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Dog Survives Seizures and Near Death from Rabies Vaccine

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My healthy, energetic little companion suddenly plunged into a near-death condition. He was no longer responsive and I knew in my heart that he would soon be gone

Karen Blackburn

In hopes that it will help other people, as well as the pets who are precious to them, I would like to share two experiences which have made me a firm believer in the use of a certain product that provides immune system support and, as I also discovered, is even capable of healing “the impossible.” Both experiences concern my beloved dog Cal, a very sweet and lively Cairn Terrier mix. The first was a life-threatening reaction he suffered after receiving a vaccination for rabies. It began with vomiting and multiple episodes of seizures, and ultimately led to a state of total collapse in which he was unable to rise up from the floor and had to be carried outside to relieve himself.

Healthy happy Terrier When the vomiting and seizures started, I had taken him back to the vet for emergency treatment, but all they could do was give him an IV to replace fluids and an injection of medication to stop the violent vomiting. He wasn’t eating or drinking water, so the vet gave me a large syringe (without a needle, of course) just to be able to squeeze water into the back of Cal’s mouth so he could swallow it and at least remain hydrated. Back home, his condition continued to deteriorate, and he developed a hard, heavy cough accompanied by a racing heartbeat. Within days of that vaccination, he had reached the point of total collapse when, as mentioned above, he could no longer even raise himself up from the floor. He was completely helpless and no longer responsive in any way, and I knew in my heart that my dear Cal would soon be gone if there wasn’t some way to help him get through this crisis.

Horrified upon seeing my normally healthy, energetic little companion suddenly plunged into this near-death condition, and with no hope of any further help from conventional veterinary medicine, I cried out to God to show me some way to help Cal. Instantly, the thought came to search online, and I would find the answer there. (“Seek, and you will find!”) And the answer I found was to order this product for Cal.

As soon as it arrived at my door a few days later, I dissolved a capsule of it into a small amount of bottled spring water and administered it to Cal with the syringe I’d been using to keep him hydrated. He soon became more alert, and over the next several days, I could see steady improvements. My little Cal was coming back to me … he was being revived! It wasn’t long before he was back up on his paws, FULLY RECOVERED, in what I considered to be a miraculously short period of time! I thank God for this amazing, life-saving natural product because I know, without any doubt whatsoever, that it saved my little Cal’s life and restored him to good health … and that’s why I can also recommend this same product without any reservations whatsoever. It was indeed the answer to my prayers, and I was blessed to have Cal by my side for many more years until he passed away at the age of 16.

Needless to say, I never allowed a vet to give Cal a rabies vaccination (or any other vaccination) again, and I was able to obtain a legal exemption from the law that requires the rabies vaccine by asking Cal’s new vet to write a letter for that purpose. In many (if not all) states in America, if an animal is in any way ill, or is considered to be in its "senior years," an exemption letter can be written by a veterinarian and submitted to the appropriate authorities.

Dog with tumorQuite a while after Cal’s life-threatening crisis, a growth developed on top of his right front leg, and his skin around the base of it turned black. I kept a close eye on this growth, and it was increasing in size day-by-day. I didn’t take him to a vet for surgery or a biopsy, so I can't say for certain if it was a cancerous growth. But whatever it was, it was certainly not welcome, so I ordered some of the same immune system support product that had previously saved his life.

It was late afternoon when it was delivered, so I opened a capsule and mixed the contents into Cal’s evening meal, and that was the only dose I gave to him that first day. Imagine my astonishment when I checked his leg the following morning and saw that this hideous growth, which had been increasing in size all along, had suddenly shrunk to only HALF ITS SIZE … LITERALLY OVERNIGHT!!! I continued to give Cal two to three capsules a day, and in the weeks that followed, the growth continued to diminish until it was completely gone, never to return! Cal’s leg was perfectly healed with no trace that anything had ever been wrong.

I hope and pray that Cal’s stories will be of help to others who are desperately looking for help just as I was when I found this wonderful product. (I wish I could mention its name here, but unfortunately, it's not permitted.) ~ Blessings to All Who May Read This. ~ Karen Blackburn

Karen Blackburn is an animal lover and natural healing advocate.  Click here to contact Karen or Shirley to learn the detail of what she did to save her furry baby.