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The Origin of AIDS: Man-Made Holocaust?

A WHO official admitted, "Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation for the explosion of African AIDS."
Robert Gallo MD added, "The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis.

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Tracking the Origins of AIDS

The Origin of AIDS: Man-Made Holocaust? As America celebrates the 225th Anniversary of the greatest democracy in the world, author Boyd E. Graves, J.D. exposes the shocking evidence of a century long national obsession with ethnic genocide. Rationalized by the economics of population policy, legalized by Congress, and fueled by pharmaceutical propaganda. Dr. Graves outlines how the AIDS pandemic was manufactured and proliferated by government contracted laboratories.

"AIDS is a cruel deception that is maintained because so many people are making money from it. Take away this money and the entire system of mythology will collapse." Charles Thomas, PhD - Former chair of the Cell Biology Department, Scripps Research Institute


Author Boyd Ed Graves has spent the last ten years tracking the origins of AIDS through a densely-covered propaganda trail of the highest deception. Dr. Graves' work offers the world a look behind the AIDS curtain, and offers our generation the first real opportunity to close the darkest chapter in human history. As evidence, Dr. Graves provides the irrefutable “missing link,” the AIDS research logic Flow Chart. It is the linkage of over 20,000 scientific papers which conclusively prove a “candidate” virus was developed and mass produced. The “creation”, “production” and “proliferation” of AIDS is the ultimate assault on a social fabric woven in democracy. Here, Boyd Ed Graves shares some of the court documents and correspondence in response to the world’s most deadly ethnic cleansing experiment.

The Origins of AIDS takes us to the former Belgian Congo to investigate this controversial claim put forward by journalist Edward Hooper. In his book, The River: Journey to the Source of AIDS, he links the onset of AIDS to a mass polio vaccination in the 1950's when nearly a million Africans were injected with an experimental vaccine derived from monkey organs. While experts agree that AIDS was born from human exposure to a chimpanzee virus, most dismiss the link to the polio vaccine. However, with testimony from scientists and others who worked in the '50's polio labs, the film makes a strong case for Hooper's hypothesis.

His 1999 Flow Chart discovery has been authenticated by medical and scientific doctors around the world. The critical insights now being unlocked by the thirty year old secret U.S. AIDS Flow Chart, have firmly established the genocide blue print as "the greatest document find of the century." The shocking conclusions of Dr. Graves’ research has resulted in the landmark case seeking Global AIDS Apology. Boyd E. Graves vs. The President of the United States, et al. United States Supreme Court Case No. 00-9587. "State Origin : The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" should be required reading for the world to ensure we establish a firm foundation, to never again allow the greatest democracy in the history of the world another opportunity to masquerade. The AIDS holocaust has an activist, it is Boyd Ed Graves and this is his story.

AIDS - Man-Made Holocaust?

"...Dr. Muhammad went on to present extensive evidence that the policy of deliberate genocide is fully operational. He described the CIA's support for the cause of population control during George Bush's tenure as Director of Central Intelligence, and reported the contents of National Security Memorandum 200, written during the Ford administration, which advised that the preservation of U.S. political and commercial interests "will require that the President and Secretary of State treat the subject of population growth control in the third world as a matter of paramount importance...."

To the amazement of the audience, Muhammad identified the authors of the internal memo as Henry Kissinger and Gen. Brent Scowcroft, now Bush's national security adviser. (See The New Dawn Vol.1 No.1, May, 1991"

A number of scientists world-wide have publicly denounced the total failure of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, questioned the meaning of the "AIDS test", and criticized the use of AZT which has been proven to be a toxic poison that makes the patient sicker and is actually the cause of AIDS deaths. Page Divider

The Secret Origins of AIDS: Facts, Fallacies & Conspiracy Theories
Excerpt By Alan Cantwell, MD

In this well-documented expose of AIDS... The epidemic did not begin in Africa. The first AIDS cases were uncovered in Manhattan in 1979. At that time there were no reported African cases. In fact, the AIDS epidemic in Africa did not begin until the autumn of 1982 at the earliest. AIDS in Africa: lies and deceptions an orchestrated pandemic of lies and deceit, sweeping across the globe via a Western-controlled media campaign. - The "AIDS test" is scientifically invalid - President Mbeki's Letter to World Leaders.

