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Shirley's Profound Healing Journey

I've been suffering from poor health since I was a baby. I was never breast-fed, I was terribly allergic to the cow milk formula and I was heavily vaccinated. At one year of age I developed severe eczema. Throughout my childhood I have been also plagued with recurring ear and throat infections and at 10 year of age I almost died of meningitis. Needless to say, I spent most of my childhood on antibiotics.

When I was 17 years old, the doctor prescribed steroids (cortisone) to suppress the symptoms of eczema. I continued to take this drug for 13 years. By the time I was in my early thirties I was overweight at 190 lbs and I was dying.

My sinuses were so inflamed I could barely breathe through my nose and constantly used nasal-sinus decongestant spray with little relief. I was also prescribed medication for chronic back pains, insomnia, and depression. Unfortunately, instead of generating a cure, the medications merely masked my symptoms, weakened my immune system, and in the long run made me a lot sicker. The side effects of the drugs affected my moods and I was constantly angry and struggling with depression.

Despite the steroids I continued to suffer from chronic eczema. I also experienced debilitating back pain, and chronic fatigue. My health was steadily going down the drain while I was under the care of conventional medical doctors and addicted to prescription and over the counter drugs.

Shirley at 190 lbs lost 60 lbs in 3 months effortlessly In 1982 my doctor told me that I had to have a mastectomy because my body was no longer responding to medication. But I was determined to not let them cut off my breast. I had enough of orthodox medicine; I knew I had to change direction to improve my overall health and vitality.

I visited a naturopath doctor who was also is a homeopath. He explained to me that the combination of an unhealthy diet and the huge number of prescription and over the counter medications I had taken for years had caused toxins to accumulate in my blood, lymph, and tissues, resulting in toxemia. These toxins contributed greatly to my weak immune system and rendered me more susceptible to stress, fatigue, and chronic disease. He prescribed a homeopathic remedy and insisted that I had to radically change my diet if there was any hope for improving my miserable health.

Switching to a Healing Diet

My homeopath made me switch my diet from SAD (an acronym for "Standard American Diet") to a wholesome diet of fresh, organically grown fruits, vegetables, and nuts, mostly in their raw form.

I totally eliminated from my diet the starchy stuff like grains, rice, pasta, and bread as well as meat and dairy products. This radical change of diet was very hard because I was so addicted to these foods and I was always hungry. In time I learned to prepare delicious and nutritious meals made entirely of raw foods and I never felt deprived or hungry. I then began homeopathic treatment.

Shirley recovered her radiant health after a lifetime of suffering

Photo above: 1983 with my son Sterling and my dog Nadja. I had lost 60 pounds in 3 months on a healthy detox diet

The results of the diet change and homeopathic treatment were dramatic. In 6 weeks, the lumps in my breast were completely gone. In 12 weeks I had lost 60 pounds effortlessly (and never had to struggle again to keep my weight down) and my energy level and stamina improved dramatically. I was able to function better overall. I became calmer, centered and focused, and generally I felt happier. My overall resistance to infections became excellent, and I'm proud to say that in the past 20 years I have not had a cold, flu, ear, throat, sinus or breast infection or any other infections. I was amazed that even my debilitating back pains responded to the homeopathic treatment and the change of diet.

Years later, after I had fully recovered my health, I reintroduced very small amounts of animal products into my diet. I do my best to always eat foods in their natural raw form. I do cook certain food (string beans, cauliflower etc) which I steam lightly or stir-fry briefly, leaving them still crunchy on the inside. One of my favored lightly cooked but highly nutritious food is the sprouted mung bean pancake.

When I eat animal products, I try to always eat it in a raw form: smoked or salt-cured meats or fishes, raw or soft egg yolks, and raw butter and cheese made from unpasteurized cow or goat milk from organic farms. I leave the highly refined, rapidly absorbable carbohydrates alone, and I mean cane and beet sugar in all forms and guises, all cereal flours which means breads, pies, cakes, spaghetti, macaroni, etc., all refined cereal products such as cold and hot breakfast cereals, the quickly absorbable carbohydrate vegetables, potatoes, corn, and rice, and all sweet soft drinks.)

