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AIDS/HIV in Africa: lies, deceptions and genocide

Dr. Ali Al-Bayati, Ph.D - "AIDS in Africa: lies and deceptions "AIDS in Africa is caused by malnutrition, release of endogenous cortisol, and opportunistic diseases. Atrophy in the lymphoid tissue in people suffering from malnutrition has been known since 1925. Malnutrition causes severe atrophy in the thymus and lymphoid organs and impairs the function of the T cells. These changes are reversible by feeding. The size of the thymus in malnourished children increased from 20% of normal to 107% of normal, following nine weeks of feeding."

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Today, in Africa and other so-called third world countries, AIDS Africa the AIDS nightmare is continuing and growing more frightening as each day goes by. Not because of any viral pandemic, sweeping across the plains of Africa, but because of an orchestrated pandemic of lies and deceit, sweeping across the globe via a Western-controlled media campaign.

It is widely believed that Africa is being devastated by a plague of Aids. This is in spite of the fact that 18 years worth of reported Aids cases for the entire continent of Africa has amounted to only 706,318. (In the US, more people than this die in one year of heart disease).

HIV test had been shown to produce up to 40% false positive results in patients infected with malaria. Blood "stickiness" of patients, unrelated to HIV, also produced false positives. "We have had individuals tested in one laboratory, and told they are positive, who move onto another, where they are negative." In actual fact, it is pre-existing illnesses (the majority of which could be treated relatively easily and cheaply, but which are not) which are now accounting for so much of these spiraling conventional AIDS death statistics.

#ad AIDS in Africa is Caused by Starvation and Medications

Dr. Al-Bayati, Ph.D. President, Toxicologist, and Pathologist Toxi-Health International reviewed many published studies that described the impact of malnutrition on the functions and the structure of the immune system of people in Africa. These studies clearly demonstrate that the main cause of AIDS in Africa is severe starvation and not HIV. Dr. Al-Bayati reviewed several AZT clinical trials and found that AZT is a very toxic drug, especially to the stem cells in bone marrow (the source of T and B lymphocytes).

The results of the AZT clinical trials clearly show that AZT is a poison and not a cure. However, the US FDA approved AZT as treatment for AIDS patients and HIV-positive asymptomatic pregnant women based on the assumption that HIV causes AIDS. Giving AZT which destroys bone marrow cells and fast growing tissues such as embryonic and fetal tissues to people with AIDS and malnourished pregnant women is just like putting gasoline on fire!

The World Health Organization, World Bank, UNAIDS, associated UN organizations, the pharmaceutical giants and related media colleagues etc., are manipulating the current AIDS 'epidemic' in order to continue with their scare-mongering AIDS DEATH HEADLINES. More shamefully, these organizations are now colluding in the delivery of toxic drugs into Africa and other so-called third world countries, with the express intent of using these drugs as a form of population control in the recipient nations.

High prevalence of malnutrition in Africa and other developing countries has been documented by Fauci et al.[4]. They stated that the magnitude of malnutrition problem worldwide is immense. Protein energy malnutrition (PEM) may be present in endemic form in developing nations and under famine conditions the prevalence may approach 25 percent. In 1983, the World Health Organization estimated that 300 million children had growth retardation secondary to malnutrition. Cell-mediated immunity is impaired as indicated by all standard tests in individuals suffering from PEM and common infections and opportunistic infections can lead to increased morbidity and mortality. In addition, nearly every aspect of reproduction is impaired in the woman with PEM, including implantation, fetal growth, lactation, and parturition. The infants are stunted in size and may have cognitive impairment if they survive [4] Yet, Anthony Fauci and the AIDS establishment have continued to overlook these facts and maintained the claim that HIV is the cause of AIDS in Africa.

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Dirty tricks over AIDS figures

Dr Christian Fiala, an Austrian doctor with many years of extensive research on the epidemiological data on HIV/Aids in Europe, USA, Africa and Thailand, including a fact finding mission to Uganda and Tanzania, exposes the ugly methods used by the World Health Organization (WHO) in arriving at the alarming figures it publishes about African Aids.


