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Testimonials of healing with Urine Therapy of Humans and Animals

How common is the use of urine? It is used in the manufacture of hormones, diuretics, and cancer fighting drugs. As urea, it is one of the primary ingredients in many face and skin creams---just read the labels---because it is one of the best moisturizers available. As a medicine, it can be used as an extract, injected, topically and in oral applications. Scientific research on urine therapy started at the turn of the last century and continued until shortly after World War II, when drug companies realized there was more money to be made in urine extracts than in promoting its self-healing properties.

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Urine Therapy A Natural Alternative

Relieved of Peridontal disease

Rick Kincade - A friend cured her periodontal disease with urine and when she told me I found your website and tried it for my toothache which I was taking vicodin for and expecting to get pulled. After four uses of urine I arrived at the dentist and he couldn't get my tooth to hurt. Not with ice, cold air, cold water, or picking. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with pink eye caking my eyelids closed. I washed them with urine and the redness and itchiness vanished within half an hour. Also using it on a wart grown under a fingernail and it seems to be helping my hip heal. I am sold.

Question: if all the toxins are removed by the liver why are drugs still in the urine for sports testing and legal issues? Is it just such a small amount it doesn't matter? Are there any different guidelines for kids? Thanks for your gift. ps my just turned 9 yr old son just popped in before taking a bath with urine in a glass and we mixed 5 drops with orange juice for him, as he was wanting to try it for his hyperactivity which is causing problems at school. We had discussed it on the way home from school today. added orange juice and drank it for the first time, with warnings not to tell people at school. D Rick Surprised at how many people have heard about it and one woman whose mom made all the kids drink their urine growing up.

Severe case of strep throat alleviated

Gracie Adams - When I was about 20yrs.old had severe case of strep throat, had taken doctor's medicine for a week. My throat was closing up. My mom told me of this old remedy, urine therapy from back in the day. So she told me to use my urine, gargle and swollow some as well to get infection that was deep beyond my throat area .I did what she said. I feel if I hadn't use this remedy I would be dead. My father had taken me to the doctor so many times. My mom didn't know what at the time that it was good for other things.Thank God, I got on line and looked this is how I found your site. This will help so many people with the way things are now, no jobs and no insurance, so we can take care of ourself this way.Thank you so much and God bless you for all this good news. Peace, Gracie

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Testimonial for Urine Therapy from New Zealand

Hi I wish I was brave enough to give you my name, but due to the thinking of society around this subject (due to ignorance in most cases) I think it would be best to keep my identity anonymous. But I do want to tell those who would benefit from my story and hopefully give you hope that you to can have better health without harmful drugs. I feel I cannot keep this to myself. My close friends Home base business opportunityand family know and those I choose to tell, they are all fine with it because I've been able to explain what I have learnt and how I helped my self. What would my life have been like without Urine therapy doesn't bear thinking about...

So here goes! It seems a life time ago now but when I count back it only been 8 months..... I woke one morning to find one of my fingers was sore, just a joint on my right hand, this wasn't odd as if I eat to much wheat I get stiff joints, so its an indication that i needed to cut back on wheat, which i did ...but this sore joint didn't go away. SA month later a finger on my other hand flared up to and I became really scared, this wasn't just sore but it was like a pain I had never felt before, aching, swollen, which started to make the simplest of tasks really hard to do and caused more pain. I knew something wasn't right as I was just so tired I could hardly function. I'm normally active and have a sport which keeps me really fit, but I couldn't even do that, I just wanted to sleep and my appetite was non existent and I was worried about what I could eat as certain foods made it worse ... for years now I struggled with my diet, keeping out wheat and sugars really helped, long ago I had identified I had Candida and would use diet to control this. (I was never overweight but I just wasn't able to eat certain foods)

Another thing is I have always been low in Iron right throughout my life and recently I have realized the significance of this and also being low in B12 I think have depleted my immune system so by now at 47 I have no reserves to go on.....anyway.....after a month I was becoming steadily worse. I went to my doctor, who suggested we do tests and that I should take some time off work .....I took off over 3months in the end, it turns out I would need every second of that time.

I had every test the Dr could think of and the one I was particularly scared of was Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA is in my family with a aunt and a grandparent both dying young and in terrible pain. It turns out I have the symptoms but no rheumatoid factor in my blood, so I'm not sure if it truly is RA but my Dr says if I went to a rheumatoligist they would say I have RA with no blood factor..or something like that. I would be advised to take a series of immune suppressants and pain killers. I couldn't get my head around that my immune system wasn't functioning and that their response was to switch it off altogether....I thought why not build it back up....but they didn't think this would help, my immune system was attacking my body for some unknown reason so better switch it off or all hell would break loose!

My prognosis was not good it constituted of pain, and a greatly reduced lifespan. If I was medicated I would get about 20ys - if I was lucky- before my organs gave up then bring on the slow painful death. Yay I was just thrilled!!!!! Might as well end it now and save the pain and despair..... To be honest I did think I would rather take my own life than be reduced to the aforementioned prognosis. But I am a ever hopeful person so I wasn't ready to take that drastic step -yet. I guess I could always go back for the drugs, I thought I could have them there as my last resort. But before that I had to try everything I could to help myself and as it turns out I did.

I was becoming much worse I was trying everything and nothing had any lasting effect,I began to really despair. By now I was loosing weight as I couldn't decide what foods to eat and what would flare up my hands, I couldn't do any housework the cleaning was especially painful and I had absolutely no energy, I was fading away right before my families eyes. Daily tasks were finally given away, even driving the car was painful as I couldn't grip the steering wheel or let it slip through my hands as you do when turning the wheel, it was horribly painful even 'air' felt painful on my hands, so I took to wearing gloves for everything. I was wrapping sticking plasters around my sore joints as they felt they needed support.

I didn't actually think at the time to take any pain relief, I guess looking back I have always trusted my body to give me answers and masking symptoms was never the norm for me. I was looking everywhere for answers and everyday would 'Google' my symptoms hoping to find some answers, and help, lots of info on anti- inflammatory diets, so I began the alkaline /acid diet and found it good. I followed it to the letter but found I had constant diarrhea for 5 months! I was lucky to have a good friend who was a Naturopath who would help me hugely.

I had tried another natural therapist in town who just sold me expensive concoctions which cost over $500.00 with no relief, I stopped going.......its expensive to be sick and I wasn't working, but I was being paid as I had time owning thank goodness, but not enough to cover these horrendous bills. I would still go to my Dr just to check in really, as she couldn't do much either.

One day I was really down, I turned on the T.V. and saw a talking about radical diets. I watched as he drank his own urine saying it was good for his ailments and especially his arthritis. I couldn't believe my ears! I had never heard of it, so off to 'Google' I went and found a multitude of information on Urine Therapy. I read and read for days just absorbing what I was reading, I read nothing to say it was harmful, rather the worse that could happen was it wouldn't work for some people or conditions. But all the information said good for an Auto Immune, which is what I had.

So as I was no better and the outcome for the rest of my life could be complete incapacitation in a wheel chair taking drugs which would eventually kill me! the idea of drinking my own urine actually seemed a no brainer. I decided what did I have to loose, and maybe, just maybe, I might be someone who it just might work for ... you never know till you try something, I have always had an open mind to the alternative so I did.

I drank a small amount of urine that afternoon, I couldn't wait till the next morning.....Im a bit of an all or nothing kind of person. I used a juice to mask the taste, not so bad at all, I was drinking huge amounts of water so was nearly clear anyway. I felt a small explosion in my stomach! it was like my body was saying finally she has got it right! I dismissed this as just my mind hoping for a good outcome! within 20mins the pain and swelling had lessened, I couldn't believe it OMG.....