The Power Of Self-Healing

If I overeat on fish, meat or dairy foods, or if I eat the wrong foods like starch, or cooked food, I suffer the consequences fairly rapidly in the form of clogged sinuses, nasal discharges, poor sleep, stress, nervousness, irritability, low energy, dull skin and hair and poor sleep. To me, that punishment is not worth the brief moment of pleasure for my taste buds. Over the years, my health and resistance to disease continued to improve and in time I also experienced a complete recovery from my life long eczema and from the devastating side effects of the steroid's immune suppressive effects.

I also learned that healthy oils such as flaxseed oil, olive oil, grape-seed oil, coconut oil and raw butter can help control my weight and greatly improve my overall health. I never microwave anything and I never use margarine, sugar-free-products, canola oil, and soy products in my diet.

I was so impressed with the improvement of all health that I began to study Homeopathy, Herbs and Uropathy (urine therapy). I read hundreds of medical case histories of "miraculous" cures after patients switched from allopathic medicine to a holistic health programs which include improving their diet with living (raw) foods and Natural Hygiene lifestyle. Years later I discovered the amazing healing power of glutathione, therapeutic clays, magnesium, fulvic minerals, Himalayan crystal salt in a Sole solution, marine phytoplankton, wheatgrass juice, herbal teas, and a unique immune support supplement. Daily hour walks, slow deep breathing, and soaking in sun rays for an hour a day played also played a big role in my health recovery and continue to be part of my daily health regiment.

I learned to care for myself, my family and my pets with homeopathy and herbal remedies instead of rushing off for a consultation with an MD or a veterinarian for minor injuries or sickness, knowing that the MD or veterinarian would probably just push antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, or expensive medical tests. I cured my lifelong chronic eczema on my own with natural means and my skin now has never looked more beautiful and youthful.

Occasionally, if needed, I would also get acupuncture or chiropractic treatments with fantastic results. For example, in the mid nineties, I came down with the shingles, a very painful nerve disease with skin eruption which can leave a person debilitated and in excruciating pain for the rest of his/her life. I didn't see a physician, a dermatologist or a neurologist. Instead, I took mega doses of vitamin B complex and other vitamins, homeopathic remedies and herbal extracts, and went to see my Chinese acupuncturist. Within a week all pain and symptoms of the disease had vanished.

Dealing with Stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness...

I used to suffer terribly from stress and anxiety. Anxiety is an epidemic in our society today and studies show that stress is the most silent and deadly killer of the 21st century. I have experienced that I can better deal with chronic stress and anxiety when I use magnesium. Meditation is also helping me cope with stress and anxiety. I go to the Maum meditation center for guided meditation (www.maumla.org)

Breast Tumor

On August 6, 1999, I discovered a non-painful lump in my right nipple the size of an olive pit. Within a week, it has grown to the size of a small olive. I did not rush to a doctor for medical advice or to test for malignancy. Instead I began self help treatment with homeopathic remedies at home (phytolacca and carbo animalis among others)I also took the herbal extract Hoxsey formula aka the Alterative Compound from www.herbalist-alchemist.com. I continued to strictly adhere to my RAW food diet, flax-oil, and increased my green juice intake.

On August 11, (5 days later) my lump had shrunk to 1/2 its size and by August 23, the lump was completely gone, reabsorbed by my body and has not returned to this day. I recently learned about the incredible healing power of glutathione and I'm taking Immunocal everyday to raise my glutathione level. (see photos of before and after of a huge neck tumor that was reduced by 50% in just 5 weeks when Linda raised her glutathione level.) Therapeutic clay poultice on the tumor or open would can assist with detoxification and healing. I also used Terramin clay to my drinking water.

Sciatica, Achilles tendon pain

Home base business opportunity I have experienced miraculous relief from paralyzing pains of sciatica attacks with castor oil packs and with magnetic therapy which I do in the comfort of my home. I do the castor oil packs on the right side of my abdomen over the liver area for about a couple of hours several times a week. I secure the flexible magnets on the various pain areas on my back and along my thigh and leg. These are very simple and powerful healing modalities. Occasionally sciatica may require a combination approach and acupuncture played a big role in my recovery recently in November 2011. I visited Sogang Acupuncture in Hollywood and received some of the best treatment for my sciatica. In the hand of a experienced professional, these tiny needles can perform miracles. After the first session 50% of the sciatica pain was reduced. After 2 more sessions that week, the pain was gone completely. Two years later when I experienced Achilles tendon pain, Sogang was unable to help this time. I went to the Samra Acupuncture Clinic in Korea Town. In just 2 acupuncture sessions all pain was gone! I encourage anyone to visit samraacupuncture.com website which is packed full of valuable information.