According to the UN and WHO, 20.8 million Africans (two-thirds of the global total) are either Aids infected or living with HIV without knowing it. If the African sufferers themselves do not know they are infected, how did the UN and WHO know?, asks Baffour Ankomah back from a two-month hibernation.

The Australian report showed that although most healthy people test negative, many of those facing chronic challenges to the immune system that have nothing to do with HIV were liable to produce a positive result. It cited evidence that these challenges probably included some of the conditions known to lead to AIDS, such as chronic drug abuse, repeated transfusions of blood or blood products, and multiple infections. Eleni Eleopulos, a medical physicist and AIDS researcher who led the Australian team, said the study "confirms that we have to question all the HIV tests, especially in AIDS patients who have all types of infectious agents in them".

Dr John Papadimitriou, professor of pathology at the University of Western Australia in Perth and a co-author of the Bio/Technology study, said the Zaire research demonstrated that the HIV tests were inadequate: "Why condemn a continent to death because of HIV, when you have other explanations for why people are falling sick?"

African doctors have also begun to question the orthodox view: "Europeans and Americans came to Africa with prejudiced minds, so they are seeing what they wanted to see," said Professor PAK Addy, head of clinical microbiology at the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. In an interview in New African magazine, he said: "I've known for a long time that AIDS is not a crisis in Africa as the world is being made to understand. But in Africa it is very difficult to stick your neck out and say certain things.


"The "AIDS test" is scientifically invalid and incapable of determining whether people are really infected with HIV, according to a new report by a team of Australian scientists who have conducted the first extensive review of research surrounding the test. The authors say that neither of the two main HIV tests used have been adequately checked for accuracy. These tests rely on detecting antibodies to HIV in blood samples. But people whose immune systems have been activated by several other conditions, including tuberculosis and multiple sclerosis, can trigger the same reaction, giving a false-positive result."

Small groups of Africans were tested and found to be positive on these tests, and these numbers were extrapolated to the entire continent. On this basis, and although only a few thousand AIDS cases had been reported in Africa at that time, the WHO immediately began estimating that millions of Africans were infected with HIV and that Africa would have to contend with an imminent plague.

Serious questions have arisen as to whether HIV antibody tests are specific in any population,[6] although mainstream AIDS researchers still believe they are accurate, and considerations of test failure in Africa have never prevented the tests from being used there for many purposes including estimating HIV infections. Mulder in 1994 demonstrated that HIV-positive Africans died at a much greater rate than HIV-negative Africans, and offered this as definitive proof that HIV causes AIDS.[7] In reality, the only thing Mulder proved was the utility of HIV antibody tests when employed as generalized indicators that something is wrong, i.e., they can be used as surrogate markers of AIDS risk. Page Divider

HIV Does Not Cause Aids

An authoritative study has uncovered powerful evidence that the " AIDS test" is scientifically invalid, misleading millions into believing they are HIV positive when they are not infected with the virus. The findings, published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, provide practical evidence that HIV tests may be triggered by other factors, such as leprosy and tuberculosis. They have heightened concerns that the spread of AIDS in Africa has been wildly exaggerated.

DO Not Give Your Soldiers Toxic Drugs: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS
Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati Ph.D

"...Furthermore, the following is a list of some of the serious adverse reactions to AZT that have been observed in infants, children, and adults who took AZT for certain periods of time. It tells the story of the suffering of patients treated with AZT.

These reactions include: Neutropenia, granulocytopenia, anemia, thrombocytopenia, myopathy and myositis, hepatomegaly with steatosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, lactic acidosis, sensitization reactions, hyperbilirubinemia, vasculitis, abdominal pain, back pain, body odor, chest pain, chills, edema of the lip, fever, flu syndrome, hyperalgesia, syncope, vasodilation, bleeding gums, constipation, diarrhea, dysphagia, edema of the tongue, eructation, flatulence, mouth ulcer, rectal hemorrhage, lymphadenopathy, arthralgia, muscle spasm, tremor, twitch, confusion, depression, dizziness, emotional liability, loss of mental acuity, anxiety, nervousness and chronic stress, paresthesia, somnolence, vertigo, cough, dyspnea, epistaxis, hoarseness, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, acne, changes in skin and nail pigmentation, pruritus, rash, sweat, urticaria, amblyopia, hearing loss, photophobia, taste perversion, dysuria, polyuria, urinary frequency, and urinary hesitancy [1, 3, 4].