So the next morning about 5am, I took another dose (midstream) and had it in a veg juice (I have always had my UT with a Veg Juice as I'm a bit of a sook ......it just tastes better this way.....and guess what... it still works....after taking it I went back to bed a slept like the dead. I did this for several days, and then my symptoms returned! I decided it must be the healing crisis and so I upped the UT at the peak I was taking it 5x a day, as I was hardly eating just a little avocado, I guess I did a Urine fast but just didn't know it at the time. I got through it and my symptoms eased.

I would use Urine to soak my hands in with immediate relief and on my face and neck as well ..its an amazing moisturiser. I've stopped using any creams for my face now as I just don't need them. I found making a poultice out of urine and paper, it would mould around my fingers which were really sore so i could get some relief at night to sleep, after a week or so I no longer had to do this.....also I slept really well as I found out urine is great for insomnia.....over the next few months things really improved.

My appetite improved and I began slowly having some energy to do simple tasks. I still needed to sleep every afternoon but its important not to push yourself when returning to health. I found out so much about Urine that I never knew.....hows its anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti bacterial, (goodbye candidia) and a blood product rather than a waste product.....also it has so many vitamins and minerals and hormones unique to what your body needs....its just so amazing.

I've never felt so hopeful and positive since taking UT and one of the reasons is 'Dopamine', its the happy hormone! I feel like I have no more fear of life I just know that everything will be ok, I tell you if you ever want a remedy that can not only heal your body, but also your body, mind and soul, UT is the key to happiness and good health. Anyway back to the story, I began back at work 2months after using UT which is amazing in itself, but I only went back slowly, one day a week. I took with me my 'special cream'....a mix of aqueous cream and urine in case I got a bit sore during the day, I just rubbed it in and it works wonders. But now I also add a potent mix of aromatherapy essences to kill any unwanted smells!

I have a 'work' cream and a ' home' cream which are different strengths for obvious reasons.....my husband has never once complained about the smell or what I do because he sees the huge difference in my health. I would hate to smell like urine! So I'm very careful when I use it straight and when I use my watered down creams. I put U on my skin everyday and I have the most lovely soft and supple skin now. My eyes are clear and the whites really white! I no longer have diareahea and my weight is returning to normal levels. I noticed each month before my period some symptoms would return and with my lovely friend we worked out it was a definite drop in progesterone. I now use a natural Progesterone cream for three weeks leading up to my period and this has helped hugely.

So with a change in diet, reducing stress, Progestrone cream, ( all natural mind you), and the ultimate healer Urine Therapy.....I can be free to take on life again, abet a little wiser than before. I'm down to once a day for my UT which seems to have stabilised my symptoms if they worsen again I will just up my intake. (I've never had a cold or any flu now for the whole time I've been taking UT either) I have learnt that ill health is multi layered we get sick because things are not in balance. We are not just our Body, we are our Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions as well. I believe I got sick because I needed to remember this, I had become complacent. And I needed to learn that I can heal myself, no other expereince would have taught me this. This for me has been empowering, this for me has changed my life. I aim everyday to be thankful for my health, not to treat myself to harshly and love myself enough to treat my body with respect it so deserves. And I have learnt that saying No and having really solid boundaries isn't selfish its HEALTHY.

Today as I write this Im about 95% back to health, I still have stiff joints some mornings but nothing like they were the swelling and pain has gone and my energy is back. I'm doing mostly everything I did before, I'm just more aware of my limits and I watch I'm not getting to stressed in my life. My iron levels are still low and I have had to resort to injections for this, but hopefully not for ever. I hope this is helpful to someone, never give up, never say never,and try something different you never know what the results may be.....p.s Im 47yrs old female, with grown up children, and looking forward to the rest of my life!

In Light and much Laughter
UT Advocate.

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Hive free in Florida

Hive Free! Testimonial from Lou Majors, Florida August 7, 2005

I was running out of ideas after flushing my body with liquid echinacea....didn't work. A bottle of the best colloidal silver (Mesosilver) in case it was a hidden infection....didn't work. Flushing my liver out with liquid Milk Thistle seed in case it was an insect bite.....didn't work. Running out of options and ideas, I finally found your site looking for new and little known remedies, read about uropathy, tried it and I am totally healed....no more symptoms whatsoever!

I have been doing the urine treatment coupled with a nutritional whole food supplement. My morning regiment starts with a glass of warm water with lemon, thirty minutes later one or two ounces urine, an hour later some fruit (usually blueberries) and then three scoops of 'Greens+' or 'The Perfect Food. I am hive free!!!!

Healing Dogs With Urotherapy

We are firm believers in urine therapy as we have seen amazing results in all areas...for example, our greyhound dogs each had different kind of wounds suffered from falling, barb wire at the dog park, etc. They have very thin skin and any tumble can give them an abrasion that is significant. I believe that we were given all different kinds of experiences with our animals and with people around us to prove the great healing of urotherapy.

In each case of our greyhounds injuries, we used urotherapy...the wounds varying in size from a quarter to the size of an orange...healed very quickly with no scarring which is totally amazing. We give daily doses of urine therapy to our chihuahua dogs along with an all natural BARF diet (for chihuahuas ground chicken legs, thighs, liver) along with raw carrots, raw snap green beans, yogurt plain and with fruit)...the greyhounds eat whole leg quarters with plain yogurt with spirilina and Brewers Yeast added. Our animals are so healthy from this practice and diet. The kittens had upper respiratory infections which they gave to our chihuahuas...we gave them all urine therapy and got them all over the respiratory infections.

The most severe problem was the little runt who began having seisures...we worked with her constantly...first by putting her in a very safe environment by herself where she did not feel threatened. I gave her urotherapy off and on through the day and before night time. I would bundle her up in warm blankets and put her in a small pet carrier which she felt safe and secure in. As she was in that room in a very secure environment along with the urine therapy, she began to have less and less seizures. I also am a natural healer...I used hands on healing...I literally felt electrical energy come out of her and into my hands...at first it was really powerful and then gradually it became less and less powerful until she has stopped having seisures for three days now...her vision was really affected at first to the point of almost being blind...I put urine drops in her eyes often and now her eyes are clearing from a muddy, unclear, blurry look to a clear blue...she is now seeing everything once more.

We have been amazed at her progress and how she is a normal little kitty now. One of the other little boy kitties wasn't doing very well either as he was small like her...I felt through my intuition to move him up with her and it really helped both of them. The rest of the litter are bigger and doing well. One of the bigger ones had a stuffed nose today and runny eyes. I again used urine (either my husband's or mine or a combination of both) and within minutes he was breathing easily and his eyes cleared up. We continue to give them all urotherapy everyday and all are in vibrant health now.

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Urotherapy for Jaw and Throat Cancer

We are currently working with a Nepolese man who was given up on by medical doctors because of cancer in the jaw and throat area that had spread into his lungs etc. It is amazing what the urotherapy is doing for him...he would have been dead already had he not started the urine therapy when he did.

My husband is documenting his progress and taking pictures of how the urine therapy is completely removing all dead and cancerous tissue and starting to rebuild the area with fresh new tissue as it regenerates the fat and new cells to repair the tremendous damage done by operations, chemotherapy, and radiation. The urine therapy has completely taken away some of the horrible scars that were caused by the extensive surgery.

I could go on and on in our own lives about what urine therapy has done even on a spiritual level...so we are grateful to you for your information on your site regarding this undiscovered therapy by the large majority of the population here in the US. It is definitely a gift from God. Urine therapy is not just for humans...