Cold, flu or infections

I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I haven't experience a cold, flu, or infection in years because I maintain a strong immune system through daily exercise (walking - hiking - yoga); routine sunbathing (contrary to popular belief, the sun is good for our health); a healthy diet of mostly raw food and green juice (which played a major role in my health recovery); immune support glutathione, (antioxidant) and the nutritional support of marine phytoplankton (cellular nutrition). I refused to get flu vaccine or any other vaccine. I didn't vaccinate my child. I have friend who were never vaccinated and who don't vaccinate their kids. They are the healthiest people I know.

Food poisoning

One day, I became violently sick from eating bad shitakee mushrooms. I experienced intense burning in the stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, and extreme body coldness even though it was 85 degree in the room. I immediately took the homeopathic remedies, particularly aconite and arsenicum , which helped me greatly. I also drank Montmorillonite clay in water which helped to some degree. But it wasn't until I drank some fulvic acid in a little water that my body temperature returned to normal and I felt I was over the hump. Fulvic acid and humic minerals is renowned for its ability to neutralizes toxins and eliminate food poisoning within minutes.

Cracked Skin at the Bottom of my Feet

While I managed to completely heal my lifelong eczema/psoriasis and have enjoyed a radiantly beautiful skin on my face and my body for the past 10 years, I began to experience dry leathery skin with painless deep cracks at the bottom of my feet, especially the heels and the big toe cushion. This symptom became prominent after the death of my husband, probably a result of stress and grief and I suspected it was caused by some sort of nutrient deficiency. For a long time I didn't know what I was deficient in, until I started taking 2 new nutritional products. In less than a month the cracks on my heels had healed and the skin was soft and smooth.

Staying Healthy Without Medical Intervention

Shirley in the garden If I were to become sick with an minor acute sickness, my favored healing method is simple: I always resort to homeopathic and/or herbal remedies (Garlic, Ginger, Echinacea, Golden Seal, grapefruit seed extract) and Colloidal Silver which is renowned as a universal natural antibiotic and disinfectant. I also fast on water with added Montmorillonite clay to promote gentle detox. I rest in bed for a few days. When given complete rest, physically as in resting and physiologically as in fasting the body can direct all its energy toward repairing itself. Our bodies have the supreme intelligence to KNOW how to do a fantastic repair job as long as it is not being poisoned with drugs and bad food and as long as it is given all the rest it needs and the opportunity to detoxify itself.

I do not subject my body to routine physicals, or medical tests (mammography, pap smear, etc). I'm in my late fifties and I have consciously avoided medical doctors, their tests, their drugs and their dangerous vaccines for over 30 years and I vow to stay out of their paths for as long as I live. (I do have the highest respect for dentists and for surgeons who can perform miracles in patching up a body and save lives in trauma situations).

Below you'll also find accounts of my personal experiences in healing my husband of cancer and saving his life when he experienced a severe heart attack (myocardial infacarction) with homeopathy, herbal remedies, raw food and raw vegetable juice and other natural means which is direct contrast to the usual non-involvement in the physician-directed, disease-oriented medical practice of today.

 Disease is a symptom of one or more body systems in distress. When you nourish and balance the systems, you give your body what it requires to resist, repair and overcome disease, and to achieve optimal health.

I have created this free educational web site because I want to share with others the principles of a natural RAW food diet and how self healing and holistic health can really make an impact on almost any condition, no matter how serious! Only through health education can you learn to heal yourself, as I did.

I'm extremely grateful for all the good things in my life; to my husband for his loving support during very hard times of chronic sickness and suffering, and to all the holistic doctors and writers who helped me to recover my health. Shirley's Wellness Cafe is my way to say thank you and to give back to the universe.

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Profiting from Pain and Misery

William Osler, M.D. - "The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine."

profit from sicknessThe drug companies spend billions of dollars to influence the American public toward believing that putting poison into our bodies is O.K." Articles in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association acknowledge that adverse reactions to doctor prescribed drugs and medical mistakes are the third highest cause of deaths in America today.

Leaders in Washington are working to restrict your access to dietary supplements - including the safe, effective, and affordable vitamins, minerals, and herbs you depend on for your health. Your hard-won natural health freedoms as guaranteed by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 have come under attack by the political allies of pharmaceutical interest groups!