How was HIV introduced exclusively into the gay community in the late 1970s? The exclusive introduction of HIV into the homosexual population of New York City is an unprecedented event in the history of medicine. This biologic phenomenon has never been fully explained scientifically. There is certainly no evidence to indicate white gay men were the only people exposed to sexual contact with Africans, particularly at a time when the epidemic did not exist in Africa. Furthermore, it is biologically impossible for a purported sexually-transmitted and blood borne “virus out of Africa” to infect only young, white, healthy men in Manhattan! Yet, the impossible did happen. Despite these facts, we are repeatedly told that AIDS began in Africa, even though the American epidemic began before the African epidemic.

Before exploring the man-made theory of AIDS, it is important to note a small but highly vocal group who believes the cause of AIDS is still unknown, that the AIDS blood test is worthless, and that HIV is a harmless virus that is not sexually transmitted.

As a medical doctor and AIDS and cancer researcher, I am certainly not in accord with this group, but they have been quite successful politically, influencing world leaders like President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, much to the chagrin of the World Health Organization.

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Bayer Sells AIDS-Infected Drug Banned in U.S. in Europe, Asia

Unearthed documents show that the drug company Bayer sold millions of dollars worth of an injectable blood-clotting medicine -- Factor VIII concentrate, intended for hemophiliacs -- to Asian, Latin American, and some European countries in the mid-1980s, although they knew that it was tainted with AIDS.

Bayer knew about the fact that the drug was tainted and told the FDA to keep things under wraps while they made a profit off of a drug that infected its patients. If these allegations are true, then both Bayer and the FDA are at fault for this catastrophe. FDA regulators helped to keep the continued sales hidden, asking the company that the problem be ''quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community and the public,'' according to the minutes of a 1985 meeting.

Who Murdered Africa?

In his well known report: Who murdered Africa, Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D ., wrote that HIV was finally produced (genetically engineered) in 1974, after having been PREDICTED and REQUESTED! He tells us that the AIDS virus by the WHO (World Health Organization), was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand. It was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. African AIDS was the result of the smallpox eradication vaccine program conducted by the World Health Organization during the 1970s. It was not an accident. It was deliberate!

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Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional

Excerpt from an Interview of Leonard G. Horowitz

Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola--Nature, Accident 
or Intentional?Dr. Horowitz is author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, a comprehensive, well-documented exposé of the role of tainted vaccines in the creation of genocidal AIDS and Ebola epidemics. He holds a Ph.D. in dental medicine from Tufts University, Master of Public Health from Harvard University, and MA in health education from Beacon College.

"...They were not emerging from the wild, so today the Blacks have been blamed for AIDS. The gays have been blamed for AIDS. The monkeys have been blamed for AIDS and Ebola, and you know what? That is a bunk, complete bull. The truth of the matter is that the NCI researchers in co-operation with a narrow network of virologists who are being paid by the Dept of Defense to investigate these types of viruses, and the viral vaccines made from them. Their biohazard and containment in their facilities were abysmal, and just like the recent Texas outbreak of Ebola, the other outbreaks---we have had monkey AIDS outbreaks over half a dozen times in the major vaccine production labs, as well as the research labs---the reason for this is because once you create these viruses they are very easily transmitted from one animal to the other in these facilities, and that as I see it is where viruses are emerging from..."

The True Origins of AIDS and Ebola
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H

"The most massive, well documented assembly of evidence ever published in support of the idea that the AIDS virus could have been manufactured as a biological weapon....If you scoff at the notion, you won’t be so cocky once you see how much evidence exists. If you can’t afford it, try to get it through an interlibrary loan at a public or university library. You’ll never think of AIDS that same way again....I recommend it most highly." Russ Kick, Book Review in Outposts, vol. 2

This book shifts the focus of science from African forests to America's continuing military-medical-industrial enterprises, and meticulously documents how, when, where, and why the viruses, that now threaten humanity's survival, were made. You will need to decide whether their outbreaks were accidental or planned. The text presents bizarre and horrifying facts about the biological weapons race of the 1960s and early 1970s when these researchers developed countless immune system ravaging viruses.

The iatrogenic and genocidal theories of AIDS are meticulously explored within the social and political context of this stormy period of American military science. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) activities and foreign policy initiatives in Central Africa in response to the alleged threats posed by communism, black nationalism, and Third World populations are examined. The important roles played by political leaders including National Security Advisor Dr. Henry Kissinger, Department of Health, Education and Welfare secretaries Frank Carlucci, Jr. and Joseph Califano, presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and economic notables Nelson and Laurence Rockerfeller are considered. The text hauntingly dissects the potential motives and administrative mechanisms underlying the prevalent belief that HIV and Ebola may have been deliberately deployed, and that the AIDS epidemic may be accomplishing what was desired.