Urine ingestion may have saved Gangrene Leg

A testimonial from Rayna Knighton in New Zealand

My friend Margaret's father had a bad case of diabetes and the blood circulation in one of his legs totally stopped. The doctors in England where he lived were going to amputate his leg. She went to England to see what was going on and refused to allow them to amputate, even when they told her he would die if it was not done. It was turning black and the gangrene was moving. Quite some time ago, I had told her about the wonderful healing properties of urine ingestion that my homeopathic doctor friend had told me about, as she was open to alternate health regimens. He had lent me some books on the subject to read and I was amazed, and will admit a little sceptical, but I passed the information on to her nonetheless.

She remembered what I'd told her, and she was desperate, so when she visited her father in the hospital she'd make him a cup of tea and dump a little of her own urine in it. Within a very short time the doctors were amazed to find that the circulation of blood has resumed in his leg, that it was returning to its normal colour and also that his uncontrolled diabetes was under control. (He still has to take his insulin, but the sugar level readings in his blood are reasonable and steady)

She stayed in England with her parents for two months and eventually brought them back to New Zealand where they moved to a house near where Margaret and her husband live. She visits every day and still makes her father his special cup of tea. She tells me he would be horrified if he knew about the extra ingredient in his tea, and that he was now gardening and generally feeling well. The doctors still can't figure out what happened. This is a man who was in bad health in general.

When I mentioned this to my homeopathic friend, he told me I had saved this man's life and that he probably would have died had they taken his leg. He was also surprised this was happening with his daughter's urine and not his own because women have different properties in their urine than men do. And that each of us has properties in our urine that are unique to every one of us, so he was surprised that this healing should be taking place with a woman's urine. Margaret is very close to her father and feels that closeness has a bearing. The point of all this is that nothing has been changed in her father's treatment or condition except that he has a little extra something in his tea everyday. She and I are both convinced the "tea" has made the difference.

Margaret herself had been unwell for about 7 years. She'd had a car accident and as a result lots of trouble with her neck. She couldn't turn her neck enough to feel comfortable driving, so she stopped. She was also having continual infections and often on courses of antibiotics, which never seemed to knock out the infections. And in general she felt unwell. After she started her own urine therapy, she started feeling much better. No more infections, so no more antibiotics. Her neck is feeling better, so she's driving again. She has renewed energy and tells me she hasn't felt this good in seven years. She's also looking better than I have ever seen her look and is also using her urine as a skin lotion.

I have been drinking probably about 3 to 4 ounces every day in my morning tea for several months now. My Richard brings me a large cup of tea every morning with a little honey in it, and when he's not looking I dump a little extra something in it. (He also would be horrified if he knew what I was doing) Mid stream morning urine is the best because it has a higher concentration of good stuff in it than at any other time of the day. I also use a little on my face morning and nightime before I put the creams on my face. I apply some on my face, rub it in till it dries, and then rinse it off with warm water and as a result my face has plumpted up, the skin is softer and the lines very much minimized. I am almost 62 and my skin hasn't been this nice in years.

I recently ran into someone I hadn't seen in about three years last weekend who couldn't get over how good I looked. She said I looked even better now than when I had seen her three years earlier. My skin now has a glow to it that I can only attribute to this. My skin is firmer and the wrinkles have almost disappeared. My pores are smaller. Lots of expensive face creams have uric acid in it and we know where uric acid comes from. I have not had a depressed moment since I have been doing this. I have not gotten sick. I felt a sore throat coming on after we came home from our last trip away and were 31 hours in transit. After drinking my "morning tea" the next day at home, I felt the sore throat just going away. This afternoon I had an earache went to lie down, slept for an hour awoke refreshed and the earache was gone. I usually would take strong aspirin for this problem, which I've had before. All I did this time was sleep a little!

Last week I infected my finger very badly, I applied some cortisone cream and put a bandage on it. Four days later, I took off the bandage and the infection was still there. It had not improved one bit. I was frightened at the look of it and thought I'd try something different, so several times a day, I applied a little urine to my finger and watched the infection disappear in a very short time. I never did cover the finger with another bandage, but was careful to keep it clean and applied my urine often. It was an amazing healing that took place. I do the same with mosquito bites and the unique little biting insects in NZ called sand flies, which you can go nuts with because those bites are terrible - and almost immediately the itch goes away.

A few months ago, I bought the book "Your Own Perfect Medicine" by Martha Christy (ISBN 0-9632091-1-6), the one my friend had lent me and found out lots of interesting and wonderful things about the antibodies, vitamins, minerals; the combination of which is totally unique to each of us. Accordingt9 Christy, there are anti-allergen antibodies in our urine that is manufactured by the body itself and when reintroduced back into the body, the allergic reactions stop. Urine compresses clear up skin conditions. Dreaded illnesses go. As you all probably know, it's a wonderful, informative book with diverse cases of miraculous healings.

I keep forgetting to use it on my hands. I read that the skin on hands becomes soft. I'll try to remember starting today. The book also emphasizes that treatments will work better if people are diligent about eating properly and taking time to rest.

On page 179, it says: "Many lifetime users of urine therapy, such as the former prime minister of India, have commented that regular use of urine therapy noticeably assists in maintaining energy levels, reducing aging, and in preventing illness."

There is also mention about how taking a little of our own urine to take away depression. I am so pleased that my moods are even now. I still get a little annoyed and tired and experience the emotions that normal people go through, but it doesn't seem to have a long negative and lasting impact on me anymore, which is wonderful. I feel peaceful.

My daughter once told me that she'd met a retired nurse with the most beautiful skin she'd ever seen and asked her about it. The woman, who was elderly, told her that she'd been a baby nurse and had always saved the urine-soaked diapers of babies and applied them to her face. Carrin thought that terrible, but then my daughter has always unfortunately been rather closed-minded.

I'm sure this information is common knowledge to you all, but being a new member jumping in for the first time, I take the chance of repeating what you all might know anyway - so if that is true - please forgive me.

Best wishes from Rayna in New Zealand

Uropathy is one approach to health that is 100% safe to use, it is extremely effective, has never harmed anyone and it is absolutely free of charge. It cannot be controlled and you truly benefit from using it. Thousands of urine therapy advocates certify that this is a healing modality that activates the lymphatic system which detoxifies the body and starts the true process of healing and regenerating the body. Once you become familiar with UROPATHY and start using your urine, you will be able to fight individual diseases, prevent and reverse the conditions that make you susceptible to all types of health problems including: childhood diseases, allergies, common cold, flu, hepatitis, arthritis, hypertension, all types of infections and fevers, cancer and the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.

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54 years old and much happier and most of all confident towards the future.

I decided to tell about our experience to encourage people to start the therapy. I found out about the therapy after my husband got desperate with a situation doctors could not do anything about. It started with simple jock itch which came back as a severe case of Candida after being administered strong antibiotics. He was swollen and red up to his knees, he had red itchy patches on his right foot, belly, between his fingers etc.. Needless to say he was suffering. His doctor refused to give him anymore antibiotics and he was left to himself. He lost 27 pounds in 2 months. After trying all sorts of natural solutions with no results, he wanted to buy antibiotics from the Internet. I succeeded in stopping him and promised to search for a solution. I told him: “Hang on, I am sure there is something ‘natural' that would help you”. After searching the Internet all day for a week, I came upon that word ‘urotherapy' which was completely new to me. It got my full attention! I could not get enough articles to read. I decided to buy a few books. After my husband read all the articles I had printed from the Internet, he was ready to start. I won't go into details here but in two days the redness and swelling was gone and it took about a month before the hurting and itching stopped. Today he looks healthy again but I don't know what he would be today if we haven't learned about this therapy.