In addition to AZT, AIDS patients are also treated with protease inhibitors and other antiviral agents, which are equal or more toxic than AZT. The following is a list of adverse reactions to fortovase: Confusion; ataxia and weakness; seizures; headache; Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia; hemolytic anemia; thrombocytopenia; intracrainial hemorrhage leading to death; attempted suicide; Stevens-Johnson syndrome; bullous skin eruption and polyarthritis; severe cutaneous reaction; increased liver function tests; exacerbation of chronic liver disease with grade 4 elevated liver function tests; jaundice; ascites; pancreatitis leading to death; intestinal obstruction; portal hypertension; thrombophlebitis; peripheral vasoconstriction; nephrolithiasis; and renal insufficiency" Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati Ph.D Toxicologist, and Pathologist Toxi-Health International, 150 Bloom Dr., Dixon, California 95620, USA

Does HIV Really Cause Aids?
by Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati, Ph.D.

"While funding for AIDS "research" and "care" has vastly increased in Africa, funding for malaria control has practically disappeared. In addition, with the spread of a genuine scourge -- global capitalism -- all that does not directly lead to profit is banned. This means that government expenditures are to be cut. And since poor people can't pay enough to guarantee profits for the costs of clean drinking water, health care, decent food and housing -- well, then their health must suffer. Interestingly, in Africa a persistent fever, dry cough, and weight loss is enough to classify a patient as an AIDS case. Poverty, you see, has nothing to do with it. It's all caused by a simple retro-virus (HIV) that has never even been seen as a whole particle."

"..I also reviewed numerous AZT clinical trials and found that AZT is a very toxic drug, especially to the stem cells in bone marrow (the source of T and B lymphocytes) [1]. For example, Fischl et al. conducted a randomized controlled trial in 524 subjects who had a first episode of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia [7]. These subjects received AZT in either a dose of 250 mg taken orally every four hours (n=262) or a dose of 200 mg taken orally every four hours for four weeks and thereafter 100 mg taken every four hours (n=262). In this study, additional AIDS-defining opportunistic infections developed in 429 subjects (82%) in the AZT treated groups.

Further more, the hemoglobin levels declined to less than 80 g per liter (baseline= 121 g per liter) in 178 subjects; the neutrophil counts declined to less than 750 per ul (baseline = 2200 per ul) in 230 subjects; and one hundred thirty-four subjects received red-cell transfusions. One hundred eighty-three subjects (35%) were withdrawn from AZT therapy because of toxic reactions such as severe anemia and neutropenia. At 24 months of treatment, the mortality rates were 66% and 73% in the low and standard AZT doses, respectively. The results of the AZT clinical trials unmistakably show that AZT is a poison and not a cure. However, the US FDA approved AZT as treatment for AIDS patients and HIV-positive asymptomatic pregnant women based on the assumption that HIV causes AIDS. Giving AZT, which destroys bone marrow cells and fast growing tissues (embryonic and fetal tissues) to people with AIDS and malnourished pregnant women, is just like putting gasoline on fire! " Page Divider


Alan Cantwell, MD, On The ManMade Origin Of AIDS : Governments are always seeking new biological warfare agents, just as they are always seeking more powerful military weapons. Bioweapons are indeed the cheapest form of warfare. They kill yet they maintain the infrastructure, unless one uses microbes such as deadly anthrax spores that can contaminate an environment for centuries.

3. In 1986, a researcher contacted Pearce Wright at the London times with information on the origin of AIDS and how the AIDS virus was injected, via a small pox vaccine into millions of Africans.