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My Detox Routine to maintain optimum health and vitality:

Detoxification program I have received many emails from people who want to know what I eat and drink and what supplements I take. We live in a very toxic world and our food no longer has the nutrients it once had because our soil is often depleted of vital nutrients and the fruits are harvested green, before they have a chance to ripen on the vine. (sun ripened fully matured fruits are rich in glyconutrients). I take a few unique natural whole-food supplements to protect myself from pollution and to provide important nutrients that my body needs to heal and repair itself.

My diet consist of about 80% raw foods lots of salads, chia seeds, lightly steamed or stir fried veggies and some nuts, I eat small amount of animal protein such as naturally cured prosciutto ham or raw salt cured salmon, lightly smoked sardines. I use only a good quality Crystal Salt with ample minerals.

I drink plenty of energized, alkaline micro water with therapeutic edible Montmorillonite clay - approx 1 to 2 tablespoons of clay in a 32 ounce jug of water).

Green Juice

green juice I drink green juice made from wheatgrass and other organically grown greens: parsley, cilantro, dandelion andBitter melon vines and/or fruits (when in season). I mix in one tablespoon of bee pollen and one ounce of fulvic minerals.

Wheatgrass played a major role in my health recovery of severe lifelong illnesses. I use the Hand crank juicer (rust proof stainless steel) specifically designed to get the maximum juice from leafy plants or grass. (most other juicers shred the grass or leaf causing a huge mess and no juice.)

I cook in coconut oil. I eat plenty of organic raw butter which does me wonders. I drink a combination of healing oils which have played an important role in the recovery of my eczema and continue to help maintain my health. I mix one tablespoon each of: evening primrose oil, sesame oil, hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, sunflower oil, cranberry seed oil, and 3 to 4 tablespoons of Flaxseed oil. I always drink the oils after having eating some protein which helps the body absorb the oils better. To emulsify these oils and make the drink more palatable, I mix these oils in a tablespoon of organic white and apple cider vinegar, a little organic ginger, garlic, and some Himalayan crystal salt to taste. (this is an all natural salt with therapeutic properties, as described in Water and Salt, The Essence of Life, by Dr. Barbara Hendel MD).

How Cleansing Cures Cancer: Evita Ramparte's Story (video)

The relationship between unhealthy eating and the development of disease is undeniable. When most people get a cancer diagnosis their doctors are quick to prescribe drugs and harsh treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. All of these treatments have a harrowing effect on the body opening it up to a whole host of other problems.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food -- Hippocrates, Father of Medicine 460-377 BC Healing power of raw food...

Introducing My family, my dog and my organic rooftop garden

I grew up in Antwerp, Belgium, (French speaking). In the early seventies I traveled around the world for a while, and in 1976 I met my husband during a trip to Los Angeles. We have made Hollywood our home.

Shirley and SterlingMy husband and I have been blessed with a very special child, our son Sterling (4/21/1979 - 12/30/2000) who was born blind and brain- injured due to a massive cerebral hemorrhaging (stroke) he sustained in utero or at birth. The prognosis was that our son would remain blind and a vegetable for the rest of his life. We refused to go in agreement with the doctors and began our own research which led us to read "What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child' and to discover the Institute For The Achievement Of Human Potential (IAHP) in Philadelphia and the Patterning exercises developed by Dr. Doman and Dr. Delecato. One month after we started the Patterning Program, Sterling recovered his vision and was far from being a vegetable.

Rooftop Garden

Shirley's container rooftop gardenIn 1987 my rooftop garden won the New American Garden Contest Special Merit Award from the National Gardening Association. The National Gardening Magazine featured a 6 page article on my container garden. (other articles about my rooftop garden: April 1988 issue "Up on The Roof" - and also in the Futurist Magazine March-April 1993 " Gardens in the Sky".

About my dog Shasta

I Saved my 2 y old dog Shasta with raw food and homeopathy after the vet suggested that I put her to sleep

bite wound Kuuma, my gorgeous long hair German Shepherd rescuedMy other German Shepherd dog, Kuuma, sustained a severe bite wound. I never took him to the vet. He healed in two weeks with natural remedies.

I trained Shasta for Personal Protection while preserving her gentle and sweet nature as a family pet and companion to my disabled son.