I joined him a little later with the therapy and its changing my life completely! I am much happier and most of all confident towards the future. I am 54 and even though I looked and felt healthy enough for my age, I still benefited greatly from the therapy! Most of all I sleep a lot better (insomnia was my biggest problem) approx. 8 hours per night now and I don't take any medication. Other improvements is my complexion. People say I look better as I grow older and that there is a glow about me??? I used to have a complexion that looked like a grapefruit with open pores etc... Now it is smooth and I don't need lipstick as I have natural pink colors on my cheeks and lips. When I was young I needed to take iron supplements as my hemoglobin was always low. Needless to say I was always pale.

With the therapy and because of it I drink more water and eat better. Changing habits is a long process but I am getting there. My outlook on growing older has changed and we have nice projects for retirement. I had other small problems that could have made retirement a constant back and forth to the doctors office. Before I started the therapy, I could not sleep on my right side because of a sore hip. This problem went away (I had to put a compress on the hip though). I passed a kidney stone before starting the therapy. I have not been bothered with that problem since. I used to clean my throat (lots of mucus) all the time which is annoying to other people. Sometimes it was so bad that my throat was ‘on fire' and I often had dreams that I was pulling all sorts of “debris” from my throat.

Well at least I don't make those dreams anymore but I still clean my throat once in a while mostly after eating. The difference is that I don't feel I have something stuck in the throat and it doesn't hurt anymore. I feel the problem is fading away. I know that drinking more water also helps a lot. The other day I got rid of a mole which was as big as a pea (but was raised approx. 1/16 on an inch) and was growing every year. I realized that the urine had to penetrate the mole. It dried up and there its now gone. I thought I would need a small surgery to get rid of that mole. That for me was miraculous! Sylvie

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Grandma Uses Urine Treatment for Gangrene

"Lately, when Grandma (92 years old) had a very badly bruised spot on her ankle, mom was at the end of her wits to get it to heal. The doctor's antibiotics didn't help, neither did colloidal silver, peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, or many of the herbs (echinacea, chaparral, etc.). Then when mom said it was looking like gangrene was setting in, I remembered the books saying that applying urine was about the single most effective treatment for gangrene. Grudgingly, I mentioned it... mom said it couldn't hurt... and within three days I got a call telling me that since she soaked a cloth with grandma's urine and kept it applied (changing it a few times a day), it looks like the infection was gone and there was healthy pink skin forming at the edges already. This after about 5 or 6 weeks of downhill slide. Mom was thrilled, as was grandma, whose ankle no longer hurt."
July 16, 2002

Julie Advises how to drink urine

It is difficult to convince people to drink their urine because they do not know how to do it without being disgusted. Since I have been drinking my urine for years, on the recommendation of a Japanese doctor, I will give you this tip so that you can help your (hopefully) many friends and believers:

When drinking your urine, just plug your nose; you will still feel the taste of the urine, especially when it is very salty (after eating salad for example), but you will not smell it at all.

It was only when I started using this method that I could discipline my-self and started drinking about 2 to 3 ounces of my urine every day.

I had no choice; I had double pneumomia, twice, and I almost died every time. I had flu and thorethroat all the time, and since my blood pressure is quite low, I was always tired.

But the worst is that I do not have health insurance; if I become ill, it would be better for me to be dead since I have no one to take care of me. My situation gave me a lot to think about.

Since I started drinking, I have never been sick again, but frankly, the only way to do it is by plugging my nose.

I presently drink my urine about 3 weeks per month. I stop when I have my periods.

I find it wonderful that you had started this website and I want to thank you for allowing me to get much more information about this wonderful, miraculous theraphy. - Julie

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Yogadhi sees personal proof of the power of topical UT

I had a wonderful chance to see the results personal proof of the power of topical UT on cuts yesterday when I received a relatively deep gash on my forehead requiring 15 stitches. When I received the cut I immediately applied pressure to slow the bleeding and drove from the OM On The Range property 45 minutes up in the mountains to the hospital. After the stitches I went home and immediately begin to apply urine topically in soaked pads for the rest of the day ignoring the doctors instructions to apply a antibiotic cream he gave me.

Surprisingly the pain was moderate throughout the day and swelling was minimal. I felt almost normal. At bed time I decided it was time to follow the doctors advice and use the antibiotic cream. I applied the cream and passed into a fitful sleep. Two hours later I awoke from sleep with a blinding headache. When I looked in the mirror I saw in shock that in this short time period the whole front of my forehead was swollen out about an inch and was an angry bright red. The cut that had remained sedated all day with UT was now leaking blood, pus and lymphatic fluid down my face.

Realizing the mistake I had made by stopping topical UT, immediately I began to apply swatches soaked in urine to my face again. Amazingly I watched and felt as in minutes my forehead pain begin to subside and the swelling diminish. In an hour it was back under control. The bleeding stopped, the pus disappeared. The skin returned to a almost normal color and headache was completely gone in a hour. I slept restfully the rest of the night. Isn't this amazing! Here before my eyes I saw the effect of UT as a painkiller, antibiotic, cleanser and sleep aid. I saw dramatically how UT can reduce tissue swelling, and fight infections. The entire healing I saw so directly is fundamental in helping all disease states. The next day the healing has continued quickly. At the most traumatic spot where there was a rather large flap of skin that was totally smashed into my cranium almost 1/2 inch, the tissue looked a almost normal rosy pink of health. There has been almost no bruising at all except around the stitches. I wait excitedly for tomorrows results and will keep you updated. You Are Love Yogadhi

Wendy experiences big improvements

I have been reading a lot about UT. I read several books "Your Own Perfect Medicine" and "The Golden Fountain" I have started with the therapy. I started with a few drops and the first 2 weeks I noticed a big improvement in my allergies and my autoimmune disease called "pemphigoid". I only have blisters in my mouth but they can be quite painful. They seemed to get a lot better and I started ingesting a few ounces a day. Now after six weeks I feels my mouth is bad again. The only reason I feel I may have regressed is because I have been drinking wine again two glasses per night. At first when I started UT I stopped the wine and coffee. Maybe this has a bearing on the results. According to Martha Christy diet has a lot to do with recovery. I may just have to stop drinking any coffee and wine if it will help. Rinsing with urine helps as much as the dexamethasone rinse the doctor gave me, actually moreso. I never want to use the drugs the doctors want to try (prednisone,neoral or dapsone) I would rather use this therapy. I am quite young to have this disease which hits 1 in 350,000 people mostly over age 65 I am told. I am 46 yrs old. I would really like to try the Urine Fasting but should I be ingesting more urine daily before trying this? I really don't have anyone near me to talk about this. - Wendy

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Healing diabetes, improving blood circulation, and much more with urine therapy

Healing Second Degree Burn With Aged Urine

A testimonial from Shirley Robinson, Hollywood, CA - May 2000

One morning my son sustained a severe second degree burn from scalding water on his left hand. His hand was bright red (like a freshly cooked lobster) and swollen. He was in a lot of pain. I immediately rubbed on his hand a chinese cream for burns and gave him 2 homeopathic remedies (causticum and cantharis). Ten minutes later, the hand was still bright red and swollen.

I remembered the story of a young boy in ancient China who was severely burned all over his body and he was near death. His life was eventually saved with external application of very old urine. So I grabbed my bottle of 7 year old urine (yes, seven years old) that I had stored awasy and soaked a washcloth with it, which I wrapped over Sterling's hand. I placed a plastic sandwich bag over the hand, covered it with another wash cloth, and pulled his sweatshirt over the hand. I checked the hand 10 minutes later and the redness and swelling was gone. Sterling went to sleep for a few hours. When he woke up, my husband and I looked at his hand in total amazement. We could not tell that it had ever been burned. All signs of swelling, redness, or burn were gone!

