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Sick and Dying Rescued Dog Healed with Home Remedies

by Susan Olsen

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Blanket on DogFor seven months during 2009 I had as my ward three little sisters– red heelers that were neglected by their owners, a ranching family in the boonies of northern New Mexico. Certain groups of country people treat their animals as commodities with total neglect for their physical and emotional well-being, and some ranchers are crueler than others. I was a friend of the family (primarily the 90 year-old matriarch) where the three girls lived and didn’t want to care for them in an ostentatious way, for if I were to rub the brothers who ran the ranch the wrong way, I simply would not be welcome on their land, and thus wouldn’t be able to help the critters.

So I would go visit the dogs, care for them and feed them almost daily throughout six months. I would enter the road on their land approaching the house, and park at a place not directly visible from the house….then use a clicker to call the girls and they would come with great gusto. The family knew I would come but we didn’t speak about it. The little dogs bloomed, filled out physically and in every other way. I named them Cielo (heaven, sky), Sage, and Nube (cloud in Spanish).

Blanket on DogIt was the guys’ custom to get rid of a dog if it didn’t work cattle well or serve another purpose. This was accomplished by taking them out away from the ranch and shooting them…or sometimes by hanging. I got wind that they were going to get rid of Cielo……so, I asked them if I could find her a home…..and they went along with it. In mid-November Sage was in heat and became pregnant. Around the middle of December the men started feeding the girls more regularly and I didn’t go over as often.

On January 12th I went over to see how Nube and Sage were doing. Nube came right on over, whole body wriggling with energy and joy…she looked in very good shape. I was happy they seemed to be getting more food. Sage wasn’t around, but that wasn’t unusual, for it’s a big ranch and often just one dog would show.

I was there for a while and Sage wasn't appearing. Then I saw her lying on the ground, around the corner of the course, hardly responsive. Her back quarters sere soaked with blood and body fluids…...she had had a miscarriage. I asked the brothers what had happened to her. They said...she had been sick in the hay area where the dogs lived.

Finger Feeding DogIt was dead winter and very cold. I said that I wanted to take her home and treat her. I took her home and kept her separated from my dogs- in a closed off area as I didn't know what ailed her. You'll see the one attached pic her little healing area. On the table are potions I used and you can see one of my art pieces of Saint Francis there on the ground. She was on that chair for a week and a half.

She would hobble out and stand by the door for me to let me go out and do her business, but then would return and I would lift her up on the chair and cover her. This is amazing that she chose to do that as she had never before been in a hose...definitely had not been housebroken.

She couldn't take food...when she did she would throw up blood....even broth evoked this. I kept her alive with finger-fulls “of honey to which I added finely grated garlic…this, along with fasting are at the center of a healing course for distemper according to Juliette de Bairacli-Levy, the grande dam of natural healing of animals.

Dog eatingAlso, she had what seemed to be pneumonia... coughing up blood...mucus filling nose and eyes. I had a pot of steaming Eucalyptus water by her, and would apply calendula cream with eucalyptus oil to her nostrils. I washed out her eyes with a very weak saline and camomille tea.

I consulted my homeopathic vet, Dee Blanco, daily and administered to her that regime.....Dee is an expert on treating distemper and recognized the conglomerate of symptoms which are characteristic of distemper: very high fever, miscarriage, serious respiratory situation, copious mucous in eyes and nose, digestive failure, complete exhaustion.

Dog Recovered from Illness Her breathing was greatly aided by periodic treatments of albuterol I gave her with an asthma nebulizer to keep inflamed bronchial passages open. I was giving her a steady course of glyconutrient powder mixed with water given to her through a turkey baster (which I used also to keep her hydrated.)

I also gave her Reishi mushroom non-alcohol tincture for immune system, antioxidant, antibacterial and expectorant support. After a week and a half she finally could eat standing up...mainly broth and pumpkin to begin with...then she consistently improved.

It took about a month and a half for her to totally recover and regain her strength.