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Did the first oral polio vaccine lots contaminated with monkey viruses create a monkey-human hybrid called HIV-1?

Following are excerpts from vol. 2 no.1 of The Vaccine Reaction, a publication of The National Vaccine Information Center

"At the Eighth Annual Houston Conference on AIDS in America, Howard B. Urnovitz, Ph.D., a microbiologist, founder and chief science officer of Calypte Biomedical in Berkeley, California challenged medical science to prove wrong his theory that the human immunodeficiency virus Type-1(HlV-1) is a monkey-human hybrid that was created after more than 320,000 Africans were injected between 1957 and 1959 with lots of experimental live oral polio vaccines contaminated with different monkey viruses. "

"Evidence that AIDS was caused by vaccines" In his new book 'Vaccinations--Deception and Tragedy' Michael Dye spent many hours uncovering shocking truths about vaccinations that the government, media, and medical establishment would prefer you didn't know.

The origin of the 'transmission' of AIDS
by Roberto A. Giraldo, MD

"The transmission of AIDS from person to person is a myth. The homosexual transmission of AIDS in Western countries, as well as the heterosexual transmission of AIDS in Africa and in other underdeveloped countries- is an assumption without any scientific validation"

"Researchers and the institutions searching for the cause of AIDS in the early 1980's and that still are the ones that make the policies for AIDS worldwide, seem to ignore that there exist epidemics of toxic diseases, epidemics of nutritional deficiencies, epidemics of high blood pressure, epidemics of cancer, epidemics of mental diseases, epidemics of allergies, etc. They can only think about epidemics of infectious diseases. Also, it seems as if they all ignored that regular diseases can affect gay people."

"...during the last few decades and due to the alarming worldwide increment in stressor agents affecting the human ecosystem, new medical sciences have had to be created: dermatotoxicology, genotoxicology, neurotoxicology, endocrinotoxicology, cardiotoxicology, hepatotoxicology. We may pay attention to this and take the necessary actions to guaranty the future of our species. We ought to stop panicking about germs. Currently the real problems are toxicants, poverty and malnutrition."

Did science create a genetic genocide machine?

In his well known report WHO MURDERED AFRICA, Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D., wrote that genetically engineered HIV was finally produced in 1974, after having been PREDICTED and REQUESTED! He tells us that the AIDS virus by the WHO (World Health Organization), was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand. It was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. African AIDS was the result of the smallpox eradication vaccine program conducted by the World Health Organization during the 1970s. It was not an accident. It was deliberate! It is more than hypothetical hyperbole to conclude that our government has conducted biowarfare on Black Africa. It is fact.

  • Was There an AIDS Contract? [Morrissey] "...the AIDS virus originated in a US government biological warfare research laboratory in early 1989."
  • BLACKS The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD "...AIDS is a manufactured virus genetically created to kill off the black race. The Africans were infected during the smallpox vaccine programs."
  • Are New Vaccines Laced With Birth-Control Drugs? By James A. Miller, special correspondent for Human Life International. " During the early 1990s, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been overseeing massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in a number of countries, among them Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines. In October 1994, HLI received a communication from its Mexican affiliate, the Comite' Pro Vida de Mexico, regarding that country's anti-tetanus campaign. Suspicious of the campaign protocols, the Comite' obtained several vials of the vaccine and had them analyzed by chemists. Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy."
  • More about the ORIGINS OF HIV The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot (several articles at Gay Today's website)
  • 'The AIDS War; Propaganda, profiteering and genocide from the medical-industrial complex by John Lauritsen "Africans are diagnosed as having "AIDS" when they are sick with diseases which have been prevalent in Africa for centuries -- diseases which result from poverty and unhealthful living conditions. In fact (as reported in Clinical Aspects of Immunology, Fifth Edition), malnutrition is the number one cause of immune suppression in the world today."
  • Aids as a Weapon of War by William Campbell Douglass, M.D. The great powers renounced chemical and biological warfare 20 years ago -- but kept right on experimenting. 1) the Tuskeegee syphilis experiments on prisoners, 2) the San Francisco Bay attack by the U.S. Army using serratia marcescens bacteria, 3) the New York City subway germ attack 4 and many other experiments on humans, largely unknown to the victims, continue in the free world.