Seven years ago I had listened to a lecture about the healing properties of urine (on audio) from Dr. Robin Murphy, a naturopath and homeopath. He talked about the incredible healing power of AGED URINE (the oldest, the better, but I think it is only for external use) and I learned about this boy in ancient China who was near death from severe burn all over his body. They wrapped his entire little body in towels soaked with very old urine. The next day, all traces of burns were gone and the boy was like new.

When I heard this lecture, I didn't waste any time to start collecting my urine in large one gallon glass jars and smaller plastic bottles. Over time, I watched this urine transform itself into a dark brown, extraordinarily smelly compound that eventually developed a little brown and white foam and bubbly matters. Because we live in Los Angeles, I was terribly worried that an earthquake could break those jar, spill the contents in my apartment, and believe me, we would have to move out, due to the stench. Every year, I am debating the idea of throwing this urine out, before a disaster hits.

When I opened one of the bottle yesterday morning to help Sterling, I was surprised that after seven years of aging, that urine didn't smell as bad as I thought it would. It smelled more like ammonia, and it wasn't so bad. (big relief!). After witnessing the truly miraculous cure on my son's hand, this urine is more precious to me now than gold and I will continue to keep it and let it age as long as I live. Shirley

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Practicing Urotherapy daily for the past twelve years.

I first discovered urine therapy in summer of '88 and have been practicing it daily for the past twelve years. It has cured everything in me from sexually transmitted diseases to depression. I've only recently begun combining it with tantric zhao zheng exercises to awaken kundalini. I'm now 36 years old but most people say I look 24 years old, the age I began practicing. Some say I look like I'm in my teens. I want to wait til I'm fifty and I'll let you know how it works then.

The reason people grow old and die is that they are actually starving to death. During research I came upon an autopsy report that described the inside of the intestinal system. The doctors discovered that as people age, their intestines become caked with food particles, some even found remnants of the very first meal in their intestines (so they said). As the intestines become caked with this debris, the person is less able to derive nutrition from the food he/she is eating, slowly starving to death.

With manav mootra the urine actually cleanses out the intestinal tract of this debris and one of its benefits is an increased sense of energy. All of the accumulated toxins, which were lodged in the body and which were slowly poisoning it are expelled naturally and the body is returned to a state of natural health.

Urine Universal Remedy and migraine
Gina Tyler

As you know I am a Homeopath, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist. I have had a problem with a really bad migraine for aprox. 30 days in a row, non stop (eveyday ). This has NEVER happened to me before. I have (of course ) done all I could with herbs, and homeopathic treatments and changed my eating habbits, etc. etc. NOTHING HELPED!!!! Until I used URINE. I have used urine therapy before internally and externally on myself and others. But I was so amazed in the quickness of my recovery using urine for my migraine. The UNIVERSAL Remedy was mixed, (a few drops of my own urine with an ounce of water, and succused (or shook ) it aprox 1000 times ) this actually makes it into a homeopathic remedy. I took a few drops every hour for one day, after the third hour the migraine was gone !!!!! I continued taking the drops till the day was done, succusing the bottle 10 x prior to each intake. I still dont know what the cause of my headace was but its gone with no side effects from suppresive western medication.

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Name: Drade Coda
Email: seventhnovember @ hotmail.com
Location: Westport, MA USA:

I have been practicing auto-urine therapy for about two years now. As a child I was diagnosed VERY late in the game with kidney reflux (where the valves in you kidneys allow the urine they've already processed to be dumped back in constantly, causing SERIOUS overwork. At age 10 when they finally diagnosed this to be the problem, I was positively grey. I slew of ailments had always plagued me due to this excessive "system work" ranging from scarlet fever to heart failure and stroke. Having been through that time of mis-diagnosises and serious illness, my immune system has never been able to handle what others' immune systems can. Now, this is where the auto-urine therapy comes into play, I must say, without getting into great detail over the particular aspects of the vanishing illnessess, that this has been the only thing that has improved my quality of life substantially, I am literally feeling younger the more time passes. Even down to the minor details of hair, teeth, eyes, nails, skin, etc. - they've all improved to an incredible degree. The before and afters are astounding evidence to what this therapy yields. -Drade Coda

The following testimonials are from the Health Education Library
Universe of health and education in India

Dr. V.P. Mehta, Mumbai
I am a qualified and experienced medical doctor with the highest degrees both in medicine and surgery. On March 12, 1986, I was diagnosed with cancer of the ary-epiglottic area (throat) with enlarged cervical lymph nodes. After receiving chemotherapy and a course of cobalt therapy I was to be operated on. Between August and October I tried UrineTherapy. By October 5, 1986, my disease was under control and the proposed surgery was canceled. I have not only recovered in a medical sense, but I am also leading a fully active professional life. In other words, even the quality of my life has improved. I feel the same zeal which I felt 30 years ago.

Dr. O., New York
I was laughing and snickering in the back of the room. After all, who would take anyone seriously talking about drinking one's own urine to heal any disease! My main concern at the time was how I was going to handle this diagnosis of full-blown AIDS and with what "spirituality" was I going to handle an oral, palatal Kaposi's sarcoma lesion that was supposed to spread relentlessly throughout my body. I was told just two months prior to this that the prognosis could be about two years more if I was fortunate, and to seriously consider preparing a "living will."

For obvious reasons, I seemed to be much more tolerant to the idea of applying urine topically for all sorts of conditions. My right foot was the epitome of necrosis. For months doctors had prescribed many different medicated creams for a vicious case of athlete's foot/ringworm. Nothing seemed to work. After all, the root of the problem is the immune system not functioning at full capacity. I couldn't wait to go home to put my own urine on the foot.

That evening was the first time in many months that the tingling itch did not drive me into a frenzy! I actually got a full night of sleep. Not only did the ringworm condition totally disappear after a few weeks, but the dry, cracked and painful skin all around my toes and bottom of the foot had totally changed in colour and texture! New skin had grown in and was soft as a baby's. It had a beautiful new flushed, almost orange-like color and it just did not appear to be my own skin!

I anxiously began to research the field of autogenous fluids and, shortly thereafter decided that recycling my urine was really a harmless form of auto-toleration based on theories not much different than those in the science of homeopathy.

Drinking my urine was not that difficult, but deconditioning myself was the real chore. I felt betrayed by society upon learning that our urine is not a poisonous, toxic and filthy substance that our bodies so heroically expel. Since urine is filtered and cleansed blood, and the blood is 95% water, how many dangerous substances can there really be in urine?

Starting with just a small ounce, I gradually began drinking my body's own distilled preparation with respect instead of disgust. I then graduated to drinking up to 8 ounces daily. Over the next 7 months the Kaposi's sarcoma lesion became increasingly smaller until it disappeared totally! The mouth ulcers that used to plague me, stinging during meals, have not returned even once. I used to have monthly outbreaks of genital herpes, but I am elated to say that autogenous UrineTherapy has produced a state of tolerance even against the herpes virus that sooner or later, in conjunction with Ebstein-Barr virus (EBV), Cytometgalovirus (CMV), and papilloma virus would have surely complicated my existence and further weakened my immune system... just a matter of time. I have NEVER felt better in my life. Now, I no longer fear for my life.

Mr. B. Georgia
I am a PWA (person with AIDS). I have been doing Urine Therapy for three months. My fatigue and dizziness dissipated within the first month. I experienced intense eye itchiness. A few drops of fresh urine stopped it immediately. If I forget to take the urine one day, the next day I will pay for it with fatigue. Also my lymph gland swelling is reduced by 50%.