Journalist Jane Burgermeister has filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

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South Africa President Mbeki Fingers CIA in AIDS Conspiracy

President Thabo Mbeki told the parliamentary caucus of the African National Congress that he and his government were the target of hostile forces

by Howard Barrell
  • President Thabo Mbeki said that South Africa's challenging of the world financial and trading systems constituted a threat to what had existed for many years and so was a threat to the US and other major Western powers.
  • President Thabo Mbeki said that the CIA had become involved in covertly promoting the view that HIV causes Aids; as part of the same effort, the US government was ignoring what the dissidents' conference in Uganda had demonstrated and was giving loans to African governments so that the latter could buy drugs from US drug companies. Repeated (challenged) statistics which, he said, showed that only 10% of Africans died of Aids; said it made no sense to focus all one's energies on this 10%, ignoring the other 90%; said an example of this absurd focus, promoted by the big drug companies, was the call to concentrate on Aids orphans; how could the government distinguish between the needs of Aids and non-Aids orphans?
  • President Thabo Mbeki said that his advisers were finding out who was spreading the idea that he was "deranged"; it was clearly part of a campaign against him and the government. Accused the Treatment Action Campaign (an Aids NGO) of being a leading agent in the campaign against him; the campaign was funded by US drug companies.
  • President Thabo Mbeki said that propaganda was being made against him because of his stance on HIV/Aids; this was a foretaste of attempts to undermine him and South Africa that were being mounted by those determined to defend the established world economic order. Told ANC MPs it was their duty to inform themselves so that they could counter the huge propaganda offensive that was being mounted to say that HIV caused Aids. Repeated his view that if one agrees that HIV causes Aids, then it follows that the condition must be treated with drugs, and those drugs are produced by the big Western drug companies; these drug companies therefore need HIV to cause Aids, so they promote the thesis that HIV causes Aids; he said one of the big drug companies (which he did not name) had confessed to him that it had wasted vast amounts of money trying to produce an anti-Aids vaccine but had given up after it had failed to isolate the HI virus; but this company was hiding this fact in order to prevent its share price falling through the floor; drug companies were only interested in developing medicines to combat a disease if they could make a profit out of that disease.

Mbeki - Africa's Challenges; TIME talks with South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki
TIME Europe, September 11, 2000, Vol. 156 No. 11

TIME: You've been criticized for playing down the link between HIV and AIDS. Where do you now stand on this very controversial issue?

Mbeki: Clearly there is such a thing as acquired immune deficiency. The question you have to ask is what produces this deficiency. A whole variety of things can cause the immune system to collapse. Now it is perfectly possible that among those things is a particular virus. But the notion that immune deficiency is only acquired from a single virus cannot be sustained. Once you say immune deficiency is acquired from that virus your response will be antiviral drugs. But if you accept that there can be a variety of reasons, including poverty and the many diseases that afflict Africans, then you can have a more comprehensive treatment response.

TIME: Are you prepared to acknowledge that there is a link between HIV and AIDS?

Mbeki: No, I am saying that you cannot attribute immune deficiency solely and exclusively to a virus. There may very well be a virus. But TB, for example, destroys the immune system and at a certain point if you have TB you will test hiv positive because the immune system is fighting the TB which is destroying it. Then you will go further to say TB is an opportunistic disease of aids whereas in fact TB is the thing that destroyed the immune system in the first place. But if you come to the conclusion that the only thing that destroys immune systems is hiv then your only response is to give them antiretroviral drugs. There's no point in attending to this TB business because that's just an opportunistic disease. If the scientists ... say this virus is part of the variety of things from which people acquire immune deficiency, I have no problem with that.

Roberto A. Giraldo, MD writes: "Researchers and the institutions searching for the cause of AIDS in the early 1980's and that still are the ones that make the policies for AIDS worldwide, seem to ignore that there exist epidemics of toxic diseases, epidemics of nutritional deficiencies, epidemics of high blood pressure, epidemics of cancer, epidemics of mental diseases, epidemics of allergies, etc. They can only think about epidemics of infectious diseases. Also, it seems as if they all ignored that regular diseases can affect gay people." "...during the last few decades and due to the alarming worldwide increment in stressor agents affecting the human ecosystem, new medical sciences have had to be created: dermatotoxicology, genotoxicology, neurotoxicology, endocrinotoxicology, cardiotoxicology, hepatotoxicology. We may pay attention to this and take the necessary actions to guaranty the future of our species. We ought to stop panicking about germs. Currently the real problems are toxicants, poverty and malnutrition."

