: rabbit got diarrhea, lost energy, became depressed. We calmed our friends saying it is a normal natural process an organism must experience to overcome the disease.

And we were right: after about 2 days, Gruba got back strength again. Tumor started to suppurate, secreted brownish, clod-like excretion. Skin around the tumor lost hair. After 2 weeks, vet observed disappearing of skin diffused tumor but the tumor's core was visible. After another 2-3 weeks another vet examination revealed that the tumors core is not visible but can be detectable, yet with difficulty because it was ca 1,5 cm in diameter and hidden deep in the abdomen.

Of course, have in mind, that in case of your dog the supplementation of natural immune enhancing substances, flaxseed oil etc. should be different that in case of the rabbit. If you need an advice, please write me what is the weight of your dog. I recommend you natural immune enhancing substances application as it does wonders.

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My mother's 2 cat's both have the herpes virus, which causes, sneezing, upper respiratory congestion and outbreaks in the mouth. the outbreaks in the mouth were so painful to the cats that they couldn't eat, some of the sore's would bleed but all in all just painful to the cats. My mother was having to take them both in for monthly steroid shots, not only was it expensive but it takes it's toll on the immune systems of the animals.

I felt there had to be another way so I started to research alternative help for cats with immune disorders. I happen to come across Shirley's wellness Cafe and started to read all the testimonials and how exactly natural immune enhancing substances helps boost the immune system..We ordered the product, started both the cats on the natural immune enhancing substances immediately and amazingly enough, both her cats have been steroid shot free for 8 months!!!! We give them a 1/2 a capsule each daily and have had incredible results. One of the cat's "buttons" use to never meow, now, he meows all the time, he is sooo much happier and healthier!!! I just wanted to thank Shirly's Wellness Cafe for putting out there alternative information for our beloved animal friends!!!!

Thank you!! - E Murray

Embarrassing Issue Solved!

Pet Kibble for dogs and cats "We are so impressed with the dog food ! We can tell you that I was at my wits end trying to solve an embarrassing issue with my male corgi. The little guy had some kind of allergy that made his fur oily and stink! He smelt like old sneakers all the time. The vet tried baths with special shampoos and antibiotics, nothing worked. Well with a few weeks he is stench free and his fur is soft again! But, it even gets better.

My female corgi has an autoimmune problem that attacked her nose and she lost all the pigmentation. Can you just imagine my surprise when again after only one month on this food; her nose is turning black again! This is amazing! They are slimmer, have more energy and because the food is so digestible they are eliminating only twice a day. The dogs eat the like they are getting treats! We are now going to try the cat food, as I am so impressed with your product." Julia and Rocco Guarnagia And the happy corgi's.