Mrs. B. Florida
I had been suffering from migraine headaches for 35 years. In addition, rheumatoid arthritis had plagued me for the last 15 years. The pain and swelling in the joints of my hands was unbelievable. I could not leave the house without painkillers. For four months, half of my foot was covered with a fungus. I tried many different treatments. Unfortunately, it only got worse. At 198 pounds, I was overweight aswell. Needless to say, I was not the picture of health. Then a friend told me about Urine Therapy. I soaked my feet in urine, and within a week, the fungus cleared up. Then I started drinking my own urine. The result was just incredible. Four and a half months later, my weight was down to 130 pounds. I have lost 68 pounds! My arthritis is gone, and my headaches are gone. I feel like I am 20 years old again. Thank you for telling me about Urine Therapy.

Mr. T. California
Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with a lymphatic disorder. The doctors first thought it was Hodgkin's disease. During a vacation in Brazil I contracted some parasites. One was Shigella and the other was Giardia. I was treated with penicillin and many other antibiotics. But I still lost weight and the diarrhoea was persistent. Then the new testing for AIDS came out, and I tested positive. I had constant problems with thrush. I also suffered from Kaposi's sarcoma intermittently over portions of my body. My energy level was very low.

To make long story short, I started Urine Therapy. The first treatment with urine was on my skin. The second day I noticed that the KS lesions were starting to fade. Then I stared to drink my own urine. I took about one ounce a day in the beginning.

My thrush went away. Every time when I apply urine to any aberration or sore on my skin, it all but disappears. The KS leision I was talking about is not even one-fourth the original size. Also, my energy level is much higher. I had colitis. I no longer have an inflamed colon. I am steady as a clock and do not suffer anymore from chronic diarrhea. So evidently this is working for me.

Mr. S. New York
One and one-half months ago I was diagnosed with gonorrhea, anal sores and herpes. I took medication and the condition improved but two weeks later the herpes came back even worse. So I started UrineTherapy. Within two or three days, everything cleared up totally. What was even more amazing to me is the parasite problem I suffered for quite some tome got resolved inadvertently with Urine Therapy, while treating my herpes.

Dr. G.K. Thakkar Bombay
The last 40 years I have suffered from eczema, and the last 20 years from amoeobic dysentery. I got rid of both diseases by this wonderful remedy, Urine Therapy. You will be further surprised to know that there were some side effects too; but not of the usual nature, which you suffer in allopathic treatments. I also suffered from falling hair and dandruff. I always used to have cracks in my feet and even on my lips during all the seasons. Once every few months I also suffered form stomatitis. I got rid of all the above complaints and ailments unknowingly, as side effects of this therapy.

My wife was a regular patient for more than 20 years and was suffering from numerous disease like ear trouble, vertigo, constipation, pain in the joints and many more. She tried the best available treatments in allopathy, homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine but without any results. At last she tried UrineTherapy and got rid of all her ailments miraculously.

And if this is not enough, my younger son, 17 years old, suffered from hematuria (blood in the urine) for more than a year. The doctors thought that something was seriously wrong with his kidneys and recommended an intravenous polygraph. I persuaded my son to start drinking his urine for 30 days and then to take another urine test. After that period of time, the report of the urine test came back absolutely normal!

Mr. M. Florida
If it is of interest to you for any research purposes, I nearly died from the reactions of several strong antibiotics administered over several months of lung infections. I have been hospitalized three times in the past year for the resulting gastro-intestinal problems created by the medication. After the most recent hospital stay, I refused to continue with the medication. Most of the problems began to clear up within a few days. However, my rectal bleeding from colitis and internal hemorrhoids continued. In the meantime a friend told me that in the Tennessee Hills, where he was raised, urine enemas were used for similar problems. On July31,1988, I began using urine for daily enemas. By the end of the following week, the bleeding had stopped completely, and as of this date (September25, 1988), I have not passed a single drop of blood.


I had pneumonia, went to the doctor who said, "If you feel worse, come into emergency and we will put you in hospital. He then sent me for x-rays.

He gave me a prescription for DOXYCYCLINE. I had extreme pain with every breath I took and took only 2 pills from my prescription because I was just getting sicker and sicker.

My daughter drove me to emergency the following morning, (in my housecoat) because I was so sick I was literally panting for air. My left lung felt like it weighed a ton and I could not sleep or lie down because of the accumulated fluid. I also had a lump *across* my lungs that looked like a piece of Garlic Sausage under the skin. When I touched this "sausage" it was all gooshy and squishy. My husband could see this clearly too as it was so large.

When I arrived in emergency I was told the emergency doctor was not in the hospital ( I live in a small town) and I would have to go to his office...I did. He insisted that if I took ZITHROMAX I would be better in three days. I took the prescription and was much worse.

I called the pharmacist and was told that ZITHROMAX would not be in my system more than 48 hours. I waited, and for the first time in my life I was very aware that people my age (62) died from this disease. I was really scared and had never ever been so sick in my life.

At the end of my 48 hours I went into the bathroom, gulped down my urine, and **immediately** I could take a half-lungful of air. This was at 10 a.m. I consumed every drop of (midstream) urine passed for the rest of the day.

By about 3 p.m. the same day, I showed the "garlic sausage" to my husband who said, "It looks like it is smaller." By 5 p.m. I could take a full lung full of air and the only discomfort I felt was the fluid in my lungs, but it was much less than it had been when I started UT that morning and the excruciating pain was gone.

The following day I continued to consume all that I passed. About 11:30 the following morning the "Garlic Sausage" was GONE! I could now sleep comfortably, it felt like all but one teeny little spot of fluid was gone from my lungs and I *knew* I was better! In only two days, I was weak, but I was healed!

About eight days after my first doctor visit and x-rays, the doctor's office called and said, "Libby they are very concerned about the amount of fluid that showed up on the X-rays and the doctor wants to see you right away. (This was a different doctor than the Emergency room doctor).

The doctor looked very shocked when he came in and I was sitting there with a big smile, breathing properly and obviously better. I told him about the ZITHROMAX and he said, "Yeah, that's Bill's favorite." I told him it didn't help and he was shaking his head in agreement with me. I asked him how long it normally takes to get rid of pneumonia and the amount of fluid I had and he said, "Oh, at least 6 weeks."

I then told him I had used UT and asked him if he had heard of it. He said, "Yes, I've heard of it." He would not though, give it credit for healing my condition. He wanted me to go for more X-rays. I said, "When my X-ray comes back clear, will you then give UT some credit.

He said, "Nope, it was the ZITHROMAX." I reminded him that I saw him shaking his head in agreement when I said it did not work and his response was, "I need you to go for X-rays right now," and that was the end of our visit. I was never called back for another check up.

And some side-effects to UT: In December of last year I was rear-ended in a car accident, left with excruciating back pain and was put on a prescription for muscle relaxants. My favorite hobby in life is to dance but since the accident I could not even waltz. I couldn't sweep my floors, vacuum, lift my great-grand children, or go shopping as pushing the cart made the pain unbearable. On the fourth day after starting the UT my back pain was gone! I have not taken any medicine for it since then and on New Year's eve I danced—even jived! I had no pain!

  • My yeast infection is gone.
  • Even though I thought my 22 pound weight loss was from the pneumonia, (and Christmas is over), I have only gained back four pounds.
"Thank you body, for creating such a wonderful healing modality!"