President Mbeki might have a case on rethinking AIDS

South Africa’s Chief Family Practitioner, Prof Sam Mhlongo, told participants that there is no existing evidence that the Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) causes Aids or that it even exists. The Nkozi conference had brought together medical scientists, sociologists, political analysts, health workers, journalists, and long term HIV-positive survivors from across the world. Delegates to the Nkozi conference urged Africa to reject the term co-factors.

They decried what they termed bloated HIV/Aids statistics on the continent . The delegates to the conference also rejected the notion that Aids originated from Africa. Said Uganda Martyrs University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof Peter Kanyandago, negative imaging and stereotyping of Africans has led to the justification that Aids originated from Africa. Drugs that are not working in the West are being dumped in Africa, said Dr Rheeta Moran, Senior Researcher at Salford University, UK. Kevin Corbett, Senior Lecturer in Primary Care, St George’s Hospital Medical School and Kingston University, London, criticised HIV testing especially in Africa.

Cobertt says that the tests are inaccurate, unspecified and insensitive. The HIV test looks for the presence of anti-bodies and pregnancy is one of the conditions that registers a positive result, says Mhlongo. He added that diseases prevalent in Africa such as malaria, SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosis), dysentery, tropical diarrhoea, dehydration, rheumatic athritis, hepatitis, flu vaccine, drugs (especially nitrites) and many more will also register an anti-body positive. At the end of the Nkozi conference delegates made recommendations for Africa which included:

  • that Africa should suspend all HIV/Aids testing until the virus has been isolated;
  • African countries suspend use of anti-retrovirals for treatment of Aids until the virus is isolated
  • governments develop and use a framework for legal litigation against anyone promoting use of toxic drugs;
  • that search for an HIV vaccine be suspended and resources re-routed to more pressing health problems;
  • African scientists be encouraged to carry out their own research;
  • encourage use of tried, tested and researched African non-toxic remedies;
  • setting up of an African research institute and care centre and,
  • all adverts relating to HIV/Aids be banned.

UGANDA: Compassionate Trust Services (COTS) is an indigenous organization formed by professional teachers and counselors who disseminate objective educational information to enhance human development. COTS provides sustainable information service, counseling, and educational support to individuals, families and grassroots communities to improve their health, especially for those who are living in the shadow of the HIV/AIDS death paradigm. .

Washington Post Article and President Mbeki's Letter to World Leaders Mbeki wrote in the hand-addressed letters that it "would constitute a criminal betrayal of our responsibility to our own people" to mimic foreign approaches to treating the disease. He insisted on South Africa's right to consult dissident scientists who deny that the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, causes AIDS. And he accused unnamed foreign critics of launching a "campaign of intellectual intimidation and terrorism" akin to medieval book-burnings and "the racist apartheid tyranny we opposed."

South Africa's President Mbeki: "It is suggested, for instance, that there are some scientists who are 'dangerous and discredited' with whom nobody, including ourselves, should communicate or interact. In an earlier period in human history, these would be heretics that would be burnt at the stake! Not long ago, in our own country, people were killed, tortured, imprisoned and prohibited from being quoted in private and in public because the established authority believed that their views were dangerous and discredited. We are now being asked to do precisely the same thing that the racist apartheid tyranny we opposed did, because, it is said, there exists a scientific view that is supported by the majority, against which dissent is prohibited."

"The scientists we are supposed to put into scientific quarantine include Nobel Prize Winners, Members of Academies of Science and Emeritus Professors of various disciplines of medicine! Scientists, in the name of science, are demanding that we should cooperate with them to freeze scientific discourse on HIV-AIDS at the specific point this discourse had reached in the West in 1984. People who otherwise would fight very hard to defend the critically important rights of freedom of thought and speech occupy, with regard to the HIV-AIDS issue, the frontline in the campaign of intellectual intimidation and terrorism which argues that the only freedom we have is to agree with what they decree to be established scientific truths.

Some agitate for these extraordinary propositions with a religious fervour born by a degree of fanaticism, which is truly frightening. The day may not be far off when we will, once again, see books burnt and their authors immolated by fire by those who believe that they have a duty to conduct a holy crusade against the infidels. It is most strange that all of us seem ready to serve the cause of the fanatics by deciding to stand and wait. It may be that these comments are extravagant. If they are, it is because in the very recent past, we had to fix our own eyes on the very face of tyranny." Page Divider


Excerpt: "It is good to know that this epidemic which was going to wipe out Africa is just a big bubble of soap... It is time to come back to science and abandon magic thinking", Philippe said.