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My husband's full recovery from lung tumor, massive heart attack, and a stroke, without drugs/chemo/surgery

In 1996 my husband's routine physical checkup at the VA hospital (veteran administration) revealed a tumor in one of his lung. The doctors wanted to perform a biopsy immediately to find out if the growth was malignant and they were already talking about radiation and chemo "therapy". From past experience and knowledge, we knew that this was not the answer. These so called "therapies" provide no hope for real cure. Biopsies are very traumatic to the body and chemo/radiation are well known to destroy the immune system.

Instead, my husband (Chuck) began treatment with Homeopathy, raw vegetable juice, flaxseed oil, black cumin seed oil, herbal formula in tincture/extract form such as the essiac formula, the Alterative Compound (Hoxsey formula) formula, and Cat's Claw extract.

Since 1996 doctors have continued to monitor Chuck's tumor with their CAT scan and PET scan. The tests revealed that a small mass still remains in his lung, but the doctors aren't concerned about it because the tumor has completely stopped growing and Chuck experiences none of the usual symptoms associated with lung cancer. To this day he remains healthy and well.

Surviving a heart attack without hospital or doctor's intervention

In November of 1997 I found my husband, Chuck, collapsed on the living room floor. His face was ashy and twisted in terrible pain. He was drenched in cold sweat and unable to speak. He was straining to breathe. I knew right away that he just had a heart attack. I immediately grabbed the homeopathic first aid remedies for heart attack that Chuck had instructed me to give him in the event of such emergency. I managed to slipped some homeopathic remedies into his mouth (arnica, aconite, cactus, lachesis and others) and a few drops of lobelia, and cayenne compound (Antispasmodic Tincture). I continued to give homeopathic remedies and lobelia every few minutes. An hour later the horrendous pains began to gradually diminish. Exhausted, weak, and with chest pain (milder than the initial pain) he laid in bed for the next five days. He couldn't eat, smoke or drink coffee. I was concerned about the effects of abrupt withdrawal from nicotine and caffeine. He had to crawl slowly on the floor when he needed to go to the bathroom because walking was too painful.

He continued to use homeopathy, (strophanthus 6c, amonium causticum 3c, digitalis 6c and arnical 30c daily), an herbal extract of hawthorn berries (crataegus), a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed oil, as well as aged garlic, magnesium, potassium, ginseng, flaxseed oil, selenium, zinc, vitamins A and E and other multi vitamins. For several weeks he also wore a flexible magnet on his chest which also helped improve the pains. His chest pains have gradually diminished in intensity and frequency.

Update September 2000
Chuck appears to be completely pain free but he does suffer from weakness and tiredness. In his last physical checkup the doctors at the VA hospital confirmed that he had a severe heart attack (MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION - an area of tissue death due to blocking off of its blood supply) and they were amazed that he was able to pull through without hospital intervention. Chuck continues to have regular physicals every 6 months and he remains well. Unfortunately, he does not follow a healthy diet as I do and he remains addicted to nicotine, caffeine and sugar. I cook his food with coconut oil and with grape-seed oil because these oils can reduce cholesterol and have other wonderful healing properties.

Update March 2002
Triggered by the grief of losing our son (December 30, 2000), my husband suffered 3 more heart attacks (myocardial infarctions) since Sterling's death.. These were not as severe as the first one and he was lucky that I was nearby when it happened. I immediately stabilized him with homeopathic remedies: arnica and aconite in high potency (cm), lachesis 30 c, and other remedies, including hawthorn and tienchi ginseng extracts.. He did not seek conventional medical intervention. At the VA hospital (veteran administration), doctors are desperately trying to push various vaccines and drugs on Chuck. They are mystified that he declines their "treatments" time and time again.

Update May 2002
Tests performed at the VA revealed that a portion of his heart is badly damaged and another portion is enlarged. The doctors wanted to hospitalize him immediately and told him that he was living on borrowed time. My husband declined their treatments. He continued to use homeopathy, herbal remedies, vitamins, black cumin seed oil and flax seed oil for a year. The following Spring (03) he choose todiscontinue all natural treatments, with the exception of homeopathy, and remained addicted to his junk food. Herbs for the Heart - Cardiovascular System

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Surviving a stroke without hospital or doctor's intervention

Update Feb - April 2005
Early February 2005, my husband suffered a couple of strokes. I wasn't surprised due to his addiction to junk food, nicotine and sugar and his refusal to take flax oil and hawthorn berries extract. The stroke severely affected his sense of balance and he became bedridden, a complete invalid. I had to take care of him as if he was an infant. He never went to the hospital and didn't see a doctor. He was hovering between life and death for the next couple of months and lost a lot of weight.