Libby Lervik. li12bby@island.net

Page Divider Name: Argeu Teodoro Elesbão
Email: argeuadv@hotmail.com
Location: Silveira Martins, RS, BRASIL
Phone: 021 55 3224 1162

Apenas para testemunhar (se isso possa vir a ser interessante), quero informá-la que mantenho o hábito da urinoterapia a 9 anos e 8 meses,
ininterruptamente. Tenho 61 anos e com saúde invejável, confundindo-me com os mais jovens. Muitíssimo melhor que na juventude em que fui muito doente por mais de 12 anos. Hoje meus check ups anuais são nota 10. Atribuo à urinoterapia, graças a Deus!

Permita-me deixar-lhe um abraço, com efusivos parabéns pelo site!

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The Buddha Medicine
Bhikkhu U. Dhammajiva
Edited by: Swedish novice Dhammasami (Samuel Nordius)
"Glad at heart, I pay homage to the supreme sage- the giver of blissful peace, the grate ocean of virtue, the physician for the samsaric ills of beings, the sun that dispel the pitchy darkness of false views!"Lo-wáda Sangarava, 15th century Sinhalese poem
In Burmese meditation-centers, as in monasteries in most Theravada-Buddhist countries, you often find a peculiar kind of medicine: Yellow Myrobalan nuts (in Pali: Hritaki, in Latin: Terminalia Chebula) pickled in cow's urine. The Burmese people calls it Pheya-se, ‘The Buddha Medicine', since it's based on a recipe found in the oldest Buddhist texts, the Pali Tipitaka. It's considered to be a panacea for many diseases. But does it really follow the original concept of the Buddha's recommendation to use muttam (urine) as medicine? That is what I intend to clarify in this article by refering to four of the oldest Buddhist scriptures: 1.) The Vinaya-Pitaka, the ancient collection of Buddhist monastic rules. 2.) The Sutta Pitaka, the ancient collection of the Buddha's discourses. 3.) The so-called ‘Commentary' and ‘Sub-commentary', texts written by bhikkhus (Buddhist monks) in the centuries following the Buddha's death to clarify the meaning of the texts found in the two collections first mentioned.

In an English translation of the Mahakkhandhaka (a text in Mahavagga found in the Vinaya-Pitaka) the Buddha says:

"The religious life has decomposing urine as medicine for its resource. Thus you must endeavor to live all your life. Ghee, butter, oil, honey, and molasses are extra allowances. "
An alternative translation says;
"Going forth [into the Holy Life] has fermented urine as its support. For the rest of your life you are to endeavor at that. The extra allowances are; Ghee, fresh butter, oil, honey, sugar. "
There are four such necessary supports/resources listed in the Vinaya Pitaka. In Pali, the language of the oldest Buddhist texts, they are called "the Four Requisites", considered to be an absolute minimum for the bhikkhus to be able to live the Holy Life in line with the Buddha's teaching. The above mentioned item, fermented urine, is the fourth of these resources. All the four must be taught to the newly ordained bhikkhu in the ordination hall immediately after his higher ordination ceremony. It's the responsibility of the preceptor to make sure that all young bhikkhus knows them according to the following prescription of the Buddha.
"I prescribe, O bhikkhus, that he who confers the higher ordination (on a bhikkhu), tells him the four resources."
These are all the four resources listed in the Vinaya-Pitaka:

1. Robes: robes made of rags taken from a dust heap as a resource
2. Alms food: morsels of food given in alms as a resource
3. Dwellings: a dwelling at the foot of a tree as a resource
4. Medicines: decomposing urine as medicine as a resource

These four requisites/resources the Buddha described as being indispensable or the bare minimum. Accordingly a Buddhist monk must endeavor to live all his bhikkhu life dependent only on them. He who is contented and satisfied with whatever comes across along with these bare minimums is always phrased in the community, as well as in the Commentary, as having contentment with whatever four requisites he has. Whatever extra things he comes across beyond these four items is just a result of his past good deeds, but they are usually also allowed for the bhikkhus. As the founder of the Order, and therefore its first bhikkhu, the Buddha assured all the bhikkhus that the prescribed bare minimums are quite abundant. Besides, they were, at that time, free to find wherever a bhikkhu would go.

In the Vinaya Pitaka, the books of monastic discipline, this medicine (urine) is mentioned in several places. At one occasion, for example, the Buddha recommend the yellow Myrobalan fruits pickled in urine for a monk who was sick with jaundice (probably anaemia) to be taken orally:

"O, monks! I allow that urine and yellow Myrobalan be drunk."
At another occasion the Buddha included urine as an ingredient in a mixture to be used as an antidote for poisonous snake bites. The other ingredients are excrement, soil and hot ash. This quote is from the Vinaya Pitaka:
"For snake bite a medicine may be made of the four great filthy things: excrement, urine, ash and clay. If there is someone present to make these things allowable, one should have him/her make them allowable. If not, one may take them for oneself and consume them."
The Commentary adds that this medicine is not only for snake bites but also for any other poisonous animal bite.

Now, let's have a look at the second ancient collection of Buddhist texts, the Sutta Pitaka. According to the Ariyavaüsa Sutta in Anguttara Nikaya the Buddha phrases four requisites of noble clans (or lineages of traditions) in nine terms:

"Bhikkhus, these four [requisites] belong to the noble clan, were recognized by those gone by, were honored from the past, recognized by the clan, was not confusing in the past and will not confuse in the future and are not blamed by recluses, brahmins and the wise. What four?"
The following four items are then listed:

1. Robes
2. Alms foods,
3. Dwellings and
4 . (delight in development of) Meditation.

In the two different lists so far mentioned the first one (quoted from the Vinaya Pitaka) says that the four requisites for a monk are 1. robes, 2. alms foods, 3. dwellings and 3. medicines. In the second list (which is quoted from the Sutta Pitaka) the first three are identical to the first list while the forth item in the first list, medicines, has been replaced by (delight in development of) meditation.

The Commentary to the Ariyavaüsa Sutta says that even though the list, as it appeares in the Sutta Pitaka, drops the forth item given in the Vinaya Pitaka (medicines) that item should be included in the second item of the Sutta (alms food). Furthermore, confirming the same idea, the forth item, (delight in development of) meditation, is specified as "contentment with whatever four requisites comes" in the same Commentary. It says:

"Among these four belonging to the Noble clan the first three items, inclusive of thirteen austerities, are elaborated in the Vinaya pitaka while the item of (delight in development of) meditation is elaborated in the rest of the two baskets (pitakas or collections of Buddhist texts)."
To summarize, in the Sutta Pitaka you find only the first three of these four requisites, with no urine or medicines mentioned, but the Commentary says that the forth should be included in the list, in the alms food so that all should be in completion to make delight in development of meditation possible.

Hence decomposing urine as medicine can claim for all the above mentioned attributes, that is: urine was "recognized as a medicine by those gone by, those honored from the past; that it was recognized by the clan; it was not confusing in the past and it will not confuse in the future; and it's not blamed by recluses, Brahmins and the wise."

I would like to quote another translation of the same Sutta which goes as follows:

"O monks, these four noble lineages pristine [including decomposing urine as medicine], of long standing, traditional, ancient, unadulterated and never before adulterated, which are not being adulterated and which will not be adulterated, not despised by wise ascetics and Brahmins."
The authors of this translation added a footnote saying that in ancient Sri Lanka this was a very popular Buddhist discourse among people of all walks of life and that it became the inspiration for an annual festival. In traditional Sinhalese translations, as in Burmese and Thai ones, the medicine mentioned in the text has been taken to be cow's urine or, more specifically, Myrobalan fruits pickled in cow's urine. Owing to this translation some of the attributions of this medicine mentioned by the Buddha doesn't appeared to be very convincing or practical since it would sometimes be hard for a bhikkhu to find both the Myrobalan fruit and cow's urine. However, in recent English translations we get some new practical sense to this medicine.