AIDS is bringing to American researchers alone a whopping $1.3 billion a year. The money flows in because the world believes that HIV alone causes AIDS. lf the hypothesis is thrown out the window tomorrow, the money will dry up and the AIDS Establishment will become an emperor without clothes. Hundreds of thousands of highly-paid jobs linked directly or indirectly to the AIDS industry will go. And the Establishment knows it! So they will keep both the "hypothesis" and the "illusion" going for as long as they can.

The so-called "millions of AIDS cases in Africa" forecast by the WHO, as Hodgkinson points out in his book, have more to do with the WHO's "unworkable" definition of African AIDS: "Weight loss of more than 10%, chronic diarrhoea lasting more than a month, and prolonged fever (intermittent or constant) lasting more than a month".

"We see here", Hodgkinson says, "what a mental tangle the HIV story has created... Tuberculosis plus a positive HIV test result lis] AIDS in Africa, but not in America".

In fact, the WHO definition of African AIDS was attacked in a November 1991 letter to the British Medical Journal by a group of Western doctors led by K. M. de Cock who asked for more widespread HIV testing in Africa before the continent was condemned.

They wrote: "Many patients with TB, irrespective of HIV state, have weight loss, fever, and cough, and the WHO clinical case definition for AIDS therefore has a low specificity in this population. Unless the results of HIV tests are known, many patients with TB who have no HIV infection might be reported as having AIDS".

This was exactly what the Krynens found in Tanzania but their findings were unpalatable to the ears of the AIDS Establishment. Suddenly, "the stars of African AIDS research" as Philippe and Evelyne had been seen by the Establishment, had to be dropped from grace to grass.

All the long international Aid conferences that the Establishment had sponsored Philippe to attend and present papers did not matter any longer. The Empire wanted its pound of flesh. And the knife came swiftly.

First, the Krynen's annual grant of PS 350,000 from the European Union was withdrawn. Then they were given 14 days to leave Tanzania. Only an 11th-hour reprieve by the forward-looking Tanzanian Prime Minister J. S. Malecela saved the day for Philippe and his wife. Malecela saw through the pressure from abroad and decided he would not throw out the French couple whose only sin was to be truthful about the state of AIDS in Africa.

"I am not afraid at all", Philippe said afterwards. "Missing money doesn't mean you are missing the point. The 'Aid-makers' know that the figures have been inflated. They have their backs to a wall that is crumbling down".

A study in Africa: Vitamin A reduced HIV transmission to offspring (excerpt from Positive Health News)

Vitamin A: In a study in Africa (Lancet, June 25, 1994, page 1593), pregnant women with the highest serum levels of Vitamin A reduced HIV transmission to their offspring to 7% compared to those with the lowest blood levels of Vitamin A who had a HIV transmission rate of 32% to their offspring. The authors of the article, Semba, Miotti, Saah at al, wrote: The underlying biological mechanisms concerning vitamin A in mother-to-child transmission may include the essential role vitamin A plays in immunity and maintenance of mucosal surfaces...Lack of vitamin A is associated with compromised T-cell and B-cell function which may contribute to higher viral loads...In contrast, a study with AZT(Zidovudine), in HIV+ pregnant women showed that the group receiving the AZT reduced the rate of HIV transmission to 8.3% compared to 25.5% in the control group.

Vitamin A certainly was as effective as AZT in reducing the rate of HIV transmission. The unasked question is whether vitamin A reduced the rate of HIV transmission because it activated the immune system to produce more white blood cells which in turn produced antibodies to inactivate the HIV virus. On a side note, one person I spoke with recently told me that several years ago, when he had low white blood cells, his physician prescribed vitamin A supplementation to build up the white blood cells. He told me his white blood cells returned to normal values. Increasing white blood cell counts through vitamin A supplementation, suntanning or through the use of the drug, Neupogen, available from your Physician, increases White Blood Cells, the foundation of most immune system cells. Shark Liver Oil increases the production of gamma interferon, which increases CD4 counts.