Need help? A few weeks later I learned about the healing power of glyconutrients. Dr. Omelchuk suffered a massive cerebellar aneurysm in 1987 that nearly cost him his life and he ended up being paralyzed for several years until he discovered glyconutrients supplements. Within a few month of taking the glyconutrients, Dr. Omelchuck fully recovered. When I read that story to my husband, he decided to take the glyconutrients too. Within 2 weeks I noticed an improvement in his sleep and his energy level. I'm hopeful that within a few months my husband will be able to walk again, as long as he is willing to continue to take the glyconutrients.

Update August 2005
My husband is walking again! He's a walking miracle! His progress were steady. Within a few weeks on the glyconutrients he was able to talk again. A month later, he was able to feed himself and sit up in bed. At that point, he agreed to also take flaxseed oil along with the glyconutrients. To my amazement, in July he began crawling around the home and sat in his favored chair (the first thing he asked me was to bring him a cup of coffee and cigarettes!!!!! arghhhhhhhh.) He started walking again (shaky and wobbly) in early August! He continues to make remarkable progress!

Update January 2006
Chuck continues to improve. He seems to have made more progress when I started giving him Immunocal immune support.

Update July 2007
My husband has not experienced further heard attacks or strokes. However, he stubbornly remains addicted to nicotine, caffeine, and the SAD diet (an acronym for "Standard American Diet") Not surprisingly, his health is not improving. I wish he would be willing to eat some chia seeds.

Update January 2009
Chuck's balance and nervous system seem to have deteriorated to the point that he is now wheelchair bound. He's refused to continue to take nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies since 2008 and he continues to cling to his nicotine and SAD diet habit. Nevertheless, his mind is sharp and he's in fairly good spirit.

Update July 2010
I'm happy to report that Chuck seems to be getting a little better. I credit his recent improvement to the Green Juice. He loves the taste of these juices. I'm happy that his nutrients-depleted body is now getting some nutrition through these juices.

Farewell - November 14, 2010

My dear husband of 35 years passed away on October 14, 2010 in his sleep at home of cardiac arrest. Chuck was my teacher, my mentor, my pillar of strength, my everything. Oh how I miss him! Within a week of his passing I became very sick with respiratory condition and extreme weakness from the shock, grief, and stress. I had constant nausea and could not drink my green juice or eat anything. I lost a lot of weight. My heart was beating so fast causing me to be out of breath all the time. My anxiety level was on an all time high. I couldn't think straight. On the second week, I remembered to call my friend Josie, a healer in Hollywood. She came to see me and applied Auriculotherapy, massage and acupressure therapy and prepared fruits with special herbs. I experienced rapid improvement of my respiratory symptoms and was able to start eating a little.

Do no stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.
St. Francis of Assisi
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Standard American Diet, or S.A.D

nutrition and physical degeneration The Standard American Diet, or S.A.D is a term used by health food advocates to describe the overcooked dietary habits of average Americans which is high in saturated fat, trans fat, chemical additives, sodas and coffee (instead of water), as well as refined sugar and grains.

Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world over in the 1920s and '30s in order to study isolated human groups, including sequestered villages in Switzerland, Gaelic communities in the Outer Hebrides, Eskimos and Indians of North America, Melanesian and Polynesian South Sea Islanders, African tribes, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori and the Indians of South America. Wherever he went, Dr. Price found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay,stalwart bodies,resistance to disease and fine characters were typical of "primitives" on their traditional diets, rich in essential food factors. Those that turned to the "civilized" diet of processed, sugar-laden foods soon developed a variety of ills, including misshapen bones and teeth - and the situation worsened with each generation.

Dr. Price's fascinating accounts of his discoveries, and the extensive photo documentation he provides, drive home the nutritional truths that are only now gaining general understanding, and Nutrition and Physical Degeneration remains an unequaled source of basic information.

Dangerous Grains turns the U.S. Food Guide Pyramid upside down by exposing the myriad health risks posed by gluten sensitivity (wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut, and triticale). The authors, leading experts in the field of food allergies, and celiac disease, present compelling evidence that our grain-centered diet is to blame for a host of chronic illnesses. Largely misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed, these disorders can be prevented and reversed by the useful program outlined in this important new book.

In his acclaimed Grain Brain book, renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, blows the lid off a topic that's been buried in medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. And not just unhealthy carbs, but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more.