Let me add here that it's not only in Buddhism that we find urine as a medicine but also in other denominations such as Christianity (in The Holy Bible), Hinduism (in Damar Tantra) and, some claims, in Islam too (in The Holy Koran). These traditions, however, have a somewhat different interpretation than the Buddhist texts on how to use the medicine.

I can think of two reasons for why the usage of urine as medicine resurfaced again contemporaneously in many traditions in our time. The first is the increasing number of complications in the prevailing allopathic or chemotherapeutic treatments of diseases which has made an increasing number of people interested in alternative medicines. The second is the general trend of searching for more holistic health systems, even ancient ones based on different religious lines. Whatever the reasons may be the urine-method has its own intriguing nature and might, I believe, still find a growing group of followers.

A closer look at this therapy, under the current trend, irrespective of creed, one finds a vast number of convincing testimonies and subjective evidences on the benefits of the medicine. Buddhism can contribute in its own way with its canonical and historical references on this subject – provided that its ideas are presented in correct translations! So far we've traced some quotations from the Vinaya Pitaka with relevant information prescribed to bhikkhus. However, I think that the commentarial text has interfered in a questionable and imperfect manner. In the traditional Buddhist countries, such as Sri Lanka, Burma or Thailand, no efforts have been made in resent history to get a clear idea of how the medicine was intended to be used, or how it was used at the time of the Buddha.

The increasing amount of literature on the subject, with testimonies and evidences from the other sources, made me think twice and urged me to renew the way I read the quoted passages in the Buddhist canonical sources. I went back to the original scriptures, untouched by the prevalent traditional translations. When investigating the Sutta Pitaka with this inquisitive pragmatic approach I came across the following quotation in the Majjima Nikaya (the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha), Sutta number 46 called Dhamma Samadana Sutta:

"Bhikkhu, a man would come along suffering from jaundice and he is told: ‘Friend, there is a drink made out of putrid urine, with various kinds of medicines put in it. If you desire – drink.' When drinking it would not be agreeable to sight, smell or taste but drinking it you will get over your illness. He reflects about it and drinks it. It would not be agreeable to sight, smell or taste, yet he would get over that illness. I say this observance of the Teaching is comparable to this, as it is now unpleasant and brings pleasant results in the future."
The Commentary to this Sutta says:
"[The Pali word] Putimuttan means just ‘urine'. So it's said, that even if a person is golden in color his body is described as repulsive in the scriptures. Even? born the very same day the vine called Galocilata is also called Patilata (literary: repulsive creeper). Even so, extracted in that very moment, the young (or fresh) urine is called just puti (usually translated as ‘putrid' or ‘fermented')."
The Sub-commentary continues to explain:
"[The Pali word] Putimuttan means urine which is repulsive in nature. Tarunan means fresh or young; as it flows out it is warm?. From that urine the early part of the flow is meant here. The urine flowing out from the genital? remains warm due to the body temperature."
These details indicate that the prevailing translations of the Vinaya Pitaka might be incorrect. The Commentary and Sub-commentary leads us to a more practical and pragmatic end, supported by the direct translation of the Dhamma Samadana Sutta. Yet they're often interpreted as meaning only putrid urine from a cow.

Just by consulting the relevant Commentary and its Sub-commentary all doubts regarding the real meaning can be cleared out. They state that urine – to be specific: one's own urine – would not be agreeable to sight, smell or taste and accordingly has puti as an adjectival prefix. It is puti not because it is rotten or fermented but because its intrinsic nature is repulsive to the senses. If the common translations are changed in line with this interpretation the basic idea of using urine as a medicine becomes more palatable and, not to diminish, quite agreeable with the current research and literature on the subject.

It's also interesting to note that the medicine mentioned in the Dhamma Samadana Sutta (one's own urine mixed up with other herbal medicine) is recommended to any individual who's suffering from jaundice rather than to a just to the bhikkhus as is otherwise the case in the Vinaya Pitaka. This tells that the medicine was not seen as just a ‘last choice' but as a truly effective remedy.

Conclusive remarks

In the light of this information we should look again at the very first quotation in this essay. The main theme so far is that repulsive urine as medicine, which is the last of the four requisites for bhikkhus, is considered to be the absolute minimum of medicine that a bhikkhu will need through out his life.

The Pali term Putimuttabhesajja is a compounded term made out of at least three pali roots; puti, muttaand bhesajja. As we've already seen this word has been translated as:

1.) Decomposing urine as medicine. Or as: 2.) Fermented urine as support.

The word puti literally means either decomposing or fermented, sometimes translated as rancid or putrefied. Muttam means urine, sometimes translated as cows' urine, and occasionally as ammonia. Bhesajjammeans medicine.

In the Vinaya Pitaka, whether with the consultation of its Commentary or not, there is little chance to find out what kind of urine is meant because neither the Vinaya nor its Commentary adds any further light on the subject. In the Sutta Pitaka, on the other hand, especially in MN. Sutta No 46 and its relevant Commentary and Sub-commentary, there's enough evidence to suggest a more pragmatic meaning than that commonly accepted today. "It would not be agreeable to sight, smell or taste" suggests that the adjective putidoes not mean any decomposition, fermentation or putrefaction but that urine is naturally disagreeable to sight, smell or taste – a statement most people would agree with. The original recommendation may not have meant any decomposition, fermentation or putrefaction at all, as the translators' has interpreted it so far. Nor do the scriptures in any way indicate that it was cow's urine that the Buddha originally referred to.

Likewise, all other quotations could be corrected accordingly. This should give a radical new approach to the prescription given by the Buddha. It certainly does give a new hope for a healthier lifestyle – not only for the bhikkhus but for all who seek to live a more independent kind of life.

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UT Self-Therapy Methods

Excerpt from Nexus Magazine Healing with Urine Therapy

The middle stream of fresh, warm, morning urine is the most potent, and drinking it mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice is probably the fastest way to accomplish this task, although it is best not to mix urine with other foods or drinks or to take it within an hour before or after eating.

Oral drops of fresh urine can be placed directly under the tongue. Urine therapists suggest their patients start with 5 drops of fresh morning urine on the first day, increase to 5andendash;10 drops on the second day, and take 10 drops on the morning of the third day and the same amount that evening before going to bed. Once patients feel comfortable with this therapy, they can gradually increase the amount as they see fit to obtain the results required for their body's condition. Over time, they can learn to adjust the amount that is needed by observing their reactions to the therapy; their dosage may become as much as one full cup at a time!

Self-urine may be used as eye drops and ear drops, in foot baths and even as effective enemas. Nose drops can help loosen mucus and clear up blocked nasal passages. Gargling with it is helpful for a sore throat, and inhaling it relieves sinus and respiratory congestion. Taken internally, it has a laxative and diuretic effect, as it cleanses the digestive tract.

Dr John Armstrong (author of The Water of Life) emphasizes the need to massage with urine. He insists that cures work faster and more effectively in those who are bathed, massaged, rubbed and soaked in their own urine. He highly recommends it for more serious illnesses, since urine is absorbed through the skin and the hormonal and protein-based contents are slowly reabsorbed into the system, bypassing digestive juices that otherwise may have neutralized their potency. In this way, it also works as an excellent cosmetic for moisturizing and healing skin blemishes, burns and scar tissue. However, for this usage, it is preferable to use urine that is 4 - 8 days old. The smell of ammonia in the old urine is not toxic but actually beneficial if used topically only, and not taken internally.