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Full Recovery of Organic Pyrethrum Poisoning

How an Incapacitated Blind, Crippled, Poodle Puppy with Seizures Experienced 100% Recovery!

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How the Puppy Became Sick

Carm Gemberling

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, one of our small moyen standard poodles was exposed to organic pyrethrum and started having severe seizures; flopping down and paddling. We rushed him to the vet and they put him on IV. He was eating a little (on Science Diet from the vet) but still was having seizures and was biting randomly at his bowl, the air, and kept tearing out his IV. He was being sedated to control the seizures and to keep the IV going to keep him hydrated. Basically, he was getting all the prescribed vet care for pesticide poisoning.

Our Veterinarian Was Helpless

We called every morning to see how he was doing while half hoping he was better and half dreading if he'd succumbed to the poison. It seemed he was getting a little better and on Friday the vet wanted to keep him over the weekend and see how he progressed. I still called Saturday morning to check on him again. The vet tech said that they were sorry and they'd done everything they could for him but he was blind, still having seizures, couldn't stand up, couldn't walk, had no control over his back end and was biting everything. They said he wasn't getting any better and we discussed having him put down.

Boosting his Glutathione to the Rescue

In the meantime, I had spoken with a friend, Cathie Warren of Adonai Red Poodles, which had mentioned "Immunocal supplement" to help boost his glutathione level. She told me she once had 2 puppies that had lost control of their back ends and were paralyzed from a pronounced reaction to pet vaccinations. She said it took a while of nursing them back to health but gave them Immunocal for about 3 weeks and they recovered and could walk again. While I listened to her story and found it hard to believe, I figured we already had him the hospital four days and owed it to him to try to save this precious puppy's life. After talking to the vet on Friday that Davie wasn't making a lot of progress, we decided to spend quite a bit extra to have Immunocal overnighted to get it on Saturday. We thought that we had nothing to lose to try Immunocal and if he wasn't better we would take him back on Monday to have him put down.

Saturday at noon before the vet's office closed, I went and picked him up. He was just lying in the hospital cage and was very sedated. I thanked the vet for all they had done to care for him but I just didn't want to give up on him yet. My very experienced, kind vet lady said that that's the way to be...to never get up. I scooped up this blind, crippled little poodle that reeked of Science Diet, headed to the health food store and prayed that the Immunocal, that had been overnighted, was waiting for me when I got home.

Davie was fighting for his life!

I had brought plastic bags, bottle water, and bentonite clay and made a clay poultice to apply to his skin to help draw out the toxins. I wrapped him in a towel and put him a soft crate in my car's front seat. At the health food store I bought some homeopathic pills like Belladonna 30x for seizures and Thuja 30x to pull out toxins. I gave him the Belladonna and Thuja in the car and found out the Immunocal had arrived. At home after shaving his hair, I got him in a warm Epsom salt bath and applying more clay poultice all over his body, I let him soak for about 45 minutes. While soaking, I gave him some "Immunocal" by emptying the powder from the capsule on his gums.

After soaking him in the Epson salt bath to help pull out the toxins, I got him wrapped in a towel and held him on a heating pad. His eyes were totally dilated and he was totally blind. He couldn't stand up and had a couple more seizures. However, even in his extremely debilitated shape, he seemed to want to be held, made little moaning sounds and snuggled next to me as best he could. By this time is was about 2 p.m. and Cathie had told me that Immunocal takes 4 to 5 hours to start see a difference. Right on time about 6:30 p.m., Davie seemed more responsive. He ate a little meat but would bite at the bowl because he couldn't see. He would bite at me if I had to pick him up and move him. He was hurting but also due to his blindness didn't know what was happening to him. He really responded to our sweetly talking to him and cuddling him. Then he'd snuggle, groan and let us know he was hurting but glad to be home. We named Davie in honor of David who fought Goliath since Davie was fighting the big giant death that had its grip on him.

Our poodle gets a natural immune system boost

Round the clock for the next few days, I held him and slept with him, giving him Immunocal, Thuja and Belladonna homeopathic pills and a unique immune modulator  to help prevent the seizures every few hours. The next day he could stand up a little but then would flop down. Sometimes he'd fall off the couch. When I'd pick him up he'd snap at me. He had no use of his back end at all.

Amazingly though, everyday he got better. After 2 or 3 days, he didn't have any more seizures. Within 4 days we could take him outside to go potty but he was still unsteady on his feet. His eyes were dilated but it seemed like maybe he could see shadows but didn't have full eyesight. At this point, that he was alive and was improving was a miracle. We were committed to keeping him for life even if he remained blind and never recovered his sight.

Everyday we gave him his immune support protocol and everyday he got better and better. He loved to snuggle and was giving us kisses and hugs around our neck. Now we were giving him the supplements with every meal. Within one week, he could walk and could see! A few more days later and he was walking fast and then trotting. The next day he was actually running!! Two weeks after picking him up from the vet when they thought it was time to put him down and now he was playing with other puppies and no one can tell any difference from any other puppies except maybe that he loves to snuggle, give hugs and be picked up even more than the other puppies. It's been 3 weeks now and other than his haircut he looks and acts like any other active, healthy puppy. It';s a true miracle!